The Trench Etiquette

Originally developed by British and French soldiers during WWI for the sake of warmth and durability, trench coats have always been an essential item to any gentleman’s closet.  Regardless of rain, they can be worn appropriately in any sort of brisk weather especially during the fall/spring seasons.  When it comes to using the belt on your trench coat, if you’re going to button up, use it, otherwise you’ll end up looking unkempt.  Using a simple square knot, double knot, or even side knot will do the trick.   

What’s for dinner?

A vegetarian sandwich with tomato basil feta cheese, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, green leaf lettuce, spicy cilantro hummus on some fresh home made tomato bread alongside a bloody mary ready to catch round two of the Chicago Bulls playoffs.

For clarification purposes, this isn’t a Panera bread sandwich, although it has similar ingredients.