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I haven’t been on much in the last week. My work schedule has completely changed, and I’ve been busy trying to spend time with my best friend before she leaves for the summer to Poland next week. I’m still anxiously dealing with the applications for a PTSD service dog, which have taken up a lot of my alone time up. I’ve been busy trying to find a place to live in Humboldt, while also trying to go back to counseling and start getting the details set on my trip to Alaska in July. Having a normal day shift schedule now has allowed me to have the energy to deal with all of these things and it feels unbelievable. I’m shocked at how much of a difference going from a swing shift to a day shift has made. It hasn’t changed the feeling of hopelessness, though. So I’m really hoping going back to therapy will help with that. But I’m back now, so I can finally reply to all of your messages! ❤️

When your waifu is always there for you

“Love is a fickle thing, and that’s true for both humans and penguins.

Grape is a Humboldt penguin who lives in the Tobu Zoo in Japan. He was once in a relationship with Midori, a female Humboldt penguin, but he was tragically dumped when Midori left him for a younger penguin.

(Ha Ha Midori ~Inu)

But Grape’s story doesn’t end in heartbreak because there’s a new girl in his life. The only thing is the girl is a cutout of an anime character.

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Take the Humboldt “jumbo” squid, which lives in the Eastern Pacific waters, a body currently plagued by extreme and rapid climate change. This has caused the water’s temperature to keep swinging wildly, wreaking havoc on the local marine wildlife. But not ol’ jumbo, which not only managed to use the cooled water to slow its maturation and double its lifespan, but also managed to keep growing, reaching 10 times its normal size. It’s almost as if squids are being written by hack sci-fi writers trying to find a reason why their movie monster can’t be killed.

But if they’re just good at fucking and staying alive, why should we ever fear these underwater lab rats? Maybe because, even though cephalopods look like they’re the bastard alien offspring of Cthulhu and a beach ball, there are few species that have more in common with us humans. With their large brains (relative to their body size), big and complex eyes, and curious nature, they display quite a “human-like intelligence.” They even have eight separate limbs that are dextrous enough to operate tools. Imagine how many goddamn jars you could open with eight completely opposable fingers instead of two hands.

But the same reason they’re enjoying a bit of an evolutionary boost might also spell their doom. The fishing industry isn’t in a hurry to slow down, so eventually there’s going to be a lot more calamari on restaurant menus. As long as we’re top dog up here, cephalopods aren’t going anywhere, except to a delicious hell of parsley and olive oil.

7 Species That Will Rule The Earth When We’re All Dead