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For those who like the “Humans are weird” posts...

You should check out the Confederation of Valor series by Tanya Huff. It’s a whole book series about this stuff.

Basically, a few hundred years in the future, there is a Confederation of many species who have all grown so ancient and enlightened that they no longer know how to make war. One day, they encounter Others who attack them, and who refuse all attemps at communication. They have to fight the Others, but they no longer know how. So, the Confederation recruits Humans, and a couple of other species, to fight for their survival.

The books tell the adventures of Human female Staff Sergeant Torin Kerr of the Marine Corps. (Not the USMC, not even the Human MC. Just the Marine Corps.)

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Where does Keith, lance and pidge participate in the altean!Hunk and Altean! Shiro?

Keith grew up as a Galra with the blade of marmora. Notices he ages fast (like I hc Galrans have long lifespans) Keith discovers he is half human and travels to Earth to find some answers and look into clues for Voltron. Figures out how to shift into his human form, joins the Garrison, gets kicked out (similar in the show basically).

Lance and Pidge are gonna remain human (the reason for this is because Coran is an instructor at the garrison and Allura is a senior office, what position Shiro had and got suspended/fired which was do with with her digging around into her Father’s death. So Allura is Lance’s hero, that I dig and Coran is one of their instructors, their fav one)

I’m thinkin then Altean!Shiro crashes to Earth (maybe escaping the Galra) but also a piece of Altean technology which Allura discovers and links her to the castleship. Gang saves Altean!Shiro, find out Keith’s half alien then find Blue Lion and off they go into space and find Altean!Hunk.

When you thought you two were great friends and only hanging out but 15 minutes later he starts calling you “beautiful” and invades your personal space


In order to try and sell the idea of a dinosaur movie free of any human voices, the staff at work on Disney’s DINOSAUR (2000, Dir. Ralph Zondag & Eric Leighton) put together a five minute proof-of-concept video which they felt demonstrated that you could tell a compelling story about dinosaurs without the need of dialogue or narration.

Disney’s chief executives did not agree.

Somewhat paradoxically​ however they did feel that this five minute clip was strong enough to use as a teaser trailer - if you can call five minutes of footage a teaser - to sell the film to audiences. The footage also, of course, became the opening scene of the movie itself.

It remains the closest thing to what DINOSAUR could have been if the original idea of the film as a voiceless movie had been followed through on.

@staff someone better tell me how my headshot of a historical figure was tagged as nsfw. did you think his cravat was a vagina? was the tricorn just a little too dirty for the children? oh, john trumbull, you naughty man!

  • Columbiners: *posts factual post about the columbine massacre*
  • The rest of Tumblr: there's a columbine fandom??!? you people are so sick!!! You need to be put on the FBI watch list!! @staff do something!
  • Columbiners: *fangirling over Dylan Klebold's ponytail*
  • The rest of Tumblr: *reblogs post* PSA!! This is an example of the serial killer fandom. Block and report all of their blogs!!! Don't attempt to contact any of them, as they are highly dangerous. Stay safe, y'all. It's a crazy world we live in. @staff
  • Columbiners: there were 15 victims
  • The rest of Tumblr: how dare you call those two monsters victims?!You're a piece of shit, kill yourself. I have traced your IP address and I am contacting your local police department as I type this. I hope you get locked up for the rest of your life. Smh my faith is humanity is officially gone. @staff
  • Columbiners: *reblogs a gif of Eric Harris spinning a prehistoric phone*

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Does the staff celebrate birthdays at Drew Studios? If not for the human staff, then maybe Joey or Henry arranges something for Bendy and his friends?

If it’s someone’s birthday they have to wear a little party hat the entire day, no exceptions. They gotta wear the hat so everyone knows to tell them happy birthday.
Same with the toons.

GOT7 - You winning at the arcade Punching Machine game

I got this random thought while watching one of the videos they did on who would get the highest score on the game-  if you have no clue what game I’m talking about; here’s the youtube link I hope you enjoy! 


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  • He went from smug to stunned in two point three milliseconds
  • High pitched yelling
  • Demanding a rematch
  • Angry feet stomping
  • Slapping hyungs who are teasing him for losing
  • Weak Maknae™


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  • Probably filming the whole event
  • Thinking of ways to make this a meme
  • Rolling on the floor laughing at Yug
  • Asking you to open jars instead of Yugyeom in the future
  • Checking your house for signs of you being superhuman
  • Designing and wearing shirts with weird edits of you with gigantic fists
  • “It’s called fashion, look it up sweaty”


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  • Hiding because Jackson demanded that you did the punishments for this round
  • Reminding you that he’s your sunshine
  • Bringing up that one time he tried to cook for you three years ago
  • Aegyo™
  • If that doesn’t work he’ll say he really needs to use the bathroom and not come out for the next two hours
  • Them pinning him down as soon as he comes out
  • Crying


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  • Asking if you’re okay because that score definitely isn’t human
  • Trying not to look impressed
  • He proceeds to call you Weakling
  • “I aM oLdeR tHaN yOu!!!!!!”
  • Bringing up you winning in every possible situation he can just to see Yugyeom’s reaction
  • Telling you to make dinner for the next three weeks because you hurt him
  • Actually just wants some normal food that isn’t take-out
  • “Did you poison this?”


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  • Yelling
  • Dramatic yelling
  • Asking you to lift him up
  • More yelling
  • Gripping your biceps
  • Calling you in the future to fight Yugyeom whenever Yug teases his hyungs
  • Starting a petition to make you their new bodyguard


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  • Praying to god that you’re not the dominant one in your relationships
  • Silently crying because he doesn’t want to be spanked by you
  • Giving you Evil Eyes™ across the room
  • “Go easy on me”
  • Not looking at you for two days after because your hand is imprinted on his butt
  • Wanting to show you the imprint
  • “Please keep your pants on Jaebum”
  • Whining whenever he sits down


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  • Googling ways to make money off of super human strength
  • Asking the staff if you made them rig the machine
  • Making you join his workouts
  • Posting pictures of you two in the gym
  • Fit Couple™
  • Shareholder of BamBam’s shirt business
  • Probably already made a fan page

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Can I request Oni Hanzo and reader going to a sauna (like the one is Spirited Away) and the reader being shook at all the monsters and demons and being intimated by overall everything? And Hanzo is there to calm her down and help her relax If request aren't open then sorry feel free to delete me :)

“You excited for today?” Your demon boyfriend wrapped his arms around your waist, his breath hot on the back of your neck. You were nervous, to keep things real. You hadn’t been around other monsters and demons before other than Hanzo.

You nodded and swallowed the forming lump in your throat. He placed a tender kiss on your cheek, “You’ll be okay, I’m here.”

Under an hour later, the two of you had arrived outside this grand building. The minutes you walked into the entrance, you felt out of place and judged. You caught other beings giving you the side eye. So you took a step closer to Hanzo and he put his arm over your shoulder.

The woman at the desk gave the two of you your tickets and you followed Hanzo around the place. He’d clearly been here many times before and was definitely known amongst the staff. You were anxious to leave his side, but when he had to go when the two of you had to change. He left you in the hands of a young woman who he must’ve trusted a lot to be left with you.

When you and this woman were alone, she asked you a few questions and when you revealed that you were actually human, she breathed a sigh of relief. Turns out that she was actually one of the only human staff at the spa - perhaps that was why Hanzo left you with her.

She assisted you in getting ready, and when you stepped out, he was there waiting for you.
  “You look stunning,” he breathed. “Thank you, Haru.”
The woman bowed and she returned to her duties.

Laughing, you slunk under his arm and cuddled his waist. He squeezed you close affectionately as you walked. He stopped you in front of a door labelled “Sauna”. You were here.

“You ready?” He asked. You paused but then nodded, took his hand and followed him. It was difficult to see, but you heard an array of strange sounds. You took a seat next you Hanzo and leaned against him. You’ll admit - it was relaxing…

That was until a large black monster decided to sit down a little too close to you. His dark and grungy slime was seeping down your left arm. You sat up straight and held your breath. Hanzo looked around at the monster and saw your uncomfortable face. You were lucky he didn’t unleash his fury on the monster next to you.
  “Let’s get out of here.” he whispered. He stood up and outstretched his arm to you.

When you were back in normal light, he could see the full ‘damage’ to you. A thick, black, tar-like substance caked your arm. He sighed and shook his head.
  “I know how to fix this.” Hanzo spoke, a smirk underlining his tone as he wrapped a towel to cover the mess of your arm.

He made his way through the maze of corridors, nodding to every member of staff that walked by. He pushed open a secluded door, inside was a dimly lit room where a large portion of floor was a swimming pool. On the water’s surface floated innocent rose petals as the smell of sweet springtime was present in the air.

“This was why I wanted to bring you here… My family’s invested a lot in this company and one of the perks is a private room or whatever.” He muttered, tints of pink blessing his stony grey cheeks.

You stood up on your toes to reach him, kissing his lips softly. “It’s perfect.”
  Hanzo smiled credulously. He walked backwards - still holding your hand as you stood there - until he let go and dropped into the water. 

His head poked up out of the water and his hair fell wet around his shoulders. You stood there and laughed at how dorky he was being - and yet as you stared at his shirtless figure slowly emerging from the water, you could help but notice how attractive he was.

He came to cuddle you, his dripping wet body pressed against your dry one. You laughed and pushed him off you. This only led to him raising his eyebrows at you, lifting you up in his arms - much against your struggle - and pulling you into the water.

As you came up you splashed his stupid grinning face. He splashed you back and you launched at him. He caught you and held you up at arms length so you couldn’t reach him. You laughed and he stared at you fondly. You took one look into his eyes and you felt your face begin to heat up.

Hanzo put you down and pulled you close to him. Looking into his eyes, he then kissed you passionately, arm around your waist as one of yours was loosly draped around his broad shoulders.

The black sticky tar began to melt away just like all your problems as your lips moulded around his.
  “This has been really fun.” You smiled. Hanzo pulled you closer to his chest and kissed the top of your head. A swirl of rose petals surrounding the both of you.

A China Rose: Chapter 8

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Summary: Y/N was once an employee at Prince Adams castle along with being his childhood friend but she doesn’t remember. Caught up in the curse, she ends up in Villeneuve where she stands out. But circumstances arrive and she somehow returns to the place she once called home, and a beast she once thought a friend.
A multi-chapter fanfiction. MASTERLIST

Author’s Notes: So, this is the longest chapter I’ve written. Nearly 5,000 words. I’m proud of this one. There’s more Beast so I’m happy. As usual, tags, requests and questions are open. I hope you all enjoy.

Chapter 8: A Guests Welcome
It turned out that whether it is a castle or a village, gossip travels fast regardless. News that there was a girl in the castle, one who was actually staying, had spread like wildfire. The former maids who were turned into plates, cutlery and dusters had all converged into the kitchen, (the heart of the mostly dying castle), to discuss what you might be like. Whether you were pretty. Whether you had a sense of fashion. The trivial things. Though you’d expect for maids to be excited about this news, they actually weren’t the ones who we’re buzzing the most about it all. The person who was most excited about a girl being in the castle was Chip, the young teacup. He was surfing around on his saucer at break neck speeds with his mother, Mrs Potts, desperately trying to get him to calm down, as she didn’t want to have end up calling him Chips.
“Mama, there’s a girl in the castle!” He exclaimed loudly for what probably was the fiftieth time.
“We know Chip.” Mrs Potts said rather exasperated, “We know.”
“Is she pretty? Is she nice?” He asked whilst continuing to zip around his mother. “What kind of tea does she like? Herbal? Oolong? Chamomile?”
Mrs Potts sighed. “We’ll find out soon enough.” She said in a bright tone before going dead serious and looking at her son sternly. “Now slow down before you break your handle!”
Chip came to a halt and took his place on the cart next to his mother.
At that precise moment, Lumière Cogsworth, Plumette and Y/F/N entered the kitchen all with solemn looks on their faces.
“What’s wrong dears?” Mrs Potts asked them. With Mrs Potts comment everyone in the kitchen (which was the majority of the staff) turned towards the group of four. The four of them exchanged hesitant looks before Lumière stepped forward and climbed onto the table in the centre of the room.
“We have news.” He began, and everyone listened intently as it was rare for Lumière to ever be serious. “The girl, which I’m sure you all know who is staying here,” There was a murmur of agreement as the staff all nodded. “Isn’t a normal girl.” Everyone stared at him confused. Not a normal girl. Did that mean that she was exceptionally pretty? “It’s Y/N.” He stated plainly.
There was uproar. Everyone began gossiping amongst themselves, questioning how she was still alive after being missing for so long. Many people started wondering what you looked like now, whether you had changed at all in the last nine years. Some were even questioning the validity of the statement.
“Is it really her?” Chip asked tentatively. Y/F/N nodded and everyone immediately went silent. It was true then. You’d returned. “Oh I can’t wait to play with her again.” Chip said about to continue when Mrs Potts hushed him.
“No Chip. You won’t be playing with her. Will he?” She asked Lumière. Lumière shook his head sadly.
“She doesn’t remember any of us.” He said and another murmur spread throughout the crowd. “And she isn’t to know who we are.” He finished.
“And the master isn’t to know either.” Cogsworth stated afterwards sternly. Everyone nods solemnly in agreement. Chip looked disappointed that you couldn’t play with him like before and Mrs Potts was looking down at her feet in sadness.
“Let us not be discouraged!” Lumière piped up, hoping to lighten the mood.
“Our original plan still stands.” He clapped his hands. “We are to make a dinner for them both.” He turned to Chef, who was a stove, “It is your time to shine mom ami!” Everyone quickly dispersed to go do their daily chores, now slightly more sombre, and the kitchen staff continued making the meal that you and the master were to share. Things were well underway when a loud roar was heard from the dining room.
“LUMIÈRE!” It hollered. The master had clearly discovered the extra set of plates laid out on the dinner table. Loud thuds could be heard approaching the kitchen doorway.
“Just let me do the talking.” Lumière tentatively said to Cogsworth, his flames dimming from the fear that now encased him. Cogsworth didn’t have time to respond before the kitchen doors burst open, revealing the Beast hunched and face contorted with rage. He was breathing heavily and his eyes were barely visible from his furrowed brow but the little you could see of them were dark and stormy.
“You’re making her dinner?” He fumed, staring down at all the staff in pure anger and disdain.
“We thought you would appreciate the company.” Lumière explained in the calmest voice he could muster in that moment.
“This isn’t a hotel. She is my prisoner, and this castle is the prison. She doesn’t deserve to dine with me.” The Beast rumbled. Before Lumière could explain the benefits of dining with another, and how you should still be allowed access to food, Cogsworth opened his mouth to speak. Lumière gave him a look to tell him not to utter a word but Cogsworth ignored the blatant signal.
“Master,” he began trying to protest his innocence, “You should know that I had no part in this plan. Giving her dinner, making her a dress, giving her a room in the East Wing….”
“You gave her a bedroom!” The Beast interrupted, his voice so loud and venomous that it caused Lumière’s flames to completely extinguish.
“Well…. I…..” Cogsworth stammered, desperately trying to back pedal on what he just uttered. Lumière, who had now regained his composure saw his friend struggling and decided to speak for him.
“It is true we gave her a room. If she is the one to break the spell,” he paused briefly thinking of when you were fond of the man who was now the Beast who stood before him, “maybe you could use dinner to start to charm her, non?” He patted Cogsworth on the back and to slightly punish him for trying to relieve himself of the master’s wrath Lumière added “Good thinking Cogsworth!”
“But… I….” Cogsworth stuttered but his stammers were over shadowed by the Beast’s next comment.
“That’s the most ridiculous idea I’ve ever heard.” He stated, eyes narrowing, with a smirk etched upon his face. “Charm the prisoner.”
“You must try master.” Lumière stated plainly. To exaggerate the importance of trying he added on, “With every passing day we become less human.”
The remaining staff in the kitchen perked up at the last sentence. It had been nine years since they were human. They all dreamed of the day when they could breathe once more but they were constantly crushed by the master’s unwillingness to try and break the curse. No sooner had Lumière finished the sentence, staff began giving the master encouragement. It was hard to ignore the desperation in their voices.
“But she’s a thief! She took a rose!” He said, the staff’s pleas being ignored and falling on deaf ears. “What sort of a person do you think that makes her?”
Mrs Potts spoke up then, after remaining silent for the majority of the conversation.
“Now you can’t judge people before you get to know them. That’s like judging people based off of their father.”
She didn’t need to say anything else, her meaning was clear. The rest of the staff braced for a sudden outburst from the Beast but instead he remained completely still. He locked eyes with Mrs Potts before letting out a resigned grunt. He turned and left the kitchen, Lumière, Cogsworth, Mrs Potts, Y/F/N and Plumette following close behind, exchanging nervous glances. They knew better that to leave him alone with you.
The Beast stood outside the bedroom door that now, against his wishes, belonged to you. He stood there scowling and he felt his servants staring at him from behind. Shifting uncomfortably he knocked on the door, hard. Twice.
“You will join me for dinner.” He commanded. “That isn’t a request.”
On her little serving trolley, Mrs Potts coughed shaking her head.
“Gently master.” She said carefully. “Remember the girl’s lost her freedom. That’s a lot to take in such a short amount of time.”
“Yes,” Lumière said, knowing full well that what he was about to say was completely unlike you. “The poor girl’s probably in there scared to death.”
The Beast sighed, frustrated at how complicated this business was. Still he knocked once more, but gentler.
On the other side of the door you also sighed, annoyed that the monster who locked you up was trying to talk to you. You had completely ignored the first knock and comment but on the second one, out of courtesy, you decided that you should at least acknowledge him.
“Just a minute!” You called trying ever so hard to try and hide the makeshift rope you had been creating for the past half an hour.
In the corridor, Y/F/N was happy to hear a response from you.
“You see.” Lumière said happily, “There she is! Now master, remember, be gentle…”
“Kind.” added Mrs Potts.
“Charming.” Plumette said whilst floating down to be besides Lumière.
“And when she opens the door, give her a dashing, debonair smile.” Lumière said. “Come, show us the smile.”
The Beast was taken aback by such a request. He had had no reason to smile for the past nine years and he was about to point that out but a glare from Mrs Potts was enough to put him into his place. He felt his muscles begin to move to form what he thought was a smile till he heard all the staff take a loud gasp in unison. It immediately made him frown once more.
“Less teeth?” Y/F/N suggested.
“More teeth?” Plumette contradicted.
“Different teeth?” Cogsworth stated bluntly.
“How about no teeth?” Mrs Potts said.
The Beast gave them all a warning look. He had had enough of their advice. If they wanted him to ask you to dinner then he would but you’d be damn sure that he wasn’t going to be forced to smile whilst doing so. Knocking once more he asked,
“Will you join me for dinner?”
In your room, your blood boiled. He thought he could lock you up and then dine together like you were best chums. This Beast had another thing coming. You marched over to the door, ignoring your ‘rope’, and spat out,
“You’ve made me your prisoner and now you want to have dinner with me! Are you insane?”
Just a door length away the Beast felt the anger gurgle within his chest. He clenched his paws and he began to snarl at the door.
“Calm yourself master.” Mrs Potts encouraged.
“But she’s being so difficult.” He snarled at her.
“Gently, master, gently.” She said warmly. The Beast took in another deep breath and tried to calm himself as much as he could. He was shaking slightly and it took a lot of effort to knock without breaking down the door.
“It would give me great pleasure if you’d join me for dinner.”
On the inside of the door you fumed. 'Liar’ you thought as he spoke to you. You wanted to be left alone. 'Let the Beast have some of his own medicine.’ You thought to yourself.
“And it would give me great pleasure,” you spat out, “if you’d leave me alone and go away.”
That was the final straw for the Beast. He snapped and began banging on the door so hard that you had to take a step backwards, fearing it would break and it also awoke Madame (although not for long).
“I told you to come to dinner!” He shouted at you.
“And I told you no!” You shouted right back. “I’d rather starve than eat with you.“ You added for good measure. Before you could turn around, the monster that stood outside your room responded.
"Well then, be my guest. Go ahead and starve.” The Beast turns around and faces all the servants. He released his anger out on them as it was their fault, in his mind, that he was in this mess in the first place. “If she doesn’t eat with me then she doesn’t eat at all!” He commanded. As he stormed away he began shouting profanities at the top of his lungs and most of them were directed at the staff. When he was well out of earshot Cogsworth muttered,
“You can’t speak to us like that.”
With one of their last hopes being slowly crushed by the master, Lumière decided to lighten to mood by dramatically announcing “Oh master, you are back!” which made Cogsworth loose some cogs. With a laugh echoing in their throats the staff began heading down to the kitchens, the overwhelming sadness beginning to creep through their joy once again.
In your room, the loneliness you felt was unparalleled. You had given up on your rope for now, and currently sat tucked away in a corner of your new room, hugging your knees close to your chest. Now you couldn’t eat when you wanted. You felt sick to your stomach. As you placed your head into your knees to think about what your life had now come to, you were unaware of the fact that the Beast was watching you through his mirror.
He placed the mirror down on the table next to the rose that told him how long he had left, about a year he presumed. He didn’t know where to look, everywhere was too painful. The rose only counted down till his doom, and the mirror just showed him how much you despised him. He looked down at the floor before he felt the castle shake slightly. He quickly looked up to see yet another petal fall. He felt himself grow more rigid instantly, more animalistic. Whilst he wallowed in self-pity, the staff continued with their jobs, trying desperately to ignore the fact that they just became less human.
After your brief reflection session, you had once again focused your attention onto trying to escape. Your rope so far was made from the bed sheets and Madame’s 'dress’ fabric. It barely made it halfway down the tower to the roof, let alone to the ground. Before you could even to think of other dangers to take into consideration, three knocks were heard at the door. The master had apparently returned but you didn’t want to speak to him.
“I thought I told you to go away!” You yelled at the door. It wasn’t the deep voice you were expecting that replied. Instead it was a gentle, female voice.
“It’s Mrs Potts, dear.”
You immediately felt bad for shouting at an innocent lady. You were in the process of hiding your rope when the door opened and a trolley with a matching teacup and teapot on it came rolling into the room. You recognised the teacup as the one that you thought kept on moving when you first arrived at the castle. At least now you knew you weren’t imagining it moving. You prayed that the teapot wouldn’t notice your half hidden rope but it just seemed that you weren’t having a particularly lucky streak as of late. The teapot’s eyes went straight to the rope hanging slightly out of the window and you inwardly cringed expecting to be punished for the action. Mrs Potts smiled slightly, happy to see that you were still just as smart as you were before. Seeing the fear in your eyes, she decided to do what any rational woman would do.
“That’s a long way. Why don’t I fix you up with one of these before you go? Nothing helps settle nerves better than a nice cup of tea.” She offered as she looked over to the Madame for a second opinion. “Isn’t that right Madame.”
The wardrobe was still asleep, letting out soft snores. “Madame! Wake up!” Mrs Potts said rather loudly. With a jolt, Garderobe awoke whilst being very confused.
“What? What time is it?” she asked, her voice still muffled from sleeping. “Did I fall asleep again?”
The little teacup chuckled.
“Madame used to sleep only eight hours a day.” He stated proudly, “Now she sleeps twenty-three.”
“Chip,” Mrs Potts looked at him with a pointed look. “We don’t discuss a lady’s habits. It isn’t polite.”
You smiled at the little teacup, who you now knew as Chip. He was so sweet, he couldn’t be older than six. You were about to ask what happened to him, as he seem like he’d give you the answers you were after but before you could, Mrs Potts had already begun to fill him up with some nice refreshing tea. Once done, she nudged Chip forward towards you.
“Gently now Chip.” She warned as he slowly made his way down from the trolley and along the floor to where you stood, using his saucer as a very nimble way of transport. You picked him up and felt rather sad that you had to drink from a cup that was somehow alive. What made you more upset was the fact that Chip was clearly so young yet he was a teacup. He couldn’t do anything that a normal six year old could do. He couldn’t play outside, he couldn’t run around, he couldn’t play ball. Chip could clearly sense your slightly sombre mood because he piped up whilst you held him.
“Do you want to see me do a trick?” He asked. You nod slightly in approval. He immediately scrunched his face together and blew a large bubble in the tea that grew and grew until there was a resounding pop. You laughed and it was a laugh that felt like you hadn’t done so in years. Mrs Potts smiled at the laugh, thinking back to when you were only a child as young as Chip.
“That was very brave of you to stand up to the master.” She stated, a few moments later.
“Yes, we all think so.” Madame added, even though you were sure she was asleep for most of it. ‘Maybe she can hear everything’, you thought to yourself.
“Well, he deserved a wake-up call.” You stated very matter-of-factly. “I don’t want to be his prisoner.” You looked down, and you placed Chip back on the trolley next to his mother.
“Cheer up Love.” Mrs Potts said encouragingly, “It’ll turn out alright in the end. You’ll see. You’ll feel much better after dinner I think.”
You looked up from the floor. Dinner, your stomach rumbled at the thought. You couldn’t help but wonder if this was a trick of some sort as the Beast specifically said that you weren’t meant to eat unless it was with him.
“But I thought that if I didn’t eat with him, then I didn’t eat at all.” You said, lowering your voice to mimic the Beast’s. Chip giggled at the terrible impression but stopped abruptly when he saw his mother’s face. Her face was that of concern and it was due to the fact that the master had made such a bad impression on you in the brief few moments that you’d been reunited (or as you and he saw it, the moment you met).
“People say a lot of things in anger.” She said after a while, “It’s our choice, whether we listen to it or not.” The trolley she and Chip were on began to move towards the door, but before it reached the doorway, Mrs Potts turns round to look at you. “You coming poppet?” She asked.
You contemplate your options quickly. You look over to your rope and realise that there’s no way you’d be able to escape on it quickly. So you turn around and give a curt nod. Mrs Potts smiled and remained silent for the rest of the trip down to the dining hall. You and Chip talk about childish games whilst you try desperately to ignore your rumbling stomach.
In the kitchens, Lumière was busy organising a large meal to be prepared for you, along with entertainment that you deserved. When Mrs Potts said she was going to convince you to come downstairs to eat, Lumière had the Chef prepare a meal fit for a princess. He knew that Mrs Potts was very convincing so he knew you’d be down if mere moments. Whilst Lumière was enjoying organising the feast to come, Cogsworth looked on deaths door.
“Lumière, do you not think we should tone it down a little bit?”
Lumière ignored him before looking over to the Maestro in the doorway who was winking at him. That was the signal. You were on your way down to the dining room.
“She is coming.” He announced. “Final checks everyone, tout de suite!” Every one of the staff quickened their pace, all of them aware of how much was riding on this dinner. Everyone bar Cogsworth it seemed.
“Oh no you don’t.“ He said, "If the master finds out that you’ve violated his orders and fed her, he’ll blame me!”
“I know,” Lumière replied, “I’ll make sure of it!” Cogsworth wanted to slap him. “Come Cogsworth, we need her to break the spell, and that means keeping her alive till the day occurs.”
“You know Y/N will never love him. Look how it turned out before.” Cogsworth stated pessimistically.
“A broken clock is right two times a day, mon ami, and this isn’t one of them.” Lumière fired back, not willing to let the stodgy clock to break his spirit. “We must try.”
Cogsworth looked around the room to see everyone hard at work, invested in trying to make a perfect meal for you. For the first time in many years, everybody looked like they had hope. It was then, that Cogsworth knew that this meal was going to occur with him approval or not.
“Fine.” He resigned, “Just keep the noise down.”
“Of course, but what is dinner without a little music, the candelabra gleefully announced.
"What?” Cogsworth began but Lumière had already left and joined the Maestro in the dining room.
“Maestro, we are counting on you to help Y/N fall in love with the master. Your wife needs you.” Lumière said as dramatically as possible.
“Then I shall play through the dental pain.” Cadenza announced.
No sooner did he mutter the words, then you entered tentatively, Mrs Potts and Chip following suit. You were still nervous about disobeying the Beast’s order but you were so hungry that you didn’t care. A coatrack pulled out a chair for you and you sat down eagerly. It was then when a spotlight appeared and illuminated Lumière on the dining table centre.
“Ma chère, mademoiselle. It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight.” He said with a flourish. “We ask you to relax, pull up a chair, as the dining room proudly presents your dinner.” The coatrack placed a napkin on your lap. You smiled as Lumière began to sing. He danced and did several gravity defying tricks on the chandeliers before food began arriving. You were spoiled for choice. Half of the things offered to you, you had never heard of before, including what Lumière referred to as the 'grey stuff.’ The joy that the staff exhibited whilst entertaining you made you feel so important and giddy. It even made Cogsworth join in and let go for a little while. The main performance was almost perfect, apart from the fact Lumière refused to let you eat any of the delicious food he was showing to you. He kept pulling it out of your reach. It made your stomach despise him. However, once the main performance was over, you stuffed yourself with everything that was presented in front of you. The harpsichord that had confused you previously played beautiful songs whilst you ate and the staff danced at the end of the table, continuing to entertain you as you ate. You didn’t want the dinner to come to an end but there was a limit on how much you could eat. Eventually you had to admit defeat.
You pushed your chair out and gave everyone an applause before stating your good nights to them all. You slipped away with Mrs Potts and Y/F/N escorting you back to the stairwell. As you walked you noticed how much more cool and harsh the castle was after the warm, welcoming dinner. You couldn’t help but wonder why the staff were so nice whilst their master was so vicious and cruel.
“Why are you being nice to me?” You ask abruptly as you approach the stairwell.
“You deserve nothing less.” Y/F/N replied, not missing a beat.
“But you’re just as trapped as I am. Don’t you want to escape?” You immediately regret the question. They were a paintbrush and teapot, and you very much doubted that they’d be able to live anywhere.
“The master’s not as terrible as he appears.” Mrs Potts said after a brief pause. “Somewhere there’s a prince of a fellow waiting to be released.”
'Very deep down.’ You thought. As you reached the bottom of the staircase Mrs Potts bid you goodnight.
“Night dear. Y/F/N will escort you back to your room.”
You could help but feel like they were watching you, the news that you were trying escape having spread fast. You look up to the west wing, disappointed that you couldn’t sneak up there to explore due to having a chaperone. You walked upstairs, holding the paintbrush in your hand. You talked about many things and when you finally reached your room, you were exhausted. You bid him goodnight and he slumped away sadly. You flung yourself into the bed and almost instantly fell asleep despite the fact that your bed sheets were currently outside the window. You were also unaware of the fact that the Beast had been watching you in the mirror and that he felt a slight pang of guilt for keeping you here.

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anonymous asked:

I was wondering about the staff of the university. Are professors and the like often running into trouble with the fae? Including security, counseling, janitorial staff etc whoever has a career at EU. Presumably they stay at EU for years, but maybe there's a high turnover rate for jobs? Maybe they all run into trouble sooner or later/become experts at dealing with the gentry... Or are most of the staff blithely unaware for the most part?

Here’s everything about professors so far! To start with a whole lot of the janitorial staff and groundskeepers and others in charge of keeping the place livable are Gentry themselves, something like brownies for the entire school (this is why you leave milk-ish things outside your door). The remaining staff are similar to the students - some are well-acclimated to the weirdness, some are totally oblivious to it, and a few get in over their heads.

Like professors, there’s also a decent amount of alumni among the human staff. The relevant difference is that professors return because they can’t leave, or can’t bear the thought of forgetting. Non-professor staff tends to come back because they have Business, and they need a day job while they’re figuring out the next step in their Quest. Most of them own swords? It’s a Thing.