humble and loyal

OUR BOYS ARE FUCKING FLAWLESS! They ranked number 6/9 on Billboards Year End World Albums Chart, number 5 on Billboards World Albums Chart, number 8 (and only Kpop artist) on Fuse’s Best Albums of the year, number 34 (also the only kpop artist) on Billboards Year End Social 50 artists, numbers 26/36 (ALSO THE ONLY KPOP ARTISTS) on Twitters top Tracks Chart!!!! AND WE’RE STILL COUNTING!!!! (Also shoutout to Yoongi for making it on tumblrs 2016 top albums list at number 8 (TRULY BADASS))

They work so hard and deserve all the recognition they’re getting. I can not be more proud of our crazy, cute, sexy, dedicated, passionate, humble, loyal, beautiful, hardworking, ambitious boys! This was their year and they have many more to come!!!!



Erica / 24 / lipstick lesbian
Currently in Sydney 🇦🇺🇭🇰. I want to meet friends who are good to hang and travel with. Ones who can support each other.

Also looking for the right woman - a stable relationship with someone I can take care of, spoil and make her my world 💖 I don’t mind long distance if we can meet up eventually! but I don’t like things which are meaningless and go nowhere. So hoping to meet some real people!

I’m a hopeless romantic and a very loyal person. Already out of the closet to my family. Players and the sleazy ones aren’t my type. I like mature women and want someone who is kindhearted, humble and loyal.

I’m super friendly! message me on tumblr :) I use FB and SC.

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What are your thoughts on Sunny/Kim Sun?

Sunny is an interesting character because 1) she has the least screen-time compared to the other main characters and 2) we still don’t know much about her despite knowing her past. However, I love Sunny’s personality and I’m so glad to see her have more screen-time within these past 2-3 episodes.

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When we were first introduced to Sunny, she was portrayed as an independent, flirtatious, and witty woman with bad luck despite her beauty; while Kim Sun was portrayed as a humble, loyal, naive, cheerful and a young noble queen. 

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It was cute to see her be the initiator of her and GR’s relationship… but I was beginning to worry about their relationship because there just wasn’t any progress. It was actually quite refreshing how Sunny was the first to bring up the topic of “break up” because this showed how she knows when to back out of a relationship when it isn’t working - no matter how handsome your partner is. She was also probably being considerate of GR by giving him time to reflect on their relationship. But probably the most important thing to contribute to Sunny’s character development is how she is both Sunny and Kim Sun (I always refer to the Queen as Kim Sun), but she strives to improve her current life by moving forwards (such as upgrading her restaurant and breaking up with GR). In episode 13, we saw how Sunny struggled between differentiating her present life from her past life; Yoo In Na gave an exceptional performance regarding this issue. I loved how she told Shin that she’s not Kim Sun, but she’s Sunny! But then she still gave the same answer to Shin to keep moving forward… this shows that Sunny has a conscious mind of who she is but doesn’t ignore the fact that she has a past life. And the most important scene for GR and Sunny is how she decided to officially break it off with GR because she doesn’t want either of them to get hurt again in this lifetime. I CRIED WHEN SHE CALLED HIM KIM WOO BIN! This means that Sunny loves him for who he is and not just because they were lovers in their past lives.  

Secondly, I love how Sunny and Eun-tak have developed such a close sisterly relationship… I love how she’s protective of Eun-tak and gives her relationship advice. It was even more touching how she couldn’t find a replacement for Eun-tak… but didn’t think twice to rehire her when she came back and apologized. It was really sad when Sunny didn’t tell Shin the truth, but I think she did it for his sake cause she didn’t want to hurt his feelings that his best friend was his “enemy.” But I think, this time, she wants to keep her promise with her brother to live a happy life.

I honestly love all the characters in Goblin because they each have something unique and special to offer to the story. As for Sunny/Kim Sun, her past life was a tragedy as she sacrificed her life to protect her lover, but, for her present life, she might this time choose to live the life her brother wants for her. I have mad respect for Sunny/Kim Sun because she’s the character who makes the most difficult decisions, but follows through with them (dying for Wang Yeo, breaking up with Wang Yeo). I honestly don’t know how her relationship with GR/Wang Yeo will happen in the next episode because GR is on probation and how will he be given a second chance? Perhaps Sunny is the only way to save him? Ugh.. I just want these two to finally have their happy ending that they deserve. T.T

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Sebastian Stan’s personality

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Don’t know him personally (sadly), but from what I’ve seen in interviews, BTS, etc., he seems…

  • Thoughtful
  • Private
  • Quiet
  • Bashful
  • Witty
  • Honest
  • Goal oriented
  • Playful
  • Generous
  • Humble
  • Optimistic
  • Loyal
  • Friendly
  • Mindful
  • Respectful
  • Fashionable
  • Friend/family oriented
  • Diligent
  • Responsible
  • Adaptable
  • Independent
  • Caring
  • Contemplative
  • Present
  • Intelligent
Life Goals

10.) Find someone who sings like Oscar Isaac

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9.) Find someone who dances (awkwardly) like Oscar Isaac

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8.) Find someone who hugs like Oscar Isaac

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7.) Find someone with the same priorities as Oscar Isaac

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6.) Find someone with the same sense of (dark & dirty) humor like Oscar Isaac

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5.) Find someone as suave as Oscar Isaac

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4.) Find someone as talented as Oscar Isaac

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3.) Find someone who smiles like Oscar Isaac

2.) Find someone who plays a hot(-shot), sarcastic yet totally humble and loyal pilot (who has an adorable droid for a best buddy) like Oscar Isaac

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1.) Find Oscar Isaac

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⋆ Best Traits ⋆
  • Aries: passionate, inspiring, bold, courageous and true to themselves
  • Taurus: caring, focused, grounded, hardworking and determined
  • Gemini: bright, funny, friendly, open and curious
  • Cancer: compassionate, intuitive, in touch with their emotions, humble and sweet
  • Leo: friendly, loyal, a true leader, honest and energetic
  • Virgo: analytical, perfectionist, dependable, devoted and kind
  • Libra: open, peaceful, charming, thoughtful and considerate
  • Scorpio: intuitive, intense, protective understanding and unique
  • Sagittarius: outspoken, brave, open, endearing and always optimistic
  • Capricorn: unshakable, faithful, industrious, bright and considerate
  • Aquarius: original, bold, open-minded, aware and determined
  • Pisces: warmhearted, intuitive, kind, loving and unique

♔ Q U E E N S and Q U E E N  C O N S O R T S during the Tudor Era.

  • Elizabeth of York (1466-1503) - “Humble and Reverent”.
  • Katherine of Aragon (1485-1536) - “Humble and Loyal”.
  • Anne Boleyn (c.1501-1536) - “The Most Happy”.
  • Jane Seymour (c.1508-1537) - “Bound to Obey and Serve”.
  • Anne of Cleves (1515-1557) - “God Send Me Well to Keep”.
  • Kathryn Howard (c.1521-1542) - “No Other Will But His”.
  • Catherine Parr (1512-1548) - “To Be Useful in All That I Do”.
  • Lady Jane Grey (1537-1554) - According to My Power”.
  • Mary Tudor/Mary I (1516-1558) - “Truth, the Daughter of Time”.
  • Elizabeth Tudor/Elizabeth I (1533-1603) - “Always the Same”.

Gather children, our lord speaks through us. It has come to his attention that there are 1,000 people who wish to join this welcoming community. We are all equal. We are one in the eyes of the lord, who blesses few lucky ones with his sweet, warm, onion flavored ejaculate. Thank you for supporting two of his most loyal, humble disciples for more than a year. One day, we can all fly to the swamp and have a big orgy with our savior. Until the arrival of that blessed day, we must remember to keep the lord in our hearts at all times. He is with us all each and every day. Do not let anybody shake your faith.

hahaha i love how cedric diggory was just completely demonized and his entire character was demolished in the cursed child because plot twists amirite it’s not like y’know he was a loyal, humble, kind person who wouldn’t be brought over to the death eaters because he lost a fucking competition

i also love how scorbus was consistently queerbaited but the writers were too afraid to actually make it a real thing because *gasp* gay couples?? in 2016?? what insanity is this

honestly the only thing i like about this play so far is that romione is canon in every alternate possibility

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My besties are Geminis and they always have my back,are the baddest,humble,generous,outgoing,loyal,honest,dont give a fuck about what u think about them❤️❤️❤️fuck everyone hatin' on my Gemini babes🖕🏽🖕🏽I love y'all 💓💓✨✨🔥👑



GORGEOUS TAURUS // Headstrong. Humble. Loyal. // [LISTEN]

{catchy&unique kgirl songs for every gorgeous taurus}

Touch - Anda // 50cm - IU // Iron Girl - HA:TFELT // Don’t Be Shy - Primary, Choa, Iron // You & Me - Kisum ft. Jooyoung // Oh My Prince - Neon Bunny // Airplane - f(x) // Awoo - Lim Kim // Up & Down - EXID // Chewy - D.Holic // One More - Fiestar // Catellena - Orange Caramel

Sigggghhhhh. Heart stops, the noises just blur, and all you can see is this gorgeous human being. 

How is she even real? So beautiful and yet so humble, down to earth and modest. 

How is one person able to have so many qualities and yet not have a pompous spirit about them? She is incredible. @roseellendix what a babe <3

Theodore Millon's 'Bpd Subtypes'

Discouraged: (including avoidant features)
Pliant, submissive, loyal, humble; feels vulnerable and in constant jeopardy; feels hopeless, depressed, helpless, and powerless.

Petulant: (including negativistic features)
Negativistic, impatient, restless, as well as stubborn, defiant, sullen, pessimistic, and resentful; easily slighted and quickly disillusioned.

Impulsive: (including histrionic orantisocial features)
Capricious, superficial, flighty, distractible, frenetic, and seductive; fearing loss, becomes agitated, and gloomy and irritable; potentially suicidal.

Self destructive: (including depressiveor masochistic features)
Inward-turning, intropunitively angry; conforming, deferential, and ingratiating behaviors have deteriorated; increasingly high-strung and moody; possible suicide.

you can display one, two, three or all of these subtypes having bpd. I personally identify with the self destructive subtype and the impulsive subtype. along with obsessive compulsive disorders subtypes (counting, hoarding, organized..etc) this isn’t an official diagnostic tool. it was created by psychologist Theodore Million, specializing in personality disorders as a strategy to categorize different types of borderlines and treat them accordingly. If you feel you identify with any one or all of these subtypes, you dont necessarily have to explain it to your therapist directly, but attempt to tackle these specific traits that seem to stand out in you to decrease the stress involving the disorder. I’m happy I found this tool so I could better understand why I, and my friend with bpd don’t display /all/ symptoms or display them lesser than others. I hope it’s helpful for all of you.