Both, trolls and humanstuck headcanons.

+EXTRA: Underwear/Bodytype version uvu

Humanstuck University AU headcanons:
Kanaya:Dressmaking. Terezi:Law. Aradia:Archeology. Feferi:Economics. Nepeta:Fine Arts. Vriska:History.

-Terezi usually dyes her hair using red Kool-Aid but her natural color is orange.
-Kanaya suffers every time she sees Terezi. A fashion police is needed.
-Feferi’s mom is rich, so, she can afford to buy like, two or three new dresses every month.
-Aradia believes in Ghosts and Aliens but Feferi can’t stand the sobrenatural so, sometimes she’s afraid of Megido. (Vriska too. She has a trauma related with it.)
-Nepeta, as art student, sometimes stain her clothes with paint, but she likes how they look.
-Vriska is actually a nerd. She plays D&D with Terezi.
-Kanaya writes fanfics about beautiful (and gay) vampires. She also likes Twilight but it’s her secret.
-Aradia uses her leisure to dig around the campus looking for “alien findings”
-Terezi has an albinus Iguana. Its name was Pyralsprite but Aradia started to call it Juancho and Terezi changed its name to that.