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May I request what kind of girl would the captain + Iwaizumi like? Thanks!

i’d like to think that the boys care more about personality than looks, but i’ll add a few bonus points here and there.



He can date pretty much any girl, she can be shy or confident; but she must know her limits. He looks more for someone who gives off a loyal vibe, they must be passionate about the things they do and must put effort into it. He doesn’t mind it if you’re childish, but like I said before, you must know your limits; he doesn’t want to baby another person outside of volleyball. He finds girls who are interested in exploring new things very cute for some reason. Thicc thighs are just- MMMMHHHHMMM.


He needs someone who can show him affection/accept a lot of affection and is childish. I think we all know that he’s secretly insecure and this means he needs a girl who can show her love for him, with words or physically as long as he knows he’s loved. He absolutely loves girls who can play along with his flirty jokes and make them up herself. She’ll also need to understand the importance of volleyball, it doesn’t matter if she plays or not but she needs to know that he’s committed a lot to this sport. He also likes trusting girls/ girls he can trust; he’s popular what did you expect? He. loves. bangs!!11!!!11!!!!111!111


He needs a girl who he can nerd out around, he could start rambling about chemistry and she’d elaborate with him; he needs someone smart. He’d also prefer a girl with a sense of humour, similar to oikawa he’d like for a girl to play along with his jokes. I can see him as someone who appreciates creativity and is willing to try new things. He also needs someone who can take care of him, he’s always taking care of a team and would like to be taken care of himself. Boy absolutely loves a girl with a little more muscle, or busty girls, or both.


He needs someone who can deal with his mood swings and understand him, he’s a bit like Daichi and really likes it when a girl is very passionate about the things she does. He likes girls that are straightforward and can show their feelings clearly, this also means he likes it when he gets complimented openly. Bonus points if you’re taller than average, he loves tall girls; if you’re short that’s ok though he’ll still think you’re cute. He really likes smart girls that can still be goofy because smart people are just more fun but if she’s goofy? instant 10 outta 10


He likes girls who have endless knowledge of obscure things, he has a lot of it himself and likes to learn more stuff other than the subjects he’s given at school because he thinks school is too plain. He needs someone who can tolerate his craziness and maybe play along with it as well as stopping him from going over the line. He also needs them to know he’s loyal, tbh i think he’s pretty popular with girls and he needs a girl that trusts him. Moles, freckles and beauty marks are just so hot to him???


I reckon he really likes innocent girls, not necessarily quiet or stupid, but just girls who don’t seem to know what they’re doing or who appear pure; he thinks they’re so cute. I think he also likes girls that he can get a reaction out of, he loves the cute expressions they give when he teases them and they get mad. Omg he loves cute girls that can be sexy too, thats the hottest thing to him. Bonus points for curly/wavy hair, he thinks it’s the prettiest.

Moniwa (just a quick one the OG captain of date tech):

He loves girls who are confident and smart, it’s even better if they’re a well mannered person who follows rules. There’s just a certain vibe that assertive girls give off that he loves so much, they just seem so powerful and like they’re going to succeed in life. He likes curvy girls mhm.


Someone who is talkative and passionate about what they do but still knows their limits, he hates baseless confidence and really appreciates it when someone is humble about something most people would usually brag about. He needs them to be talkative because he doesn’t talk so much himself and tbh he thinks girls who talk a lot are cute because they just wanna tell him about stuff and he appreciates that somebody wants to talk to him. He thinks short girls are so cute, but then again, most girls are short to him. 


I once read somewhere that he high-key has a thing for chubby girls and I support that 100% They just look so squishy and everything jiggles and god he just loves them. I think he likes girls that are more mature but can also be very easy going, mature girls are so attractive to him because they give off a strong vibe and they also tend to take care of the people around them. He like girls who are laid back because he’s such an uptight person himself and he actually really likes being told to just slow down. Overall he just wants to be taken care of and have someone he can be smart with.

Not even going to try to humble brag, this is a full on brag.

I’m officiating my friends’ wedding, and they’re doing a unity ceremony involving paint on canvas.  They asked if I could do some sort of explanation and talk about it being messy because that’s what life is like with pets (big pet people) but eloquent.  And this is what I pulled out on the spot:

“X and Y wanted to do a unity ceremony and chose to place paint on a canvas to create art, because while it may be messy and imperfect, it still creates something beautiful and uniquely them.”

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Hi again, I have a question about writing a story with a socialite/rich girl protagonist. I'm trying to make her likable by making her intelligent and loyal, but her cold, materialistic, haughty, narcissistic 'cool girl' attitude tends to turn people off. On the level of rich, think Paris Hilton. I don't want to make her a ball of mushy feelings and humbleness but I also don't want people to think she is the bad guy. What can I do to make her slightly less Regina George-ish?

Just because she is rich doesn’t mean she has to be cold, materialistic, haughty, or narcissistic. Those 4 characteristics are negative on their own, and while you might be able to work with one of them and balance it with good characteristics, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to make a likable character that has all 4 of them. 

It’s hard for me to make suggestions when I don’t know the premise or the age of your character, but take each characteristic you want to give her and explore how you can change it. Stay away from stereotypes. Most stereotypical rich girls are materialistic and they know it. They flaunt their labels and their connections. So what about a materialistic character that doesn’t know it? She thinks she’s humble because she doesn’t brag about what she has, but the second something immaterial is taken from her (her favorite purse, her expensive cell phone, some jewelry), she falls apart, and she comes to the sudden realization that maybe she is materialistic after all. Now what does she do?

Also, don’t make her wealth the defining aspect of her personality. Think of other personality traits that have nothing to do with money. What about her relationships with her friends and her family? What about her skills and talents? Is she insecure? Does she have a direction in life? Does she know where she’s going? 

Her wealth may factor in to how she was raised and perhaps how she sees the world, but there will be other influences in her life as well that define her. Above all, examine how she treats people. Most readers will forgive even the worst character flaws if that character treats people kindly and with respect. There is also nothing wrong with showing your character humbled. It’s what great character growth is made of. Sometimes the only way they can grow is to know what it’s like to feel small. 

Oh, and watch Clueless. Cher is a much better inspiration than Regina George.

Good luck!


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Do you think Steve was, in his grief, projecting his feelings for Peggy onto Sharon, and kissing her was a way of dealing with that? (like its a case of "this is as close as it gets")

i definitely do, nony. peggy is gone, bucky’s on the run from the government, steve’s upset and sharon is there. doesn’t help that she looked ready to pounce on him at hER AUNTS FUNERAL. who does that? don’t get me wrong, steve was making eyes at her too. totally ooc for him. so i think steve and sharon kissed because steve misses peggy and sharon is there and she has lips. that’s it. it is fairly irritating because it is soooo wrong of steve to kiss sharon because he can’t have peggy. i’m going to chalk it up as another mcu mistake and remove it from my mind canon-wise. it’s ooc for steve, and if sharon respects her aunt like she says she does (she’s very good at lying though, just watch caws again) then she wouldn’t have kissed steve either. course, we don’t know if this is out of character for sharon, because we know more about the fucking plums bucky was looking at at the market than her.

so let’s break this down on why it is ooc for steve to kiss sharon after peggy’s funeral:

we have this beautiful, lasting relationship. it has spanned over five movies, a short, and a tv show. marvel did not have to make steggy all that it is. they did not have to include peggy carter in everything steve was involved in (and even more, i.e. ant-man), they didn’t have to portray them as long lost lovers, and show the journey they both took at losing each other and letting each other go.

they didn’t have to show the love they shared, even if it was just one kiss, over and over and over again. they didn’t have to make steve truly feel like a man out of time, and like he wouldn’t be able to find anyone with shared life experience ever again, because his best friend and his best girl couldn’t remember him.

now peggy is dead, bucky’s going back into cryosleep. and steve is alone. so is that it? is that the end? hell no.

they didn’t have to do this. listen to me, they did not have to do this. but they fucking did.

let me tell you something: this steggy kiss, it wasn’t just a kiss. the kiss was special, but it was just an expression of feeling. i am more interested in steggy’s mental relationship. something st*ron don’t have. you don’t have to have sex, get married, or kiss more than once to know whether or not you love someone. for some reason, people think you do. but i knew these two idiots loved each other throughout that entire movie (catfa). and to my surprise and delight, people saw it too. the audience, the writers. and you know what they did? they kept it going. they made it one of the best love stories of our time.

you know what’s just a kiss? st*ron.

steggy had goddamn shared life experience. it was common interests; fighting for something you believe in and damn what everyone else has to say about it. it was overcoming boundaries; you’re a woman so you can’t be in the army; you’re skinny and sickly so you can’t be in the army. it was being someone people looked up to; steve, fucking captain fucking america, relied on peggy for advice, she was his moral compass, always was, still is; steve was humble and smart and kind and he didn’t like to brag because he never had anything to brag about, so he becomes a fucking super hero and he’s STILL not an asshole. it was being through A WAR. you develop relationships with people, you change and you see those around you change. all of you now have seen some shit, and you can’t ever come back from it or erase what you’ve seen, but at least you have people who understand. at least you’re not alone. it was genuine respect and admiration for each other; stevie boy learned real quick you don’t mess with peggy carter, because she worked her ass off to get here, and she’ll be damned if a tall piece of succulent turkey breast in tights ruins it for her; peggy saw something in steve that only a select few people saw (erskine, bucky): she saw beyond the skinny frame and awkward conversation making, she saw a person, someone who was grateful and humble and mindful of others..during a war! a person who wanted to fight, but whose objective was not to kill, but to grant people justice. what isn’t admirable about that? what isn’t admirable about a woman in the army, punching a dick for calling her names? (dude his face lit up when she suckerpunched hodge, like slayy girl).

you know what isn’t shared life experience (like not even a bit)? st*ron.

so because of what i know steggy means to each other, i will never, and i can never, compare it to st*ron. they loved each other, so much. their love is indescribable..but i will give it a shot: it is forever. it’s not going away anytime soon. this story between them was built and sculpted over a span of 5 years, and it continues, even after death.

compared to steggy, st*ron is absolutely nothing. it could have had the potential to be the love story, sharon could have been the love of steve’s life. but she wasn’t, and she isn’t. so to try to half-ass build this “relationship” up in the span of one movie is insulting to the fans (all of the people who ship steve with people whose names he’s known more than five minutes and people who like st*ron, because even though i think the comic relationship is awful, people still liked it and THIS is what you give them? why aren’t more people angry??) and disrespectful to the one person you should never, and who i never thought steve would ever disrespect: peggy.

Defining who I am.

It’s no surprise to any of you that I haven’t been losing weight, I’m sure. (If I was, I’d brag about it.)

I’ve spent so much of my adult life (mostly since college/my relationship with Matt) defining my happiness and success based on the number on the scale and/or the size of my jeans.

I’ve always been overweight, except for maybe a summer when I was 9 years old. Otherwise, your girl has been fat. And not like, “kinda chubby” - I’ve been obese for as long as I can remember.

For a long time, I decided to ignore it, as if doing so would help the world also ignore it. This time in my life is also known as junior high, so as you can imagine, that ideal was shot down the second someone reminded me that the boy I had a crush on only referred to me as the “fat girl.”

I didn’t have boyfriends, or date, or have boys interested in me. But I told myself it wasn’t because I was fat, it was because of something else and well whatever, I’ve got a new crush now.

In college, I was pretty happy, but I was absolutely lonely. I was half-ass healing from my best friend telling our mutual friends I wasn’t pretty enough to date, while also hoping and praying one day he’d see that we were meant to be.

When guys gave me attention, I shrugged it off because I didn’t know how to deal with it. I didn’t think I was pretty. I figured that no one else had thought I was pretty (or “pretty enough”) so surely the only reason men were giving me attention was because it was some elaborate plan to ultimately make fun of me. How ridiculous and sad is that?

It took a long time (and to be perfectly honest, a lot of saying “fuck it” and throwing caution to the wind getting involved with people who had girlfriends, or only wanted to spend time with me at 2am, or would’ve been down to have sex but not take me on a date or two) to feel like I deserved more.

And that’s ridiculous. I shouldn’t have felt like that. But I did.

When Matt and I broke up in 2010, I decided it was time to change things. He was a piece of shit, and yet found some amazing way to make me feel like he was doing me a favor by dating me. HA. So I threw myself into something different.

Instead of drowning loneliness in Sonic drive thru or two Taco Bell meals everyday, I went to the gym. I made dinner for myself. I drank water. I created a blog and found a big group of people trying to better themselves too.

And then something really bad happened.

I got addicted to the scale, I got addicted to the gratification that came (comes?) when you get likes and followers and blah blah. I got a big head, and I was determined to be a tumblr success, while I watched those around me gain weight back or delete their blogs entirely.

So I took laxatives regularly. I only ate 1x/day. I did HCG, and low carb, and paleo… Anything to watch that number on the scale go down.

And then I fell in love, and out of routine, and back into the sizes I had promised I’d never see again.

And I started feeling really bad about myself again. Convinced I wasn’t worth happiness or love because again, here I am weighing 230+lbs.

Last night, Becky, Trevor and I went to see a Mormon violinist (Lindsey Stirling) perform/give a talk. And towards the end of it, she told the crowd about how for so much of her life, she had an “if” attached to her happiness.

“I’d be so happy if I was thinner”
“My life would be so much better if I could lose weight.”

And I found myself relating TOO MUCH. I didn’t say anything because well it’s a downer and Becky was in town and I kinda just wanted to snuggle her and laugh the whole time (yes that’s what we’re doing tomorrow, beckles, get pumped).

Trevor emailed me asking me about it today (without me mentioning it, ok mind reader…) and I realized that it’s exactly what I’m doing.

Here I am, this (allow me to not so humbly brag for a sec) married, established professional woman with a college degree, who owns a home, and has traveled internationally (multiple times), who has discretionary income and health insurance and air conditioning and clean clothes and all her teeth and two parents alive (although only really a relationship with one of them), and great friends and family, and a loving support system in her church and community, who isn’t happy with herself and her life BECAUSE SHE’S OVERWEIGHT.

How warped is that?

Yes, I’m fat (and probably will be for a long time). But it’s about time I stop letting it define whether I am happy. My life is good. I’m worthy of love, and self confidence, and happiness. And the number on the scale won’t EVER change that.

//this doesn’t mean I’m giving up on my weight loss journey, it just means I’m re-evaluating how I get there. just so you know.

I wrote this without intending to share it because it somehow seemed less true – false humility? Humble brag? Something – if shared.

But it’s how I feel, it’s my truth.

What I wanted when I was growing up was a family. It’s one of the reasons I knew I wasn’t cut out for the priesthood.

I have that now. In 2 days it will be nineteen years since our wedding. Nineteen. Years. The boy is 12.

I feel like I hit the jackpot twice: once through marriage, once through childbirth. Our life together isn’t perfect. But it is great.

I’m not the best part of us. That’s not false humility, that’s my objective observation of it. I’m the person in the house who loses his temper most often and complains the most when things aren’t the way I think they should be. I can’t match her patience or his desire to help.

I’m not terrible at it most of the time but I want to so better. I don’t want to be ok with being less-worse than average. The bar is set so low for husbands and fathers because of all the terrible examples out there, that it’s easy to compare and say “well, I’m better than that.”

I want to do better and be better. To be more patient, to let the small stuff go more easily, to help more and complain less. More wag, less bark.

That’s my wish and my plan for the year ahead. Hopefully I’ll look and be able to say “yeah, I did better this year.”

But for today I’m grateful for what I have: a family and a life that lacks perfection but is filled with greatness.