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hey, i really REALLY love your barracuda Jeremy! i'd love to learn more about him or see him more! do you have any head canons you could share about him/the au?


@being-edward-hyde and @stuck-in-the-ghost-zone r also developing the au (hyde was the one w the initial idea im p sure)

ok so headcanons and details under the cut heck yea heck yea

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Simple Wants And Needs by spookysofiaa


Keith tries to communicate his expectations about their relationship to Lance… Obviously it doesn’t go too well and they end up in an unexpected situation.

Basically Keith wants to have sex and can’t ask for it, so Lance teases him and has a little fun of his own. Kinks are discovered.

Tides by aeruh

[Ongoing|Chapters:22/?|Words:40,208|General Audiences]

Keith is a human who likes to beachcomb. Lance is a merman who collects human things. You would think this meant they got along pretty well, but they don’t; at least, not at first.

(In which Keith likes to brood in a cave when he’s upset about something and Lance is a merman with cool blue bioluminescence.)

The Universe Put Us Together For A Reason by Snoop_Kat

[Ongoing|Chapters:23/?|Words:60,903|Teen and Up]

“AU where the date that you met your soulmate is written on you. When you met them, the date changes to their name.”

Lance waited for the day that he would met his soul mate. He knew that she would be perfect and everything he ever wanted. Except she wasn’t a girl.

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It's me. Tangled AU anon. Back at it again with more Disney au thoughts. Little mermaid is like little mermaid. but not mermaids. omnics. So like... zen wants to know what it might be like. to NOT be an omnic. to be human. and not oppressed. And gets his chance to be human but at the cost of his voice. Bastion is like flounder, zen companion in exploring humanity.he collects human things. What is a hair brush for. Eating is???? Human life is very exciting for zen. Genji loved zens enthusiasm.

YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! yes to All Of This

boat scene more like zen is just pleased to not have to worry abt his heavy metal-ass body sinking anything t b h…. everyone wonders how he can understand the beeping of omnics like bastion and he just  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A Collection of Small Things

Cullen/Female Mage Lavellan

Pre-romance but man she likes the pretty human.

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Commander Cullen collects small things. It wasn’t his idea to start, they just…sort of started appearing, and he would very much like to know who is behind it and how they’re getting into his office space to leave them behind.

It had started with a little mabari figurine.

He was not really sure when, exactly, it had shown up, but there it was, sitting near the corner of his small camp desk one afternoon, staring at him with bright little black eyes—elfroot seeds, he thought, or maybe embrium? It was a little squat, wooden creature, sat on its haunches and looking like it was waiting for someone to pat its head or perhaps tell it what to fetch, and it had been stained a pretty sort of purple-red.

Cullen blinked, set down his pen, and picked it up, absently running his thumb over the thing’s rather fat belly. “Where,” he wondered quietly to himself, “did you come from?” Because clearly he was going to get an answer from a wooden dog.

He turned it slowly over in his fingers, mouth quirking in a lopsided grin before he could really help himself. Someone had taken the time to carve a tiny nub of a tail. It sort of reminded him of the mabari his family had raised and doted on when he was a boy. Loyal old thing. “Well. Can’t leave you here on your own, with us being so close to Orlais, can I?” he said to it, “Fereldans ought to stay together.”

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Destiel Fic: The one with the fanfic competition - Tenoko1 - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Started as a Tumblr prompt fic, but due to popular demand, I'm expanding on it. In which friends and family of the Winchesters have gotten into a secret weekly fanfiction battle for best scenario of Dean and Cas finally getting together. That is, until Castiel finds out.
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapter Two Added

‘It’s important you remember,’ Sam’s voice echoed in Cas’ head, ‘he probably won’t get what you are doing at first. He won’t understand what you are trying to say. Don’t let it discourage you.’

Dipping his hand into the pocket of his coat, Castiel’s fingers curled around the solid weight there, heart hammering in his ribs. He removed the stone and set it gently on the bedside table by Dean’s bed so it would be in his immediate line of sight when he entered his room.

The gem was brilliant with color, appearance like the very first sunset in creation had been frozen in time and encased in crystal.

Releasing a shaky breath, Cas turned and left the room before he could be found. Or change his mind.

It wasn’t a proposal. It was a gift of affection involving a stone. It was just a gift.

Why was he shaking and out of breath then?

Sam looked up when he entered the library, corners of his mouth curled in a smile. “How’d it go?”

Yanking out the chair next to him, Cas rapidly shook his head. “This isn’t going to work. He’s going to know. He’s going to figure it out, and then he is going to freak out and I am going to have ruined this. This was-this was a bad idea.” He shoved to his feet. “I need to go get it before he finds it.”

“Whoa!” Sam exclaimed, hand snapping out to curl around his wrist and stop him mid-flight. “Easy, Cas, breathe. Sit down.”

“I don’t know how I let you all talk me into this.”

“Easy, Cas, take a breath. You’re panicking-“

“I basically just left him my heart,” Cas hissed. “So, yes, I am panicking!”

Turning so they were knee-to-knee, Sam tried to catch his eye. “Cas. Look at me. You left him a gift. Just… something you thought he might like. It made you think of him when you saw it, so you wanted to give it to him.”

Charlie came in cradling a coffee mug and frowned in concern when she saw them. He straightened, gesturing to her with his hand.

“Penguin customs aside- Charlie, don’t humans like stones and gifts and trinkets? ”

She caught on quick, eyes lighting up as she slid into the chair opposite them. “Oh absolutely. Humans love stones and collecting things. Like, I love jade, or even anything that looks like jade. I’ve got a collection of these little mismatched chess pieces and little statues that are carved out of different stone and glass, and I’ve kept them forever just because I like them so much. They’re just something comforting about them.” Her brow arched. “We really like them when they were given to us as gifts just because the other person had us in mind when they saw it.”

“Yeah,” Sam assured. “And you aren’t putting him on the spot with it. Like I said, he probably won’t understand at first. This is going to take a while-“

“To woo him?”

A flush colored Sam’s cheeks, corners of his mouth wobbling before he gave in and smiled, warm and broad. “To woo him. Dean’s never been, well, courted before. Hell, Dean’s never really been shown open affection until recently. He doesn’t trust himself with it. Won’t let himself accept it at face value. He’s gonna come up with a million different reasons or excuses for your actions before he ever accepts the right one.”

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