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She was behind a corner, peering out. She could have gone invisible so given the choice, but generally avoided such a troublesome effort. There was little place to hide in, in Humilau City, yet she was quite acquainted with the area.

She was from this region, after all.

The Pirouette gazed at the brown-haired trainer, trying to reach back into her memories. She was certain that she’d seen this trainer before, somewhere…

 She’d never been the type to keep up with many human events, yet the girl’s appearance still reached out to her, somehow.


Please visit Humilau ♥ Dream address 5500-5035-0457 ♥ WIP but still worth a visit, I have gift wrapped outfits and parasols (usually its rainy in my dream town but I wanted it to be nighttime today bc it looks pretty)

Tell me what you think if you stop by ♥

~ Mayor Sarah