humans are among us

I always have a small bag of kibbles in my car, in case I see a stray pup in need.
And today I got to feed a small family of 5; mama, papa, and three pups.

I stg, nothing makes me happier but also breaks my heart at the same time than interacting with strays. They get so happy when you talk to them and then even happier when they see you have food for them.

I wish I had the money and space to give them a loving home.
But for now I’ve contacted a refugee for dogs, and I know where to find them again tomorrow to bring some more food, in case they haven’t picked them up yet.

  • Jihyo: [As she's walking past] Tzuyu! You and the other maknaes need to clean up your dorm room.
  • Tzuyu: Ugh, Jihyo-unnie can be really annoying sometimes
  • Dahyun: I know right, she's always nagging us
  • {This continues for over an hour}

“Yes, the Meta Human Thesis, more likely than not, these exceptional beings live among us. The basis of our myths, Gods among men upon our little blue planet here. You don’t have to use the silver bullet. But if you forge one. Well then. We don’t have to depend on the kindness of monsters.” - Lex Luthor

ART BLANCHE: The Women’s March on Washington 

Yesterday, millions around the globe marched in solidarity for women’s rights. Following the flagship march in DC, 9:30 Club hosted an after party with 100% of proceeds benefitting Planned Parenthood. Earlier this week, we caught up with the artist whose iconic imagery came to symbolize the march and the movement.

For many, the Women’s March on Washington represents strength and unity in a time marred by uncertainty and fear. It provides amplification for the voices of countless people who feel that their values have been shouted over for the past year or more.

Per its own mission, the march aims to “send a bold message to our new government on their first day in office, and to the world that women’s rights are human rights. We stand together, recognizing that defending the most marginalized among us is defending all of us.”

For one participant – Nicole LaRue – the opportunity to design a logo for the Women’s March provided a head-start on participating in this platform, even if her involvement started as just a small favor for a friend.

Courtesy of Big Monocle

“[Initially,] the Women’s March organizers kind of had their branding all over the place – just all over the map. When I first learned about the Women’s March it was you know some crazy, neon-y… I don’t know what their branding was,” Nicole explained. “But some woman from Intel – a gay woman named Teresa Herd – she thought, I’d really like to get involved with the March and do something about making super visually impactful, so she called on several design agencies.”

One of the agencies that Teresa reached out was Big Monocle, whose founder and CEO, Amy Stellhorn, was Nicole’s friend. Amy, in turn, asked Nicole if she was interested in helping with Big Monocle’s pitch for the March.

For Nicole, her role was “an overnight process, seriously.” When Amy first reached out to her on Facebook, asking if she’d be up for helping out with some branding, Amy also gave Nicole a strict deadline: “We need it today.”

“I was like, ‘Today? You’re messaging me at 11am, what does that mean, today?’” Nicole remembered, laughing. “So by the end of the day I stayed up a little bit late [working on it], but not terribly late because in my mind I was just sort of helping out and it wasn’t going to be any big deal.”

She was a little wrong there; it became kind of a big deal.

Nicole’s design was one of several variations that Amy and Big Monocle submitted, but ended up being the one chosen by the organizers. The logo as we all know it remains pretty close to Nicole’s initial submission, with only a few simple changes.

Courtesy of Nicole LaRue

“We played with a few color options… one of the silhouettes was a bit more pink so we kind of kneaded it a bit. And the ‘W’ in ‘Women’s March’ we changed, it [originally] had a cross in the middle. We changed it – just a tiny little thing. That’s pretty much [it].”

“From there we just made a whole mess of products and posters and banners and social. Media icons and things like that. And then I got to design some extra merchandise… the ‘Wild Feminist’ tshirts and ‘Girl Almighty’ posters and they’re going to have bags and buttons and stickers and things like that. 

One of the most pleasant surprises for Nicole, and something she calls “surreal,” has been the growth that the march has taken on since she became involved.

“I think it took a bit of doing for it to gain traction, and I actually honestly think that getting the branding out there was [helpful.] It just created some crazy movement that I don’t know that anybody really expected – you just don’t know what’s going to happen,” she said. “[And then] suddenly Amy Schumer posts the logo on her Instagram and just crazy things, and you think, ‘Ok this is going to be real now… it’s gaining some traction.’”

“I’ve never done something that’s been so visually big. I mean I’ve done some awesome projects and had some really rad clients. But this just seems – I dunno it’s kinda twofold, right? It’s like yeah Amy Schumer, and actually Saturday Night Live totally joked about the logo on Saturday Night Live, saying like, ‘Of course the white woman’s in front’ and then kinda like ‘Oh I’m sure we’re going to get some flak for that.’ But for me that’s awesome press, I couldn’t care less if they’re joking about it.”

Courtesy of Nicole LaRue

Looking back, Nicole wonders how different her work would have been had she realized how big the march would become. One day is not a lot of time for a project in the world of graphic design, and in hindsight, maybe being so rushed and somewhat nonchalant about her initial design worked to her advantage.

“Maybe it works out better that way, I dunno. In hindsight you can say that you didn’t have a chance to just overthink it. And it’s just a fairly simple, iconic logo. It could’ve been a really stressful and difficult process and for me it was just sort of like, ‘Ok here’s what I’ve got, this is all I can offer’ and that’s great.”

Despite not being from the DC area, Nicole is in town for the march and is staying with a friend she hasn’t seen in years who offered up a place to crash.

“A lot of people are being awesome like that, lending their space.”

Still marveling at the whole experience, she seems hopeful about the march and the voice it can provide.

“I’ve never been any kind of patriot to America, I’ve never felt any sense of ‘This is my country’ and yet this, for me, is a bit of a turning point,” Nicole explained. “I just think that right now we need a bigger voice than ever – a much bigger voice than ever. And to be a little part of that, it’s kind of exciting. I’ve never had the chance to be a part of something so big.” 

“Since I don’t have this crazy ability with words, graphics is what I got, and I think that’s nice… nice right now.”

-Dylan Singleton

Aliens: Yes Hello Tell us about Yourselves

Humans: Well, I guess you could say we’re very loving and caring… at our core, what really makes us *different* is that we take care of one another and stick together

Aliens: Ah, we see. Our Species has also evolved from pack hunters, and shares this trait of fierce camaraderie

Humans: Yeah…. but what really makes us unique is our capacity for love

Aliens: Ah, so you also co-habitate in group nesting structures among multiple life-mates?

Humans: Well….some of us do…….. but platonic love is what really sets us apart. Humans friendship is perhaps the strongest, most powerful driving force on our planet.

Aliens: Oh! So you maintain a strong distinction between an emotionally close individual and a life partner? That is interesting! We do not do this! Our people often accept all comrades with emotionally close bonds into our child-raising units, so that we may maintain positive and loving communities in which to protect each other!


Humans: Sometimes our organs explode and we die


Gemma Chan photographed by Arved Colvin-Smith for Glamour UK

I don’t know what it is, maybe there’s something in the leap of imagination people have when it is “a sci fi show.” Because if people have to imagine [“Humans”] is a world where we have machines among us, then people are more willing to think outside the box and make casting choices, not based on…they aren’t being restricted in terms of race. I think sometimes in television there’s a bit of an obsession with realism, and it’s not even real realism. Often times, like in terms of period things, we have a distorted view of what would be real and what would be realistic of that period, and it’s not necessarily what it would have been anyway, but people are kind of obsessed with that.

what a mess we are—even the oysters: so
          secretive, at least till lunch;
          anything that’s swallowed whole
is unlikely to remain a mystery
for long. As for the Moment of Truth, I guess
what’s gastronomic has a veracity
unique among human experiences.
—  from “What She Taught Us” by Richard Howard, the single poem I liked in his very weird book A Progressive Education. katerspie I instantly thought of you when I read these lines. Look at the whole poem if you can!

So Ashton Kutcher testifies about human trafficking to Congress and of course the worst type of humans among us in the comments sections are saying shit about him being a stupid “Hollywood” actor and “the only good libtard is a dead one” clearly indicative of a conservative moron who doesn’t bother to watch the video to find out what it’s about, or even worse they did and don’t think celebrities should be trying to fight or raise awareness to sex trafficking. They obviously thought it was just an anti-trump video (which I guess technically it is) and there would be nothing wrong with that either. People are disgusting. I’m not an Ashton Kutcher fan at.all. but seriously he’s more articulate than our president and a majority of his staff. Now what does that say

A Court of War and Starlight: Part 64

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We all were led to a round table in Drakon’s war room. Not all of the council members had followed along with us, and Tomer explained that they were concerned with getting the weaker members of their society into safe hiding places in preparation for the war. All those involved with military strategy, he said, were present now.

Among us were several humans that did not look like islanders–they had the look and attire of citizens of the the continent, and they regarded all fae and half-fae individuals with distrust.

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We have the money, the power, the medical understanding, the scientific know-how, the love and the community to produce a kind of human paradise. But we are led by the least among us — the least intelligent, the least noble, the least visionary. We are led by the least among us and we do not fight back against the dehumanizing values that are handed down as control icons.
—  Terence Mckenna
World War Z

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The world is coming to end diseases are spreading fast, war is among us…. War between yourself & humanity. What do you and where do you go. Nothing was ever planned, nothing was ever said. It just happened, The country is put under a state of emergency nobody can leave the US, the whole city is under lock down and Your mission, your only job is to stay alive and keep your family safe from any means harm.

Minutes before the problem…

You were sitting in the car holding Justin’s hand sitting in NYC traffic in this heat, Justin got back 2 months ago from serving his time in Arak. Your little baby girl Serena that is 6 years old sitting in the backseat, just looking out the window with her feet dangling off her carseat.

“What’s with all this traffic?” Justin groaned beeping the horn, leaning his head on his hand in frustration. You soothed his hand rubbing your thumb relaxing him muscles.

“Probably an accident.” You questioned. Justin pressed the radio turning it on the traffic station but we couldn’t get a signal just static.

“Stay here,” Justin said letting go of your hand. “Daddy where are you going?” Serena asked softly. “I’ll be right back babygirl.” He replied stepping out.

“Yo, do you know what’s going on man?” You heard Justin ask the man that stepped out his car too. The man nodded his head no. “This is ridiculous.” Justin spat.

A cop zoomed past the car stopping at Justin and the men. “Sir I need you both to get inside your vehicles.” The cop stated sternly.

“What’s going on, we been stuck in traffic in this heat! It’s been 30 minutes. My daughter is in the car along with my wife!” Justin spat vigorously.

“Sir get back into-” before a car came out of nowhere and crashed right into him making you sit up quickly seeing the motorcycle take flight into the air and the car crash into something making a big explosion. Justin quickly ran back into the car getting in.

You see people running in the opposite direction, screaming for there life. Before Justin turned on the car following the pathway that the car made. “Justin! What are you doing!” You grabbed onto the edge of the seat.

“This is our way out.” He stated pressing on the gas pedal zooming through the cars hitting the intersection before everything just happened at once. A car came colliding into ours making the car spin off into the median. Your head was spinning but you were mostly concerned about Serena in the back.

Justin held his head before moving his shoulder. “Everyone okay?” Everyone nodded he got out the car before seeing the car hit Serena’s side jamming her door shut as the only side of the car is blocked off, causing you to climb out of Justin’s side.

Justin took of his shirt wrapping it around his hands. “Cover your eyes okay.” He told Serena sternly. She squealed but turned the other way before Justin pulled his hand back punching the glass hard making it shatter. She yelled in a high- pitched matter he then shook the glass off his shirt before reapplying it, he then unbuckled her grabbing her.

“Daddy I’m scared.” She cried. “I know babygirl.” He whispered kissing her forehead. Justin grabbed your hand before running down the street trying to find a open car. You looked and see people shaking on the floor violently with foam coming out of there mouth.

Before the started twitching. Justin found a car placing you and Serena in the car first. “Come on…” He mumbled turning the key pressing on the gas petal.

Next thing you know something hard hit against the window making you jump. The person, it defiantly wasn’t a person anymore. Kept banging his head on the window. “Mommy!” Serena cried as the glass started to crack.

The car finally started making Justin press on the car swerving trying to get the man off the window. Eventfully getting it zooming out of the mess. Seeing humans eat other humans… Never in your life you would never expect to experience such dreadful things.

“Are you okay?” Justin held your hand getting into the highway now. “What the hell is going on Justin.” You replied sacredly. “I don’t know but-” he paused before his cell phone went off.

“Commander Mills.” He spoke in a stern defined voice. “I’m heading down highway 81, heading south.”

They must of called him in to duty, since all the chaos is going around here. You looked at Justin you can tell he was stressed. “I understand, Yes sir.” He then hung up the phone.

“They need you don’t they?” I bit my lip, this was beyond scary… I needed Justin, I needed him by Serena in our sides. “Look, you and Serena are going to stay at base where it’s safe, they need me Y/N & I only agreed because I need a place for you both to be safe that’s my only priority now.”

I bit my lip before nodding. It’s getting dark soon, we need to find a place to settle until they arrive.“

"I’m hungry…” Serena spoke with her voice cracking at the end. “There’s a store up ahead.” He quickly pulled up seeing people running in & out of the store. He grabbed Serena placing her on his side. We ran into the store seeing the lights flickering rapidly, people yelling & screaming fighting over stuff.

Justin placed Serena in the cart handing her off to you. Throwing water and anything else he could find. “I’ll be right back.” He stated making you nod you head, seeing Justin running off into the distance before you felt someone grab you from behind making you squeal.

“Mommy!” Serena yelled as they kicked the cart away from me. They pinned you down on the floor covering your mouth. You muffled a yell before kicking and trying to get the men away from you. Not long before they are both ripped from your arms seeing Justin gripping them up punching them in the face repeatedly before they were both knocked out cold.

“where’s Serena?” He asked quickly. “They pushed the cart away-”

You paused seeing Serena being pushed past the isle making you and Justin both run towards her. “Mommy!” She yelled before Justin caught up to the cart stopping it from collided into anything. You heard a gun shot go off.

“Grab the food.” You grabbed the food before you heard a gun get clicked back making you and Justin stop.

“Give me the food.” The man gritted through his teeth pointing the gun at us. “Look man, just lower the gun.” Justin spoke in a calmly matter.

This is what he specializes in when he goes over seas. He talks people out of making stupid decisions, but he also is on ground patrol.

“I said give me the foo-” before another gun shot went off making everyone Yelp seeing the man dead on the floor with a bullet hole to the back of his head. You looked up seeing the guy.

“Thank you.” You mouthed towards the man, he nodded before. You quickly ran out the store with Justin. You seen a helicopter fly over you both before the lowered the lift.

You and Justin with Serena climbed up on the lift seeing a whole bunch of people start running crazily toward us.

“LIFT US UP!” Justin yelled quickly before the men looked with wide eyes and quickly started pulling us up. We crawled into the Aircraft breathlessly.

“Commander Mills, did you figure out what going on here?” Justin asked after we got situated. He nodded his head no. “Never before have we ever experienced such devastation, and not know where the source comes from.”

“There are people getting eaten by other people! Then they start shaking rapidly foaming out there mouth like when you see an animal that has rabies.”

“Exactly.” “So why are we sending in troops?” He questioned. “There’s a doctor down in Saudi Arabia that says he might know why it is happening, Justin it is happening worldwide. It just happened to get into the United States.”

They discussed more of the problem before, we reached the base, it’s isolated from anyone, it’s a secret base location.

“Get your family settled and then come speak to me Justin, the team will be waiting.” His commander spoke sternly. We walked toward this area wher the beds where placed. He placed a sleeping Serena into the bed.

You felt your eyes watery. “Don’t cry..” He whispered grabbing your waist, holding you if you life depended on it. “I’m just so scared Justin, and your going back out there, what if you get hurt, what if-”

He cut you off by pressing his lips onto yours. “I’m doing this so you & Serena have a safe place to be… I’ll be back as soon as possible, you can text me off of this.” He handed me a phone but, it was like a military phone, when only you can make certain calls to certain people.

“I love you, okay. I’ll be gone by the time you and Serena wake up.” He looked into your eyes running your arm up and down. He kissed you once more before walking over towards Serena.

“I love you too my precious angel.” He kissed her forehead pulling the cover over her. “Oh.” He whispered going over to where there was a box. He the opened it pulling out a little teddybear that had Serena’s name on it. “I had it made, I forgot it here.” He smiled walking over placing it next to her.

You looked at him, and you can tell he didn’t wanna leave, seems he just got back. He stood out there door, before smiling lightly. You blew a kiss toward him before he grabbed it placing it against his heart closing the door. You crawled next to Serena getting into the bed pulling out the phone, typing Justin’s number in… Send a message.

“I love you….”

You pressed send placing it next you you. Grabbing the necklace against you neck opening the chain up seeing Justin’s & you on your wedding day. You closed it & held it in your hand closing your eyes dozing off to sleep.


How Imam Abu al-Wafa' Ibn 'Aqeel al-Hanbali رحمه الله Valued Time

Imam Abu al-Wafa’ Ibn ‘Aqeel al-Hanbali ('Ali Ibn 'Aqeel) رحمه الله was born in 431 A.H. and passed away in 513 A.H. He was one of the great personalities of Islam, one of the luminaries of the world and from among thr intelligent people of the human race. He used to say:

“It is not lawful for me to waste a single moment of my life. Even to the extent that my tongue is unable to converse and debate, and my eyes are unable to study. I use my thinking power during my time of rest and while I am lying down. I do not get up without having already thought about what I am going to write.

I find my desire for knowledge while I am in my eighties of my life even more intense than my desire for knowledge when I was 20 years old. I make an all out effort to even shorten the times of my meals, to the extent that I prefer eating cake that is softened with water over eating bread because of the difference in time that it takes to chew [cake that is softened with water is quicker to chew than bread]. This I do so that I may have more time to study or to do something else that is of benefit which I would not have been able to do.

Those who have been endowed with intelligence unanimously say that the greatest thing a person can acquire is time. It is a boon with which opportunities can be taken, for responsibilities are many.” (Dhayl Tabaqat al-Hanabilah of Ibn Rajab رحمه الله, vol 1)