The LOK fandom continues to baffle me day by day

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witch-i-might-be asked:

I agree completely with the fact that a lot of vegans aren't sympathetic to people who simply can't afford to be vegan. That's a product of subsidizing meat, and it's something we should fight to flip (subsidize fruits and vegetables instead). That being said, I don't think you understand the mindset a lot of vehement vegans come from. Not saying they're right or wrong, but most I know don't put humans above animals. They believe hurting an animal is just as bad as hurting a human (part 1)

so claiming that they’re dehumanizing POC or whatever other marginalized group isn’t a valid point to them, because they don’t view humans as superior. You can disagree with them all you want (and sure, I have a certain fondness for my own species as well), but I don’t think you’ve grasped that you have a completely different paradigm. Screaming at each other isn’t useful in the slightest when you don’t realize that you’re talking about different things (part 2)

From a biological standpoint, there isn’t much proof that we are somehow superior to dolphins, for instance. They are capable of abstract thought, complex language, social bonds similar to our own, etc etc. Neurologists can’t tell an MRI of our brain apart from theirs. This is the mindset vegans are coming from. They don’t see how it puts humans on a lower level to compare them to animals, because they don’t see animals as inferior. I know that’s hard to grasp. (Part 3)

Blindly lashing out at each other does no good. You don’t seem to be addressing the idea that vegans view eating meat as horrible as cannibalism. Their beliefs are just as vehement as your own. “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” Please try to consider the idea that these people aren’t coming from the same frame of reference you are, so your arguments don’t hold any ground with them. (End)

You fit a whole lot of bullshit into just four asks

Like you’re being condescending as fuck here. I am fully aware that vegans have a different moral code than I do. I do not know how many times I can say I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH VEGANS THEMSELVES. you basically came into my askbox like “yeah some vegans are shitty you’re right about that but have you considered they don’t need to be decent human beings because they feel something different than you?” There are countless moral vegans agreeing with me, so your argument holds zero water. None.

The issue here is that I pointed out the problems that you yourself have said are valid, and vegans took that as an opportunity to jump on me and say I hate all vegans. And no matter how many times I clarified my position, they still came at me like I was saying I hate all vegans. that’s not an issue of a different moral code; that’s a group of people willfully misconstruing what I’m saying and then harassing me about it. The fact that you’re defending harassment because of morality is laughably pathetic, especially considering how many vegans have agreed with me.

I posted asking people to stop messaging me. I posted the effect all of these harassing messages were having on me. I posted that I had to go to the hospital today. I posted that I was reeling from a violent altercation that brought up issues with my past abuse. I posted MULTIPLE TIMES that I have no problems with vegans.

But people - and I include you in this - still willfully missed what I was saying and continued to message me. After all I’ve posted about this, you thought it was a good idea to send this. I spoke about my mental state at length regarding this issue, and you still felt the need to further harass me about some utter bullshit and act like *I’m* in the wrong .

I’ve had a shit ton of vegans come into my askbox telling me that I’m right and that they have the same problems with other vegans. that they’re morally vegan but know exactly where I’m coming from. So your bullshit posturing like I’m the asshole here is absolute garbage. People are harassing me, people like you continue to come after me even though I’ve posted at length how this is affecting me, and yet I’m the bad guy for “lashing out”? Why don’t you go after the vegans sending me fucked up messages? Why don’t you go after the vegans sending me messages even after I asked people to stop? Why don’t you go after all of the people who are willfully missing what I’m saying in order to continue messaging me about this bullshit and act like I’m the bad guy somehow?

oh wait that’s right because you’re doing the same thing, so you don’t care. The fact that you can read my posts, see the people coming after me even after I’ve asked them to stop, and act like *I’m* the one lashing out is bullshit. I have literally zero remorse for my response. I am not harassing anyone, I am not out of line. You people are for continuing something that is obviously causing someone distress. You’re the asshole in this scenario, not me. This is literally the shit my abuser would pull, and I am not having it.

Sorry not sorry I did nothing wrong in this scenario


fortifiableyouth said i’m laughing so hard 

  It is all fun & games until I assault a Sams Club employee with a Dell mini. Then suddenly it’s five hundred dollars in damages + however much a human skull costs

sonofshadow said omg, i’m about to buy a new laptop as well but last time i went there and disagreed with his ‘help’, he was like ‘you don’t like it because you don’t know how to use it? (((;’ EXCUSE U-

you should have held up one hand and walked forward till it was right up against his face and then hauled him the fuck out of your way by the front of his head, b/c the amount of time you have for basic bitches is exactly NONE

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The hard fact is veganism will always be a matter of preference and these farm animals will have to die not only to sustain those who choose to eat meat but for population control. What we CAN do is make slaughtering more humane..Or not judge others.

the hard fact is that by 2048 humans will be forced to adopt vegetarian and vegan diets. what humans are doing isnt sustainable. slaughtering 300,000,000 cows a year is not ‘population control’, its human superiority and cruelty. that isnt natural. no form of slaughtering is ‘humane’ im crying there is no humanity in killing billions of animals a year for a bit of taste please be realistic and educate yourself oh dear


isnt just against animal abuse. Its against capitalism, its against the objectification of living bodies. Its against pollution, wasted resources, world hunger, and climate change. Its against the human superiority complex and the lack of compassion which permeates society..

It is against all of these things. Whether you recognize it or not, you choose and vote to support these systems when you buy animal products.

So we’re doing this thing in AP Lang where we watch commercials and do the Logos Pathos and Ethos and it’s really hard for me because I’m not easily swayed by emotion like
“ohhh look at this cool car, so fast and shiny” yeah ok but I don’t need one of those I already have one????

mediawatcher37 asked:

I just want to ask you this, how do you feel about Pearl? I've been losing a lot of respect for her lately, she nearly got Steven killed twice and pretty much resents him at this point, one of my least favorite episodes were we need to talk, cry for help, and roses scabbard especially for the way Pearl was behaving, I know nobody's perfect, but what she did was just insane, she makes fun of humanity and considers herself superior, yet she herself is petty and pathetic!

I agree with you that Pearl have been doing some unacceptable things that made her look pathetic and losing the credit for being the ‘wisest’ one in the team. I might have felt disappointed but I still have respect for Pearl. Pearl is just a person who lost her way, without someone to guide her or someone to look up to, she’s struggling and did some dangerous things that could be fatal to her peers. She did admit that she’s weak and she’s useless on her own. We do stupid things when we are troubling and struggling in life.


I need to write a short story about aliens for my creative writing class and I KNOW, I KNOW there is a post floating around out there about the many ways humans could be superior to aliens and I CAN’T FIND IT but I NEED IT so please if you vaguely remember what I am talking about SEARCH YOUR BLOG FOR IT and then rebagel it and tag me so I can write this MoFo kay? Thanks

Project Legacy AU

David Baxter: The Project Director

Anax Walker: Subject Alpha

Project Legacy is a black project with one goal in mind: The creation of the Perfect Human; one that is superior physically, mentally, and emotionally. Resources are limitless thanks to anonymous supporters, Scientists are brought from all over the world, and David Baxter oversees everything. He gives the orders, he approves the tests, and decides if anyone has outlived their usefulness.

The Roles of this AU are (though not restricted to):

  • The Scientists that Baxter recruits
  • Security Guards charged with handling the Subjects should they misbehave
  • Any Subjects that are created during the experiment
  • A Peacekeeper charged with finding and terminating the First Renegade (Subject Alpha)
  • A Role that is discussed with me, (privately if you wish)

There is only one Peacekeeper, but whether they are a Subject or not will be discussed to all who are interested

If you decide to create a Subject, there are few rules to follow:

  • Each Subject is named after the Greek Alphabet (Ex: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, etc.)
  • Any alternate names a Subject receives has to match the first letter of their Subject Name (Ex. Subject Gamma: Gary, Greg, Gerard, Gazelle, etc.)
  • A Subject becomes a Renegade if they successfully escape the facility where they are held, but Security has gotten tighter since the First Renegade’s Escape (Though even labeled as Renegade, they are still addressed by their Subject Name)

there is a crapload of dirt on our porch a bunch of ants brought it there piece by piece because that’s what they are genetically programmed to do, bring millions of pieces of dirt, one at a time, from the yard to the porch, and they are totally fucking okay with that being their entire life’s purpose this is why humans are the superior species 

@peanut-butterandbananasandwichsmsaid: I feel like the answer primarily is sexism tbh

you’re probably right unfortunately… 

like one criticism i read was that ds9 turned roddenberry’s utopian vision on it’s head, then voyager goes right back to a narrative in which humans are morally superior etc. but like… the reason janeway clings so dearly to the ideals of the federation is because there is no federation where they are. they are not accountable to anybody, they are completely alone and the minute they start walking away from those ideals, even for a minute, is where they start to fall into a slippery slope…

like honestly it doesn’t take a genius to work it out.

but hey she’s a woman, so she’s a bitch and not fit for captaincy. obvs.

anonymous asked:

It was a grand day, wasn't it? Rain is so great! Humans do not deserve it (or flowers) but we get rain and flowers anyways. Mother Natures gift to us I guess. What a splendid being she is! Just grand! Far superior to humans! FAR superior!

My bean I had just an indescribable day with you :’)

The moon has veins.

There is so much symmetry in the natural. I want to document it all in some glorious fashion. I want wings. Birds are superior. Why do humans think we are so superior? I cannot breathe underwater. 

I thought maybe if I combed long enough, there would be nothing left. Maybe, maybe if I combed some more…

Sometimes it is a burden, to be the Beetle Queen. To carry the shield shell of lacquered green resent and bitterness. I don’t know how to talk to you about what’s happening in my skull. If I could, I would. But it’s lodged in some deeper black cavern of my sad attempt at a sheath. 

Oil is beautiful when spilt at random on a concrete floor already full of car grease and dirt. Can you smell it? 

There is little I don’t find beautiful anymore. There is little that doesn’t make me cry. There is little I find comfort in. 

Maybe a shower?