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In my conversations, whenever the response “Well, what are we supposed to do” comes up, not as a genuine question but as a rebuttal and defense for continuing a particular course of action, I often feel there is an unwillingness or inability to take in the totality of the world’s challenges. Maybe I am wrong, but I think it comes from people’s desire to feel some sense of agency, to not feel like a powerless drop in an ocean current. The folly here is that we are not supposed to feel powerful enough to tackle these challenges alone. When we understand the magnitude of capitalism or white supremacy or patriarchy, we are not meant to suddenly feel inspired. There is a degree of helplessness there that I feel many people do not want to cope with, but refusing to confront it is part of how the system functions to subvert collective action: Valorize the individual just enough to prevent the humbling reality that without collective, community-led power we are fucked. If you feel alone, it is not a testament to your inability to make a difference – it is a testament to the need for community and connection, the places where we can realize our fullest potential.

The Great Tumblr Algorithm

So I just noticed that a couple of my posts have been marked by the great and powerful Tumblr algorithm as NSFW and man, does it ever crack me up. Since it’s Friday and we can never go wrong with a bit of a laugh, ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to humbly present, my collection of NSFW Tumblr posts:

From the latest:

Yuzuru Hanyu Presents: The Perfect Elements - Yuzu you are too perfect, hence NSFW, nobody that perfect should even be allowed to exist, let alone allowed in the workplace

Elena Radionova EX Valse No.2 in C Sharp Minor || 2017 TAT Anniversary - Elena, guuuurl, you are too sexy for the Tumblr, reel it in, won’t you?

Yuzuru Hanyu x Marin Honda: Romeo and Juliet - Yuzu, Marin, go get a room please

Translation: Tabidachi no Toki ~Asian Dream Song~ ft. Yuzuru Hanyu - I’m at a complete loss for this one. Maybe my translation was simply way too crappy it’s not fit for public consumption? 

Yuzuru Hanyu: His Top 3 Favorite Skating Techniques - right, to be fair, if people even think they can attempt such a single Axel at work it’d be quite, quite unsafe.

Yuzuru Hanyu: Worlds 2016 — Worlds 2017 - I’ve been told that this gifset might give people feels. Maybe that’s why. Feels are dangerous.

Evgenia Medvedeva FS Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close || World Championships 2017 - Janny, you too are guilty of being too attractive for your own good.

Noooooow, are you ready for my greatest NSFW hit? Hold on to your hats, ladies and gents, because here it is:

Ghibli Aesthetics: Whisper of the Heart (1995) || Real Life or Fantasy? - I shit you not, repeat, I SHIT YOU NOT. The great Tumblr algorithm has divined that Ghibli movies are NSFW. My entire life has been a lie.
RSSC 1-1.pdf


What, you think we’d really debut on the 1st?


But here it is, HOT OFF THE PRESS!! The very first issue of the RSSC, brought to you through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, we have all worked ridiculously hard to bring you this incredible issue.

Download to your heart’s content, and please look forward to featured stories over the next three days right here before their Ao3 debuts on the 5th!

Thank you SO SO MUCH to all our WRITERS and ARTISTS, and now, especially, to YOU, our humble collection readers!!!

We hope you all enjoy!!

(protip: the pdf looks excellent on mobile, too!!)

So, since a lot of you have been asking me to upload the 1998 Cast Recording, I have done just that and more! I would like to share with all of you dolls my own humble collection of cast recordings in order to satiate your desire for more CATS. So, here we go! :-)

Original London Cast (1981)

Original Broadway Cast (1982)

Viennese Cast (1983)

Hungarian Cast (1984)

Japanese Cast (1985)

Norwegian Cast (1985)

Hamburg Cast (1986)

Dutch Cast (1987)

French Cast (1989)

Film Cast (1998)

Polish Cast (2004)

Dutch Tour Cast (2006)

Italian Cast (2009)

If any of the links are broken or direct you to the wrong cast recording, please shoot me a message. Enjoy!


HAPPY DIGIMON DAY GUYS! Tis the season so I thought I’d share my humble collection. Tho I will say missing from this pic is the Koji Wada Memorial CD, Digimon Tri Reunion on Blu Ray and my Domez SDCC box. Not nearly the most impressive collection out there but hey I have no income and I buy this stuff selling what I own XD so its impressive to me.


Revolutionary Buttons

As an addition to my humble collection of revolutionary “souvenirs”, I purchased these military buttons that were created and used during the French Revolution. As far as I can judge, they are made of copper, and both have a diameter of 2.4 mm (0.95 inches). Due to Louis Fallou’s Le Bouton Uniforme français, I was able to find out more about these militaria.

On 4 October 1792, a letter from Servan, the Minister of War, was read out in the National Convention ; therein, he reported that the National Guards, as true republicans, had demanded new buttons for their uniforms, since the current ones still bore the caption “La Nation, la Loi et le Roi”. After the fall of the monarchy and the establishment of the Republic, this design was of course no longer appropriate, which is why Servan asked for the authorisation to issue new buttons bearing the words “La République française”, along with fasces crowned by a liberty cap, or any other design which the Convention would consider appropriate. Following an intervention by Pierre-Louis Manuel, the following decree was passed:

The National Convention decrees that the buttons of all troops of the Republic will in the future have these words as a caption: République Française ; in the middle, there will be fasces crowned by a Liberty cap.

The National Convention refers, for the execution, to the executive power, [which is] obliged to give a report on it.

The decree concerning new buttons was therefore not limited to the National Guard, but extended to all troops of the young Republic. Accordingly, many new designs were created for the various troops ; while most of them had the same overall design, characterised by common elements of revolutionary symbolism (fasces, liberty cap, civic crown etc), there were differences in the composition according to the troop types (the buttons of the artillery troops, for instance, included cannons in addition to the ordinary design), and, as the designs for the infanterie légere demonstrate, even the buttons for the same types of troops had numerous different variations:

My buttons can be found among these designs for the light infantry ; according to Louis Fallou’s Le Bouton Uniforme français, the colour of this model is unknown, but it is presumed that the buttons were either white or yellow. (Personally, I tend to believe that the latter is the case, as my buttons display residues of what appears to be gilding or yellow alloy.)  Buttons with these designs were produced and used from late 1792 onwards until 1803.

Personally, while I am in general not particularly fond of militaria or the military in general, I am happy to add these revolutionary buttos to my collection of revolutionary “souvenirs”. 

What do you think, citizens? Have a nice day!

The Baroness seems to be lit from within, she has a warm glow that is both welcoming and alluring. She lives out loud, truly celebrating life.  You can see her radiance from a distance: her silky chestnut hair; all the jewels, all the glamour that is Baroness — a perfect balance of natural beauty and adornment. Within minutes of talking with her, it is clear that her beauty is complimented by fine things but not predicated upon them.  Her passions are deep and ultimately humble: She collects important art, but loves Pier 1 and HomeGoods for home accessories. She loves beauty — and believes that we should surround ourselves with objects, scents, foods and sounds that will enhance our lives.
The Collective

The humble lizard-like collective members are infamously skittish and single-minded when only one is encountered, however when many Collective members are together in… well… a collective, they function as an efficient and intelligent unit. While each individual may front with their own quirky personality, the rest of the Collective support them by providing mental power as well as their bodies to the cause. When in such a group, Collective take on a single name. Humans sometimes find it easier to think of it as a team name, but in actuality the effect is of the Collective see their combined selves as a single self.

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anonymous asked:

In my humble opinion, the collective is nothing but a bunch of immature brats bullying people just because. And I hate when I see any of you on my dashboard. 😡

Seems like a rather exhausting and frivolous place to direct your invective. I suppose we can’t please everyone, and I hope you can happily sequester yourself away from our influence, should that please you. Baring the occasional growing pain, I’m personally very proud of how the Collective has grown from a near accidental idea to a memorable and organic collection of passionate friends. I’m sorry we’re not to your liking, but it seems we’re managing to get across to many others. So here’s my best wishes to you,  and I hope you find some corner of the interwebs better suited to your needs. Good night.

Tiny announcement

Hello, All.

I’d like to apologize first and foremost for any silence around here. It is highly uncharacteristic of me, and the fact that time has slipped by me so thoroughly not only worries me but yanks at my conscience constantly.

At the moment your humble collection keeper has managed to fully transition into her new line of work in tv/film and is currently doing 14-16 hour days, sometimes six days a week, with little to no time to sleep. For this reason, there has not been the space of mind to handle what needed to be handled here on my few days off, mostly because that time is spent physically recovering.

For all intents and purposes, the starting gun for writing went off with the posting of the previous post. While the site is set up so that everyone has access to the schedule, handful of rules we abide by, and all other pertinent information, I realize that many don’t look at that and rely on direct contact to stay informed.

At the moment, the issue is still a go, with a possible delay for writers if necessary. I will rely on feedback from those signed up as writers to determine if that’s something we need to do or not, so feel free to email/inbox/chat and share your thoughts about that. As for art, we’re nowhere near that point yet so that is still on track- no worries there.

I am currently inquiring of a few trusted souls to see if I can’t get assistance sending out emails at the correct times since that seems to be the thing that is hardest for me at the moment. I have a rare 4-day weekend at the moment, so if you guys are willing to keep this crazy fic train going, I’m determined to pull it back onto the tracks.

I want to apologize again for any confusion, and look forward to hearing from anyone who has any thoughts on the above and/or on the necessity of delaying the issue’s publication for those who haven’t begun writing at all but would still like to.

With much love,