Dear little: meet-up.

So it finally happened deardaisyelizabeth ( and dearlittlelucas met up. Daisy and Lucas finally met.
If you’ve been following us for a while you’d know were working on a magazine and we met last month to discuss a business plan and what not and it was lovely; but we couldn’t wait to get the little ones together.

I say part one, because the day sort of went in two parts, and the post will be far too long if i do it all in one, so i’ll start with the Zapf creations party, i wont go into to much detail as it’s a magazine review sort of thing but sharing the cutest pictures and my personal experience.

The day started off horrendously! I’d worked a twelve hour night shift, rushed to the station, onto a train, got to London at 9:40 (35 minutes before the event) hopped into a taxi (that had already got lost) got stuck in traffic and arrived at 10:30! Luckily they hadn’t started the tour. 

We found a deck chair and the cruel parents we are got excited by a photograph opportunity… this is the first photo of these two together and gosh it’s cute.

we had a little, quick play in the sandpit and swiftly moved on to the rest of the tour.
The tour was great! but Daisy and Lucas got distracted by some sensory lights.

After the tour we had play time, lunch and cake and Lucas got his face painted. He uhm, had a tiny bit done…

He wasn’t to sure and quickly ended in this…

We finished  the party with some fancy lunch boxes for the children but left without a goodie bag by accident, but have got a beautiful baby born little boy coming through the post, which is exciting.

We had the best day in London, my heart belongs to London and the party was fab and honestly we just had the most incredible time with Jodie and Daisy. 
Another amazing friendship has bloomed from blogging and honestly blogging was the best decision I ever made, it’s the only thing I find i’m dedicated to, along with the magazine, and it brings me so much happiness and friends.

Lucas has also gained a friend too, even if Daisy has taught him to add “no no no no no” to his already learnt head shake. It’s very cute and very funny. 
What a cheeky pair.

Part two coming soon… 

Before the nap they had the best cuddletime! Also they both fell asleep at the same time! How awesome is that?

Today is Niels’ first day back at work and I feel like I’m very lucky and blessed that the kids are both behaving so well. Surely, this can’t go on… Hell must break loose at some point! But right now I’m enjoying it very, very much!

how to make a note LEGENDARY.

I have a theory. It’s just a small personal theory about tumblr. I don’t believe this to be a fact, but merely something to observe.

People wonder how notes get over 1,000 notes. I myself did for awhile, even when posting something original that is very thoughtful or funny or relatable, it gets a mere 8. After thinking about it for awhile, discussing it with a few people, and studying a few things, I have a hypothesis.

There are TWO ways of a note going viral:

The more uncommon way is multiple smaller blogs reblogging it and friends of those reblog and it slowly gains recognition amongst the smaller groups, until a whale (a whale is a term for someone who has a lot of money or substance, in this situation, followers [10,000+]) reblogs it causing a snowball effect of people to reblog and like.

Of course, the note will die out over time because usually tumblr famous people post a lot of stuff. So it may get drowned out. The timing of the reblog is key because most people who use this site are of the ages between 12-25 which means the time period they are most active is 3 pm - 12 am. The rush hour of tumblr use which i noted has come between 5 pm and 9 pm.

My theory here is that a note can achieve this legendary status if and only if THREE tumblr famous sites or whales reblog it within a week time span. The more times a person sees a picture, text, or video reblogged on their dashboard, the more likely they are to reblog it. And since these whales together have a following of 30,000+ followers, your note will be passed out to other groups and other tumblr famous sites or whales to continue reblogging. This will go on and on because of the quick and viral spreading of an almost similar like spamming of people’s dashboards.

The reason I say THREE is because when one whale reblogs something, it’ll get maybe 1/100th of their followers to actually notice it. Since they post so much, the follower’s minds filter out things they like and don’t like. Now if a follower sees another whale posting the same thing, they’re more likely to consider the content of it as reblogable. If you see three whales posting the same thing, along with their other followers liking and reblogging, you actually take the time to watch the video or listen to the audio and see if it’s relatable. What makes the note even better is if the content is full of great quality stuff. 


Some people may get upset that, hey i don’t have tumblr famous people following me or I deserve to be famous, but don’t know how to get there. It’s truly networking and people skills folks. Making friends with people without being prideful and staying humble is the way to go. When you take the time to message someone, like, reblog, or just get to know people for reasons besides their fame, most of them can see how real you are. especially if your blog is full of original content they can relate to. 

Also, if you’re good looking, send your pictures to the Fyeah sites, it helps. If you aren’t, then get with the original content. I’m being straight up and real. You have a gift and a talent. Showcase it for the world to see. If may be your looks, music, dance, art, photography, humor. If you can make it original and relatable, people will notice if you try, but like i said, tumblr is NETWORKING.

Life nowadays is all about networking really, but I’ll leave that for another post. I’ll just give you some info my brain has cooked up for now.

Yes, there will always be those who are stuck up or cocky because they have achieved said status, but there are others who are very nice and very humble and I have had the privilege to talk to them. I call these people humblrs. They are humble tumblrs. 

  1. therealmeahriano
  2. shawnsasaurus
  3. kelvinween
  4. unknown-one


I wont gender stereotype my son.

When we decided on a kitchen and cafe for Lucas’ first birthday, the biggest question asked was “isn’t that girly?” The answer is no, why is it girly? Do men not cook? Do men not own cafes? Can a man not work in a kitchen? It’s one of those questions that makes me annoyed, honestly.

Lucas spends 70% of his time playing in his corner, well one of many corners. He spends 10% watching TV, especially Disney Junior, and guess what his favourite programmes are? Mickey Mouse clubhouse, Doc Mcstuffins and Sofia the first! Once again I get comments like, “isn’t that girly?” “Why do you MAKE him watch this?” I don’t MAKE him watch it, he choses to, I am not going to turn over the TV everytime, the “girly” princess programmes come on. 

When Lucas was learning to crawl we purchased “girls” leggings as he couldn’t crawl in jeans; Comments were made for example “why is he dressed in girls leggings?” and when we bought jelly shoes for him, as they were the only shoes that would stay on his feet and comments were made again about the fact “he had girly shoes on”

I wouldn’t go out and buy Lucas a dress or bow for his hair but if he choses this then thats fine with me. I cannot stand gender stereotypes. Why are things girly? or even boyish? 

Children have no idea, nor do they care what colour toys they’re playing with, whether they’re reading about fairies or dinosaurs or whether they’re pushing a pram, playing in a kitchen or kicking a football around.
Just remember that.

My first day is tomorrow. Just doing the goole ‘ole boring orientation though. But I am so glad to have something to keep me busy and bring in extra cash. 

I was on pintrest yesterday and saw some easy DIY things to make apartment living better. I want to do some of them, room by room. :’] Its gonna be a blast.

A summary of what it's like to be pregnant.

Ouch my back hurts.

Ouch my feet hurt.

Ouch my legs hurt.

Why am I so moist?

Ouch my boobs hurt.

Are my nipples supposed to do that?

My boobs are so big.

I can’t shave my legs. (and by legs I mean vagina)

I can’t see my feet. (and by feet I mean vagina)

I can’t paint my toenails.. (and by toe nails.. wait yeah, toenails)

Are you gonna eat that?

Wow I’m really craving __insert anything here.. even non-food items_

waddle waddle waddle waddle.

I have to pee.

I have to pee again.

I have to pee AGAIN.

Did I take my vitamins today?

Hey, don’t kick my cervix!

Get out of my ribs.

Why is my belly so damn heavy?

No strange old lady, you may NOT touch my belly.

No strange old lady, I am NOT 16.

No strange old lady, I’m not a single mom.

This seatbelt is bothering me.

*walks up a flight of stairs… 5 minutes to catch breath*

Whoa my belly looks like I got attacked by wolverine.

Has anyone seen my keys?

Has anyone seen my phone?

Has anyone seen my wallet?

Has anyone seen my sanity?

*cries* This song I’m hearing for the first time ever is just so beautiful

*cries* Chipotle is closed

*cries* It really hurt my feelings when you threw your towel on the floor

*cries* why did you say “Hello” like that?!

My sweet baby has burns from dollar general sunscreen. Parents DO NOT use this sunscreen on your children!!!! This picture is 5 days after the initial reaction. My child is on antibiotics, burn cream, and is being sent to a dermatologist to hopefully prevent scarring.


Just got an ERGO for 50% off! Wanted to pass along the deal.

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