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I have a character, he's supposed to lose an arm. Would nerve damage caused by something sharp and pointy suffice? Would it render his arm useless immediately, if not how soon? What hits first - pain or the lack of response in his arm? He's held down, possibly trying to fight back and or get up. There's also a heel on his shoulder/arm. How long would the pain last in that case? He's got no way of getting immediate treatment, how long till the bleeding wears him down?

So this is an interesting question, in that it sounds like you want to produce a character with a “dead arm”, without actually severing it. I like the creativity!

So here’s WebMD’s drawing of arm nerves looks like this:

( source )

But you see how they both sort of tuck together right in the armpit, riiight under the shoulder, just distal (away from the body) to the humeral head (the top of the arm bone)? A bad guy with a strong knowledge of A&P could put a stab wound right there, and sever all the motor nerves in that arm forever. It may also nick the bone, and/or the brachial artery.

I would imagine pain would come first, then panic when the arm doesn’t move, then eventually the realization that his arm is dead. And this sounds like an injury that would hurt for a while. Hope that’s useful!

Sherlock graphics- 29/∞ (for lestrvde)

 Sherlock: Beauty is a construct based entirely on childhood impressions, influences and role models.
John: Yeah, but am I a pretty lady? 

X) I believe this is pretty straightforward. Sorry Loki ;P


My husband and I both have a rule about hickeys.

  1. Don’t leave any marks above the collar bone.

We are both very professional people when it comes to our work, so we don’t want to be showing off our personal business like that to potential clients. Well, I’m sitting here at work and my neck was super sore so I looked in the mirror to see if it was bruised and low and behold that little shit left a big ass hickey right on my fucking neck. -_-   So I’ve pinned all my hair to one side to hide it and the minute I get home I’m attacking him and leaving a big ass mark right on his fucking forehead, and I don’t give two shits who see’s it ;) lol   Payback can be fun <3

Why I love doukyuusei

It shows sexuality, but not in a perverted “this is the reason you’re watching this” yaoi fangirl way, in a subtle, realistic way.

It’s super cute

Like REALLY cute just omg SO cute

One of the boys are popular and his friend doesn’t mind him being gay

It mentions that the main character not only likes boys, but has never experienced intrest in girls either, being the first time I’ve seen in anime portray being gay as something that ISN’T a choice (not to say that you can’t like boys and girls. Guilty as charged 🙂)

It doesn’t portray being gay or gay relationships as purely sexual or perverted

It doesn’t show gay people as complete outcastes is society but still recognizes the fact that aren’t completely excepted in (Japanese) society yet, giving a realistic feel to the story

The little bits of humer are adorible

the charecters are lovely

It’s a wonderful and adorable story about two gay boys in high school in a way that isn’t a) outrageously sexualized b) depressing or c ) obviously amed toward straight woman. They were just two boys falling in love! it portrayed the relationship as normal, but also didn’t compelely ignore homophobia and heteronormative society along with it. A+

In conclusion, Doukyuusei is incredibly sweet and wonderful and if you like romance you should watch it because it is SO SWEET