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I adore your work and love your creativity so I thought constricting you to one word would be akin to blasphemy. I wonder if you could you please do Castiel and one of these words: Humdudgeon, benthos, chiliad, blatherskite or gobemouche.

I loved this ask so much. It made me giggle and then go a hunt to find out who sent it in! It was genius. I hope you enjoy what I’ve done with the prompt(s).

As any human, demon, and angel knew, Castiel was in love with humanity. All of its eccentricities. Its customs. Its need for striving and worth. Its desire to push forward and its fighting spirit. Its romance and its friendship. Its love of art and music and food. Castiel appreciated all of these things. He sensed the need for the something-more that humans desired. And he appreciated the little things, too. Like hugs and television and drinking customs. And words. Humans had many beautiful and evolving languages and he was fascinated with them. When he returned to earth for the first time in millennia, he was amazed at how much the languages had changed. 

He took this fascination with words and turned them into a sort-of hobby, sharing the treasures he found with you.

Like this one time. 

“Humdugeon. No one uses that word anymore, do they?”

“No, I’ve never heard of that.”

“It’s Scottish. It’s an imaginary illness. Down in the dumps, as I believe you would call it.”


And another time.

“Do you know benthos?”

“I don’t believe I do.”

“It is the flora and fauna at the bottom of the ocean. I do not think the word fits its meaning very well.”

“No, I suppose it doesn’t.”

And another time.

“Have you ever heard the word chiliad?”

“Can’t say I have. What is it?”

“Its like millennium, meaning 1,000. But it comes from Greek instead of Latin.”


And yet again.

“I bet the words blatherskite and gobemouche sound like nonsense to you, don’t they?”

“They sure do. They sound like old words.”

“Blatherskite is old. Gobemouche is from the French language.”

“That would explain why I don’t know them.”

Many others may have been quickly annoyed at Castiel’s insistence to share odd and forgotten words, but you patiently listened to him every time. It was one of many ways you showed the angel love and acceptance, making certain he knew he had a place with you, whatever hobbies or quirks he had. 

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