I’ve updated my dream town!! I’d really love it if you took a moment to visit Humilau please, I’ve worked hard to make it pretty! There are even some gifts for you dreamers ^^ My house in my pride and joy, so be sure to visit there too~ I really wanted to update my town before the cherry blossoms were gone…

I hope you have fun visiting Humilau!! Dream code: 4800-2327-5622


Please visit Humilau ♥ Dream address 5500-5035-0457 ♥ WIP but still worth a visit, I have gift wrapped outfits and parasols (usually its rainy in my dream town but I wanted it to be nighttime today bc it looks pretty)

Tell me what you think if you stop by ♥

~ Mayor Sarah


     Unova was the first region she’d traveled to — not because she didn’t like Kalos ( after all, it was her home region ) but because she’d decided to save Kalos for last. She’d ended up in a city called Humilau — she was exhausted from traveling. She usually would’ve had her Eevee out with her, but she didn’t want to exhaust her Pokemon as much as Allrua already was.

     And then, wandering through the city ( which was a truly beautiful city, actually, & she’d have to check it out more in the morning ), trying to find somewhere to stay for the night… she ran directly into a boy. And tripped.

     And started falling.

     “AAAAHH,” she heard herself say, really loudly.

     AAAAHH. How eloquent.

kyovhei  asked:

kyovhei as a roommate

send me a url and i’ll post 10 house rules your muse and mine would have if they lived together (not accepting)

Kyouhei and Dawn live on something of a small beach house in Humilau City. She was almost against it for how hot it was, but Kyouhei put up some pretty decent arguments–

  1. Dawn has permanent control over the AC whenever she pleases because she’s a big baby who can’t stand the humidity for too long.
  2. Since the ocean is so accessible and Kyouhei takes the opportunity to swim rather often, Dawn’s put it to practice that there’s a beach towel at the ready in the front door entrance when he comes home–he’ll usually track water everywhere.
  3. Kyouhei’s made it Dawn’s duty to bring back “cool summer snacks” from the different places she goes to year-round. It’s cultural exchange.
  4. He’s been trying to make it a rule that if the ever end up battling, they take their Pokemon to surf and duke it out in the water. Dawn has so far refused this every time it’s brought up.
  5. They make decisions on races down their hardwood flooring. By that I mean slipping across the floor with socks and seeing who gets the farthest.
  6. Kyouhei makes it important that they get to know the neighbors! (”We treat these guys like friends!”) Kyouhei does most of the greetings but Dawn makes the brownies to offer out of courtesy.
  7. The cabinet isn’t always full but the fridge and freezer always seem to be–it’s like they live off of cold food or something. 
  8. The roof is the Important Spot for late night talks–the stars are easiest to point out from there.
  9. *dawn voice* kyouhei no
  10. *kyouhei voice* kyouhei yes