The fifth set is now complete :) Here’s the end result of my fifth series of logos based on a pokemon gym, the city it’s in, and one of the pokemon used in the gym. This set is based on the Unova region, as that’s the fifth area introduced in the games and anime. All that is left now is the Kalos region. 

For the Unova region I’ve done things slightly different to the previous sets I’ve done. Since Unova is the region of two sets of games, Black and White and Black 2 and White 2, there are more than the standard eight gym leaders. So I’ve done the logos based on the eight gym leaders met in the first game and then done an extra three which are the non-repeated ones in the second game.

I just want to thank everyone once again who has shown interest and support for this series I’m doing.

exaltedviolinist  asked:


  • Full Name: Zach Lutra
  • Gender/Sexuality: Male, Ace or Demisexual
  • Pronouns: He/him
  • Ethnicity/Species: Filipino+Korean mix (as a gijinka)/Samurott
  • Birthplace and Birthdate: Humilau City, May 12 
  • Guilty Pleasures (gijinka): He really likes the mindlessly stupid shonen anime/mangas…HIS TEAMMATES HAVE SEEN HIM DO THE NARUTO RUN PROBABLY
  • Phobias: None atm
  • What They Would Be Famous For: Being too handsome badass/cute?
  • What They Would Get Arrested For: Being too oblivious to everything
  • OC You Ship Them With: Laila….I may have shipped him with Jordan or Mimi at some point….
  • OC Most Likely To Murder Them: HOW DARE YOU
  • Favorite Movie/Book Genre (gijinka): Action, Fantasy
  • Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche (gijinka): Fakeout character death scenes disappoints him
  • Talents and/or Powers: Waterbending Water  Maniupulation, Swordfighting, Breakdancing
  • Why Someone Might Love Them: He is a cinnamon roll bab, too pure for this nuzlocke business. He is always optimistic and wants people around him to be happy.
  • Why Someone Might Hate Them: Can be overidealistic, sometimes to the point of denying tragedies. It’s a coping mechanism.
  • How They Change: …. :)
  • Why You Love Them: HE IS MY CUTE OTTER SON….

I’ve updated my dream town!! I’d really love it if you took a moment to visit Humilau please, I’ve worked hard to make it pretty! There are even some gifts for you dreamers ^^ My house in my pride and joy, so be sure to visit there too~ I really wanted to update my town before the cherry blossoms were gone…

I hope you have fun visiting Humilau!! Dream code: 4800-2327-5622