humanstuck kinda

davespr1tes  asked:

Ur dracostuck au has made my morning. Have u had any thoughts n headcanons about the dancestors yet? Are they related directly to their counterparts or just the same species maybe?

im glad !!! 

and i do have a few ideas. The dancestors and the decendants are from the same brood, so the for ex. mituna and sollux are brothers, of sorts, and the psionic would be the father. its KINDA like humanstuck i guess. Dragons dont really have a strong concept of family, like trolls or actual reptiles, but they do have family bonds that they share and feel.

hope this helps ! when i finish doing full body illustrations for the beta’s (and making a height chart) ill start making designs for the Omega and Alpha dragons. hopefully i can crank them out soon !

some headcanons??? i guess

/And here’s my version of this.

Before anyone asks, I’m not doing anymore guardians/ancestors. It’s not my forte. I just REALLY loved Umbree’s take on this one, and besides, it’s still Princess Appreciation Week! Throwing her all of the Striders!