humans of prague

I just wanna say, my favourite thing about Orisa is that she’s distinctly human.

I think the worst and laziest idea in all science fiction is the idea of general artificial intelligence as a kind of blank slate, as something that just exists.

I don’t know if we’ll ever create GAI, but I’m willing to bet they won’t speak in a synthetic, unaccented, “neutral” English.  I can’t imagine humans creating a kind of person which fails to reflect the culture and society that birthed it.

Orisa’s distinctly Western, Sub-Saharan African look and voice is, in a very weird way, incredibly realistic to me.

She looks like something we’d actually create.


Homosexuality is punishable by death in 7 countries. 7 people put nooses around their necks to represent LGBTQIAP people who have to live in these 7 countries in constant fear.

Homosexuality is punishable by prison in 76 countries in the world. Gay people across the world live in fear, suffer discrimination and violance.

Lets stand up together and fight against homophobia and prejudice. Because human rights should be everyone’s pride

This is what TMI TV series means to me

And Tessa in Idris. And Jem kicking faerie ass. And Emma Carstairs and all the Blackthorns.
Possessed Jace. Sace banter.
RAT-SIMON. And vampire-Simon. And human-Simon.
Venice. Prague. Italy. Paris. More Sebastian. The Seventh Sacred Site.
Magnus Bane. Glitter. Catarina Loss. Malcolm Fade. Ragnor Fell.
The destruction of the Fairchild Manor. Jace and Clary kissing in the grass.
Clary and Sebastian, friends, talking, laughing – kissing.
Clace sex. Malec sex. Alec-walking-in-on-Sizzy-almost-having-sex. Sassy Alec.
Flashbacks to the 1800s. Will, Jem, Tessa, Henry, Charlotte, Jessamine, Sophie, Gabriel, Gideon, Cecily. More Magnus.