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“So,” said Miko, “I heard you used to study humans.”

“I used to study your *planet*.” said Starscream, still typing, “Many planets, in fact. And by extension, the lifeforms that they produced. Why do you bring this up?”

“Ratchet just told us.” Raf supplied.

“Oh?” Starscream continued to look at the screen.

“Aaaand, we figured…” said Miko, “since… well you’re gonna be here for a while, what with the alliance and everything…”

“–That you might be interested in asking us questions!” Jack piped up.

“And we thought we could ask *you* questions!” said Raf. Starscream actually stopped to look at them properly.

“Think of it as… a cultural exchange.” Miko said with a grin.

“What knowledge do the young of your species possess that I could not have already discovered?” Starscream said with a quirked brow, “I have observed your wars, politics, your biological make up, your scientific endeavors, your social engagements. What use would your information be to me?”

“It doesn’t have to have a use, it can just be a fun fact.” said Raf, “For example, some humans, like myself, like to build computers recreationally…”

“While *I* like to jam out to epically loud music!” Miko said, fiddling with an air guitar.

“Do you have any fun facts about Vos?” asked Jack. Starscream’s wings stiffened. “That’s where you’re from, right?”

Starscream thought about whether to entertain them or to ignore them, but in the end…

“… Vos was a city for flight frames, like myself. It was made up of tall spires that had landing and launch pads installed on them to aid in transportation.” Starscream said with a sigh, “Your fun fact is that the shortest spire was approximately 3 times the height of the One World Trade Center, in New York City.”

“That was the *shortest*?!?” said Miko. Starscream nodded.

“Cool!” said Jack.

“Anything you can think to ask us?” said Raf, looking hopeful. Starscream hesitated again, but decided to press on despite his embarrassment.

“Alright…” he said, turning around and kneeling lower to their level, “What exactly is the function of a rubber duck?”

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Hello! I recently discovered this blog and have spent hours looking over your amazing art! I know you're very busy but do you think you could draw human tfp soundwave one more time ? Doing soundwave stuff ?He's my favorite and your style makes me love him 10000x more!! (Your laser beak is amazing btw)

Cybertonians reacting to their human s/o crying


At first, he is a bit taken aback, but after a few moments to process what he is seeing, he will jump right into comforting you. He will listen carefully allowing you to talk about what made you upset then make an inspirational speech to cheer you up and get you motivated again.


He panics as soon as he sees you crying. Whats wrong? Are you hurt? He will beep at you for a while concerned momentarily forgetting that you can’t quite yet understand what he is saying (Everyone has been lending a hand to teach you Cybertonian). Once he finds out what made you upload set he will steal you away and play video games and watch movies with you until you feel better. If you’re REALLY upset he may get the kids to help out in cheering you up too.


He also panics, but in a more angry way. Did someone hurt you?! Does he need to teach someone a lesson? After he finds out what has happened (and maybe after convincing him not to attack someone), he instantly goes into comfort mode. Whatever you want to do, no matter how crazy or silly, just ask, and he’ll do it.


At first, he doesn’t realize you’re crying and tells you to be quiet so he can focus on his work. However, after taking a moment to look at you, he realizes and instantly feels guilty. Immediately he scans you to make sure that you’re not crying in pain, then he stops and carefully kneels down and listens to what happened. He’ll eventually get you out of being depressed into an emotion that he is much more used to; annoyance. Before you know it you’ll be complaining and maybe even laughing about how people (or whatever) can be so stupid/unreliable.


This one panics and grabs you in a rush to the medbay. His human is leaking! Better get Ratchet to fix you! You’ll have to explain to him that you’re crying and it’s completely normal for humans when they’re sad. Once he understands he will have you hope in his alt mode and drive you around a city of your choice until you feel better… or maybe just more focused on your fear of crashing, pit he drives fast.


Why ya crying sweetspark? He listens to your problems in a surprisingly careful manner. After he hears you out, he offers you some advice and then offers to let you drive the Jackhammer (like really fast, dangerously fast) for a while to blow off some steam.

Ultra Magnus

Honestly, not the best comforter in the world, and he knows it. He has a mask of indifference but is secretly panicking because he has NO clue what to do. He will probably mess up big time here, but he will make sure to make up for it to you later.


Talk about rage. Upon sight, he immediately thinks someone hurt you. How was it? Was it Starscream? It was probably Starscream. When he finds out what really happened, he will get quiet and a little bit embarrassed. He will be extra gentle with you and make sure to take you somewhere the other Decepticons won’t bother you. Everyone will be mysteriously nicer to you in the following few weeks.


Scrap. His human is broken. Oh, you’re just upset, thank Primus… No! He didn’t mean it like that, he’s just glad you’re not physically harmed. He’ll be such complete dork trying mumbling about trying to figure out what’s wrong that it’ll actually cheer you up. Which confuses him greatly.


Soundwave notices immediately when you’re crying and makes a ‘bridge to get to you. He picks you up gently and listens to your problem(s) before taking you back to his station, (the long way so you can calm down a bit). He’ll place you on his monitor while he works and will pause his work to focus on you if you speak and will follow any requests you make. For the rest of the week or so he has Laserbeak stay with you and even carry you around.

Knock Out

His immediate response is actually to flatter you into your blushing too hard to be sad anymore. Afterwards, he will ask you what happened and will help you realize that while it is okay to cry, you don’t need to stress over anything as you have him and he’s always going to be there for you.


After being assured that he does not, in fact, have to kill a mech, he’ll get flustered, similar to Ultra Magnus in that he isn’t sure what to do (Why can’t he just punch his way out of this!), but unlike Ultra Magnus, he’ll manage to wing it. He’ll panic outwardly and won’t hide that he clueless on how to cheer you up and seeing him panic will just show you how much he cares about you because for Breakdown to panic he must really care.


Dreadwing will at first be a little confused on what’s going on before quickly realizing the situation. He will then listen to carefully to what has happened before giving you some heartfelt advice. It may not necessarily cheer up, but you will walk away feeling inspired and with a plan.


The sight of you crying almost sets him into a murderous rage. Almost as in he makes his way to go off into said rage and is only stopped by your small cry for him to stay. To which he completely melts to. He’ll stay as long as you want dear, he’ll listen to you and curl up around you in his beast mode and make sure that you feel as loved and protected as he can.


A small offering to @itsthelass for her amazing Uneasy series, here’s a small scene from Beyond the Brink, the most recent story. I’m so excited that it’s being updated again, it feels like my birthday.

Mega cheers to @ladybajingoarts for introducing me to this rad pairing, and my awakening into a total giant robot nerd. This pairing is life.

TF:P Starscream because I’m still learning his G1 model.

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Tfp cons getting a hug from human s/o in their holoform headcanons, please


At first, he freezes, unsure of physical affection, before he relaxes into the hug and eventually hugs you back gently. This is new… but he likes it, though he won’t admit to it out loud. Because of the size difference, he’s usually the one giving you affection, but he needs this, having an extremely stressful job coupled with a poor temper, he finds that this calms him down, and it quickly becomes one of his favorite things.


The first time it catches him off guard and he stumbles backward, causing the both of you to tumble backward and both of you to laugh it off. The second time he’s more ready and hugs you back tightly. He absolutely loves it when you give him affection! If you want something from him and he’s being difficult, just hug him and there’s a 75% chance he’ll change his mind and do as you ask.


Cuddles! He is a sucker for cuddles- as long as it’s in private! Let’s just say he quickly becomes addicted and will pretty much demand as many hugs as he can get. It makes him so happy and brightens his mood visibly- and with him, if you can see that he’s happy, he must be ecstatic. If you hug him on the rare occasion that he is in a bad mood but still enters his holoform, he’ll stop whatever he was doing and blush just a little as he calms down and it is the cutest thing ever.

Knock Out

Will accept a hug any time and any place with open arms and a bit of a smirk. He loves physical contact with you and for some reason, you’re a lot more convincing in his arms, and will pretty much instantly melt to any request you make completely. If anyone else is lucky enough to see this, they’ll chuckle and his face will go red with embarrassment.


He’ll turn into a puddle of embarrassment, and he’ll have a hard time forming sentences and keeping a straight face because he’s way to focused on trying to stop blushing. If you hug him in public, his holoform may even fade out of existence because he has lost the necessary focus to keep the holoform up and running, and will apologize to you later once everyone stops laughing at him.


He’s not much of a hugger, he’ll allow you to hug him while you’re both off duty, but he won’t really enjoy it, he prefers talking to you and doing things with you instead, but hey, you seem to like it, so he’ll go along with it, because if you’re happy he’s happy.


He’ll find it both odd and not odd at the same time, he has circled himself around you in the past in his beast form, so he’ll find a hug familiar in that sense, but at the same time, this is a brand new experience. He will find regular hugs pleasant, but will really enjoy hugging you from behind as it suits his fiercely protective nature.

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So I was digging around slightly and found that starscreams name in Ukrainian apparently translates as "dawnscream" which kinda makes him sound like a rooster that really hates mornings and I wanted you to have that mental image because I will not suffer alone

I hope you can be pleased that “mental image” progressed into a silly comic that included spending 2 hours alone drawing a close up of Starscream cracking his knuckles in preparation to scream for a side goal of hand anatomy practice.

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Could I request TFP poly waves and human please?

Poly Relationship with TFP Soundwave and Shockwave
● S/O isn’t allowed in the lab when Shockwave is working; it’s too dangerous and absolutely illogical. So during times like this, S/O is typically with Soundwave. He’s a pro when it comes to multitasking, so he’s more than capable of keeping S/O entertained until Shockwave takes a break.
● You know Soundwave will record anything cute that S/O does and show Shockwave later
● Sometimes S/O and Soundwave force Shockwave to take breaks because he’s a total workaholic. These breaks include tons of snuggles and S/O giving these boys lots of smooches. Soundwave has a heart on his screen the entire time.
● Neither of the wavebabes have mouths, which means there’s a lot of soft helm-to-forehead touches. It’s adorable really. A giant alien robot gently touching foreheads with a tiny human. It doesn’t get much cuter, folks.
● S/O is always allowed to sit upon Shockwave’s tiddy
● Soundwave makes lots of cute home movies. He plays them when all three of them are relaxing together.


TFP Knockout

The dazzling shine of the car is what first catches your attention, but it’s your curiosity that draws you to it. You feel almost compelled to approach the silent, sleek sports car that rests along the side of the steet, illuminated by the nearby streetlights. You’re certain that you’ve never seen this car before, and that puzzles you to no end. You live on this street, after all, and to your knowledge none of your neighbors had gotten a new car. You didn’t recognize it from anywhere else in town either, and with how small a place Jasper is, you’re sure you’d remember a car as nice as this one if you had ever seen it around.

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