I’ve updated my dream town!! I’d really love it if you took a moment to visit Humilau please, I’ve worked hard to make it pretty! There are even some gifts for you dreamers ^^ My house in my pride and joy, so be sure to visit there too~ I really wanted to update my town before the cherry blossoms were gone…

I hope you have fun visiting Humilau!! Dream code: 4800-2327-5622

We made it! It’s good to be back to some civilization, even if it’s just a center.

It’s a lot more packed in here than either of us expected, though, but Cyan texted us and said that the first part of the Island Challenge is around here, so they’re probably other folks who’re taking part in it, it definitely reminds me of Humilau. Pokemon coming and going, buying potions or getting admitted for checkups and med scans, the whole shebang. Nice of the Alolan centers to offer cafes, though! I’m having a Tapu Cocoa right now, it’s pretty tasty. Whatever chocolate they use must be pretty heavy, though, this stuff is rich.

Rose’s a little nervous about it, especially since it was sprung on us so suddenly, but I think it’ll be a good way to cap off this little adventure. At the very least, we’ll have another reason to celebrate when we get back to the apartment, too, hah! It’s been a lot of fun to explore Melemele, but I’m looking forward to coming back home. It’ll be a nice little break before we head to another island to keep going.

Though I have to admit, it’ll be nice to catch up with some of you others! With luck some of you will still be on Akala when we get there.


“If I thought it was boring, I wouldn’t ask. Pleeeeeease tell me!” she’s gonna give him puppy dog eyes.

| ♠ |

Even if Grimsley had a bad experience with children, he just couldn’t resist to those big puppy eyes.

…Since you insist….

I was standing on the beach, just admiring the scenery, because, “Alomomolan” beaches are simply beautiful. Humilau has a beach, but it’s nothing compared to “Alomomola”.

Someone was yelling at me on their native language, so I obviously didn’t understand, and suddenly, this huge wave swamped me, throwing me several feet away. 

Everyone was laughing at the wet foreigner.