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Global education is the key for Human Sex Trafficking prevention.

  1. Prosecuting women and children as prostitutes as criminals diminishes their ability to get out of the cycle. What about the johns, brothel owners and anyone else involved? Why aren’t the men who buy sex criminalized? Why not put their mug on a billboard? SHAME GAME.
  2. In order to keep children out of the sex slavery circuit and used as a commodity in this capitalist context the supply and demand is diminished when opportunities for youth and the poor are increased. An illiterate, poor and vulnerable child is statistically at risk for abuse and neglect.
  3. Sexual business economics: make the supply chain corrupt, boggle the logistics, make it economically unfeasible to operate and reduce the profit margin. 
  4. Naming and shaming countries who harbor predators, sexual tourism and create atmospheres for these industries to prosper.
  5. Consent Education from day 1 with our children
  6. Socializing men and boys to never accept buying another human being for sex or pleasure is okay.
Human Sex Trafficking & Israel - "The Law from Zion" | Exodus Cry

For the law will go forth from Zion and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem. -Isaiah 2:3 

Israel needs your help to see righteous legislation go forth from Zion.  Israel has been entrusted with a mandate to bless the nations and there is an opportunity in the coming weeks for the passage of an important anti-prostitution bill in the Knesset translated as “The Prohibition of the Purchase of Sexual Services”. This bill criminalizes the client and can set a precedent for purity, creating a ripple effect in the nations of the earth. There is a strong correlation between prostitution and trafficking. The passage of this bill would be a significant blow to the lucrative trafficking industry in Israel which generates an estimated one billion dollars annually. It would hinder both the cover and ease which enable the oppression of women to operate freely. 

Prostitution is currently legal in Israel. It is estimated that there are one million visits to 10,000 prostituted women in Israel every month. This is in a country with a population of only seven million.Many of these clients “visit” more than once a month. 

Do not profane your daughter by making her a prostitute; lest the land fall into prostitution and the land become full of wickedness.-Leviticus 19:29

The Israeli government stands on the threshold of a historic opportunity, an opportunity to close the door to wickedness and bring a blessing to the nation of Israel. Your involvement is crucial.  On February 12th, the bill will be presented to the Israeli Ministerial Committee, known as the Knesset Committee.  The decisions and recommendations of this committee have profound influence on the vote of the full Knesset.   Israel’s democracy is extraordinarily responsive to their citizens and the concerns of the global community; your voice is crucial.  Your impact will be most effective by joining us in the following three initiatives.

Pray: Cover the ministers and 119 Knesset members in prayer, that they may defend the cause of victims who are being exploited and oppressed. We are asking you to mobilize prayer for this issue as it is the only foundation for justice to be established upon.

Social Network: spread the word. Raise awareness concerning Israel’s opportunity to address and effectively combat trafficking through the passage of this bill. Please tweet, Facebook or repost this blog and the link below.

Write: Israel takes human rights issues very seriously; therefore it is essential for public support to be raised on behalf of this issue.  For this purpose a petition has been drafted to be sent to the Knesset Committee. Your voice can play a significant role in the debate and vote of the Committee on February 12th.


This is both a book and a movie documentary involving many different hate crimes on women. There are a few stories dealing with the life’s of women being human sex trafficked. The people who wrote this travel to countries with a celebrities to see and hear first hand what is going on in that country, and tries to empower these women to help themselves have a better, secure, and more stable life. 

Today my life was impacted forever by the strength and courage of @Timea77 Not only did she survive the brutality of being Forced to he a Sex Slave, she gives Hope to those who are trapped and strength to those who are afraid to speak up.

You’re a Teenage Girl
You Don’t speak English
You are promised a nanny job to help you’re family Back Home
It’s ALL a lie the Day you land in CANADA

20 Hours Of Sex
4 Hours of Sleep
1 Meal a Day.

For us it’s a Story… To Timea that was her life BUT SHE GOT OUT and is telling her story and helping Law Enforcement know what to look for!

Had I not been asked to host the @free_them walk in Toronto today I would be OBLIVIOUS to what is happening in CANADA!!!

#HumanSexTrafficking #CANADA #WeGottaHELP #amazingGrace

Today at 12, in honor of Sex Trafficking Awareness Month, the ladies of @sheissoul and I are hosting “The Heat” a conversation about how close to home human sex trafficking affects us in San Diego. Come out for refreshments and join us in a conversation about this issues that are impacting our community! There’s a lot to be learned about human trafficking. 4855 Seminole Dr. close to SDSU. #SheIsSoul #SanDiego #HumanSexTrafficking

Male Sex Trafficking

Although many women and children are mainly sex trafficked they are men who are also sex trafficked into the slave trade. 

“Internationally, there has been a greater response to male victims of sex trafficking, especially in Asia and the Middle East where the crime is much more rampant. Service providers in the UAE recently opened the first center for male victims of human trafficking in Abu Dhabi and anti-trafficking organizations focusing solely onmen such as Urban Light are common in Southeast Asia. In general, there are more foreign organizations working with male victims of sex trafficking because of the high rates of HIV / AIDS in Asia and the global south. Treatment for HIV / AIDS is often part of the rehabilitation and recovery services offered for male victims of sex trafficking. Even in developed countries, there has been a concern for male victims of sex trafficking. For example, in the United Kingdom there is growing awareness of the number of male victims after a report by the Salvation Army stated that 41 percent of human trafficking victims in the United Kingdom weremen. Regardless of location or gender, what it really comes down to is that all victims of sex trafficking need a safe place for recovery and rehabilitation.”

– Michelle Lillie