Shenanigans with the After Darkness Production Crew!
  • Xinnyx: You know, the movie I really admire would have to be Brave. Just because of the animation that was put into Merida's hair.
  • HumbleLittleNarrator: You know...when we get to that part, you're going to have to draw Merida's hair~.
  • Xinnyx: CB ... -tosses headset and walks out of the room-

I feel that I should draw a MCPxHumble wedding image, if not comic before Halloween. Yes. I should do this. And MCP will be the manliest man to ever man mandom, next to Kamina naturally. No one is manlier than Kamina. And Stini will be the most wedded of wedded husbands.

…Wait a minute. Does this mean that I need to draw MCP in the dress while Humble’s in the tux…?

…I…I kind of want to draw this now.

Xinnyx Tries to Get Stini to Watch Free!
  • xinnyx: I really want the ending theme! But a full version isn't out yet! Here take a look and tell me what you think! -sends ending theme-
  • Stini: -listening to it- owo
  • xinnyx: I love the music so much! It's fantastic! What do you think of it?
  • Stini: -belches- BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAP! OxO O-oh.
  • xinnyx: . _ . Well. Okay. I see then. XD
  • Stini: I'm so sorry! That wasn't on purpose! XD
How I plan to greet my online friends the first time I meet them:
  • HumbleLittleNarrator: Twerk to her.
  • xxmusicoftheheartxx: Gangnam style in her window.
  • iduro: Ay bitch! Wait til you see my dick!
  • LadyMischievous: Wild roar.
  • lennythereviewer: Nakama fist bump.
  • Firead: Shark costume and Gentleman dance.
  • Clarobell: GLORY TO THE PUFFER!
  • MrCreepyPasta: Lightsaber fight in a toy store.
Humblecraft: The Game for Everyone!
  • Chrissy: ;[]; -shoves xin into stini's boobs-
  • Humble: DB
  • Humble: don't do that
  • Humble: she might never find her way out!
  • xinnyx: . _ . -lost in the wonderland that is Stini's boobs-
  • Chrissy: or maybe she may never want to come out
  • Chrissy: probably be smoke coming out of stini's boobs
  • Chrissy: from a chimney
  • Humble: .__.
  • Chrissy: cause she built a house in your boobs
  • Chrissy: garden and animals
  • Chrissy: the whole she bang
  • Humble: so my boobs are a level in minecraft?
  • Chrissy: yes
  • Chrissy: if you are angered
  • Chrissy: zombies come out
  • Humble: .__.
  • Chrissy: if you are scared.....
  • Chrissy: spiders come out
  • Humble: .__.
  • Humble: you're horrible
  • Chrissy: i learn from the best
  • Chrissy: :3
  • xinnyx: .w. ...
  • xinnyx: As long as there's no Nether.
  • xinnyx: I'm good.
  • Humble: .w. are we making this canon now?
  • Chrissy: >w>
  • Chrissy: lenny and mr creepy pasta live in the netherland
  • Humble: do my boobs contain the world of minecraft?
  • Chrissy: er hurr er hurr er hurr
  • xinnyx: .w.
  • xinnyx: DON'T MINE AT NIGHT
  • xinnyx: DON'T MINE AT NIGHT
  • Chrissy: Titties! nom nom nom
  • Humble: ..... of lord