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So, since a lot of you have been asking me to upload the 1998 Cast Recording, I have done just that and more! I would like to share with all of you dolls my own humble collection of cast recordings in order to satiate your desire for more CATS. So, here we go! :-)

Original London Cast (1981)

Original Broadway Cast (1982)

Viennese Cast (1983)

Hungarian Cast (1984)

Japanese Cast (1985)

Norwegian Cast (1985)

Hamburg Cast (1986)

Dutch Cast (1987)

French Cast (1989)

Film Cast (1998)

Polish Cast (2004)

Dutch Tour Cast (2006)

Italian Cast (2009)

If any of the links are broken or direct you to the wrong cast recording, please shoot me a message. Enjoy!

Hello dear people of tumblr,
I want to start a little project involving one of my favourite hobbies which is, as you might have already guessed, reading and collecting books. From this day on I will post one picture a day of my humble little collection. Sometimes I will follow a certain theme or topic but most of the time it will just be a random selection of what I think is appealing or interesting. Right now I don’t have any real idea in which direction I’m going with this but as it goes on I’m positive that a certain style of presentation will emerge. Maybe I’ll even do small reviews of paticularly books I’m very fond of I don’t know. For now I’ll just leave you with this beautiful picture of ‘Selected Poems of Emily Dickinson’ I took some days ago and her very own words that I think fit this new project quite well: “There is no frigate like a book to take us lands away, Nor any coursers like a page Of prancing poetry.”

In my conversations, whenever the response “Well, what are we supposed to do” comes up, not as a genuine question but as a rebuttal and defense for continuing a particular course of action, I often feel there is an unwillingness or inability to take in the totality of the world’s challenges. Maybe I am wrong, but I think it comes from people’s desire to feel some sense of agency, to not feel like a powerless drop in an ocean current. The folly here is that we are not supposed to feel powerful enough to tackle these challenges alone. When we understand the magnitude of capitalism or white supremacy or patriarchy, we are not meant to suddenly feel inspired. There is a degree of helplessness there that I feel many people do not want to cope with, but refusing to confront it is part of how the system functions to subvert collective action: Valorize the individual just enough to prevent the humbling reality that without collective, community-led power we are fucked. If you feel alone, it is not a testament to your inability to make a difference – it is a testament to the need for community and connection, the places where we can realize our fullest potential.

areyoustupid  asked:

heya! Can i get a free Tarot reading for past lives? Preferably my draconic one?

Here I go!

-Your life as a dragon: something relevant about this life is how you had to carry someone else’s load/weight on your shoulders. (It’d be pretty funny if this was meant to be taken literally and talked about a rider, right? xD)

-Your mate: it seems your mate could be quite demanding, because of being let down by someone meant to protect her. These very same issues though, led them to be a practical, prudent individual, with the will to work for what she wants and get it.

-About finding your mate: the cards said looking out for her and waiting for her, at the moment, is futile. They remind you to be humble and collected. Have patience. I asked one of my pendulums. It said ‘no’ to your mate being incarnated in this world now. It said ‘yes’ to you meeting her again in the future though.

I hope this is useful

A mini tour of Ed’s house via his tattoo artist’s wife instagram

he has the SING puppet hanging on his wall 

The living room/dining room area I assume where the puppet is hung (actually from Kevin’s instagram)

An extremely humble DVD collection 

 And a wall for all his guests to sign 

On Sunday’s she starches her best poem; folds it

precisely into an envelope and offers it humbly

when the collection bag prompts for a symbol of devotion.

And she never means for it to be a consolation for money, it is just

the most worthy thing she knows to give.

—  aribcagesymphony, excerpt from Loving What Matters

So, my sign for Payback is complete. (Well, I’m contemplating writing something on the other side, but that’s later.) I wanna thank @fightreignsfight who suggested I add something Samoan onto it as I was looking for ideas. As soon as the suggestion was made, the light bulb went off in my head. I immediately got my sketchbook out and started. The whole process, from sketch to drafts to measurements to fonts to colors to the actual drawing and finally coloring took about 6 hours. 

You know, Roman puts his body on the line every night to entertain us and he deals with the rejection and blind hate every night because he has no other choice. He’s stayed calm, collected, and humble in spite of the constant negativity. That alone deserves respect. But if anything, he does this for his family.. his daughter. To give her a life free of the worries he dealt with.. like having money for food or the rent. 

Thank you, Roman. Fa’afetai tele lava.


Very humble collection of some of my witchy stuff. I do not recommend all the books if you can even read the spines, ha! Siiigh someday I’ll have my full space back.

The motorcycle market was timed spot on for the baby boomer generation. In 1944-46, servicemen (and women) were returning from World War II and has a thirst for life and living and wanted to do more than settle down. Motorcycles were popular in WWII and people wanted to try them, and they did and they sold in good numbers. But it was not until the 1960’s when their kids grew up that motorcycling took off like a rocket.