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Celebrating 2150 followers and a new year. These are the people I’ve loved following (listed by category)

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Friends For Life | noctemquietam ordinarygirl2013 ageofaquarius afuckingtrollduaedenateist longlivesaralance

If I missed someone, I SINCERELY apologize! (And if you don’t see your name on this list, SPEAK UP! I’ll amend it!)

Little Revan | Darth Revan | Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Happy Star Wars day!  :)  *sighs wistfully and stares out the window*  But when will BioWare remaster KOTOR? 

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Imperial Schemes | Grand Admiral Thrawn | Star Wars (EU)

That last episode was just really inspiring and I’m so excited for this weekend’s ep now that I know Thrawn is in it again.  xD

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Safeguard | Grand Admiral Thrawn | Star Wars

I’ve been wanting to do a non-chibi version of Thrawn and a ysalamir for a while now.  I’m glad I finally got around to it!  :)

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Little Heir to the Empire | Grand Admiral Thrawn | Star Wars Legends

I got inspired and ambitious and decided to do a chibi poster for HTTE.  :)  Never done anything like this so it was kind of a pain, but also lots of fun.  It was tough deciding what should go on it, though.  I almost just cut it off at Thrawn more than a few times.  xD  But I’m glad I got myself to carry on and finish it.

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Little Contemplation | Grand Admiral Thrawn | Star Wars

My turn for the obligatory Thrawn-studying-a-star-map picture.  :)

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Little Nuru | Nuru Kungurama | Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Secret Missions

Okay guys I started reading those smol Chiss Jedi books - I’m on book 2, and I love everything so far.  Everyone is adorable and I love Nuru.  *wraps him in a blanket and pinches his cheeks*  (Nobody spoil anything for me!)

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