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In my conversations, whenever the response “Well, what are we supposed to do” comes up, not as a genuine question but as a rebuttal and defense for continuing a particular course of action, I often feel there is an unwillingness or inability to take in the totality of the world’s challenges. Maybe I am wrong, but I think it comes from people’s desire to feel some sense of agency, to not feel like a powerless drop in an ocean current. The folly here is that we are not supposed to feel powerful enough to tackle these challenges alone. When we understand the magnitude of capitalism or white supremacy or patriarchy, we are not meant to suddenly feel inspired. There is a degree of helplessness there that I feel many people do not want to cope with, but refusing to confront it is part of how the system functions to subvert collective action: Valorize the individual just enough to prevent the humbling reality that without collective, community-led power we are fucked. If you feel alone, it is not a testament to your inability to make a difference – it is a testament to the need for community and connection, the places where we can realize our fullest potential.
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What, you think we’d really debut on the 1st?


But here it is, HOT OFF THE PRESS!! The very first issue of the RSSC, brought to you through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, we have all worked ridiculously hard to bring you this incredible issue.

Download to your heart’s content, and please look forward to featured stories over the next three days right here before their Ao3 debuts on the 5th!

Thank you SO SO MUCH to all our WRITERS and ARTISTS, and now, especially, to YOU, our humble collection readers!!!

We hope you all enjoy!!

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Since my masterlist doesn’t seem to show up on mobile, here you have my humble collection of writings. 

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Hello again (why would you even read my posts) 
I don’t have anymore place for anything at my Desktop. Which kinda means… It’s time for the preservation of my screenshot DS9 collection. This time there’s not too much funny, and more.. human=) 

1. Kira’s speech to Bareil, before Bashir turned him off. 

2. Rom can’t figure out how Jadzia pulled a latinum out of Quark’s ear

3. O’Brian’s face full of pain, when he sees that Quique didn’t make it.

4. Odo feeling kicking baby

5.  Did he just mentioned Garashir?

6. Drunk O’Brian and Bashir singing old irish songs<3

with thus i am returning to watching my humble 5th season

The Baroness seems to be lit from within, she has a warm glow that is both welcoming and alluring. She lives out loud, truly celebrating life.  You can see her radiance from a distance: her silky chestnut hair; all the jewels, all the glamour that is Baroness — a perfect balance of natural beauty and adornment. Within minutes of talking with her, it is clear that her beauty is complimented by fine things but not predicated upon them.  Her passions are deep and ultimately humble: She collects important art, but loves Pier 1 and HomeGoods for home accessories. She loves beauty — and believes that we should surround ourselves with objects, scents, foods and sounds that will enhance our lives.

So, since a lot of you have been asking me to upload the 1998 Cast Recording, I have done just that and more! I would like to share with all of you dolls my own humble collection of cast recordings in order to satiate your desire for more CATS. So, here we go! :-)

Original London Cast (1981)

Original Broadway Cast (1982)

Viennese Cast (1983)

Hungarian Cast (1984)

Japanese Cast (1985)

Norwegian Cast (1985)

Hamburg Cast (1986)

Dutch Cast (1987)

French Cast (1989)

Film Cast (1998)

Polish Cast (2004)

Dutch Tour Cast (2006)

Italian Cast (2009)

If any of the links are broken or direct you to the wrong cast recording, please shoot me a message. Enjoy!

I don’t know what people think of Karim Benzema but for me he’s a complete, very intelligent, very humble, collective player. He is a very good person and I love him. When Real Madrid plays, my player is Karim Benzema. With all that Benzema has done for the French selection, I think he deserves to return. You have to talk and talk to him. This is very important because he is a great player.
—  George Weah on Karim Benzema
So apparently I have 666 games on Steam

Quite a few of them are free, the vast majority collected through Humble Bundles. But I didn’t even realise this until the next day. And the last game I got was an episodic horror game that had the first chapter free (Bendy and the Ink Machine).

What a coincidence.

A mini tour of Ed’s house via his tattoo artist’s wife instagram

he has the SING puppet hanging on his wall 

The living room/dining room area I assume where the puppet is hung (actually from Kevin’s instagram)

An extremely humble DVD collection 

 And a wall for all his guests to sign 

On Sunday’s she starches her best poem; folds it

precisely into an envelope and offers it humbly

when the collection bag prompts for a symbol of devotion.

And she never means for it to be a consolation for money, it is just

the most worthy thing she knows to give.

—  aribcagesymphony, excerpt from Loving What Matters

So, my sign for Payback is complete. (Well, I’m contemplating writing something on the other side, but that’s later.) I wanna thank @fightreignsfight who suggested I add something Samoan onto it as I was looking for ideas. As soon as the suggestion was made, the light bulb went off in my head. I immediately got my sketchbook out and started. The whole process, from sketch to drafts to measurements to fonts to colors to the actual drawing and finally coloring took about 6 hours. 

You know, Roman puts his body on the line every night to entertain us and he deals with the rejection and blind hate every night because he has no other choice. He’s stayed calm, collected, and humble in spite of the constant negativity. That alone deserves respect. But if anything, he does this for his family.. his daughter. To give her a life free of the worries he dealt with.. like having money for food or the rent. 

Thank you, Roman. Fa’afetai tele lava.