Hannah prompted Platonic!Klaine being cute, sharing a milkshake at a diner, and it turning into them still acting like they’re already in a relationship because they’re adorable, oblivious cupcakes. 

Kurt and Blaine had decided to change up their usual Friday night Breadstix routine and were now sitting in a booth in the back corner of Pete’s Diner, the only decent diner in Lima (surprisingly enough). The two of them had each ordered milkshakes, vanilla for Blaine and strawberry for Kurt, and were already slipping into easy, comfortable conversation. 

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Klaine beach drabble for hummelandersn

Hannah asked for fluff, I wrote some fluff. It’s like, 600 words or something I think.


“Blaine,” Kurt whined as Blaine dragged him down the back stairs of his family’s cottage and onto the sand. “Blaine no please you know how much I hate the beach!”

“Oh come on how can anyone hate the beach,” Blaine countered, pulling Kurt along behind him. Kurt was trying to dig his heels into the sand to stop Blaine but his feet glided through it as Blaine pulled.

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The Diaper Queen

hummelandrsn asked: 

god any daddy!klaine always

“Okay, you wanna help Papa?” Blaine sets his stinky little son on the changing table and holds him steady with one hand while he reaches over to grab a clean diaper, the wipes, and the diaper cream. He hands the cream and the new diaper to his three-year-old daughter, Emmy, who’s eager to help. “Hold these for Papa and give them to me when I ask, okay?" 

"Kay,” Emmy agrees. She can totally handle that. She scrunches up her nose in displeasure as Blaine takes the stinky diaper off and wipes down her little brother. “Spencer so stinky!" 

"Yes, he is!” Blaine agrees readily. 

“What dis for?” Emmy asks, turning the cream bottle over in her hand. 

Blaine glances down as he continues cleaning up Spencer. “That’s to help Spencer’s skin stay nice and soft and healthy. It’s like Daddy’s face cream, but… for your butt.”

Emmy giggles in amusement at that. “You said butt. Dat’s so silly.” She hands it up when Blaine asks for it though and then starts examining the diaper. She remembers having to wear these things, but she uses the potty like a big girl now. These might make cool hats though. She gives it a try and sticks it on top of her head, still giggling madly. “Emmy is a pwincess!” she sings happily, dancing her way around the room. 

Blaine cleans his fingers of cream only to look down and discover his helper has disappeared on him, instead opting to do some sort of tribal chant around the nursery with a diaper crown. “Well… okay then." 

Just then, Kurt steps into the doorway and takes note of the situation. All he can do is break out in laughter. "So, how’s the quick diaper change going?" 

"Oh, splendidly,” Blaine replies with a little smirk. “Could you get me another diaper?" 

Kurt does as requested and helps Blaine get Spencer all squared away before he goes after his daughter. She’s squirming everywhere, but he gets her in his arms to carry her back down to dinner. 

Emmy throws her arms out and shouts to anyone who’ll listen. "Emmy is da diaper queen!"