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  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Hello and welcome to Griffin's amiibo Corner, I'm Griffin and this is the VR Zone, a beautiful virtual world that has proven to be an inescapable tormentor for this amiibo reviewer. It has been 3 weeks since my body and mind were surrendered to the harsh whims of the VR Zone, and I am beginning to worry that I may never see the light of the flesh world sun ever again. My connection to the outside world has been severed, leaving me stranded, adrift in a virtual sea that was designed for in-depth amiibo reviews but not for human survival. As such I have had to salvage the natural resources of this world to satisfy my life requirements, such as this lean-to shelter, which is surprisingly spacious and maybe even a little bit comfortable. This humble hut is home to me, and my only companion in this world; the Toad amiibo, whose paint lines were compromised in an attack on our hut by a swarm of Harvesters, a virtual menace that covets and seeks out foreign matter originating from the flesh world. Though my form is completely virtual I still desire sustenance. Obtaining food has led me to commit unforgivable acts of violence against the wildlife in the VR Zone, but such is the order of things, following a belief system that natives to the VR Zone call "The Great Wheel." My only other company in the VR Zone is the Dark Orb, which silently watches my endeavor to stay alive in this cruel environment. To touch the Dark Orb is to become one with the VR Zone and find peace in its endless quiet expanse, but to do so would betray my oneness and my human agency. Every day I greet the Orb like an old friend and consider its eternal offer. Every day I have refused, but I do not know how long my willpower can hold out, may The Great Wheel sustain me. This morning the Toad amiibo further gave of his body to aid in my survival. He forfeited his near-field communication chip embedded deep inside of his base, to help me attempt to establish a connection with my home terminal using this virtual machine, which is mostly comprised of wood, flesh, and teeth. In defiance of the Dark Orb's will, I will now attempt my escape, using this, my first and final lifeline. It seems to have worked! I can feel my home terminal's emergency protocols activating- wait, oh my god. Oh my god Toad, no. No please wait! Please god! Stop! Toad please! Come to me Toad! Please Toad no...

Translation by The Twilight Mexican. 

Read and Verified by SuperEspresso. 

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王都警護隊/王の剣 ――王国を守るための精鋭部隊
ルシスの守をになう組織。王都警護隊は、はるか昔に解体されたルシス軍をルーツとしており、王城や市街の警備を担当する。王の剣は、レギスが王の力を貸し与えることで戦力 増強を図った私兵団で、15年前に創設された部隊。魔力を使いこなせる者は少なかったが、ルシス最強の兵士たちとして、帝国との戦争で活躍した。



Crownsguard/Kingsglaive ――Elite soldiers who protect the kingdom
Organizations that handle Lucis’s defense. The Crownsguard, whose roots lay in the Lucian army that was dissolved long ago, is responsible for the security of the city and Citadel. A unit founded 15 years ago, the Kingsglaive are a personal defense squad whose combat ability is enhanced by powers on loan from King Regis. Although few are able to master their magical powers, as Lucis’s strongest soldiers, they’re active in the war with the Empire.

Cor Leonis
The marshal who commands the Crownsguard. He grew up in an ordinary, humble home in the Crown City, Insomnia, and has accumulated abundant combat experience going back to his youth.

Titus Drautos
The captain who supervises the Kingsglaive. Originating from a small village in the northeastern archipelago of the Cavaugh Region, he lost his hometown in the war of 30 years ago, and has a past that is kept secret from Regis.

ルシスとニフルヘイム ——戦争の歴史

M.E.358年ころ ニフルハイム帝国が各国を侵略
ニルハイム帝国を治めていたエルダーキャプト家は、古代文明ソルハイムの遺産を用いて世界制覇を志した。そのためにます、クリスタルを擁スるルシス王国、および神凪が治め るテネブラエを二大制圧目標に設定。テネブラエ領の支配は比較的容易に進んだものの、民衆の神凪への信仰を無視できす、神凪フルーレ家が暮らすフェネスタラ官殿への侵攻は ひかえた。

M.E.606年ころ ニフルハイムとルシス・アコルド連合軍の戦い
帝国の兵器に追いつめられたルシス軍は、このままでは勝利は望めないと判断。当時の王は、王都インソニア一帯のカヴァー地方全体を覆う魔法障璧を創り出し、籠城態勢に入る 。そのさいにルシス軍は解体され、自衛のための組織「王者警護隊」に集約される。

M.E.725年ころ ルシスがニフルハイムに挑むも敗北
連合軍が敗れたため、リード、ダスカ、クレインの3地方にはニフルハイム軍が侵入して基地などを建設しはじめたものの、その後しばらくは戦争のない時代がつづいた。やがて 、ルシスが兵を挙げて帝国に戦いを挑む、魔導兵に押し返され敗北。このとき、少数精鋭でアコルドに向かい連合軍の再興を画策していたレギス王子は、ルシス軍の敗北により王 都インソムニアへ帰遠せざるを得なくなり、やむなく撤退した。また、強度を上げて帝国の侵攻に対えるために、魔法障壁の範囲はインソムニア城璧付近まで縮小さ れる。

M.E.744~756年ころ ルシスとニフルハイム間の争いがつづく
フェネスタラ官殿襲撃を契機として、ニフルハイムがルシスに圧力を再度かけはじめる。氷神との戦いでニフルハイムの兵力が激減したことから膠着状態が長引いたものの、ルシ スはじりじと劣勢になり、王都城壁のすぐ外まで帝国軍が迫る状況になっていく。

Lucis and Niflheim ——A History of War
The Kingdom of Lucis and the Empire of Niflheim have repeatedly been at war with one another in the past. Here we look back on the history of war the two countries have waged.

Circa M.E. 358: Niflheim invades other countries
The Aldercapt family who govern Niflheim set their sights on world domination, utilizing the legacy of the ancient civilization of Solheim. To that end, their two primary targets become the Kingdom of Lucis, which possesses the Crystal, and Tenebrae, led by the Oracle. Although gaining control of Tenebrae’s territory proceeds with relative ease, an invasion of Fenestala Manor – wherein reside the Fleurets, the Oracle family – isn’t conducted due to the masses’ faith in the Oracle.

Circa M.E. 606: Conflict between Niflheim and the Lucis-Accordo Allied Forces
With the Lucian army being overwhelmed by the weapons of the Empire, it is determined there is no hope for victory within the situation as it stands. The king at the time erects the Wall around the whole of the Cavaugh region that includes the Crown City of Insomnia, and takes up a siege position. At this time, the Lucian army is dissolved and reorganized into a countermeasure-only defense force, the Crownsguard.

Circa M.E 725: Lucis challenges Niflheim, and is defeated
Due to the defeat of the allied forces, the Niflheim army invaded the three regions of Leide, Duscae, and Cleigne, where they began establishing bases and the like – yet even so, there was a period without war after that. Eventually, Lucis dispatches soldiers to challenge the Empire en masse, but they are pushed back by the Magitek Troopers and defeated. At this time, the Lucian prince – who had traveled to Accordo with a select few to seek the restoration of an allied force – is forced to reluctantly withdraw to the Crown City, Insomnia, due to the Lucian army’s defeat. In addition, the range of the Wall is pulled back to Insomnia’s ramparts in order to maintain the strength to resist the Empire’s invasion efforts.

Circa M.E 744-756: Conflict between Lucis and Niflheim continues
Niflheim renews its offensive against Lucis with the attack on Fenestala Manor. Although the stalemate becomes prolonged due to the drastic reduction of Niflheim’s military forces in the battle with the Glacian, Lucis remains in the unfavorable position, and the Niflheim army draws near to the Crown City’s ramparts.


“Bibiana, what an honor it is to welcome Thy to our humble home. Have your travel to our Kingdom been pleasant?” Berkeley was known as an honest but harsh man. He tried his best not to scare her off at first.

“Thank you, Sir Stronghold. I am pleased to be here. I heard news about your King on my way through the village. Is it true what they say?” She asked and curtsied as she had been taught how to mingle between nobles and royalty from when she was born.

(Thank you @lifeasasim @doka-chan and @omgdoubleume for the amazing simmers! I could not find his Berkeleys hair and skin, so I had to replace them. I hope that is all right:-))


“I was interested in the contrasting personalities of the two. Sophia is outgoing, serene, and cheerful. She has to play the role of a girl from a humble home in Naples who is making good in the sophisticated world of the Paris fashion houses. Well, Sophia knew poverty as a child in Naples and she is certainly a success in the sophisticated world of international picture making. Tony has a gentle boyish quality, which also contains the seeds of violence. I am trying to blend the gentle young man I directed in Goodbye Again with the dangerous quality he revealed in Psycho.”  - Anatole Litvak



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Happy Birthday.

I’m sorry I’m a little late… speaking of. I noticed you were upset earlier.. hey. Look, it’s ok to us that you’re a little late. It’s ok that you are frustrated. It’s ok to your fans and people who watch your blog, because we all enjoy you and your content. We’re here to support you and you are cared about, not just you’re amazing art and all you do.

And for me.. I just wanted to make sure you knew I care about you. More than just an artist. You’re someone who makes me laugh, and makes me feel better, on your own. By being yourself. Art aside, you pulled me through the hardest time in my life, the worst pain I’ve ever felt. I felt like actually killing myself. Even if I didn’t, you actually made me smile again. You made me happy. So, the least I can do is this. Or try to be nice to you. Or just.. be here for you. All I want is to bring you some sort of happiness. Or hope.

Thank you so much for everything you do, whether it’s art or talking to me in the first place, no matter how much effort was put in or how much you feel you didn’t try. It still matters to people. It matter to me. I think of you, and I smile. I hope I make you smile. Thank you.

it’s so crappie but I tried

{I teared up reading this and seeing this drawing. You’re freaking adorable and so strong and you make me smile all the time too! Please stay awesome this way and I hope you have the happiest life. Thank YOU for being there. TwT <3 Seriously. Thank you.}

Okay so… Jason at one of those painting workshops… where they show you how to Paint a Thing and you Paint It… and he Does

Her heart belonged to a sailor: a fictional story from a dream I had, or a past life (part 1)

Her heart belonged to a sailor. Every day she would stare out into the harbor, motionless for hours, a shawl drawn up around her shoulders, her soft wavy blond hair mostly pulled up but with long rebellious tendrils pulled out around her face. The salty air played at those tendrils and used them to tickle her face gently like ghostly fingers. Even when she knew it would be months before his ship would sail back to her and their humble home by the bay, she would still stare, hand over her heart, feeling the piece of her missing, the piece of her soul that he carried with him, but also feeling his presence there, in that hole she kept open in her heart for him. She could close her eyes and picture his rough, sea faded features, heavily scarred, but the clearest ice blue eyes. Eyes that would light up to see her no matter how spent and exhausted he had been before that moment. Her happiest moments were when he walked up the long dirt foot path with his sack of personal items slung over one muscular shoulder, dappled with faded blue tattoos, sparrows and stars and a compass with all the meanings that came with them he had told her in late night’s of tender pillow talk. An exotic present from a far off land wrapped in fancy paper in his hand. She cared more that he was home than the gifts he presented her with when he returned, she relished his presence like a rose needs the sun, but she would ooh and ahh for his benefit. She kept the trinkets proudly displayed on a shelf she’d put up just for them. She was a strong and fierce, independent woman so she could handle the months or years he was away, but still she’d look, every day out to sea. She was a warrior woman of old, and while he held her heart and she his, he knew he would never truly possess her. The night of the storm that took him away from her, she stayed by the shore, the rain so fierce it burned her eyes and hail that cut her cheeks, but she refused to leave, or be consoled or drawn inside by anyone, she stood like a stone and stared out into the roiling waves that took her love away. A part of her died forever when the deep blackness swallowed his ship and crew, claiming the piece of her soul he had carried for so long. His last thoughts as he sank into the darkness for the final time were of her, knowing he would never again return to her, to wrap her in the strong and protective embrace that he had reserved for only her. Despite the trysts she’d allowed of him, she knew men got lonely and she understood, but that embrace had been hers alone. Never again feel her feral passion, her fingernails tearing the flesh on his back in the ecstasy that he provided for her. He would have always returned to her, if sheer force of will alone would have been enough he would have returned to her again, even beyond death, beyond this dark and smothering blackness that forced itself into his lungs as he sucked in his last breath, beyond the death that took him and the part of her he held with it, he would always return to her. A part of her died that night, with him in the darkness, the light that had burned within her dimmed, she did what she had to do and soldiered on, despite people around reassuring her that his ship was probably fine and she just being dramatic, she knew the truth long before the sister ship of her beloved came into port with news of its tragic demise. He had gotten most of the crew into life boats before getting tangled in broken mast and rigging and being pulled beneath the waves with the ship, valiantly screaming his last words to his shipmates as the black water claimed his body for the last time “tell her I would have come back to her!! Tell her I will always love her, and I will find her again!!” The wind and rain cutting him off there. The sailors he had saved stood around her as the stoic look left her face and tears poured down her cheeks for the first and last time, she collapsed to the ground in silent racking sobs that shook her body and drained the rest of her soul away, she stayed like that for good long time as they stood around her, knowing her temper from stories he had told them on long and lonely nights, not wanting to lose a finger to unwelcome contact. When she was done she stood up, wiped her face with her shawl and adjusted her clothing. She thanked them, but they could see the light in her had gone out completely. She left the village that night with no word to anyone. The only thing she packed was a small suitcase of clothing, his and hers, and the shelf of trinkets he had brought home for her. They never heard from her again, but when the storms would kick up at night sometimes they would see a shadowy figure on the hill where she used to stand and wait for him, vanishing as quickly as it would appear in the flashes of lighting. Sometimes on calm and bright full moon nights the old timers could swear they would see two figures running towards each other with abandon and embracing with a love that would transcend years and lifetimes, time and space bowed before a love like that. People who knew them took solace in the fact that they might find each other again, that these two souls could find each other again under better circumstances and live a full life together, but barring that, just to know one another again, in another life. They took solace in that. They had to.

A Piece
You say you are a piece of shit 
But In reality you’re a piece of the ocean with those beautiful blue eyes 
A piece of the sun with that bright smile shining 
A piece of a forest because your soul is full of life 
A piece of my heart to which you belong 
A peace of tranquility, humbleness, and home
-Tyler Pilackas
Dedicated to @seeing-aliens

{submission from @tylerp02.}

SasoSaku Month: Bad End

notes the prompt itself is very popular so i wanted my own take on it haha. this is pretty much how i would imagine the canon scenario (meaning sasori did win the fight) to play out. much thanks to the amazingly talented @simplelations who perfectly managed to capture the au in its entirety!! 

warnings body horror, dark au 

writing by @simplelations

It was a bright, clear morning in the mountains. Sasori reckoned he could almost see the towers in Iwagakure from his humble home. Only on days when the mist dissipated in the sun’s harsh rays did he think back to the annoying brat Deidara.

And then, by matter of association, did he think of his former life in the Akatsuki. He didn’t dwell on it. It never did well to linger too long with the shadows of memory, in his opinion, and he merely acknowledged things had been different a couple years ago. For one thing, the village below had not been so large.

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These are Earthbag Homes! You can build them for under $5,000, which is pretty much nothing. It is my dream to have such a humble, natural home. You can build them under ground, above ground, or make the interior look any way you want. Also you don’t need to worry about mortgage! ;) I’ve had my mind set on building one of these for a few years now, & I’m glad to share this info with you. :)