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Wow I have not done one of these in a while! But here it is! This was a request for some summer outfit ideas for a smaller person but still looking cute! The first outfit is perfect for a hot summer day with a blue crop top but still some what conservative with the blue patterned kimono. The accessories give the outfit a laid back vibe! The next outfit with the pattern maxi skirt is another good summer outfit! The bralett is super cute with the halter neck and the slit in the skirt makes you feel bold and amazing! The green dress is one of my favorites! The color is to die for and the tan accessories play off of it well! Finally the blue patterned romper is a little more scandalous but I know you can rock it! The simple accessories make the romper the star of the show! 

Check here for outfit details! 

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For anyone interested in NU'EST and their history so far, I suggest watching this video!



More beast than boy, that one, puffed up with pride and bloodlust…

Dr. Frederick Chilton / All His.

OK; I dunno where this came from, but, *blows horn* Chilton Fluff ahead~

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I tag @mrschiltoncat in nearly everything Chilton-y so, here darlin’. <3

The lock slipped, the door opened, and Frederick eagerly looked up from the book he had been adding annotations to. He’d been waiting; for the signal of your arrival. You slid in easily, offered a meek smirk upon noticing him on the sofa- where he almost always was after your long evenings at the firm.

An apology, one he’s heard so very often before: “Sorry I’m late, darling.” While surreptitiously slipping out of your heels, you used the nearby table to balance yourself, nearly tumbled over your own toes in your hurry to go flat-footed.

All he could do was smile, as he watched you loose those few extra inches of height you took with you to the office. “It’s never a problem,” he offered, sincerely, but of course he was sincere. No matter how many nights he had to wait for you to make it home- he’d assure you he didn’t mind.

No, not one bit. Having you home was worth every moment apart.

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It’s so good to see that even with all the fame and commitments they have, they don’t stop doing those kinds of things!

italianhuntress  asked:

So, did you ever figure out why Lamen was wearing the king's clothes? ;) If so, what was your reaction?

Would that I could tell you that I kept my composure.  But when you realize that a man who has shifted bolts of cloth in your wagons, attended you at table, and to whom you offered a job as an ASSISTANT cloth merchant is, in truth, the KING OF AKIELOS!  To say that my life flashed before my eyes is an understatement.  As I stood agape, his majesty Laurent gently repeated himself to me - “Charls,” he said again, “This is Damianos of Akielos.”  After a long moment, as the fullest gravity of the situation finally settled over me, I remembered what Damianos of Akielos in the guise of a common man said to me of my king - “I would work my whole life to be worthy of him”; and I recalled the strength and the love I had seen between the two of them; and I fell to my knees and openly wept.

And Damianos of Akielos, he raised me up again, and he laughed - not cruelly, but mirthful and merry, like a friend letting you in on a great jest - and clapped me on the back, and someone brought me a cup of Griva, and the festivities continued just as they had before.  Damianos was just as warm and friendly as I remembered Lamen to be, and was kind enough to let my embarrassment go unremarked upon, though I could not help but run through every interaction between the two that I’d ever witnessed - the tavern at Nesson, the inn at Mellos - and wondered at what might have happened if anything had gone wrong.  

It was not my finest hour!  I do not think many have been brought so low before their sovereigns and their reputations have lived to tell the tale.  But in their infinite kindness and wisdom, their Majesties have seen fit to forgive me my misunderstanding and keep this humble cloth merchant in their good graces after all.

Your servant,


// Mod Mem: This is Hades depicted on a 4th century krater - it’s about as close as I can find to how I picture Damianos all kinged up.  The Ancient Greek pottery rabbit hole is really fun!

Princess (King!Jimin as a Father)

Plot: Just some lil bday fluff with king!Jimin as a father

Word Count: 450

A/N: so the link for this is prince!Jimin (here) aka king!Jimin bc to me they’d be the same and father!Jimin (all of the father related posts are here, here on mobile) but I just wanna say a hu g e happy birthday to an actual prince, an angel who is so fucking sweet and caring and wonderful and just unreal he’s so amazing, I hope he has the best birthday he’s ever had I hope he has lots of yummy food and lots of laughing bc that boy’s laugh could make the cloudiest day turn bright and I hope he’s warm and cozy and just having fun living his best life bc I love him so so so s o much and he deserves the world

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The older she grew, the more in love Jimin became. He thought he had been wrapped around her finger when she was a babbling infant who could barely handle the weight of her own head, let alone even think about walking or crawling. She had been so little and so perfect, her hair almost always styled with a bow or a headband, keeping it out of her eyes while showing off the chubby cheeks and soft facial features she’d gotten from him. And now she was close to the age of four, her hair almost always up in a ponytail or bun, her hair long enough to braid now. She loved the tiara Jimin had had made for her, wearing it nearly everyday in place of her headbands and bows she’d worn up until he’d gifted it to her for her second birthday. She was, to say the least, his princess.

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anonymous asked:

Can I ask what your opinion of Dr. Hypatia and her character is, and if you have any headcanons about her?

My opinion is that I like her a great deal.

 First of all, it was about time to see a female scientist well-respected and recognized in the universe, so even the mere concept of her character made me very curious: an exceptionally talented female scientist/doctor is something I really wanted to see.

Secondly, I really really love her character design and whoever is responsible for her final look has my eternal thanks. She’s a woman in her 40s who looks her age, everything about her appears practical and humble, her clothes are simple and look a little worn. She gives a strong impression of a very dedicated person who all but lives at work, and since it’s exactly the kind of person she is, I’d say it’s a character design done well.

Then of course, she’s a good person who actively tries to put her position, knowledge and skill to a good use and help those who won’t get help anywhere else. She does the job she knows no one else will do, and this kind of honest, well-meant dedication is there kind of thing that actually makes her stand out in the Dishonored universe, sounds its major theme is the abuse of power. While in the first game it was about eliminating each of Burrows’ pillars of power, here it’s worth noting how the loss of the few people who actively tried to improve the conditions for the working class (Hypatia, Stilton) made things considerably worse, since there was no one really left for them.

In other words, she does impressive amounts of work for people and it’s worth the admiration.

I don’t know if I have anything too specific, except maybe for the fact that she gives me some absent minded professor vibes. Which I know could be because of her current state and memory issues,  but the look of her apartment, the general disparate, the only bed being a small hospital-like cot right by her work place? I feel like she’s a person who would work at the cost of food and her own sleeping hours. And some note where she promised to have one free evening and a dinner with Vasco, eventually, kind of confirms it? She’s a busy person. She wouldn’t be sloppy about her work but she might forget she wasn’t at home for three days.

She’s good at what she does though, really good. She was a nerdy child, probably tried to get her hands on the books on medicine and anatomy and the like in the libraries, even if she couldn’t understand half the things written there. She has her own impressive collection of journals about medicine and books at home (and not nearly enough shelves for them) and since I headcanon that various languages are still a thing in the Empire (despite what Harvey Smith said), she probably speaks more than on have the access to a wider variety of science literature.

I also think she had restless hands and differs with small things like pens, because she hates being still. Maybe she carries something like old dice around to roll it in her palm. I think there was a pen in her breast pocket on her concept art? I bet it’s all broken.

All glittering gold

Based on “Imagine cuddling with Thorin the night before the BotFA and making him promise that he will return to you (which he does)” from ImaginexHobbit

Note: I had to tinker with the timeline a bit to make this imagine work, but I really liked the idea, so I figured accuracy could take a little holiday.

A sequel to Pierced by Cupid


Thorin had returned to sit, brooding, on the throne while you lingered on the narrow walkway below the dais watching Balin, Dwalin, and Bilbo leave. When the trio had disappeared through the vast, arched doorway, you turned to him where he slumped, his eyes restless and constantly moving with his feverish thoughts.

“You’re not being reasonable, Thorin. How long will you test their loyalty?”

He glanced irritably at you before looking away over the cavernous chamber. “They owe me their loyalty.”

“And you owe them your trust, your patience,” you countered. “Have they not proved themselves time and time again, all of them?”

“You forget your place,” he warned, turning a dangerous gaze on you.

You opened your mouth to speak and closed it again, summoning all of your self-restraint to smother your simmering frustration, bite back the angry words that wanted to claw their way from your throat. “You are not the man you were,” you said finally, carefully. “You regard the ones who love you most with doubt and suspicion…you are consumed with the search for this accursed stone, and I fear for you, Thorin. I pity you.”

“You pity me?” He repeated your words incredulously, in a voice thick with contempt. “I am King under the Mountain. I have no need for the pity of a woodworker’s daughter.”

Anger flared in you again, threatened to burn what love remained between the two of you, frail and brittle as a fallen leaf, to ashes. “There was a time when you spoke of making a woodworker’s daughter your Queen,” you retorted, caring no more for self-restraint. “Or have you forgotten everything you said when you had me bare beneath you in Laketown?”

Even in his madness, Thorin looked stung, and still the words poured from your lips. “Was I only there to warm your bed?” you needled him. “Give you courage to face the dragon with my pretty words of love and faith?”

“Enough!” Thorin bellowed, rising to his feet with an almost convulsive movement, his glittering armor and the mad gleam in his eye making him larger, frightening. “You forget. Your. Place.” He ground out the words through clenched teeth, and just as suddenly as it had flooded you, your fury drained away, leaving behind only a cold, empty regret that filled your eyes with tears.

“I have no place here,” you whispered, searching for a glimpse of the man you loved in the face of the capricious, grasping tyrant who stood before you and finding no such comfort. With a trembling exhale, you turned to begin the long walk to the doorway, leaving him glowering on the dais.

“Where are you going? I have not given you leave,” Thorin said indignantly, behind you.

Your footsteps were loud in the oppressive stillness.

“I am the King!” Petulance crept into his voice. “I am the King, and you will stay until I have finished speaking to you!”

Only the silence answered him, and your retreating form grew smaller.

“Go, then,” Thorin growled, his call echoing on the stone walls. “Go! But know this: if you walk through that door, do not presume to show me your face again.”

With that, you halted, standing frozen beneath the great stone arch before looking back over your shoulder to meet his demanding stare, far away across the chamber. His lips began to curl into a victorious smirk that quickly faded when, without a word, you turned and left the throne room.

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10 weeks little one ❤️

✅ morning sickness is starting to ease up a bit thank god
✅ craving candy candy and more candy
✅ announced on Facebook this week after seeing a heartbeat and getting confirmation that I am in the lowest risk group for miscarriage putting my risk at only about 5% now and got so much love it was humbling!
✅ hating all my clothes and how they feel 😩
✅ I’ve only gained a pound though so far
✅ having strong feelings and dreams that we’re gunna be welcoming a little baby girl!
✅ this sentence actually came out of my mouth last night while laying in bed “I’m so exhausted that even going to sleep sounds like too much work” 😂


Nintendo Dream’s FE:Fates Character Fanbook pages by many requests. 

As you can see, the top 10 got 2 pages dedicated with them, top 11-20 got one and 21 and below have to share. Moreover, the top 20 also got a ‘Creator Comment’ section where the Director (Maeda Kouhei), Game Planner (Komuro Nami) and Character Designer (Kozaki Yusuke) of Fates may leave a word or two regarding the result of the poll, their thought about the character and some random fun trivia about the character or concept/development story about that character that I’ve posted a bit here.

Aside of that, there are also some basic info about all the characters regardless their popularity rank, like their birthday, joining chapter/requirement, starting class, in game roster of ‘best at/the one with most….in the army’ thing, quotes, and longer profile where among others contains spoiler from the game plot and various supports like:

1. A line about Leon’s tendency to wear his robe inside out as part of his surprisingly a bit careless trait. Even the screen showed in his page is about the one where Kamui pointing about his robe during the 2nd chapter, lol.

2. Hinoka’s more girlish side during her childhood and how she trains hard on sewing and cooking in present timeline.

3. Suzukaze’s and his guilt over Kamui’s kidnapping.

4. Joker’s incapability at everything during his early days and extra bit about how making tea is his specialty.

5. Dea’s supposedly high physical strength due to all the training he has done with Joker since back then and how he is someone who is actually strong enough to defeat his enemy bare-handedly. 

Moreover, they also have put some sort of character title-like text beside their rank. You know, something like in their epilogue or info at the official side. Some of them are quite standard, like ‘The First Prince of Hoshido/Nohr for Ryouma/Marx, but there are also another one like…say…how about this one who’s called as ‘The Messiah/Savior Chosen by Yatonokami’…..heh.

Anyway, if anyone is interested, I will write all of them below the cut just to spare your dash, lol.

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What whirls and twirls are dark clouds,
occasionally lit up by bright flashes.

Unexpected noises,

Loathed looming consciousness;
eyes ominously glaring.

Stalking predator preparing the pounce.

Bodiless mouth opens wide in a holler,
displaying filed teeth, sharp and bloody.

From a great hight the old rag doll falls;
wind flayed arms, stitched to a
patched up body.

Soundless plunge
in tenebrous water.

Twigs and disintegrated leaves breathe rot,
saturating the humble figure’s cloth,
now cold to the touch.

Lastly, a black threaded smile submerges.

Heaviness sinks until presumed lost.

A being of slithering tentacles, swallowed,
latches onto the medulla.

Continuous discharge of
yellow poison.

Small doses remain unnoticed.

Creeper vines grow, gradually crawling
across the length of the nerve-
system’s branches.


Weakened host
nauseated by the smell of stomach acids.

Struggling in swirling pools of vomit.

Timid singing bird shivers at its reflection
in the glass sphere that has it hidden.

Faint tweets roared down
by an unknown





“Spent your life undoing your wretchedness,
that none might be afflicted by your

Timid singing bird shivers,
losing feathers.

Layers of dark clouds; whirling, twirling,
with at the core of its system, hidden,
the being once birthed in light
now reduced to a flicker,
begging to be seen,
yet dreading to

by shrieking demon moths, attracted to
the lost flame of innocence.

The girl with the ashen mirror -
M.A. Tempels © 2017

Ball Point Bible.

The margins in my bible are filled to the brim with notes, from Genesis to Revelation, I scribble in the margins, the blank spaces between two columns, in the place between sentences. 

I circle words that jump out to me, at first in pen, then in pencil when I realized I had better give myself a way out to correct things.

When God created Adam and the first Woman who may be Eve and may be Lilith, she wrote a secret in the scriptures. 

She said “breathe life into the dirt I mold between my hands, press in the fingernails and eye sockets, curve out the grooves, look into their soul”.

I take dirt from the garden behind my apartment, I pour water into the little hole I dig in the ground, I massage the wet soil between my hands until they become sticky and moist, the oils on my finger tips working into the dry cracks of the little person between my palms. 

I press in the fingernails with my pinky, curve out the grooves between his thighs, I look into his soul.

Mama talks with me from across the white table as I scribble in my little black bible. 

She points out the little mysteries hidden in the stories. 

How Moses struck stones to bring forth water and how if I wet stone, I make rain and sustenance. 

How the priests in the temple lit candles and prayed for seven days and what they said happened.

How Jesus would take bread and wine and put his whole life worth of stories into it, give it to his people, and when they ate they saw things and felt things and spoke in tongues and talked to the dead and got knowledge from God. 

God came from Africa you know? She would say.

God was a woman with skin black as the rich earth she walked on. She would go on little trips throughout the land, walking along the grooves and paths dreaming of ways into creation. 

God was a Black Madonna.

God was a Queen in humble clothing, sometimes she had serpent tails, she sat by the river and made little people out of mud and then breathed soul into them.

scribble scribble goes my ball point pen. 

Reclaiming the words.

so last night before sufjan played the dress looks nice on you he was talking about how they had discussed what they would wear on stage, and he said “just street clothes. look humble. whatever you were wearing that day” and dawn was wearing a really lovely/fancy dress and he was like “dawn did you wear that today!?” and she was like…maybe…and then suf goes “I WOKE UP LIKE DISSSS” complete with jazz hands 

funniest/cutest ever omg