Hume Lake, Kings Canyon NP

this place has so much meaning for me. it’s where I spent a year and became a Christian, it’s where I met my husband and almost all of my best friends. We worked here for three summers, camped in these woods, kayaked on this lake, wandered through these mountains, ate milkshakes on the lawn, went star-gazing on the dock.

a few weeks ago, a bolt of lightning started a fire in Kings Canyon. the fire has since burned over 21k acres and is completely uncontained. There are over 1000 firefighters working hard to get it under control. The people who live and work at Hume have just been evacuated, as the fire is getting closer and closer. if you’re the praying type, please please join me in praying for the firefighters, for the people who live here and might lose their homes, for the beautiful creation being destroyed by this fire. this place has changed so many lives for the Kingdom, mine and Zach’s included. I would not be a Christian if it weren’t for this place. please pray for Hume!