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itzsophyt  asked:

Hey I love your art, any chance you still do Fairy Tail fan art- I like your interpretation of the characters. Just wondering

not affirmative i will post more ft, but yah know,,,i still love mah girl.

“The Humble Simple Thing,” Art by Sara Lautman

Adapted from a Story by Sheila Heti

Recommended by Electric Literature

Issue No. 171

Original Fiction

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Read an interview with Sheila Heti and Sara Lautman about their collaboration here.

About the Author

Sheila Heti’s most recent novel is How Should a Person Be? In the spring, McSweeney’s published her play, All Our Happy Days are Stupid. She is the author of five other books of fiction and non-fiction, including—with Heidi Julavits and Leanne Shapton—the New York Times bestseller, Women in Clothes.

About the Artist

Sara Lautman’s drawings and cartoons have appeared with The Pitchfork Review, Jezebel, The Awl, The Los Angeles Review of Books and many other places. The tenth collection of her comics, The Ultimate Laugh, will be published by Tinto Press in winter of 2015. Other recent collections, including Macrogroan6 and Lying and Cursing are available at Birdcage Bottom Books.

“The Humble Simple Thing” copyright © 2015 by Sheila Heti and Sara Lautman. Art copyright © 2015 by Sara Lautman, text copyright © 2015 by Sheila Heti. All rights reserved.

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