We have been wrong about Vriska’s position in humanstuck all this time. She is far from the cheerleader, bitchy popular girl stereotype. This fucker is the leader of the tabletop club. The douchey powergamer that no one likes. The uber nerd, the Ultimate Dork.

She is the motherfucker that threw a chair at the paralyzed kid because he got a higher roll than her, and therefore HAD to have weighted die. She rolls a goddamn drow elf Mary Sue, and gives her absurd ass stats, and due to some contrived reason the drow always winds up being a pirate.

The only reason she is tolerated is because despite her shitty, shitty character, holy FUCK can she worldbuild. She can make an entire fictional realm, and amazing bosses that are actually pretty engaging to fight. The only people willing to put up with this are Tavros, Aradia, Meenah, and Terezi, and on occasion Sollux, Feferi, Nepeta, and Aranea. But mostly it’s just the former, since they’re the only people who can deal with her shit.

She sent Jake English out bawling the day he tried to join, because first he wanted to play an elf, and he couldn’t have an elf because SHE ALREADY HAD AN ELF, PICK SOMETHING ELSE!!!!!!!! And then he rolled a critical fail, and she ragged on him until he can away crying.

She is the type of nerd that takes things to the max. Vriska is far from popular, she’s the fucking Nerd Queen powergamer douchebag. She is that one tank in World of Warcraft dungeons that completely owns the aggro. She keeps all the aggro.

My point is that High Schoolstuck Vriska is a goddamn tabletop club leader and no one can convince me otherwise.