Headcanon: This happened after the preliminaries of the Chuunin Exam. Lee saved and defended TenTen after being humilliated by Temari (well, this part is actually canon XD). She feels awkward; thus, she stares somewhere else while she utters her promise to Lee.

The idea for this fanart came while reading a OPT thread from 4chan, there was a page with two boys in a hospital and the artist loved the idea of having the panel slightly turned instead that in a normal position. If someone identifies the manga, please tell me ^^

Posted with permission of the artist: LadyMid0ri

I am incredibly pissed off at all the artists out there who call themselves gross and ugly and then post gorgeous selfies of themselves with straight soft hair and smooth clear skin like I am seriously pissed not “I love you so much it makes me mad” but actually fucking angry to the point of tears

I haven’t had smooth clear skin since I was 14 I am covered in acne and eczeme and scars and hair my skin feels like crocodile skin except where it has hair because the hair is coarse and black like fucking wire and I feel so grossed out that I don’t like letting people touch my face it literally makes me flip my shit because I know they’ll be grossed out by the feel of it and I just can’t bear the humilliation anymore

I went through highschool like that and I just can’t go on through life like that anymore it’s just too exhausting

I don’t have the energy to put on makeup anymore it never lasts enough and it only makes things worse I end up looking like a fucking mortuory mask startign to fall apart

I am gross I am extremely fucking gross you all don’t know what feeling gross means literally stop calling yourselves ugly and gross or I WILL make you ugly and gross

anonymous asked:

Bee, today there's a ceremony being held at school specially for student's who got accepted to universities. In my country Uni under Government was given top priority while Non- Government were still considered as the last place if you didn't get into Uni. I got humiliated so bad in front of all my junior when we had to give intro about where we pursue our studies. And fyi, all the students got into Gov Uni except me. The ceremony was nothing related to me at all but they still invited me.

Then what am I supposed to say to my junior? That I’m this highschool failed product? I can’t stand the embarrassing moment and I get up and leave the hall building. I swear everyone’s eyes look at me judging why I’m here because this is for Gov Uni. Soon I call my mom to pick me up, I cried in her car about an hour. I never felt useless and humilliate so much in my life. Everytime they ask me where I got to, they look at me like I have no right to talk to them.

I know that’s a really hard feeling to go through, but try not to let it, okay? Everyone works at different paces and in different ways. 

Like - my graduating class in university, I felt like they were all more successful than me, and better than me. And the worst part was, they were all younger than me. I was the oldest, I felt like a huge failure. Even now that we’re all graduated, I still feel that way sometimes. I see all their amazing photojournalism and all the places they travel to, and their cool internships and jobs and conferences and recognition they all get. One of my classmates works for Getty Images, and got to freaking go to Rio to photograph the Olympics. And here I am, only a backup photoj and a mostly ignored web editor in podunk South Dakota. 

But you know? I’m living on my own. I’m paying my own bills. I’m pretty content here. My family is happy for me. I’m meeting people.

Are your parents happy for you, or your family? What about your friends? Are you going to a school you want, or getting an education you want? Or are you not doing that path? Don’t judge your own life based on others, or what you’re supposed to do. If everyone did the same thing than the world would be boring, and we as humanity would never grow. 

They might’ve invited you so you wouldn’t feel left out, but still, that sucks. I’m sorry you had to go through that. But ignore those people, they aren’t worthy of your time. They’re not better than you and you’re not lesser than them. You do you, sweetcheeks, you’re gonna do great things! I’m very proud of you for getting this far! 

I know I'll probably get tons of hate...

…but I hate how people romanticize Harley and Joker’s relationship. It’s not romantic, it’s not deep and beautiful.
It’s abusive and harmful and by trying to make it “pretty” you’re telling girls around the world that it’s okay for a guy to beat you up and humilliate you and treat you like shit and take every fucking thing about you away.

I fucking hate it.