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because @mad-madam-m posted domestic prompts and #14 just spoke to me.

The footage is shaky, veering wildly between a pile of unopened moving boxes and Derek’s unamused face.

“Don’t you dare,” Derek warns. The camera zooms out from his glare to show that he’s shirtless and framed by the doorway of a bare kitchen. His arms are crossed and there’s a barely visible scrap of orange and blue cloth peeking out from under his arm. The rest of it is clenched in his fist.

“I won’t laugh, I swear.” Stiles’ voice, coming from somewhere off camera. He doesn’t sound convincing. When Derek just glares: “I’m serious. Scout’s honor.”

“You were never a boy scout,” Derek mutters, but it’s mild, and he’s already pulling on the shirt.

And the shirt. Well.

On camera, Derek glares, lifts both hands up in a gesture that says, See?

Stiles lasts for only two seconds before cracking up. “Oh my god. Der. It’s so much worse than I remember.”

The shirt would have been small on Derek a few years ago. Now, it’s just ridiculous. It rides up on the bottom, exposing a good inch of stomach. The buttons at the neckline gap. More than one looks ready to pop off under the slightest stress. By the way Derek tries and fails three times in a row to cross his arms in front of his chest, it’s obviously a strain just to move in it.

The fact that the shirt’s ugly as hell doesn’t help.

The footage shakes again, then focuses on a tile floor as Stiles howls off screen. “You look like the hulk! Even your muscles have muscles.”

Derek grumbles something unintelligible. Then, to the tune of more laughter, there’s a loud rip.

“Oh for the love of– I can’t– Stiles. Help me get this thing off.”

“Oh I’ll help you get it off, buddy. Don’t you– hey!”

There’s a loud squawk and clatter as the camera falls to the floor. The last thing to be seen is an upside-down image of Derek stalking down the hall, Stiles draped inelegantly over his shoulder. Their laughter follows them, fading out until there’s nothing left but the hum of a new fridge.


I just want to say thank you for using this blog to help so many people.  You draw so much comfort / motivational art for complete strangers even though you really don’t have to, and I really respect and admire that.  You’re an amazing person.

(And please don’t feel pressured to respond to this!  I know you’ve got a lot on your plate right now … I just wanted to say thanks.)

{Not just because I ended up talking about Jyushimatsu’s dick so much again. I’ll elaborate under the cut.}

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{PART 5} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

Originally posted by jengkook

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut 

Summary; You’re hesitant to reveal your painful past to Jungkook, but time gets cut dreadfully short when Jungkook excuses himself upon receiving an interesting phone call.

{Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3} {Part 4} {Part 5} {Part 6}

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

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George Weasley as a dad...
  • Would make his kid his number one priority
  • Vows to protect them and love them despite what trials may face him in the future
  • Cries more than you do at the birth of your first born
  • Is an expert at childproofing the house but forgets to include himself in the process
  • Constantly stealing back Weasley Wizard Wheezes products from your child
  • “Little one, we’ve had this conversation before. If it’s on daddy’s work desk, don’t touch it. I know it looks like candy and you want to eat it but your mum would kill me if you turned green like a toad for the day.” 
  • Is the over enthusiastic dad at all the sporting events
  • Your kids gazing out the window and waiting by the front door at 6:30 on the dot for George’s arrival
  • He always spends time with them and plays dress up with your girls after work no matter how tired or how rough of a day he has had
  • George bragging about your beautiful family
  • Family dinners together every night where each member of the family tells their favorite part about their day
  • Works extra hard at the shop so he can spoil his kids
  • But makes sure to save money on the side for their Hogwarts days
  • He wants nothing more than to give his kids good quality supplies because he knows how it feels to be teased and bullied for something out of his control
  • Although he refuses to give them all brand new accessories since you both agree everything should be in moderation
  • Your family being raised off good morals and kindness
  • But also a lot of laughter and fun
  • Teaching your kids how to play Quidditch
  • Taking them to matches when they are near by
  • He would be really uneasy when your daughter starts dating
  • “Y/n, darling, I don’t know how I feel about this.”
    “George she’s growing up. She can’t stay your little girl forever.”
    “That I strongly disagree with.”
  • Tells endless bedtime stories to the kids about their late uncle Fred
  • Freaks out when your eldest receives their letter to Hogwarts
  • “You’re gonna love it there! Wait- stay right there, I need to go grab that map. I sorted out all the secret passages- you’re going to have a blast.”
    “Sweetheart, what your father means is, don’t forget that you’re there for school and your education comes first, then the fun.”
    “No, no, that’s not at all what I meant.”
  • Family road trips together
  • Your son getting a spot as a starter on the Quidditch team his second year as a Beater and your daughter as a Keeper- George actually loses his mind over this
  • He refuses to miss a single match
  • Your family being very close with the rest of the Weasley’s
  • Play dates with the cousins 
  • George suggesting a move after a few years as a resident in Diagon Alley
  • The apartment above the shop was becoming far too stuffy for your growing family
  • George also wanted to have another child and he knew you would not agree due to the cramped living environment. 
  • He also wants to settle down more and live a domestic life dedicated to you and the kids
  • But the shop is still in close commuting distance
  • You would move into a spacious humble home where the two of you would soon be welcoming your next child
  • George almost shedding a tear the first time your daughter pulls a prank on him
  • Family baking contests every Sunday morning
  • Your team usually winning which George loves to pout about
  • “Aw don’t be such a baby. It’s not my fault our son is a culinary genius!”
    “Yeah but I called dibs on having him this week.”
  • Family game night every other Friday
  • Even though you have kids and are as busy as ever, George still makes sure to keep the romance alive if you know what I mean (;
  • Being a very large and close loving family which is all George every wanted

- Daizy

you cannot tell me that victor wouldnt commission an insanely huge oil painting of makka, yuuri and him in like a Xmas card pose with turtleneck sweaters and a fireplace and that it’d be the first thing u see walking into their apartment and when you walk in hes like “welcome to our humble home we have simple understated tastes,,… champagne??”

Bad Match pt. 2/?

Summary: Bucky and the Reader are set up on a date, but things don’t go well as expected.  

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words Count: 3584

Warnings: angst, self-loathing feelings, physical fighting, Bucky still is kind of a jerk, swearing.

A/N: English is not my first language, so you’ll find grammar mistakes and nonsenses. Sorry!

Part 1 / Part 2/ Part 3 /Part 4 Part 5 /Part 6

Your eyes were dancing around the Avengers Tower, taking mental notes of every detail. The whole thing was so beautiful and high tech. You had been there once or twice before for work purposes and had never really left the lobby. But this was going to be your home now and you didn’t wanna miss a thing.

Learning that Bucky would be your mentor almost made you turn down the offer. But before opening your mouth to speak, the promise you had made yourself in much darker times popped in your head, which was to never let a man’s opinion about you dictate how you’d live your life. Not again. You really wanted this job. Helping make the world a safer place was the reason why you’d become an agent in the first place, therefore being an Avenger would mean an opportunity to actually make the difference. Bucky had the right to not like you and you wouldn’t argue with that, but you wouldn’t let it ruin your career.

“Friday, take us to Tony’s lab, please.” Maria broke the silence, entering the elevator with you.

“Right away Miss Hill. Welcome to the Avengers Tower Agent Y/L/N.” You were surprised and thrilled to hear the legendary A.I talking directly to you, which made you giggle shamelessly.

“Thank you, Friday?” you replied with an amused, unsure tone.

Maria laughed at your reaction and, wrapping you in a side hug, added: “You’re gonna love this place.”

The elevator stopped on a ridiculously high floor and you both were greeted by a loud AC/DC music. By what you had heard about his music taste, you were about to meet Iron Man. As you entered the room, a “Wow” slipped from your lips, admiring the advanced machinery and robotics surrounding you. If you were astonished by the high tech of the building so far it was because you had never been to Tony Stark’s lab.

“You’ve seen nothing yet, dear.” You were startled by the music going down and the man himself approaching aiming a wink at you before directing his attention to your colleague “Miss Hill, long time no see, how is our favorite Live Action version of Captain Hook?” Maria sighed and you chuckled at his remark, winning another wink from the Iron Man who seemed proudly pleased with your reactions “And this is…?” he pointed at you.

“Hi, Mr. Stark, my name is Y/N Y/L/N, it’s such an honor to meet you” you grinned, extending your hand to him.

“Oh, so you’re  Furry’s girl, then? I’ve heard a lot about you sweetie. Welcome to our humble home, it’s yours now too, so cut the Mr. Stark crap, call me Tony.”  He responded, shaking your hand and smiling wildly. “Have you got the instructions for your training already or seen the place where you’re staying?”

“No, well, Mr. Furry gave me some information, and then Maria and I came straight to your lab, so…”

“Friday, call Barnes, please? And Wanda.” He didn’t let you finish and you felt a twist on your heart at the first name he mentioned, making the comfort you were feeling with Tony Stark’s welcoming presence diminish a little. You may have expressed it on your face, because he added, waving you off:

“Don’t worry, Junior, Barnes barks but doesn’t bite…well, mostly. And Wanda is the sweetest Sokovian witchy you’ll ever meet” You were able to form a tight smile and nod at your new favorite avenger.  

“Well, now that introductions have been made, I’ll leave you guys, if you need anything Y/N, don’t hesitate on calling,” Maria spoke giving you a hug while you thanked her. She waved at Tony before parting.

Once you two were alone, the billionaire turned his back to you typing on a touchscreen that popped from his pulse watch “Friday will you take Y/N’s measurements, please?”

“What?” you yelled with wide eyes, covering yourself with your hands as an instinctive and pointless reaction.

“Calm down, Junior, I just wanna work on something for you, but I’m really trying to avoid any new sexual harassment lawsuits, so I can’t take them myself” He honestly tried to reassure you, still focused on the screen in the air.

You were about to give your protests when you heard the elevator door opening, as you turned your head you exchanged gazes with the pair of blue eyes you thought, until that morning,  you would never have to see again. You straightened your posture and cleared your throat, trying to ignore your heart jumping inside your chest.

Along with him there was the Maximoff girl you had only seen on television, she had a wide beam on display for you. As they came closer, the surprised expression on his face became evident. You guessed he didn’t know you would be there.

“Tony,” he spoke directly to the other man in the room, taking his puzzled look from you.  

“Barnes,” Tony replied turning his front to the three of you, never looking straight at Bucky. Maybe you were wrong, but sensed some weird tension surrounding the two men’s greetings. “This is Y/N Y/L/N” he continued.

“I believe we’ve already met, right Miss Y/L/N?” You wanted to punch yourself for feeling vulnerable under the sarcastic tone that only you seemed to notice.

“Sergeant Barnes,” you nodded a stoic greeting, maintaining your hands tangled behind your back.

“To what do we owe the pleasure of your visit?” he asked, folding his arms across his chest fixing his stare on you. Again, only you seemed to notice the bitterness on his question, which he was disguising with a forced smirk plastered on his face.

All of a sudden you weren’t so sure you should be there. You felt tiny and bare under his eyes, like every single little flaw of you was evident to him and everyone else in the room. He’s not going to ruin this for you, He’s not going to ruin this for you… You were fighting against yourself to gain dominance over your own damaging feelings.

“Fury’s nominated her for the spot on our team. She’s the one you’ll be tutoring.”  Tony’s words made the smirk that Bucky still leveled at you, the one that unsetttled you so much, slowly fade. He seemed shock for a quarter of second, then put on a stern expression on his scruffy face.

“Oh, that’s awesome, welcome to the team Y/N, congratulations!”  Wanda hugged you passing by an incredulous, yet impassive Bucky standing between you two.

“Well, you still have a lot to do before you actually become an Avenger. You’ll go through training with all of us, but I’ll be your main instructor. You report to me now. We’ll start today. Be at the training room at 4pm.” He was looking directly at you and talked with no pauses or intonation, so fast and emotionlessly you could have mistaken Bucky Barnes for one of the robots in the lab. You let out a relieved sigh when he excused himself and took the elevator down.

You didn’t miss Wanda and Tony exchanging glances and found some inner strength to try and discharge the tension that Bucky’s reaction had left in the air “Thank you so much Wanda, I’m so excited to get to know you, I’m a great admirer of your work.”  Her face lit up at your honest statement and a smile was back on her lips. Good. The last thing you wanted was any kind of questions that could force you to explain where you knew Bucky from.

“Awww, I’m so happy to see former Junior and new Junior getting along.” Tony enlaced his arms around the shoulders of both of you making you two chuckle in response. He looked at Wanda “Will you show Y/N around?” She happily nodded and Tony tapped on your backs “Ok, so go, Daddy, has work to do.”


You and Wanda clicked pretty well, she was answering every doubt you had and showed you the most essential areas of the building. The more you knew about the place and the Avengers routine the more you felt a sense of belonging and comfort. Once you both reached the residential floor where you’d be located you saw that it was composed by a very well equipped shared kitchen, a common lounge with entertainment for all kinds of tastes and the individual flats.

You were fascinated to notice that all your belongings were already settled in your place.  As you were starting to find out, this was one of the many perks of being teammates with Tony Stark. You loved your flat, it had a neat decoration and the furniture was unpretentious and comfortable. But what really captivated you was the balcony with the most mesmerizing view of New York. You couldn’t help but wonder how beautiful it would be at night with all the city lights on.  

After some more chatting, Wanda excused herself out so you could rest to your first day of training. But relaxing was everything you didn’t do. The so very recent changes in your life had brought out vivid and different emotions in you. You were undeniably excited, but despite really trying, couldn’t stop worrying about how your fresh history with Bucky would play out, especially since it hadn’t escaped from your attention how his presence affected you back in Tony’s lab. Laying on your new king size bed, you wondered how you and he would possibly be capable of working together and whether you’d beat how low you felt around him to let the confidence required by an Avenger show up.

Those thoughts of uncertainty were still protuberant on your mind when you got ready for your first session of training with Bucky. You didn’t really know what it would consist of, so decided to go with some comfy yoga pants, sneakers and a black tank top. You pulled your hair up in a ponytail and when you stepped out of the door, walked into your best friend and her boyfriend, both in exercise clothes, getting out of a room across from yours that was probably his.

“Y/N, Oh my God!” Sharon beamed at your sight and made a beeline to you with arms opened. “I’ve heard the news, this is amazing, you deserve it so much!” She held you in a tight embrace.

“Welcome Y/N, I’m really happy that you were Fury’s first choice, I can’t say that I’m surprised though!” The Captain greeted you with one of his gigantic smiles and a bear hug when Sharon let go of you.

You wholeheartedly thanked them before turning to the blonde woman, “Sharon, a quick word?” nodding to the interior of your apartment. She shrugged to Steve and followed you into the room telling him to wait for her at the gym.

“I’ve been trying to call you since yesterday, now I know why you never answered. You still have to tell me how was your night with Bucky.” She smirked at you at the last words while you were dragging her to the seat by the end of your bed.

“Yeah, about that…” You spilled out at her the details of the encounter, putting some emphasis on Bucky’s rudeness, but didn’t mention the phone call you’d overheard. You really didn’t need a pity look or a reassuring speech from your very biased friend.  “… so I said I needed to go to the toilet and took off.” You finished your narrative at an agape Sharon.

“You what????” She yelped and reprimanded you: “Don’t you think you overreacted a little? Abandoning the date without a goodbye? I understand it wasn’t going that well, but…”

You got annoyed with the comment and snapped: “Overreaction or not the fact is the guy is a douche, I don’t understand why you thought that might work. I was doing just fine by myself until you meddled and pushed me to something I didn’t really wanted and obviously wasn’t ready for. Now I have this amazing chance to actually do some good in my life and this whole situation you’ve put me through might ruin it. Thank you so much.” You snorted and looked away from her, wrapping your arms around yourself.

She opened her mouth a few times but said nothing, seemingly lost for words at your harsh ones. You watched her by the corner of your eyes and sighed, running a hand on your face realizing you were unfairly tossing your frustrations on her. “I’m sorry Shar, it’s not your fault, is just that… I’m really panicked about all of this, is too much…this job… I don’t know if I can handle…” Your voice trembled with your honest confession and you hid your face with your hands, leaning your elbows on your thighs.

You felt the sting of Sharon’s customary slap on the back of your head, making you look at her again. “Of course you can handle it, you’re a motherfucking Avenger.” You gesture to protest, but she held your hands into hers “No, you are, screw training, trials, or whatever, you always had been an avenger, just didn’t have the title. You were chosen for a reason, and you’re going to stay right here.” She hugged you and you tightened your arms around her, realizing how much you needed those words.

“Thank you Shar…” Tears were falling freely on your cheeks, but her comfort really made you feel better.

“You don’t have to thank me, I’m just telling the truth.” She waited for you to calm down a little and insisted, carefully, so you didn’t have another outburst “But, you know? I still have this feeling that you and Bucky are indeed a good match…”

“That’s it,” you let go of her embrace and clapped your hands twice, getting up to end the subject “I’m going to the training room, are you coming?” You headed to the door, cleaning the tears with the back of your hands. Sharon raised her hands in defeat and followed at your heels.


At the gym you waved at Steve who just nodded, since he was really engaged on lifting a bar with an uncountable amount of weight. Sharon wished you good luck and climbed on one of the treadmills. You glanced at the watch and realized you were 10 minutes late. Shit. You saw that your trainer was already at the sparring room that was divided from the rest of the gym by a glass wall.

He had his back turned to you, removing some kettlebells off of the mat. You cursed your eyes for lingering more than necessary on the evident lines of the muscles on his back through his absurdly tight white tank top.

“I hope you understand, Agent, that being on time is one of the most important requirements to be an Avenger, missions won’t simply wait for you to comb your hair or whatever unimportant thing you were doing” He turned to face you and once again your goddamn eyes betrayed you by fixating on his displayed metal arm. That was the first time you’d seen the famous appendage exposed in person. How was it possible that it’s millimetrically symmetric to the flesh one?

He cleared his throat bringing you back from your attentive analysis of the brawny figure in front of you. “Ahm, I’m sorry Sergeant, this won’t happen again” You tried to sound tough to hush your insecurities’ voices starting to scream inside of you.

“I certainly hope so,” he scolded, staring at you with an unfriendly expression that surely wasn’t helping your attempt on remaining calm. “Today I want to check some of your hand to hand combat skills, your attacks and defense moves.” His lips twisted in a cynical smile before continuing “Although I have a feeling we’ll end up focusing on your defensive.”

You tilted your head slightly and raised an eyebrow, feeling a growing heat starting to boil your blood. So he was making fun of you? You just nodded at him, trying to not give your annoyance away. You might not be good with dates- or romantic relationships in general for that matter- but you were in your element now and even if you would never be able to physically overpower him, you knew you could definitely make him sweat a bit with your moves and tactics.

“Ok, let’s start, get in position, Agent” He took a short distance from you and straightened his posture high in a clear effort to intimidate, which you followed on queue after removing your sneakers and climbing on the mat.

You started circling around each other. You were clenching your hands and jaw, waiting for him to make the first move, your plan was to let him take the lead first so you could have the opportunity to study his movements and fighting style. He had a predatory gaze on you and it took every bit of strength inside you to not look away. You were expecting his first attack anytime now, but certainly weren’t ready for what came next:

“I think I’m gonna have a lot of work to teach you some manners, Agent… Abandoning a guy in the middle of a date like that…” He talked in a low menacing tone and the reference to the night before made you lower your guard, as he noticed that he flew towards you, grabbed your arms and spun you around locking you with your back against his chest, keeping a tight grip on your wrists, one crossed on the front of your waist, the other encaged between you two. You could feel his hot breath in your ear… a shiver started running down your spine… but you wouldn’t let him dominate you that easy.

“Maybe I had somewhere better to be, Sergeant.” You spat back and felt his hold on your wrists loosen a bit, so you took the chance to abruptly unlock yourself from his grasp and took your distance. You both went back to the initial position, circling each other. The audacity of his comment and attack made your eyes fume and your breathing speed up in short harsh pants, but you tried to focus on the physical battle.

A smirk was gracing his features and didn’t take long for him to run to you for a second time, aiming a punch at you, but you were now expecting it and managed to squat to avoid the hit before taking his legs out from under him with a sweeping kick.

When he got up you were kind of amused to see his face contorted in a mix of rage, shock and something else you couldn’t quite decipher.  He groaned and went for you again. You two engaged in what seemed a beautifully synchronized dance of flying fists, dodges, spins, kicks. Between strikes you kept exchanging accusations about your previous encounter…

“What kind of person chooses an Indian restaurant for a first date, anyway?” Punch

“The ones with good tastes…” Dodge, “What kind of person arrives 40 minutes late for the same first date and doesn’t apologize?” Slap

“Thank God I got there late…”Roll, “or else it would be 40 more minutes of rambling talking!” Kick

“At least one of us is able to actually form words.” Jump, “Are you familiar with this concept? Words?” Punch

You kept this dynamic the entire time and from what you noticed he wasn’t aware that you had listened to his conversation and you chose to leave it unmentioned. You didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing much he’d hurt you.

The adrenaline provoked by the combination of his words and the heated combat itself was boosting you forward to face your opponent, but you were sweating liters and it was getting hard to catch your breath. You knew you couldn’t keep up much longer. As you were pretty much aware, even if you weren’t the easiest target, your strength and vitality were no competition to the super serum.

Just like you’d anticipated, the final move came from him. Your balance was stolen by the hit of his legs on yours, making you fall with your back to the mat. He quickly settled his weight upon you, straddling your waist and pinning your arms above your head with a strong grip.

He had his face too close to yours. So close that the tips of his locks were tickling your cheeks. You observed his wide eyes staring deeply at yours and his teeth grinding while he was holding you tightly to keep you in place like his own life depended on it. You were both a panting mess, skin shining from sweat and your heartbeat drumming in your ears. You struggled to leave the position, but stopped fighting your way out at the same time his features started softening…the grip on your wrists became almost gentle making it easy for you to get out if you wanted. With your eyes glued on his blue ones, you could swear you saw his gaze dropping to your mouth and his face slowly leaning closer and closer, when the sound of clapping and whistles took you away from your little daze.

You turned your heads to follow the sound and spotted Steve and Sharon, applauding the scene through the glass wall. You felt the urge to punch your friend in the face when you glimpsed her sporting a little victorious smirk and caught the words she was mouthing directly to you.

“Good Match.”

Part. 3

So, What do you guys think? 

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request: “Could you do a George x reader where reader is an American Ilvermorny transfer and she is going to the burrow and meeting his family for the first time and is really worried about meeting them because she’s doesn’t know how they would react to him dating an American” — by anon

a/n: another george imagine, yaaas! thank you for requesting this because i’ve been thinking of making an imagine like this as well and was happy when someone requested. hope you like it. x


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Temporary Fix - William Nylander

“you can call me when you feel like i’m your good time / i’ll be your temporary fix / you can call me; i’m always what you like / let me be your good night”

inspiration: temporary fix by one direction and my type by saint motel

lowercase intended

word count: 1944

warnings: cursing, suggestive comments

a/n: not requested, but i really like this. i definitely think i could write more parts to this. let me know if you like it!

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you never drank tequila. it got you too drunk too fast, and almost always led you to make bad decisions that you regretted in the morning. you only drank it when you trusted who you were with or you just really, really wanted to get drunk.

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The Sitter (1)

Summary: A busy tour schedule means someone has to take care of RapMon, and your services are taken up by the slowly smitten leader of BTS.

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Friends to lovers

6k words 

Pairing: Namjoon x Y/N

“Good morning, Y/N’s dogsitting, Y/N speaking.” You said in your friendly, professional voice. You were currently just about finishing a paper of molecular development when your smartphone rang.

“Hello, I need a dog sitter for about a month.” The deep voice on the other end was soothing, but you pushed it back on the realisation taking care of a dog for a month was a long time. You could do it though, you were going to be off university for the next three months and had plenty of time to spare.

“That’s absolutely great. What’s his/her name?” You asked, twirling your pencil in your finger thinking about how a month of dog sitting would pay for your vacation to Hawaii next year.

“Uh,” He laughed for a second.

You patiently waited for him to tell you, you had dealt with embarrassing names before so you were sure you could deal with this.


Your hand flew to your mouth instantly as you tried to conceal your laughter. You could deal with cookie, sugar puff and creme brûlée (all names you had heard of) but RapMon? As in after the kpop group Bangtan’s leader?

“Ah, RapMon’s a Bangtan fan I see?” You asked light heartedly. Even more surprising was that male kpop fans were a rarity, so you were naturally intrigued.

He laughed on the other end, “something like that.”

“We have the same favourite, I’m sure we’ll get along.” You chuckled.

“I’m sure he’ll be pleased.” The voice on the other end replied in the same tone of banter you had.

“Well, if you just send me some of RapMon’s details like health, any dietary requirements, likes and dislikes then I can get back to you and we can go from there.”

“Great. I’ll see you soon.” The attractive voice on the end of the line said.

The phone call ended after you said your bye and you made a note to yourself to check your emails regularly for RapMon’s owner. Putting your phone down, you couldn’t resist covering your mouth in embarrassment as you laughed.


The voice on the phone was just so…manly. It didn’t make sense for him to name his dog after the leader of a highly successful kpop group, unless he was really a fan? He must be, you thought. In all honesty you couldn’t blame him- the stan in you came out defending all the reasons why Kim Namjoon would also have male fans.

Whilst you weren’t super active when it came to being a stan, you liked Bangtan enough to know who everyone was, their likes/dislikes and personalities. Of course, Kim Namjoon had caught your eye early on and it was his ability to rap to your soul that made you hooked on his voice for some time.

You didn’t dwell on them too much, but you were a stan and to dog sit someone who was a stan enough to name their dog after a member was pretty interesting.

You were interrupted from your thoughts by a ding coming from your Mac, alerting you of a new email.

Wow, this guy must be a real hardcore fan, you mused. The email even read

Subject: Dogsitting


Hey there,

Here are the details of RapMon below, email me or call me on this number: 011442773926 if you need anything else.

Name: RapMon

Sex: Male

Breed: American Eskimo

Dietary: Allergic to salmon.

Health: NA, healthy.

Likes: Walks, running, playing, learning new things and tricks.

Dislikes: Being left alone (aggressive barking if left for too long).



You burst out laughing. He even called himself Namjoon.

You replied with an email including your address instantly, as RapMon seemed like a great dog to take care of which would cause no issues for you.

Later that week, you were set to welcome RapMon to your humble but dog friendly home and waited patiently in your living room to meet him and his owner. In all honesty, you were eager to meet the owner. The owner was a stan just like you, so there was bound to be some good conversation waiting, especially if he was as hardcore as his email suggested. You were also eager to meet RapMon. Whilst dog sitting paid well for a student like you, it was also fun. You loved animals and dogs especially. The whole idea of dogs being a mans best friend only was shit for you, you also thought dogs could be anyones best friend: you could make friends with most of them anyway.

The rapt dinging of your house bell broke your thoughts away, as you realised RapMon and his owner were just on time. You straightened out your dress before getting the door, afterall- first impressions were everything.

Showtime, you thought.

Upon opening the door your eyes betrayed your brain in expectations for RapMonsters owner.

You could recognise those eyes instantly, even underneath the red baseball cap which was some sort of weak disguise. Those plump lips were defining of him, and your mouth couldn’t help but open in surprise at the realisation of exactly who it was that was in front of you.

The face now staring back at you looked at you expectingly, as if to invite him in. In any other situation, you would have exchanged names, shaken hands and invited him in by now for a cup of tea. Yet, you weren’t in any other situation.

You were in front of Kim Namjoon, RapMonster from BTS.



You tore your eyes away from his penetratingly expectant gaze and looked to see a playful American Eskimo circling his legs.


“Ah, so this must be RapMon.” You said shakily, after what felt like an eternity trying to mask your surprise.

“Ah, I don’t normally do this but do you mind if I come in?” The velvety smooth voice asked, and you looked back up to him again. Right, you reminded yourself.

Time to invite an idol into your home. Get a grip, Y/N. He’s just a normal person whose pretty well known across all four continents of the world.

No big deal.

“Come in! How rude of me…” You trailed off, extending your arms in a welcoming gesture as they directed him to your cozy living room.

You shut the door behind you after RapMon happily followed his owner, gently barking to be picked up by him. You watched the owner, Kim Namjoon pick up his dog and ruffle his snowy white coat in his arms.

“Would you like some tea?” You asked politely, tearing your gaze away as he took some gentle steps into your living room looking around.

Your cozy living room was dog friendly, a customised playstation set up which saw RapMon immediately interested as he jumped out of his owners arms and into the little play area.

You couldn’t help the laugh that escaped out of your lips as seeing the cute dogs reaction and playfulness. Neither could Kim Namjoon control his laugh, “sorry, he really should have better manners.” The smile reached his eyes, and you could tell he doted on his pet.

“Nonsense, it’s there for him.” You said.

“So, we have green tea, olong, chai, english breakfast tea, coffee, juice, coke, water…whatever you’d like.” You said after a pause, surprised you could remember all the teas you had in your cupboard.

“Chai’s fine, I have to get back soon though as my flight leaves in a few hours.” He said, and the realisation hit you he probably had a tour coming up which is why he was leaving you with his dog for a month.

“Sure, take a seat and make yourself comfortable.” You said, to which he graciously accepted as you saw him sit down on one of your couches and play with RapMon.

In the kitchen, however- you were having a little crisis.

So, RapMon was the idol Kim Namjoon of BTS’ dog. It explained a lot, like the stronge email you had received at first from what you had just assumed to be a really hardcore male fan.

No, it was the actual Namjoon.  Namjoon who you really thought was a genius.

You took a deep breath as the kettle you had turned on stopped its boil. Taking a cup, you poured the steaming hot water over the tea bag and let it sit as the spices filled your senses, calming you down. You poured a dash of milk over and took the teabag out. After you had made yourself a cup of tea too, you went back into your living room to find Kim Namjoon petting RapMon gently on your couch.

It was a sight that made your heart clench, but you repressed it as you put on a poker face before cutting to the chase. You had to. You just couldn’t let him leave like that.

After he graciously thanked you for the chai and took a sip, you dared to sit near him on the edge of the couch and turned to face him.

“So, RapMon is named after you.” You said trying to repress your smile.

Namjoon’s dimpled smile came out as he became shy and looked down.

“I’m sorry, I should have made it clearer from the start.”

You chuckled. “It’s okay, I could have been a crazed sasang fan for all you know and planned to lure you into my abode to feed you to hungry nietzens.” You said in a mock serious tone.

Namjoon laughed, and the sound really was musical to your ears. It vibrated against your eardrums and was infectious.

You didn’t really hear it much, even on programmes.

“Well, it’s a good thing you’re not, right?” Namjoon playfully mocked, looking around the room to find any hidden cameras.

“Speaking of, I’d appreciate it if this little fact stays between us.” He said, and you quickly picked up that he was referring to being outed to the press or fans that you were taking care of RapMon.

“I won’t be breaching any confidentiality, it’s even in the contract I signed over to you.” You assured him, which earned you a grateful smile.

“So, why my humble dog sitting services?” You asked.

“Well, I need someone to look after RapMon regularly even when I come back from tour, and your place isn’t too far from my residence believe it or not.”

Ah, so you’d be seeing him regularly.

Internally you gulped.

“Well you don’t have to worry about RapMon, he’ll be taken care of really well.” You said.

“I’m sure he will, normally RapMon barks at strangers but he seems to have a particular liking to you.” He pointed out, noticing how RapMon was circling your leg too.

He was right, from your knowledge American Eskimo’s were supposed to take defensively to anyone that wasn’t familiar. RapMon here clearly felt at ease with you, all before you had even picked him up.

“Is that so, do you like me RapMon?” You cooed as you picked him up and lifted him up off the floor as he licked your cheek.

Yeah, he really did like you.

“Ah, RapMon don’t you have any manners kissing someone so quickly?!” Namjoon laughed looking at you apologetically.

“He’s so friendly, we’re going to get along great.” You said as RapMon jumped out of your arms again and into Namjoon’s.

A phone call interrupted your conversation, and Namjoon looked at it regretfully before putting it back into his back pocket.

“That’s probably my manager, they offered to take RapMon to you but I just wanted to say bye to him myself before leaving. i have to go.” He said getting up.

“Of course, where are you touring this time?” You asked casually.

“It’s the leg of our East Asia tour. Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, China and Vietnam.” The countries sounded amazing to you, and of course you had been to Japan a few times yourself.

“How amazing! Is it just working then, or do you get free time to yourselves too?’ You asked, wanting confirmation just for your fan curiosities.

Namjoon laughed, ‘well do you want the fan answer or the Namjoon answer?”


“Well the fan answer is that we get time for both, the Namjoon answer is that we’re actually working, even when we’re out for dinner and a pic gets put on SNS- that’s still us working. We get a little free time in between. Why, have you been to any of the places?” He asked. Smart you thought, he realised where your question was leading.

“I was just going to suggest a artisan bakery I know of in Japan, you guys work so hard and their cream cakes are the best treat after a long day of work.”

“Well, we really don’t say no to food recommendations. Text me the name and I’ll be sure to have a look.” He said and winked.

Your heart stopped, but you hoped he couldn’t tell.

“My numbers in the email I sent you, any serious issues though if you can’t get a hold of me or my manager, here. call my omoni.” He said taking out a plastic card from his backpocket and handing you it. It had his mothers name and phone.

“Of course, don’t worry about RapMon too- I’m training to be a vet so I should be able to spot if anything really goes wrong.” You assured him.

“Great, I’ll see you in a couple of weeks then.” He said before taking up RapMon and making him promise to be good, like a father talking to a child. It was endearing.

“I’ll miss you buddy, be good for Y/N.”

RapMon seemed to whine after he realised his owner was about to leave him, but you enticed him away with some special dog treats and let Namjoon quietly leave.

Shutting the door, you exhaled as you leaned against it.

“Oh my God.” You breathed out, dropping to sit down against the floor.

RapMon had come back with now a inflatable dog bone and was staring at you expectingly. You took a good look at him for the first time. Like his owner, the dog was also striking. His fur was snowy white and his eyes were jet black. He was also pint sized, making him one of the cutest dogs you had ever seen.

“Right buddy, time to play?” You said. Smart dog, he reacted instantly as he jumped up and down and nudged the inflatable bone towards you.

You relaxed your breathing. RapMon’s owner shouldn’t have that much of an effect on you, just because he was one of your favourites from a band you loved. Besides, it wasn’t like this was going to lead to anything. All you had was an infatuation with the character Kim Namjoon assumed, that was all.



A week into dog sitting, and RapMon was the adorable dog you had ever had the pleasure of looking after. He was smart and caught onto all the new tricks you showed him early on, learning them at an extraordinary pace.

He even got you extra paper when you were out hand writing your assignment. You had no idea how he managed to find the cupboard where you kept the spare A4, but the dog was clearly perceptive.

He made friends in the park, but barked at their owners and you scolded him for once. This afternoon you were watching some TV to wind down after a hectic assignment load, with RapMon busying himself with a chew toy in the play den when you decided to turn on Music Bank.

Immediately, as if sensing his owners presence Rap Mon started jumping up and down. Of course he would, BTS were about to perform.

RapMon made his way over to you and nudged your leg, as if to show off that it was his owner on TV. Your eyes were probably deceiving you considering how many hours you had been writing those assignments, but you could have swore Rap Mon jutted out his chest like a proud father.

“I know, that’s him isn’t it?! Do you miss him?” You cooed, taking RapMon on your lap as you both watched his performance. As usual, the dance and vocals were spectacular. Namjoon led the group so well, and you couldn’t help but admire him.

RapMon whined. It was the cutest, but a pang of sadness hit your chest as you realised his whine wasn’t positive. He actually missed Namjoon. After the performance ended, RapMon’s demeanour changed. Instead of his usual playful and curious self, he retreated into the other end of your couch and curled himself up.

He didn’t move for over two hours, it was like he was grieving.

It broke your heart to see him miss his owner so much, your attempts to coo him out to play were also lacking.

Sighing, you decided to do something that you would probably regret and over analyse later on.

Your fingers hovered over the number and contact labelled ‘KN’ because you couldn’t quite put down you had Kim Namjoon’s phone number into your phone just yet, it felt too real.

“Do you want to speak to daddy, RapMon?” You asked, ready to press the video call button. You had no idea if he was in concert, but you saw he was in Japan a few hours ago so you assumed the time was around 12, meaning he would most likely be at his hotel now. The Music Bank show was well ended too, and concerts didn’t drag into midnight.

RapMon barked in approval, finally moving out of his little curled ball and placing himself patiently on your lap, looking at your phone expectingly with doe eyes.

Screw it, you pressed call.

After four rings, the ‘connecting’ sign that appeared on your phone meant he was actually picking up.

“Y/N! How are you?” The voice and face on the other end came in union. Even through a screen it was as velvety as it was in real life. From your observations, you could see he was in a hotel room and leaning against a bed frame. He was also in pyjamas, and from what you could tell with hair sticking to his forehead- freshly showered.

RapMon jumped up and licked the phone screen.

“RapMonnie! Are you being good?”

RapMon licked the screen again, clearly missing his owner.

“We decided to call you after seeing you on Music Bank, RapMon curled up in a little ball after the show ended and didn’t move for over two hours because he missed you.” You explained.

“Ah, RapMon!”. Namjoon yelled, clutching his heart. “You know at home, he’ll sometimes act like he doesn’t need me at all and put on a macho act. This is cute.”

“Did you hear that RapMon, you’re cute. Of course you are.” You said as RapMon nestled himself in your lap and curled up.

“I’m sorry for calling you on such short notice, but he really looked distraught I just had to do something.” You said, trying to make it clear that you hoped you weren’t interrupting anything.

“We’re just having our free time for today, so it was a good time to call. What have you guys been doing this week?” He asked, looking genuinely interested.

So you started to tell Namjoon about your week with RapMon, and to your surprise you drifted into other topics that you were sure he would try and steer clear of- seeing as he didn’t know you like a friend or anything. Yet, here you were- being friendly with Kim Namjoon. The conversation was one of the most natural you had in a while, and after you got over your initial anxiety of actually talking to an idol, you berated yourself for not thinking about how Namjoon really was someone you could talk to like any other person you were interested in.

There was nothing to fear.

“It’s 2am! Namjoon, you should really be asleep now.” You said noticing the time after your 2am alarm to check on RapMon sounded. Ramon had drifted off to sleep by now though.

“Is it? We still haven’t talked about Primo Levi.” He whined, as if sleep didn’t matter to him at all.

“Don’t you have a concert tomorrow?” Whilst you were happy to talk about Primo Levi’s diary (as your conversation had drifted into favourite writers), you didn’t want to be the reason why Namjoon would give a tired performance.

“It’s okay, I haven’t spoken so freely in a long time.” Namjoon said, a wide smile on his face. That sent a tug towards your heart, as the innocence of his deep voice sent shivers down your spine.

“Okay, but this is the last writer I tell you about.” You warned, before talking to Namjoon about Primo Levi’s brilliance.

It was a rarity that you would find someone to talk to a Holocaust survivors diary about at 2.30am in the morning. Yet, here you were. If someone had told you you’d be doing this a few weeks ago, you would have laughed in their face and told them to take a hike.

Namjoon began dosing off soon enough though. Slyly, you pried him away from the phone and giggled internally at the realisation RapMon and his owner were alike in some ways. Once comfortable, they both shared their world with you. Namjoon clearly didn’t mind to be half asleep talking to you.

“Sweet dreams Namjoon.” You said gently, and he murmured something intelligible himself before you pressed the little red button on your phone that ended the call.

Safe to say, sleep didn’t come as easy to you that night as it did to Namjoon.

Four weeks had passed by quicker than you had thought. RapMon went back to his usual happy-go-lucky self after talking to his owner a few weeks ago, and you made a habit to avoid putting on music shows when RapMon was around just in case he would become sad again. From your SNS updates though, BTS were on fire with their tours and interviews: the last thing you wanted to do was interrupt Namjoon when he clearly was so busy touring.

Today was the day that RapMon was supposed to leave you, as BTS’ South East Asia tour had wrapped up and they were ‘free’ or much more free than usual for the summer.

“Are you going to miss me RapMonnie?” You asked RapMon, who was happily waggling his tail finishing off the last of his meal from the dogbowl. You had just finished fixing a bowl of cereal yourself and watched RapMon devour the contents of the bowl from your sofa.

RapMon continued licking the bowl, much more interested in the sauce of his meatball meal than anything.

You laughed, and then watched the little intelligent creature make his way over to the treat drawer in the play den for some doggy biscuits. Smart kid, he figured out where you hid them.

“Fine, but only because you’re a genius!” You said, letting him take a few. You didn’t want Namjoon to think you couldn’t disciple RapMon and come back to a really unruly pet.

The doorbell rang. Namjoon was here.

“He’s here RapMonnie!” You said, and RapMon jumped all the way up into your arms.

“Come on, let’s go answer the door.”

RapMon in your arms in tow, you opened the door to see an attractive Namjoon leaning against the door frame, dressed in fashionable chinos and blue shirt tucked in.

He smiled widely.

“RapMonnie!” The dog jumped into his owners arms from yours and frantically licked his face in excitement.

What the cutest thing was next was that RapMonnie flicked his large beady doe eyes between you and Namjoon, confused as to whose arms to go into next now that he had jumped into his owners. It was like a child picking their favourite parent.

“RapMon, are you so quick to leave me already?” Namjoon asked in shock, and RapMon looked like a sense of guilt passed over him as he stayed still in his owners arms looking down.

You both laughed.

“Come on in, unlesss…you have somewhere to be?” You said, hesitating as you realised he’s just here to pick up RapMon from your place.

“No, no, I’ve just finished a world our. You couldn’t get me to be somewhere if you paid me.” Namjoon joked, stepping in.

“Tea, coffee, juice?” You asked again, expressing hospitality.

“Coffee would be great, actually. Only if you have a cup.” He said, making his way into your living room.

“Make yourself at home!” You called out from the kitchen, preparing two cups of steaming coffee.

After bringing the cups back again, a sense of deja vu hit you and you reminded yourself this was the same situation you were in a month ago when you had met Namjoon. A month in, and you were comfortable with his presence. It was like it didn’t faze you as much that he was apart of your favourite band.

Inside you were dying to ask about the other members, but resisted.

“I, uh got you something to.” He said after you sat down and handed him the mug of coffee.

You eyes landed on the cute shiny bag he had brought inside with him, and a blush crept up your cheeks.

“You really, really didn’t have to get me anything Namjoon!’ You stressed, considering your bank had been deposited with a lot of money the other day for taking care of RapMon.

“You’ve been taking care of RapMon so well, usually we have to put him through a couple of sitters when I’m on tour because so many can’t handle him.”

“So please, take it as a token of thanks. It’s really not that much too.” Namjoon stressed, making you feel guilty about not taking it from him.

Hesitantly, you did and took out the contents from the bag.

Oh, wow. You thought.

This was really thoughtful. Cute and thoughtful too, they were cream cakes from the bakery you had eventually texted him to visit.

“Jimin and Jungkook couldn’t stop once we went in on a little break, I had to pick some up to you on the way back seeing as you introduced me. I hope you like cho-“ You cut him off by embracing your arms around him. Of course it wasn’t romantic, more of a friendly pat hug but a good  hug nonetheless.

“I always crave these! I’m a student so it’s not like I can go to Japan all the time, so thank you so much!” You expressed your thank you well.

Namjoon looked flustered, and you wondered if you had embraced him for too long.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have hugged you like that!” You yelled, apologising since…it wasn’t like you were friends with him or anything. Or so you thought.

“I love appreciation, I’m not going to turn those down. Friends right?” Namjoon winked, and you felt your heart skip a beat.

You gulped internally.

“Friends.” You said meeker, not quite adjusting to how Kim Namjoon thought you were now friends.

Namjoon, RapMon and you had an afternoon tea of sorts with cream cakes and coffee. You talked more about writers, and you introduced him to your collection. Conversation flowed easily with him, and you loosened up with every minute of talking to him. He seemed to as well.

Safe to say, you had made a new friend with the unlikeliest of people.

“Ah, I’ve suddenly just had some inspiration for a song. I really don’t want to leave you but I can’t focus if this doesn’t get put out.” Namjoon said watching you, distracting you from playing with RapMon.

You understood, he needed space to pour his thoughts out.

“It’s okay, go.” You said, encouraging him with a smile.

“I’m sorry, I feel bad when I said I’d stay for dinner too.” Namjoon looked at you apologetically.

“You’re a writer, inspiration hits you in an instant. I know you need to get it out. It’s kind of like when I have a theory writing my papers. I have to get it out.”You explained.

“It’s like a block.” Namjoon added.

You were planning on saying those words next.

“Absolutely. Go, Namjoon.” You pushed.

“Here, you can’t cook right? Take some of this pasta.” You said, quickly getting a spare container and loading out some pasta that you had made earlier on in the day. You knew he couldn’t cook being a fan, but also he let it slip today whilst you were both having coffee.

“Is this carbonara? It’s mine and Yoongi’s ’s favourite. We’ll eat well. Thank you.” Namjoon said, as you passed the large container tightening the lid.

“Share some with the others.” You also added.

“Of course. What kind of leader would i be, keeping all of this delicious stuff to myself?” He teased. “I’ll call you in a few days about RapMon I guess.” Namjoon said, but you had a feeling he’d be calling you a lot from now on.

You walked him out to the front door with a now sleeping RapMon in tow who said a silent goodbye to. Namjoon took a good look at you, causing you to raise your eyebrows in question.

“These locks work right?” He asked out of the blue.

“Yep. A little shaky, but I doubt anything bad will happen.” You re-assured. This was odd, he sounded very concerned for a new friend.

“Just checking.” He said after a pause.

“See you soon.” Namjoon said.

“Bye.” You said, tucking a hand behind your ear and waving him out. As soon as he was out of sight, you shut the door and did what exactly you did a month ago when Namjoon walked in to your life.

You sunk down onto the floor.

Your new friend just checked if your locks were working, which was boyfriend material.

You sighed. Everything about him screamed your type.

Your heart rate accelerated. No, he wouldn’t even think of you like that. You thought you should be pleased he would even consider you as a friend. You thought an association to someone you admired was enough- but to actually find out you guys got along really, really well? That was just out of the blue.

You knew there was always something special about him, but then what fan didn’t?

You were going to have an interesting time living across the street from him, and you would need to stock up on coffee. Meetings with Namjoon left you restless after he left.

AN: This is going to be a cute story, with just angst to drive the plot (nothing so heavy but also I love angst so there’ll be some, just not the overload I usually put in my stories). Also, it’s going to be 3 parts max.  

heartache97  asked:

Can you explain why Hufflepuffs and Slytherins (housepride!!) get along so well?

Tough question with about a million different nuanced answered. In many ways Slytherin and Hufflepuff are polar opposites. If you look at extreme humility and comfort compared to extreme ambition and cunning, they don’t really mix well. Someone who follows on their ambition may not always be the most humble or content with homely comforts. As the saying goes, opposites attract. There is a balance between the ambitious and cunning slytherins and the down to earth and hardworking Hufflepuffs. Generally there is a mutual appreciation and balancing act between the two that leads to strong relationships. Slytherins understand loyalty to their own and appreciate the loyalty and stability of Hufflepuff, while Hufflepuff’s appreciate the drive of Slytherins to accomplish their goals. Together, Slytherin and Hufflepuff make a force you’d definitely want to think twice before crossing.

Tulips | Alfie Solomons [part 4]

[part 1]   [part 2]    [part 3]

Summary: [part 4] You’re a Shelby, born between Ada and Finn. You’re not into the family business and spend most of your time as a nurse at a local hospital. Your brothers respect your distance as you try not to get caught in Peaky Blinders business. The Peaky Blinders and Alfie Solomas have been in an alliance for years. Thomas and the rest do something that might make them lose the alliance. To reassure Alfie that they’re honorable, Alfie suggest an aliance by marriage.

16+ ONLY

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Monsta X Reaction: Surprise dinner with your family

@shelteredego asked:  Helo. Luv your writting. Can you do Monsta X when you prepared them a surpriese dinner with your parents to introduce him to them…? Please? Xo, luv.

I hope you like this! 

admin lil

Shownu: would be super confused when he walked in the house, but would go along with the flow until they left. he would then question you and ask why they came without him knowing.

“Jagi… why wasn’t I informed about your parents coming beforehand?”

Originally posted by wonhontology

Wonho: would just play it off like he knew along and would go change into better clothes before back hugging you, whispering how frustrated he was with this surprise. you were in for a long night

“Just wait until your parents leave, baby girl. You aren’t getting away with this.”

Originally posted by kimshintaewon

Minhyuk: would be shocked but would quickly get over it and be the best guy he could be to convince your parents he was good for you. when they left though, he would sigh dramatically. 

“You could have at least told me so I didn’t look like trash, baby.”

Originally posted by monstaxscenariosx

ignore the caption please!

Kihyun: would be the most obviously prepared for this situation because he suspected something with how suspicious you were acting. when he noticed your parents, he smiled and let them know you weren’t as good as acting as you though

“I knew all along. She tried to surprise me, but this dork never does half the things she did to prepare for you.”

Originally posted by changkyunho

Hyungwon: would be the complete opposite of Kihyun and would be the most confused, and would ask you why your parents where in your house without him knowing. he would also complain the entire time after they left

“I figured you would have at least warned me, I smell disgusting Y/N.”

Originally posted by 7thvelvet

Jooheon: would be THE CUTEST human to your parents immediately, but would glare at you from time to time for not warning him ahead of time, yet after they left he gushed about how much he loved your mom. (your dad scared him)

“Hi! Welcome to our humble home! Can I offer you anything to drink?”

Originally posted by xwonho

I.M: would walk in and walk back out to collect himself from the frustration he felt. when he came back in and saw your hopeful face, he forced himself to be happy and pleasant, but when they left he turned to you and was a different person.

“You didn’t tell me I was meeting your parents tonight. I looked like a fucking idiot Y/N.”

Originally posted by garisanee

anonymous asked:

What if MC had a younger, maybe hotter, sister that tried to flirt and seduce everyone in RFA + V and Saeran?

Jesus Christ DO I HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH THIS *well she was like one of my best friends and jesus pent up aggression gonna be on this post LOL 

MOD Saeran happily serving you :) 

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This Time Imperfect 

{{SPN AU: hunter!Lucifer angel!Sam}}

It was the same voice, night after night - the same breathtaking eyes, undefinable, yet entirely unforgettable, lingering behind the hunter’s eyes long after the sun had risen and the day had begun. They had been haunting him from the beginning of his relatively limited memory - from the day one Bobby Singer had found him, slightly battered and entirely confused, shut away in the back room of some unnamed, unmapped facility. 

He’d known little more than his name - though of that he was certain - but a nagging in his mind had convinced him to conceal that truth from the rough, yet kind man, offering him the shortened “Luce” to be safe. Bobby had taken him back to his humble home, for which Luce was eternally grateful. He had cleaned him up, given him clothing and a place to sleep, and when it became undeniably obvious that the displaced man’s memories would not be returning anytime soon, he had allowed him to stay. 

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