humans vs zombies

You know what time of year it is - it’s time for a new season of HvZ awesomeness.

This has to be one of my favorites of all time - easily ranking in the top 5 of NERF loadouts I’ve ever seen. This setup is an excellent example of aesthetic form following practical function in a combat load-out.

Gear Overview:
- Apex Thunderblast Back Scabbard
- Apex Rocket Holders
- Apex Drop Leg Strongarm holster
- Apex Strongarm Spare Cylinder holders
- Apex Drum Pouch
- Apex Combat Belt
- Narrowbase NMAG’s
- Narrowbase Double NMAG’s
- Tactical Molle vest (Full body)
- Tactical Molle Drop leg pad (Large)
- Tactical Molle Drop leg pad (Small)
- Tactical Knee pads
- Tactical SWAT gloves
- Velcro “BIOHAZARD” patch
- Nerf bandoleer
- Gas mask with built in fan
- Combat helmet with cover
- Tactical goggles with cover
- Neck cloth/Shemagh
- 2 Arm bands

Remember to watch those corners and check your six - and stay human out there.

Hiccstrid Humans vs. Zombies

Humans vs. Zombies is happening on my campus, so…I had to do this. It was too perfect. 

I imagine Astrid would be one of the last survivors. A large horde of zombies make it their personal mission to eat the brains of this one incredibly defiant human. Hiccup died early on in the game, and so decides to participate. On Day Nine, after classes get out, they attempt to ambush her as she heads back to her dorm. She gives them a good chase, nearly making it off the quad. She is so close, but they manage to surround her in the nick of time. Astrid figures, hell, if she is going to die, she’ll do it in style. So she loads a new mag into her nerf gun and begins shooting with abandon just as they begin to charge. She fights off the first wave of zombies, reloads, and peels off the second wave. As the third wave hits, she runs out of ammo. She drops her gun, because it is useless, and turns to run. But then she feels a strong hand grip her arm, holding her in place. She turns to behold Hiccup, panting, freckled face split into a wide grin at the idea that he of all zombies, caught her. She can’t help but grin back. He slowly moves his hands to her waist. She tilts her head back, and he plants a chaste kiss on her lips. Her adrenaline-filled body decides it isn’t enough, so she deepens it. He responds, with passion, determinedly ignoring the cheering and catcalls of the surrounding students. She couldn’t imagine a better way to die. 

*If you haven’t heard of the game, basically, you start off with a few zombies amongst many humans. Over the course of ten days, zombies endeavor to tag humans while humans fend them off with nerf guns and socks. When a human is tagged, they die and become a zombie for the remainder of the game. Humans have green bandannas around their arms, zombies tie them around their heads. It’s basically a game of attrition. And it is fantastic

**Rules differ a lot from campus to campus. You may be more familiar with a different version. On my campus, we have about 300 players, so it is huge. 


This is it; the pinnacle of Nerf modding.

350 feet non-arced ranges, Xbox-huge ammo capacity, 4x power scope for precision shooting, adjustable stock, and integrated suppressor (note the extended barrel) for stealthy combat. Can also include an underslung weapon or tactical device. The Stealth-Ninja-Ultra-Sn1p3r-Assault-Commando Triad Special, Version 3 with optional attachments.

Zombies better start running.

Here’s a short summary on each of the 7 shot Hammershot cylinders I’ve tested so far. Left to right;

1: Orange Etsy cylinder, 2 sets fo 20 bucks: rotation issues. Drive post too short. Seller is updating the model based on feedback. Once I get the updated ones I’ll post results.

2: White cylinder from US seller on Ebay: nice rotation, really tight barrels (almost too tight). But I had to sand down the entire outside diameter - it rubs on the Hammershot body causing rotation issues. Sometimes the darts barely fit into the barrel - like “get bent and mashed trying to mash them down in there” barely fit. Regardless, this is the best one so far in terms of consistent performance and dart fit. Sand it down and it works pretty well.

3: Black Chinese cylinder from Ebay: I talked about this one before. Kinda loose barrels. Ripped the foam off the compression tube and I had to sand it down before it worked well. Requires new(er) darts that fit snug to work. Compared to the white one the dart fit is too loose.

I have one more 7 shot cylinder on order from seller OutOfDarts on Etsy. It’ll arrive in 8-10 days. This is from the guy who made the Rival tube feed magazine and Rival backpack – so I have higher hopes on his design. He indicated he made several changes and upgrades to the previously tested variants. I’ll share my findings as usual.


A promotional Illustration I did for the Gnarwhal Studios website and the Humans Vs Zombies Rebranding. for those of you who don’t know, Humans vs Zombies is a hugely popular “big game” that is played accross college campus’s around the world. It’s essentially a giant game of zombie tag with some additional rules and organization. 

Type and design was handled by the talented Ade’ Hogue

Gnarwhal Studios just launched a kickstarter for their new game: Slap .45!  I also did the art for that project as well.

You can back us here:

Chicago, meet Max Temkin; Max, this is Chicago.

One big observation when looking at Amazon’s best selling games, most of them are Cards Against Humanity. We could only think of one person to speak about this month’s topic and his name is Max Temkin. Known for his addicting, fun, and free games like Humans vs. Zombies and Cards Against Humanity, Max is going to talk to us about how he infuses Play into his work.

Max has been a big part of our local community and the design community at large. Many of you have played his games, backed his kickstarter, or seen a gaggle of college kids running from zombies but you may not know Max is a humble Box Salesman by trade.

 A humble Box Salesman by trade.

Max is originally from our Burbs. He educated himself in Baltimore with a brief time back in Chicago to help elect a president. After returning to our windy city in 2010, he saw Jim Coudal’s 2011 CreativeMornings talk and decided to take on his own projects as if they were clients. 

We are honored to have him speak and if you have ever played Cards Against Humanity before, come with your favorite game story to share.

Follow Max @MaxTemkin, we will see you Friday!