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Request: “Can you do a Dom!Bucky fic with a shy reader who is insecure about sex and Bucky ends up treating her really sweetly but maintaining dominance?”

Pairings: Bucky x Fem!Reader

Warnings; Language, SMUT, oral male and female receiving, penetration, Dom!Bucky, kinky things, a lot of SIN

Your are tipsy. That’s the only explanation for be having a fit of laughter seeing Thor imitate Tony. 

- HA HA very funny, really - Tony is pissed, you can tell, but that only makes the poor interpretation of Thor funnier - Okay hammer man, you win

- Of course I win! - Thor, accepting his victory as humbly as ever

Moments like these, were you all are just enjoying the company of the others are the ones you want to treasure for the rest of your life. After asking for some pizzas and opening some bottles of wine you are all spread over the couchs on Tony’s living room.

Standing up from the couch he was ocuping Tony is the first one of the Avengers who leaves the party and try to find some sleep after a particulary rough mission.

- Would be okay, you two? - with a half smile Steve ask to you and Bucky, the only ones who are in the living room besides him yet.

- Of course, go get some sleep Cap - you assure him

- See you tomorrow morning to run, pal? - Steve asks to his best friend

- Yep, five o’clock downstairs - he responds with a yawn

With a last wave of his hand Steve leaves Bucky and you alone in the big living room of the Stark tower. You play with the hems of your sweater (Bucky’s sweater, in fact) while looking at the handsome profile of your boyfriend. His features are enlighted by the mortecine light of the TV, his blue eyes bright even in half darkness and his arm resting protectively around your waist.

- If you keep staring at me like that I’d blush, doll - he says tearing his eyes away from the tv

- Mmh, sorry - The heat comes to your cheeks. Damn, you are always blushing around him, you can’t help it. Even now that you are officially together you still sometimes feel insecure around him, not that he has told you anything to feel that way but… you just can’t help it. He’s so perfect.

- I didn’t say I mind - he chuckles lowering his head to capture your lips with his

Waves of electricity run through your body at the simple contact of his lips pecking yours, it has always been like that since the first kiss. This man does things to you. 

Later, you will blame it to the alcohol runing through your veins but when Bucky is about to break the kiss you lift your hands onto his cheeks to hold him in place while you deepen the kiss. He seems surprised at first but quickly recovers and corresponds with fearous intensity, moving also his torso to face you. 

You shudder a little when his hands find your knees and force your legs to open wider so he can fit himself in between them. At the same time he bites softly your bottom lip to insert his warm tongue in your mouth, which you accept eagerly. You are slowly falling over the soft cushions of the couch with Bucky on top of you, never breaking the kiss, feeling how his big hands caress the bare skin of your legs. 

You let out a soft moan when he squeeze your ass with the hand his not using to support his weight and it seems to break the spell he was immersed. Suddenly he breaks the kiss looking at you with wide eyes

- Fuck. Sorry doll - he starts to move away from you - I didn’t meant to push… - you cut him grabing his collar and sealing his lips with yours

- Just… - you whisper feeling your cheeks blush again - Keep doing it 

Bucky, hovering over you, stares blanky at you for a solid minute and, when you are mentally deciding to which part of Sibera you are gonna run to hide in embarrassement, a slow wide grin appears on his face. The air in the room changes and all your senses comes to life seeing how his blue eyes spark in anticipation.

- Well well… - he purrs placing a stray lock behind your ear - I think I will be able to satisfy all your wishes, doll

Before you can say a word, Bucky stands up abruptly dragging you with him

- We need more privacy - he winks at you while carrying you until your shared bedroom

Once in there, again on your feet, you feel all your previous daring fade being replazed by shyness. The big figure of Bucky approach slowly to you and, by some reason, the expression on his face makes you feel aroused and afraid at the same time. 

Tenderly, he places his hands at both of your cheeks and ducks his head to capture your lips in the most caring way infunding you new confidence.

- If you are not comfortable or just want to stop anytime - he says above your parted lips - just tell me and I’ll stop immediately, okay doll? - you nod extremelly thankful of having him as a boyfriend. He chuckles - I’m gonna need you to use words Y/N, tell me, are you okay with that? 

- Y-Yeah Bucky - your voice small

- Good girl - he says approvingly and his grave voice makes you shudder - Turn your back to me, darling - his eyes dark with lust

Swalowing with your mouth suddenly dry, you do as command feeling his presence in your back close enough to feel his warm but not enough for him to touch your needy skin.

- Hands on the wall, beatiful - he whispers on your ear sending shivers all over your spine

You do as he told you placing hesitant your hands on the cold wall trying to get a hint of what’s happening behind you. His hands reach your hips while his lips caress the half exposed skin of your collarbone, sucking and biting. You gasp when one of his hands finds the end of your sweatshirt and explores the covered skin of your belly, making his way painfully slow until your breasts.

- Hands up - he growls and your body reacts immediately allowing him to get ride of the garment, as soon as the sweater goes off of you, you put your hands again on the wall. - Such a good girl - he praises you placing his hands in your skin again - Just for that I won’t tease you…not too much, at least - he chuckles darkly and you can’t hold back a moan when his hands massage your breasts over your bra

Setting aside your hair Bucky makes a wet path of kisses all over your nape and neck arriving at your ear lobe and biting softly at it while his fingers make his way under your bra, finding your already hard nipples

- Oh God - you moan when the friction becomes too much. Your back arches desperate for him to do something and your ass rub againts Bucky’s already hard cock earning a deep growl from him - Bucky… please do something

Breathing heavily on your ear he slides a hand trough your abdomen reaching your jeans and unbuttoning them professionaly while his other hand makes placement around your neck, not pressing too hard, just keeping your head steady on his chest. At this point you have given yourself totally to the man behind you and you will willingly pray for him to ease the pain that’s placed in your crotch.

At a turtorious pace his long fingers slide on your underwear massaging around your sensitive spot, but not quiet touchig it.

- Buck…. - you whine and he hushes you not rushing himself at any moment, just enyojing the frustrated sounds he’s making you do. You nearly cry when finally one of his fingers brush your clit making your back to slam againts his cock in need. 

Mercilessly he repeats the action adding more fingers and more friction and taking you to the edge. You gasp for air when his middle finger open your folds and slides over your already soaking wet cunt.

- Holy shit doll! - he grunts - You are so wet, so good - his hips make an unvoluntary pounding movement while he masturbs you, as if imagining himself burying his hard length in to your tight walls.

- Bucky pleaseee - you whine, you need him to do something… anything! But now. Harshly he undo your jeans and free your neck so he can put them out of you. You feel the urge to replace his hand with yours in your suddenly lonely clit -  Hands.On.The.Wall  - but his gruffy voice contains you to do so. You hear the bastard chuckle when you whine.

Kneeled behind you he takes your jeans and panties off of your legs and your head miss the support of his chest when your neck give up feeling his calloused hands making his way though your thighs until your now exposed cunt.

- God, you’re gorgeous - you hear him mutter 

You are not prepared for the overwhelming feeling of his warm tongue licking your clit from behind and your fingers curl over the flat surface of the wall trying to find some support. His wet tongue caress your folds cleaning all your juices  

You tremble when he repeats the action one time, and another, making you a moaning mess, if wasn’t by his hands firmly planted on your hips you would be rocking againts him, too lost in the feeling to be ashamed of your ways.

- Buck I’m gonna…. - you try to warn him that your orgasm is close just for him to tear away from you making you gasp in surprise.  

- You’ll come when I’ll tell you to, doll - you want to protest but it dies on your troath when he rubs his hard cock over your buttocks imititating the love making. 

Bucky gives a last squeeze to your tits before freeing them from your bra and making you turn around. The kiss he gives to you is nearly enough to make you come undone, all teeth and tongue. You can’t help but grab on to his forearms for dear life while he devastates your mouth.

- The things I would do to that mouth… - he growls looking at your parted lips. He stares at you for a second searching for some kind of disapproval and, when he doesn’t find any, he smiles filthly - Come here - You let him guide you to the bed where he sits with his legs wide open - Kneel, princess - he orders. You obey. - I want those sweet lips around my cock - you feel a spur of fire straight to your core at his words

- Yes, Sir - you purr and he moan at your lustful gaze. 

Licking his lips in anticipation he observes how you slowly duck your head until his throbing cock. Licking your own lips to wet them your touch in the most softly way his head making his hips to jerk at the sudden feeling. You bit your inner cheek trying to contain the smile which’s forming on your lips seeing how much you affect him. With renewed confidence you make a long lick to his prominence capturing with your lips as well the pre-cum that goes out of him. 

All his body tense at your action making the veins of his collarbone more prominents and his cheeks to flush, you look up to meet his gaze absolutely focused on your lips, as if they were some kind of new marvelous animal specimen. You repeat the previous action, this time, adding more of his sensitive flesh in to your mouth and Bucky moan loudly grabing a fist full of your hair. 

- FUCK, doll…. Yeah so good… - spurred by his reaction you open your jaw wider and take him in to your mouth completely. Bucky let out a strangled sound and his thighs contracts involuntarily under your palms, who would have guessed that the Winter soldier would be so vocal when receiving an oral? You chuckle innerly.

Bobbing your head you take him on to your mouth one time and another playing also with your tongue, repeating the movement when you discover that caressing the strap big vein on the back of his cock makes him go wild. Bucky stretch your hair a little when you add your hands in to the game, playing with his already contracted testicles. You have even to contain your gagging impulse a couple times when he raise his hips lost in pleasure.

- Stop  - he reaches for your forearms to lift you when he’s about to cross the frontier. You lick your lips, shinny with his precum and he moans filthtly before kissing you eagerly. While kissing he helps your legs surround his waist and you had to bite back a moan when you feel his hard cock pressed againts your abdomen, if he just moves a little… He helps your hips to move rocketing his thighs and you moan on his mouth needy for some kind of real friction.

- Spread for me, doll. I want you on your back, legs wide open - he says

Trembling a little under his intense gaze you do as told and put your back over the matress, covered with soft blakets. You open your legs not quiet secure with showing yourself so much but soon all your worries fade out under the loving look of him. 

- Look at you doll. I could eat you alive and I wouldn’t get enough - he hovers over you, full erect and you gulp nervous. - Hey - he forces your chin so you are looking at him straight to the eyes - Do you remember what I told you, right?

- Yeah  - you nod, blushing

- What I told you princess? - he pecks your lips 

- That, we can stop anytime - he nods smiling

- You want to stop? - asks tenderly

- Fuck, No - you say rotundly and he laugh out loud

- Okay doll - Bucky ducks his head to kiss your bare nipple making you moan - I want you to tell me when you are about to come, okay? - you nod - Don’t come until I told you so - you gulp.

Leaving soft kisses all over your breasts Bucky plays with your nipples before he makes a path until your already sensitive cunt. Your head smash on the matress when his tongue finds again your sweet spot, not giving you any chance to contain the loud moan that scapes your lips.

- GOD, Buck..!! Yes… please - you are a mess while his lips sucks at your clit and his tongue draws fire patterns on your folds. You know how wet he’s making you just by the sounds that are echoing in the room besides your moans and your hard breathing.

Sooner than you are proud of, in your your lower abdomen, forms a heat pool that threaten to send you over the edge any time soon. There’s nothing on this world that you want more than jump through the edge guided by Bucky’s mouth, but you know that you need to ask permission first.

- Bucky I’m gonna….

- No - he says breaking the contact just enough to asnwer

- Buuck - you whine half crying. All your body is screaming you to give up to the pleasure  - I can’t I-I– BUCKY - your hands had made a steel anchor on his brown locks and your legs are squirming uncontrollably under him - I’M GONNA…

You scream when he tears his precious mouth away from you just a second before you reach you big end. He makes his way up to your lips kissing the same path he did when going down on you until reach your mouth and kisses you. You taste yourself on him.

- On your four - his gruff voice says. You turn yourself over quickly. 

You moan when his hands help you find the position by lifting your ass until his cock

- Don’t come until I allow you - he says in your ear and waits

- Yes, sir - you respond weakly

Your mouth makes a perfect “o” shape when his hard member makes his way in to your cunt, burying slowly into you, allowing to everyone of your nerve endings to analize the pleasure.

- Holy shit doll - he groans behind you - You are so tight - with a last whine he buries himself completelly into you and waits for your unspeaked permission to continue, which you give him by moving your hips againts his.

- James! - you scream when you feel the big presence in to you moving in and out of your pussy, wrecking havoc al your common sense - Oh My God, Yes… Yes… - you are a mess on his competent hands.

He is pounding into you at a devastating pace and you know that his fingerprints on your hips are gonna leave you covered for days. The familiar feeling on your abdomen takes place again and you cling on the sheets as a futile trying to contain the pleasure to overcome you.

- Bucky I can’t.. anymore… - you moan, your head spining with pleasure. Your eyes roll back when he ducks his head to bite your neck, then shooting the mark with his tongue. You can feel his strong torso rubing your back while he pounds mercilessly on to you, you are both covered in sweat and panting. 

- Hold on - he orders and you cry reconsidering on giving up. One of his hands leaves your hip to cover your soaked clit and starts to make circles over it. You tremble and whine trying to hold his forearm, it’s too much to hold without coming undone. 

- Come doll, come for me all over my cock - he growls and you don’t have to be told twice. After taking all the air your lungs are able to, you come around his throbing cock moaning his name out loud. The orgasm makes you see white and your ears to buzz and the hand of Bucky on your clit just extends the pleasure making you walls to keep milking him. 

Seeing you melting into his arms seems to be the last spurr Bucky needs because, just behind you, his orgasm waves over him making his hips to pound as deep as they can get and his cock to cover your inner walls in white.

Too tired to support himslef anymore he spins you around laying his back on the matress with you on top of him, breathing heavily. Still panting you surround his chest with your arms and smile softly pressing your cheek to his chest, just above his runaway heart. You feel his hands caress sotly your back trying to calm you down and him, as well. You look up to him

- Do you liked it, doll? - he asks, still out of breath after his orgasm

- Yeah Bucky - you kiss his sweated chest - And yo..?

- Awsome - he says, adoration on his voice. You both laugh feeling completely satisfied and content

After a few seconds of silence Bucky has already regained normal breathing, lucky supersoldier, and he leaves you for a second to reach something to clean up all he holy mess you have done.

Once you are fully cleaned and he has made sure that you are comfortable and happy, he lays again with you on the bed, fully prepared to achieve a night of sleep, free from nightmares as always that you sleep in his arms. You sigh contently cuddling around his chest

- Doll… - you hear him, nearly falling on your slumber

- Hmm? 

- I love you - he says with voice full of love

- I love you too - you use your last forces to kiss his smily lips before falling asleep lulled by the warm of the body of your beloved soldier.

A/N: I loved that request. Thank you

Also, sorry for the grammar mistakes, I’ll fix them later :)

Today I drove down to where I grew up and met some friends from high school near my house. We had a long conversation while overlooking some mountains and this lake about death in the outdoors. We’ve had a lot of friends that have died because of extreme sports and shitty situations, and sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. My friend sat there and said openly that she’s been dealing with deep depression, and wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for rocks to climb and mountains to ski. I was humbled in that moment by her openness. I take for granted the power of Mother Nature and what it can teach us, like how to love a bit deeper and hold on a little longer.


Emily ‘Sin to Win’ Prentiss 


Look at her face she’s so sweet! And she can sing really well!

The confidence and esteem of Leo swings like a pendulum, one minute they are on top of the world and believe they should be treated like royalty, the next, they are looking for reassurance from their external world as to their value, their worth, which in itself, suggests that their sense of self-esteem is not all that stable. They have this way of ruffling up their feathers when challenged though, of wanting to appear fully confident in themselves and their own abilities, much like someone that may paint on more make up than usual to cancel out the appearance of sadness or worry on their face, to deflect from the issue at hand. With this however, comes the ability for Leo in their more humble moments, to meet those with confidence issues with honesty and openness, a way of relating to them in a softness. If someone says “I don’t know if I like myself or not” even if Leo pretend otherwise, they are likely to relate on some level.

useless mccree headcanons I think about too much:

· Jesse used to play the violin. He loved his fiddle, but lost it after Deadlock
· When he first joined Overwatch, people like Angela weren’t very open to the idea of having a criminal walk around base. He wanted to prove that he could be a good guy out of spite, just to prove them wrong
· He later discovered that Angela ALSO played violin, and had one in storage. One night he took it to try and see if he could still play it. She caught him, and he was really guilty, but it was a humbling moment for her because it just. reminded her that he’s still a person, you know, he still had his interests and he’s not as malicious as everyone paints him
· She then taught him to play better, and they spent a lot of time practicing together
· Ever since he lost his left hand, he’s been upset because now he won’t be able to play. He hasn’t attempted to play since, because he’s worried the robot fingers will damage the strings
· Jesse knows American Sign Language. Gabe taught him it, and sometimes in normal conversation, Jesse will accidentally toss a few signs in while talking bc he’s the kinda guy that moves his hands a lot when he talks
· If u look close enough, you’ll find that he’s got a bunch of holes on his ears from where a shit ton of edgy piercings used to be when he was with Deadlock
· Might’ve had a tongue piercing at some point too
· He was a scrawny kid, grew up skinny and had a late growth spurt
· Used to have long hair while in Deadlock. When he joined Overwatch and got into trouble, Gabe would sometimes yell at him and threaten to cut his hair (as a bluff, he never meant it) but one day Jesse turned around and cut his ponytail right in front of Reyes and said “where’s your leverage now?”
· Jesse actually never liked the long hair in the first place. He meant to get a haircut
· Gabriel had nightmares about that for days afterwards. He thought the long hair was nice.
· Jesse admired Reyes and Morrison hella. Jack never really warmed up to him tho, it still lowkey breaks Jesse’s heart to this day
· Jesse is extremely protective of his team and will gladly throw himself out on the line to save them
· He’s also extremely empathetic and emotional. Not as in sensitive, but moreover he listens to his emotions rather than logic. Hence, his entire agenda to dispense justice on his own terms, bc the law won’t help those who he feels really deserves it
· He’s really good at riding motorcycles and cars. He never got his license, he learned to drive on his own, and he’s a maniac on the road but has never been in an accident
· Yet.
· He’s also an adrenaline junkie. That time spent with Deadlock? They taught him to run loose and steal, jump on freight trains, chase ppl down in motorcycles, all that stuff got his heart pumping and made him feel alive. It was a good feeling.
· A part of the reason why he liked Blackwatch was because of the adrenaline
· And tbh he probably used that to cope. Had to ignore the shit he grew up in somehow
· He likes taffy

Someone asked me today

What was my most humbling moment?

It was probably when she told me over the phone that she didn’t love me anymore.

And then pulled the trigger from 467 miles away.

“What are you hiding from me, John?”

“Can’t you guess?”

“I never guess! I’ll deduce it, just give me a second…”

Happy Birthday @hopelesslybenaddicted!

Another year, another Ravenclaw!Sherlock ♥ (I may also have been inspired after binging on @alexxphoenix42‘s potterlock fluff this week!) ~ Glitterati version below the cut *^_^*

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I really love instagram (and then sharing to Facebook and Tumblr) because it’s fun to share the wins. It’s fun to write little blurbs about my dog or my husband or my best friends. I love documenting new adventures and recipes and steps in processes like building our new home.

I love being able to look at all of those little squares and be reminded of how amazing life is when you focus in (no camera pun intended) on the good things like the ones you love and the beautiful views.

I updated my instagram name now that I’m married but if you do come over and follow me, let me know! I spend more time on Instagram than Tumblr lately so it’s easier to keep up with people there and I love seeing everyone else’s wins (and humble moments <3 )

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endless list of favorite people: anna kendrick
I’ll tell you, the really humbling moment is the moment that you get home from the Golden Globes or the BAFTAs or the Oscars, and you sit on your bed, which is the same crappy IKEA bed you’ve had since you were 18, and you put on an old episode of “Family Guy,” and you have a frozen meal … and you’re trying not to get macaroni and cheese on your thousand-dollar gown.

anonymous asked:

Would you mind making a not-so-long but well developed biography about one chosen sim of yours? I loved the one you did about Georgiana! Or you can surprise us with some random facts about the character. Please!

Thanks for the lovely message, Nonners! Sorry for the delay. Here is a little biography for one of my favourite Sims, Raj, aka Rajan Patel from Isla Paradiso. Raj hasn’t had a chance to appear properly in my story for quite some time but I do have very grand plans for him!

Raj was born and bred in Isla Paradiso…his father was a fisherman, and so was his father’s father, and it was expected that Raj would follow in their footsteps (or should that be wading boots?) Raj however was blessed with dashing, movie-star good looks, brains, ambition and charisma….it soon became apparent that he was destined to be much more than a humble fisherman. His Eureka! moment came one day after his father had returned from a day’s fishing, and mentioned all the whales he had happened to see that day. Raj begged, borrowed and lied to scrape the money together to buy a  a 50 foot cabin cruiser and take tourists out whale watching. Whale watching exploded as an industry and soon became the foundation of Isla Paradiso’s Tourism sector. Within several years Raj had a fleet of 20 boats, and had expanded his empire to include scuba diving, marlin fishing, windsurfing and water skiing. He was also the richest man in the Islands. And never let it be forgotten that he was married for nearly 17 years to Naomi, whom he met on a fateful holiday to Monte Vista when she was just sixteen. And if you have been following Raj’s or Naomi’s story you will know that certain chilling events that occurred during that holiday ensured that he and Naomi would always share a mortal bond, regardless of their relationship status….

But now Raj is in jail, divorced and serving out a sentence for tax evasion…he will be released before too long however, down but not out, for if there is anything Raj loves it’s a challenge. He is merely biding his time. Waiting for the right opportunity, just like the red-claw crabs that he’s obsessed with reading about in jail. Thank you for the fantastic question, Nonners! Answering it was very enjoyable.


I’ll tell you, the really humbling moment is the moment that you get home from the Golden Globes or the BAFTAs or the Oscars, and you sit on your bed, which is the same crappy IKEA bed you’ve had since you were 18, and you put on an old episode of “Family Guy” and you have a frozen meal … and you’re trying not to get macaroni and cheese on your thousand-dollar gown.


Warning: sappy, sentimental story alert! Today I had the greatest experience I’ve had in a very long time, and it was partially - if not significantly or entirely - due to a quote that Tammie Brown once said. 

I was walking down the street on the way to the train station in Philly. I was about to cross the street to the station when I noticed a girl roughly the same age as me sitting against a building crying. She was keeping to herself and didn’t seem to be reaching out to other people for help of any kind. With the knowledge that I had 35 minutes to get my ticket, buy dinner, and board my train, (and knowing what the lines can be like during rush hour on a weekend), I began to simply walk past her. But then, somewhere in the back of my mind, my conscience adopted the voice of Tammie Brown and I recalled with crystal-like clarity the quote that she said: “That’s why we’ve got to be nice. The nicer we are, everybody else is going to be nice." 

I stopped in my tracks and had one of those really humbling moments, and I looked at the young woman. I simply couldn’t walk by without at least seeing if she was hurt or in need of some kind of help. I ignored the neurotic stick-to-the-schedule instincts that I was having and went up to the girl and asked her if she was okay. She explained that she had left her purse - containing her I.D., her wallet, her phone, etc - in a cab by accident when she was seeing her boyfriend off on a bus to the New York. The bus had left and she realized that she was stranded with no money and no phone to contact anyone to come pick her up. This had apparently all just really started to set in for her, so she was kind of freaking out. (Understandably so.) 

I chatted with her about ways she might be able to track down her belongings and let her use my phone to make some calls. I stayed a little bit longer after she got off, just to make sure she was alright. I gave her my name and number, just in case she needed to call and talk to someone. I left and managed to make a mad dash to the station just in time to catch my train at the last minute. I was worried about her all evening, but later on I received this text from her: "Hi! :-)  you helped me earlier at 30th street when I was crying. I got my things back. If it wasn’t for u I would not have pulled myself together. Thank you so much I love you.” It really just melted me to know how much I had impacted her. I replied and let her know I was glad she was alright. 

I definitely think that this is a friendship that will continue. It was just one of the most humbling moments that really did make my heart completely melt. And, I realized, that had it not been for my conscience taking on Tammie Brown’s voice and telling me, “That’s why we’ve got to be nice,” I probably would have just kept on walking, never having met or spoken to this awesome person that I’m happy to now call a friend. 

So, thanks Tammie, for providing truly sound advice, and being my own little voice of reason and humanity. You really are an incredible soul, and clearly your kind-hearted spirit is contagious! KABOOM! :-)