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Just wanna be an humble woodsman… gathering mushrooms and berries…. stealing wild honey from bees…. making outerwear and blankets from the pelts of animals i killed and skinned myself…. chopping firewood… illegally taking baby hawks from their nest to raise and train to hunt for me… having a tamed vulture that follows me every time i go into town in my barely-running 75′ chevy truck with 7 dogs in the back…. 

I’d like to hear your opinion on this subject everyone! Have you asked yourself the question of whether you have been spending too much time on social media, and if so,would you consider going on hiatus or taking a time out to reevaluate and prioritize.

(🙋🙄) This is meg

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It’s been almost a year since I left social media and honestly it was an amazing 9 months away. I really needed to get away and hit refresh.
A lot has happened like my baby turned a year old and is walking and talking up a storm and we traded our rugged Montana life for a lake life in Wisconsin. I sit in that chair a lot, thankful for the water, the dappled light and our new adventures, our simple and humble life. It’s never what you think or imagine. It’s better when you simply let go and let life and God take you places you never dreamed. So, hello old friends, it’s been awhile. 🌿
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Learning to Love Prophet Muhammad (saw)

One of my challenges in learning to love the Prophet Muhammad (saw) was getting over this archetype I carried in my head about prophets as pacifist figures.  The fact that Muhammad (saw) commanded military expeditions in the latter half of his career always made me a little bit uncomfortable.

How different these dynamics were from the idea I grew up with of a peace-loving, sash-wearing, lamb-hugging Jesus (as).  Aside the fact that Jesus (as) was no pacifist either, Jesus’s trials were different.  He (as) was never in charge of a polity the way that Muhammad (saw) was–i.e., he never had to defend his followers from tribal alliances, collect taxes, establish diplomatic relations, and ensure resources.

Prophet Jesus (as)’s rhetoric was certainly one of someone challenging the Roman occupation of ancient Judea, and may have even called to arms against the occupation, but he himself was never involved in the challenges that would have followed the liberation of a state.  We can only imagine how his kingdom would have fared had he successfully liberated Judea from the Romans.  Perhaps he would have done very similarly to Prophet Muhammad (saw).

(Obviously, the point of bringing Jesus up (as) is not to compare for they are both brothers in faith and revered God-sent messengers, but rather to illustrate that he is the archetype through which I would subconsciously filter my understanding of other prophets)

The dynamics are different, but just remembering these two details (i.e., prophet =/= pacifist; Muhammad (saw) had, in effect, a more difficult challenge to deal with) is really relieving. 

Another thing that helped me love him (saw) more is the fact that he was never in it for material gains.  He (saw) lived a thoroughly simple and humble life even at the height of his success, and one that could have been spared all the pain surrounding his life had he chosen to remain a successful caravan merchant.  Before prophethood, Muhammad (saw) was deeply familiar with the pain of the lowest people in Mecca, and after prophethood, he struggled the burden that it entailed immediately after receiving his first revelation.

All these things really set the framework for understanding his life and to appreciate the virtue with which he led his life (saw).  One that effected many revolutionary changes to his society.  

I’m learning to see that more and more. 

Julian Casablancas tomando una foto de Cucho de la conocida banda argentina Los Auténticos Decadentes !
Jules taking a pic of “Cucho” (Gustavo Parisi) from a very famous band from Argentina - Los Auténticos Decadentes 

Es muy admirable la humildad & simplicidad de Mr. Casablancas :’)

Dominate And Submissive

COUPLE : Thomas Sangster x reader

Anonymous said: hellooooo, babe! your imagines are awesome! can i please you to right one where TBS and reader are dating for a very loooong time and need something new in their relations? smut please! (no limits, any kink you want). THNX!!!

thelittlewolf45 said: Thomas Sangster smut- where the reader is his Dom and he breaks one of the rules (like masturbating with out her permission) and she punish him (like teasing him before he goes on set and making him wear a vibrator during filming) after the filming - The reader ties Thomas up and she has her way with him. He has to call her mistress and junk like that. His POV?


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