Something has occurred!~

“Oh my,” Fluttershy blushes, “The spell Twilight cast worked! I-I’m h-human!” She was sure it wouldn’t last very long but she couldn’t help but stare at herself in the mirror in awe. Her long pink hair and bright aquamarine eyes… It was her.

She smiled, “Hopefully, Mun can give us ponies—Well, I hope she can give us some attention soon. She is currently giving Haruka attention, so we will wait patien—” Another magical pink “POOF” occurred and Fluttershy was back to her regular ol’ pony self.

“Oh well, I knew it wouldn’t last long,” She sighed, “Time to get back to work I suppose. I got to report back to Twilight.”

pixelsmike asked:

But Chara wasn't already a monster?... oh wait... F**k it looks like a racist pun against monster! Aaah! Sorry i don't mean monster are terrible or evil... monsters of the underground are all wonderful creatures!

* O-oh, don’t worry about it!

* A-as for Chara, I’m afraid I don’t really know much about them… s-sorry…

anonymous asked:

What would you say if I stole Madsta from you?

* W-well, I’d be more concerned with what Maddy would have to say…

* o-or do, in this case. I don’t think he would take well to being stolen like some inanimate object…