i realized i’d haven’t drawn a humanized Bubbles yet, so I did.
and I didn’t want him to be lonely, so I drew The DJ and Scratch too.

i want that shirt.

Slice of Life / Wake Up, Go to School, Save the World type story where the main character is a jock ((possibly silent protagonist? I imagine his girlfriend being a chatterbox)) and the adorkable nerd is the asshole villain.

Basically I found my old Clone High fancharacter, Vlad the Impaler. I tweaked his design a bit and this happened when I tried to think of an on-the-fly universe for him to live in, I guess. It’s also sort of based on the fact when I was growing up, EVERYBODY in highschool was a jerk, and the geeks were not exempt from it, in fact they were more venomous in private quarters than any other kids I tried to hang out with.

One of the only kids who NEVER harassed me or said mean things to me or anyone else that I know of was one of the big football guys, so the constant stereotype that geeks are always innocent victim babbus and anybody who is popular is pure douche perplexes and annoys me.

Should I do anything with this? And yes, everything I make DOES have to involve monsters or demons, it’s like a rule or something. This wouldn’t be grimdark or anything though.