i have more

by the way Geno looks like is gonna die hhhhhhhhhhh

sans by Toby Fox

swap!sans by @popcornpr1nce

swapfell! by @Kkhoppang

outer!sans by @2mi127

horror!sans by @sour-apple-studios

geno!sans by @loverofpiggies

fell!sans by @underfell(???)

fellswap! sans by @blackggggum (是你吗大大::>_<::>

dust!sans by @ask-dusttale (???)

ink!sans by @comyet

all the follow sans’es human version by me.


The Signs as Undertale Au's

Aries: Underswap

Taurus: Swapfell

Gemini: Errortale

Cancer: Underlust

Leo: Undynetale


Libra: Underjail


Scorpio: Undertail (hey, it counts)

Capricorn: Underfell

Aquarius: Humantale

Pisces: our good friend Undertale

Here’s another one of these. I was being a bit lazy this time so, some of the au’s titles may be incorrect so…


anónimo ha preguntado: 16… Get dunked on

16.) Basketball

Anon, you thought you were being cheeky weren’t you? <.<

I had accidentally deleted the ask but here it is! I’m also super stoked because now I have an excuse to draw attention to Mettaton’s legs! It’s not always apparent, usually because of the design of the outfits I draw him in, but my MTT is always wearing some sort of prosthesis (unless Alphys is working on upgrading his robotic ones, in which cases he has to be confined to a wheelchair.) 

I’ll go more into detail at later date, I promise!