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Okay so I just marathoned the whole of arrow in 4 days. I think I should get a reward for that, lol. I am now looking for Arrow blogs to follow, yours is the only one i follow. Suggestions? I'll take as many good ones as you can give me. thanks in advance.

WOW!! Congrats!! You’re still alive??? Lucky you, the midseason premiere is in just 3 days. You’re able to skip the pain of hellatus. (But I’m sure you’re still in pain.)

OK! So, must follow blogs for every Archer/Oliciter:

marcguggenheim - Yes, the Marc Guggenheim. He’s been very interactive on Tumblr lately.

smoakandarrow - Our HBIC. Twitter trend organizer. Olicity Fanvid huntress. News, spoilers, everything Arrow begins with her. Also writes fic.

jbuffyangel - Olicity meta queen. You need analyses? She’s got ‘em. Feeling panicked about our ship? She can help you off the ledge. She’s basically our den mother. She takes care of everyone’s mental and emotional health. (NO PRESSURE JEN, BWAHAHA) Also writes fic.

theolicitylibrary - One stop shop for Olicity fics, if you’re into fanfic. Which many of us are. To obsessive levels.

queensarrow - excellent group of people giffing the crap out of Arrow. Well rounded blog, not simply Olicity centric. You’ll find the other ship here as well, if you like that.

thecwarrow - The official Arrow blog. Their tags are hilarious, and they ship Olicity. Clearly.

cammienray - organizer of Olicity Movie Night and the olicity committee.

olicityalways - used to (maybe still?) makes gifs, esp. Olicity AU. Funny, welcoming, enthusiastic, fangirls in CAPS and all over the tags and will answer anything you ask. Definitely a must follow.


ah-maa-zing missmudpie thethornyrant solicity97 olicity-i-believe-in-you smoakmonster caseoflove agirlandhershows 


atom1cflea prattschris

Fic writers

anthfan hopedreamlovepray releaseurinhibitions callistawolf sweetoctopodes mystarsandmyocean justscribbling absentlyabbie @rosietwiggs ohemgeeitscoley dettiot justanother90sbaby mylunarsolstice sarcasticfina adubbs47 sentence-fragments outoftheclosetshipper ohmypreciousgirl befitandchase theirhappystory whattalovelyscene queen-smoakin storiesbyladychi serenasnotebook myherocomplex nonplatoniccircumstances mel-loves-all gnimaerd @effie214 fromfanontocanon allstartstofade freaoscanlin holysmoaksoliver bowsinherhair sarahtwinkie poisonangelmuse thealternativesource thatmasquedgirl lostolicityscenes saltwaterscoundrel hoodiesandcomputers @diggo26 alwaysbemygirlfelicity the-girl-wednesday anonymous033 mimozka awriterincowboyboots sophie1973 


glamorous-enterlude klarolicityswan olicitybabies smoakgifs thearrowgifs fponthedl olicitykisses tanyak312 athenaagron lianko24 no-one-seesyou-likeido arthurdrvill lieutenantsmoak meghanqueen @snowsmoak emilybettrckards dumplingnooona undeeercoveeer 


missmert bosslogicinc p0cketw0tch flash-smoak-and-arrows @humansrsuperior renisanz lordmesa-art chirravutever 


shipper-heart1207 beijingdoll kristinaortutova mrseclipse555 


(edit: i keep adding ppl as I remember)

Celebrating 2150 followers and a new year. These are the people I’ve loved following (listed by category)

Weather/Storm Chasing | trough-love liightning cirrostratuss tornadotitans 4rsenic atmospheric-phenomena hurricanenoelle matt-molloy the-weather-guy weatherprincess weatherdoofus ziltoidsmug mrtwisterchaser melindamaysstuntdouble cone-of-uncertainty pressuregradient wxrachel weatherandclimate sleighbells-of-a-storm 

Arrow | laughlovebegood carolinas-dreams creativewriter17 queen-smoakin mabscifiromantic disasterintow dedication2em notababoonbrandishingastick smoakandarrow andyouweremine shippingdiary hari-redtoes thenightsign jbdolicity musinginga midnightswaltz leilanewood open-pandoras-box j69confessional freaoscanlin ninasjc absentlyabbie anthfan hopedreamlovepray sarcasticfina myherocomplex ladyjouster rosietwiggs ohmypreciousgirl watchdreamsfly p0cketw0tch tinkershar mimozka humansrsuperior lordmesa-art sarahtwinkie thatmasquedgirl awriterincowboyboots laffinggasses askillianwishes graellora mel-loves-all mnemmy callistawolf bluemoonfireworks jbuffyangel outoftheclosetshipper agirlandhershows geniewithwifi janalindsay24 syrahandsass dangling-maybes dettiot amypueblopoehler beautifulchaos-anumcara emilybetterthanyourickards antidepressantangel desikostos rclement4 hybridlovelies

Friends For Life | noctemquietam ordinarygirl2013 ageofaquarius afuckingtrollduaedenateist longlivesaralance

If I missed someone, I SINCERELY apologize! (And if you don’t see your name on this list, SPEAK UP! I’ll amend it!)

Revival | Kousei/Kaori | Your Lie in April

“Even in the depths of the darkest oceans, some light always pierces through.”

I binged this anime on Netflix and it ruined me.  So of course I totally recommend it.  x) 

Checkmate | Miles Edgeworth | Ace Attorney

Another nostalgia piece… sorta?  I just finished playing Investigations 2 and I’m just… feeling a lot of feels about Edgey rn, don’t mind me.

Battle Sense | Grand Admiral Thrawn | Star Wars Legends

“Good,” Thrawn said.  But there was something preoccupied and troubled about the way he clasped his hands behind his back.

[…] Pellaeon frowned at the Grand Admiral’s back.  “Is anything wrong, Admiral?”

“I don’t know,” Thrawn replied slowly.

Not necessarily the scene I was drawing, but it made me think of it - it’s one of my favorite little moments.  But I have to actually credit @rattle-and-burn’s awesome cosplay for inspiring this.  :D

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Little Revan | Darth Revan | Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Happy Star Wars day!  :)  *sighs wistfully and stares out the window*  But when will BioWare remaster KOTOR? 

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Imperial Schemes | Grand Admiral Thrawn | Star Wars (EU)

That last episode was just really inspiring and I’m so excited for this weekend’s ep now that I know Thrawn is in it again.  xD

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Safeguard | Grand Admiral Thrawn | Star Wars

I’ve been wanting to do a non-chibi version of Thrawn and a ysalamir for a while now.  I’m glad I finally got around to it!  :)

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