humid today

It has been massively too hot and humid today, which has made doing anything– including thinking– super difficult. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to find anything to draw as a result, but I remembered a pose I had saved so I went from there. So today’s picture is a massively freaked out (and lame) Deborah getting a piggyback ride from Tommy. Honestly, I think he’s probably struggling a bit more than he’s letting on, but he can’t just leave her behind, right?

The pose was vaguely based off this “Draw the OTP” meme by @snuffysbox though with a little less cheek smushing. XD

haha A friend of mine has been doing art on the small playing card sized card stock recently and it reminded me that I have a huge pile of blank ones that I should work through. And lo and behold, when I found my pile again, I had this Jasper bust already sketched out. So I just inked it up and colored it today. The lines are probably not the best because the humidity was killing me today. Also didn’t scan very well but ah well. Still like her expression.


request: “Hey! I’m just writing to see if I can request something along the lines of number 28 on your prompt list. I’m not gonna lie, I started laughing when I read that particular one. Oh! And is it also ok if I request it to be Marauder Era based? Thanks for your time!” + “Um, Sirius or James please!” — by @je-ss-i-ca

a/n: i was so excited to write this because it was my first imagine for sirius! hehehe. thanks for requesting and i do hope you like this! 😊 (this imagine may or may not leave you hanging. sorry wahahahah)

28. “If you say something, I won’t hesitate and slap you.”

Masterlist + Request here! 

    James Potter was proving once again how he was one of the most annoying people you have come to know as he made it a point to interrogate you while you tried to go to your next class which was History of Magic. And although an unpopular opinion, you actually liked that subject that you couldn’t afford to be late — but because of his constant questions, it was impossible to walk as fast as you can to the classroom.

    With a stomp of your foot, you stopped walking that made him sigh in what seemed like relief.

    “James, I need to get to class. So please pester someone else.” you pleaded.

     He shook his head. “But Y/N! You haven’t even answered my question. I’ve been repeating it the whole way and you keep avoiding it.”

    “How many times do I have to tell you? I don’t like Sirius that way!” you exclaimed louder than planned, gaining a lot of attention. “Look, I know what you’re trying to do. You’re playing matchmaker because you and Lily just got together but come on.” you threw your hands up in expiration.

    At the mention of his girlfriend’s name, you saw his cheeks turn a light shade of red.

    “Er — it’s not like that, it’s just — oi! Moony!” he looked right behind you to point at another boy who was also included in your circle of friends. “You got to help me, mate. Y/N needs to realize that she and Sirius are meant to be.” he held onto Remus’ shoulder once he walked over.

    Judging from Remus’ expression, it was obvious that he was trying hard not to laugh at how determined and desperate James sounded.

    “Remus, please tell me you’re actually siding with me this time and not with Prongs.” you turned to him.

    He finally let out the laugh he was trying to supress. “Sorry, Y/N, but I’m just glad I wasn’t the only one seeing it.”

    “Oh, you got to be kidding me!” you groaned. “But okay, fine, think what you want to think. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I am really running late for —”

    “History of Magic?” Remus guessed. “You might be forgetting but you have that class with James, me, and —”

    “Sirius.” James finished while wiggling his eyebrows.

    You wore a horrified expression on your face at the realization and you abruptly slapped them both on the chest quite hardly.

    “Blimey, Y/N. What was that for?” James complained as he dramatically rubs his chest.

    You narrowed your eyes on the both of them. “If you say something, I won’t hesitate and slap you. On the faces.”

    Both of them mockingly raised their hands up in surrender before laughing, making you roll your eyes and finally head to the direction where the History of Magic classes where held.

    You couldn’t help but be preoccupied all of the sudden because of the possibility of falling in love with Sirius Black. Well, yes, you indeed found him attractive, but who didn’t? He was funny, charming, not to mentiom very handsome in your opinion, and he made you happy which seemed to be the thing that you liked most about him …

    “Y/N, over here!” Sirius waved his hand maniacally to make you look at him. When you did, he gestured to the empty seat beside him which undoubtedly was yours.

     You blushed involuntarily and marched towards him slowly, placing your books on the desk while James and Remus sat down behind the both of you, now whispering to each other which made you glare at them momentarily.

    “What’s going on with those two?” Sirius nodded at yours and his best friends, noticing how they were now snickering.

    You shrugged. “Probably something to piss Snape or whatever.” you murmured.

    It was a good thing that Professor Binns didn’t mind that the three of you were late because since it was only the second week since classes began, he urged that the students would get on with some reading first before discussing. You could see that he was scribbling some notes on the parchment in front of him with a book wide open beside it. You started wondering if you should prepare for a test in case he was planning it but in the same time —

    “Why is your face so red?” Sirius whispered and when you turned to look at him, your faces were only centimeters apart.

    The small distance between the both of you also made Sirius surprised that he moved away a little bit.

    You felt your heart rate quicken.

    “I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.” you flipped your hair over your shoulder, fanning yourself abruptly with your free hand. “Wow. It’s quite humid today, isn’t it?”

    Sirius chuckled, “Humid or you’re just really nervous?”

    Remus and James snickered again.

    “Why would I get nervous?” you demanded at the boy beside you.

    “I don’t know but something tells me it’s got something to do with Moony and Prongs.” he shrugged.

    “Hmm?” James popped his head at the space between your shoulders. “I heard my name.” he whispered just as Professor Binns lifted his head momentarily to scan the room.

    You stared him down. “You don’t have business here so can you just —”

    James ignored what you were saying and started to talk to Sirius. “You know, Padfoot, I have a theory that I think you might agree to.”

    “Potter, I’m warning you.” you spoke through gritted teeth, making sure thay it was only James who would hear.

    Sirius seemed interested in what James had to say because he smirked. “Oh, really? Does it involve our precious Y/N over here?”

    You swore something sparkled in James’ eyes (mischief, probably) at the mention of your name. “Definitely. Want to hear the theory?”

    “No, he doesn’t.” you quickly said.

    Sirius glanced at you. “Yes, I do.” he copied your tone.

    “James,” you warningly stated, “remember what I told you earlier.”

    He gave you a nasty grin. “Why so tense, Y/N? If it’s not true then you’re totally okay with me saying — wait, I know that look, you finally realized it too, didn’t you?”

    You blushed yet again, recalling the thoughts you just had before entering the classroom.

     "Yes, okay, fine, I did. So don’t do it.“ you pleaded.

     Sirius sighed dramatically. "Can you two stop being so vague?”

     You and James shared a look and you still asked him not to do it with your eyes. He was biting his lower lip, obviously deciding whether not to tell Sirius or not. Sirius, on the other hand, was impatiently gazing at the both of you waiting for an answer.

    Before you could process everything, Remus suddenly joined the conversation and clasped Sirius’ shoulder, telling him the words you were dreading to hear.

     "Sirius, we think that you and Y/N are meant to be. And judging by her reaction, she thinks so too.“ he said solemnly.

     You widened your eyes, furiously blushing at that moment. Your hand was clutched on your book, contemplating on throwing the book on Remus’ face, but it was Sirius’ calm voice that made you decide against it.

    "Is that so, Moony? Well, in that case, I couldn’t agree more.”

     And with that, the book that you were holding dropped on the floor with a loud thud, everyone’s eyes on your table while Sirius gave you a wink before turning away like nothing happened.


Just the Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner shots from the Infinity War Set in Atlanta. 

It was 84 humid degrees there today. Keep drinking water, guys! 

Credit to the various sources and photographers

The Shield ~ Protective

I had just finished in wardrobe before I heard my stomach grumbling. Dammit.
“Looks like someone is hungry.” Sandra, our seamstress giggled, removing a piece of thread from my shorts. “Starving.” I rubbed the exposed part of my stomach. “Is catering still open?” She nodded. “Okay I think I’ll head down there. My match is only in the next hour.” I picked up my title and thanked Sandra before leaving the room.

I skipped into catering and grabbed a sandwich before running back out, heading for The shield’s locker room. “Everyone decent?” I knocked on their door and heard them all shout yes before I opened the door just a crack to peep and see for myself. Sometimes they would lie and I would find myself in a room with Dean parading in his jockeys or Seth still wrapped in just a towel.

Wow you look nice. No vest?“ Dean hugged me from the side before taking a bite of my sandwich. "Not tonight.” I shook my head, wiping the crumbs from the side of his mouth.

I was currently a part of the Shield storyline. Some nights I was out there with them and other nights I was on my own (still representing them), like tonight.I won’t lie - sometimes it was nice to not have to wrestle in the heavy gear.

“Put this on.” Roman tossed something at me. “What is it?” I couldn’t open it up properly cause I still had my sandwich in my hand. “Here let me help.” Dean walked over and took my sandwich, biting into it.

Ambrose!” “What? I said I would hel- oh you thought with that? No.” He bit into the sandwich again before walking to the other end of the room. I dusted my hand before examining the piece of material. I looked at Roman questioningly – it wasn’t cold, it was actually quite humid today.

“I don’t want you parading around like that,” he pointed at me, “for the next hour.” Roman was always really protective of me – all the members of the Shield were.

“C’mon Rome.” I whined. “On.” He didn’t even bother looking up at me. “I walk around backstage like this all the time!” I reasoned with him. “Yeah – with US at your side. We have a match now and your little admirer is out there.” He raised his thumb over his shoulder to point at the door. There was no arguing with him.

I heard Seth sigh deeply before he walked over to me and took the jacket from my hands. “who’s your opponent tonight? Keeping the title, right?” he unzipped the jacket and held it behind me. “Charlotte. Yup.” I extended my arms backward, allowing him to put it on for me. “What’s the storyline like?” he stepped in front of me, adjusting the hood neatly. “Dana’s gonna come in and kick my ass.” All three boys turned to face me.

“I’ll be fiiiiine!” I raised my hands, palms up. Of course they were worried - I wasn’t exactly best of friends with Dana behind the scenes. “Hey guys. They need you in the gorilla now.” Stephanie peeped through the door. The boys nodded.

“(Y/N). Please. No funny business.” Seth kissed my forehead and left first. “Kick ass out there kiddo.” “You too.” I smiled at Dean who quickly ruffled my hair.

“Keep that jacket on.” Roman zipped it right up to my neck, making me laugh.

“Gosh. So protective.” He let me leave the room first and we went in our different directions.


This little Hufflepuff went to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter the other day and it was magical!