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hey, kid. you look like a discerning young customer person.

you wanna learn some cool facts about animals?

I think you dooooo. c’mon back here into this completely unsuspicious alley for some absolutely legal dealings.

meet the Conch (pronounced kONK, because why not), a large marine sea snail found throughout the Caribbean. you can probably recognize them from their shells:

found in every beach-themed restaurant and etsy store on the globe

the actual animal is a foot-long snail with a habit of peeking out at the world in the manner of a man who wants to sell you the full set of counterfeit ginsu knives hidden in his trenchcoat.

available cheap, this week only!

unfortunately for the snail, their shifty ways and general gross snail-ness are no match for the fact that they are completely fucking delicious.

wait, what

prized in the Caribbean for it’s lustrous shell and delicious delicious meats,  the Conch is now threatened in most of its natural range.

look buddy, are you gonna buy these watches or what?

thankfully, some protections are now in place for nature’s scalpers. it is our genuine hope that they continue to hawk dubious goods at humanity for decades to come.

Not Quite Human AU

You’ve heard of half Galra Keith, but consider this: no one on the ship is 100% human but everyone thinks they are the only one. Allura and Coran notice the differences in all the Paladins DNA but don’t say anything because they think it’s normal for Earthlings.

Lance is half Siren, and a very rare male one at that.

  • His parents met when his mom took an interest in the cute human studying marine life and loudly ranting about asshole humans who stupidly pollute the water. They officially met when his backpack filled with his research fell off his boat. She swam down to grab it and brought it back to him. It was love at first sight for Lance’s dad.
  • Lance is the only boy among four sisters and his mom’s family lost their shit. Male sirens are extremely rare and his mother’s side of the family wanted him among his people.
  • It takes forever for Lance to completely shift forms. His mom can form her tail, scales, and gills in seconds when she’s in water and get her legs back and scales shed in fifteen minutes once she’s on land. Lance and his sister’s take about three hours to be in full Siren form and about half an hour to shift back to human. 
    • They think it takes so long because they spent so much time in human form while growing up.
  • Lance’s tale and scales are a beautiful mix of brilliant blues and almost luminous whites and he’s very proud of how lovely his tail and fins are.
  • His singing, oh god his singing. It can’t exactly lure men to their deaths, but he did bring the entire room to tears when he sang a nursery rhyme in kindergarten. 
    • That was the end of his public singing career, but he loves to sing at home and everyone loves to listen. He’s the only one among his siblings to be able to sing like his mom.

Pidge’s grandparent was a shapeshifter who fell in love with their grandmother and had their mother.

  • Mama Holt actually hates shifting her form because to her it feels like a million ants crawling under her skin. She’s willing to use her abilities to avoid a trip to the salon, look ten years younger then she is, and eat what she wants without gaining weight, but that’s about it.
  • Fun Fact: most shapeshifters identify as nonbinary since they can change their sex at will, but some like Mama Holt and Matt stick to the gender they are most comfortable with. Pidge is pretty fluid with their gender, but tends to identify as female because it’s the sex they were born.
  • Pidge and Matt can’t do huge changes to their form like their grandparent can, so no turning into an animal or Hollywood monster. Anything that makes big changes their bone structure is a no go.
  • Pidge shifted their sex to male in order to get back into the Garrison, but kept their facial appearance as it was to fuck with people.
  • Shifting feels like a rush of heat in Pidgey blood and a sudden awareness of every vein in their body for a few minutes until the shift has settled.

Hunk is from a long line of natural witches.

  • If only he knew that since birth.
  • Hunk was adopted by his moms when he was seven months old after his birth parents died in a car accident. It was all but impossible to find any remaining family members (most of the family work hard to remain apart from civilization, Hunks dad was a black sheep) and he was put into foster care until his moms found him a couple months later.
  • Everything was fine and dandy until his powers started maturing in his childhood.
  • His mom has a big garden and a lot of potted plants inside the house. She tells him that talking to plants helps them grow when he’s six and little Hunk chatters away and asks the plants to grow big and strong.
  • Over night the garden turns into a jungle. Fruits and veggies are blooming out of season. The grass in up to their knees. The indoor plants went crazy. A few pots got broken by roots and flowers are everywhere.
  • When he was 11, he got invited to a sleep over, but the horror movie scared him and he accidentally shut down the power for the whole block.
  • He once cursed Lance to have bad luck when the two had a fight in middle school and felt So Bad when he realized what he did.
  • Most of the time hes got good control over his natural powers, but he’s still untrained.
  • When the ship was going haywire, he thought his magic was acting out do to stress.

Shiro’s father is an Incubus.

  • Now you know where his sex appeal comes from.
  • Despite one of his parents being a demon who feeds on sex, Shiro is fine without.
  • He does however, need a lot of touching. Hugs, hair ruffles, hand holding, any kind of possitive touching really. It all keeps him healthy and happy and beautiful.
  • Sex is fun and all, but it’s a bit overwhelming for Shiro. Like eating a full course meal when you aren’t hungry, then having seconds and a third helping.
  • If he goes more then three of four days without touch he starts loosing all his energy and feeling nauseous all the time. A few more days and he’ll start looking sickly, running a fever, and wont be able to hold anything down. At that point he’s gonna need sex and cuddles stat.
  • The gladiator pit and Galra holding cells were not the best place to get cuddles and Shiro honestly has no idea how he survived without starving. He kinda doesn’t want to know.

Keith. Poor Keith.

  • He’s actually the only one of the Paladins who didn’t know he wasn’t fully human. 
  • Almost none of his Galra genes show on him other then the purple eyes (which is pretty normal for mixed species children, taking one parents genes with very little mixing) and his father never knew how to tell him about his mom.
  • Suddenly finding out that your actually part alien is not a fun experience. Finding out that your also related to the enemy is even less so.
  • Keith freaks out a bit.

It was his discovery of his Galra genetics that had everyone else admitting to their own genes. It kinda all just came out. Shiro was demanding no one discriminate Keith for being part Galra and admitted to his own heritage. Lance, never one to be one upped, admitted to being half Siren, then Pidge fessed up, then Hunk.

Allura and Coran are just confused. You mean all Earthings are supposed to have the same genetic code? All of them?

I climbed up a mountain, and looked off the edge at all of the lives that I never have led. There’s one where I stayed with you across the sea. I wonder do you still think of me? - The Ocean, by The Bravery


Important message from Mermaid Kelly: Ariel is swimming by to encourage you to help protect her home. Even though she collects human “treasures”, other sea creatures and marine life become injured or even die because of human trash, including thousands of sea turtles, whales, and over one million seabirds each year. All of this trash can harm & entangle fish, sharks, and damages coral reefs. In the Pacific Ocean there is even a huge area called the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch.” This is a large area filled with debris, approximately the size of Texas. The debris extend down 20 feet & contains 3.5 million tons of garbage. It is estimated to double size in the next 5 years. A marine biologist & ocean activist, Sylvia A. Earle once stated “If the ocean dies, we die.” Without the ocean, we can’t survive. Around 50% of the oxygen we breath comes from phytoplankton in the ocean. Many Ocean Activists have already taken action to preserve these creatures and our home, now it’s your turn! You can start taking the steps to helping all of the life in the ocean by using fewer plastic products, recycling, doing local beach/ river clean ups, support local organizations working to protect the ocean, influence change in your local community, but most importantly, educate yourself on the ocean & how to protect it.
This video is also up on my Mermaid Kelly YouTube channel as well! Feel free to share the message and video~
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cameoappearance  asked:

As the local Lore: Disturbing expert, you seem like you could answer this question. What sort of marine life would be able to survive in a body of water filled mostly with human blood? (Inspired by the latest XKCD: What If.)

Gonna be honest, the very first thing to come to mind is the marine members of phyum Tardigrada. Because tardigrades, hello. Little bastards survived all five prior mass extinctions and they’re on track to survive this one. They can survive in just about any kind of environmental condition, including low-oxygen high-particulate-matter situations, which strikes me as what you’d get with the blood thing.

Beyond that I could do with a few more details. Temperature’s gonna affect dissolved oxygen availability, which is kind of important when it comes to a body of water that no longer qualifies as pure water. As far as ‘mostly’ goes, I’m gonna need a percentage- 51% human blood? 2/3 human blood? More than that? How long does the marine life need to survive? More importantly, has anything been added to the water to prevent clotting? If there’s a significant percentage of blood in the water, there’s a good chance the clotting factors are going to be present in sufficient concentration as to start working their chemical mojo.

Also, since I’m back to the tardigrade part, are we looking at multicellular marine life only or will aquatic microorganisms count towards the total?

Only part of the reason we need to be more proactive about recycling, reducing post consumer waste, and adapting more sustainable, responsible, and ethical business practices. This impacts not just the whales and marine life, but entire ecosystems and our world too. There is only one earth.

Merman/maid AUs

Hi everyone. So, if anyone cares, this is the first time I have tried this. Thanks to my excitement about “The shape of water”, I found out that a friend of mine, @chocobro-hijinks , loves merman/maid AUs. And I felt encouraged by her posts to make my very own prompts.

They are all ship based AUs. To make this easier I will say A and B, as in Member A of the couple, who is a human, and member B, who is the mermaid/merman (in most of the prompts, not all of them). I will use they/them pronouns, since anyone should have the freedom of shipping whatever they like (be it f/m, m/m, f/f or whatever). Also, when I say merman/mermaid, it is not limited to the traditional kind (Half fish-half human). It could be any kind of marine life creature. It could be a fish person like Abe Sapien from Hellboy; shark-person, dolphin- person, and even octopus-person like Ursula. Seriously, there are so many options you can explore. Have fun with that and be creative.

If anyone feels inspired by these prompts and decides to make a fic out of it, no matter how short, please let me know! I would love to see these prompts fully fleshed out. I would do some of them but I´m too lazy XP

Ok, let´s start.

-A works at the research facility in which B is being experimented on and sometimes A sneaks after working hours to get to know B (The shape of water).

-You can also replace research facility in the last one with aquarium. And A helps B escape after a while (Free Willy XD).

-A is one of the scientists that is experimenting on B. At first B doesn´t cooperate but after they get to know A they start to relax, even though they would rather get out of that place. A starts to feel guilty.

-A and B are scientists who have been working together for years. B discovers a serum and tries it on themselves without letting A know. But it goes wrong and transforms them. B is ashamed and hides, but A later finds out and tries to find a cure for B.

-A goes on vacation to the beach and likes to -walk along the shore/snorkel-. A runs/swims into B and they become friends. They try to visit each other every day at a certain hour, before the summer ends.

-A moves to a cottage in the woods. They find a clear with a lake near the house, and they visit it when they are stressed to listen to music. Little did they know that B was hiding nearby. B liked A´s music, always getting near them to hear it better. That was until one day B gets caught by A. (this one is special to me :3 )

-The typical B saves A from drowning. But I recommend to not start the fic with that one or, at least, have something established beforehand. Like, “B visited every day to see A from afar until one day A falls”. Because if not it´s just too much like The Little Mermaid XD

-The Collector is a person who captures strange or peculiar people and keeps them at their mansion for their collection. A gets captured by this Collector because they are special somehow. While exploring the mansion, as they can´t find a way out, A meets B, who is also trapped inside.

-A accidentally ends up in a community of paranormal creatures (it could be a circus, a safe house, a secret agency, whatever you like), and befriends everyone in there. Especially a certain aquatic creature named B.  

-A is a photographer/recorder of marine life that works for the Discovery channel. One day when they got home they found something weird in the background of one of their photographs/recordings (B). A decides to visit that place again, alone, to find out what it was.

-Fisher-person A captures B in their net without intending to. A has to decide if they let them go or not.

-A is a castaway from a ship wreck. They survive and start living in an island. While looking for food and resources they find B.

-Pirate A and mer-person B. I mean…it´s pretty common, I don´t know if there is need for more here, lol.

- This one is a good one. This is in a fantasy AU where A needs something, and B is a mer-person that lives in the famous Wishing Lake. Anyone can request a wish from B (or something they have/know; you can choose the prize obviously), but they will ask for something in return. Sometimes several things, like quests for you to make. The two of them get to know each other with each visit A makes for the next quest. You can even do the famous “I don´t want that anymore, I want you” line once they get their prize.

- B has been cursed and is now a mer-person (you can use the “true love breaks the curse” or some other spell breaker). They hide away from everyone else until one day A stumbles upon them.

- A has been cursed and now is a mer-person.  They hide away from everyone else until one day they swim into B, who is just like them.

- A is a professional surfer, and a very risky one at that. One day they try to surf a wave that has killed people in the past. They fail to surf it (obviously), and disappears. No one knows where they are. A wakes up in the bottom of the ocean, where they are being nurtured back to health by B. They found A almost drowning and the only way they could save their life was by turning them into a mer-person too.

- A has been dating B for a while now. But B is really secretive about their life. A has never been to B’s house, and even though A loves to swim and is part of their high school’s swim team, B always declines when A invites them to go swimming. It isn’t until one day, when A goes to practice at their school’s pool after hours that they find out why B is so secretive.

This are all that I could think of right now, but they are plenty. XD It doesn´t matter if it is for an AU, a near canon fic, or your own OCs; you can use them for anything. I hope you like them and that they inspire you! <3

ofreapersandwolves  asked:

I always wondered this but we know that there are obviously werewolves, shapeshifters and vampires in the Twilight canon universe but do you think there could be other mythical creatures as well? like mermaids, witches, etc.

  • I know this fandom (as well as most, actually, to be fair) is particularly fond of the vampire/mermaid theories, or more specifically vampires that live under water and feed off the blood of marine life instead of land animals or humans. And I think that’s an interesting theory (and actually give live to the theory of sirens), but those are still vampires, not mermaids.
  • I think mermaids in a Twilight universe could exist. Even in the most recent times most of the ocean is still unexplored, so there could be something else out there that surpasses vampire knowledge. It wouldn’t be hard to miss something like that.
  • Witches are very plausible considering certain vampires already have supernatural powers that surpass the advantages of just being immortal, and even show it in their human lives. Both Jane and Alec canonically show signs of not just having specific powers like most vampires, but just powers in general and as humans. It even went so far that they were put on trial and burnt at the stake for these suspicions (which to be fair happened to a lot of people historically regardless of actual reasoning or true accusations because people are cruel and unreasonable when they are scared and hateful).
  • Succubi are another mythical species that I think could also tie into the vampire world, since in vampire mythologies vampires are generally hyper–sexual by default, and so would it’s counterpart of incubus since it was made canon that vampires can impregnate other humans, though I’m not sure how that species could sustain themselves as the success rate for those renegade surrogate pregnancies are extremely low.
World's oceans warming at increasingly faster rate, new study finds
Ocean water has absorbed more than 90% of the excess heat and nearly 30% of the carbon dioxide generated by human consumption of fossil fuels
By Oliver Milman

With ocean temperatures rising we are not only seeing shifts in temperatures and interesting weather events on land, but this will change the future of marine biology and ecology. 

Creatures will have two options: 

1. Die out.
2. Adapt.

If animals cannot adapt to new temperature ranges, or their food sources can’t, we are going to see a complete shift in the composition of animals in our home ranges. Which in turn will change the future of how we use our ocean resources.

So what are we going to do? Let them die out, change, or are WE going to adapt?

Plastic pollution

The amount of plastic used has rocketed since the 1950s and, consequently, it has brought out the environmental problems. Plastics are used in many of our daily lives these days-especially, in bottles and containers. PET bottles are generally made of synthetic plastic material, such as polypropylene and polyethylene which are harmful to the human body. These materials are weak to heat and emit harmful chemicals when reacting with fire. Once they are buried in the ground, it takes more than 100 years to decompose.

Plastics are fatal to marine life as well as human beings. Marine lifes are endangered these days because of water pollution that people have made. Fish are being killed every year around the world. They eat small pieces of plastic in the sea. Have you ever heard about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? There are two huge piles of trash debris floating in the Pacific Ocean. It is about as 6 times larger as the Korean peninsula. It is also known that 35% of the fish around the sea contain small plastic in their stomach. Smaller micro-plastics reach the human body through the food chain. People should find a new way to cope with this repetition of vicious circle.

While traveling in the US, I found recycling had not been carrying out very well in some states. And I started to wonder myself if the Earth change when only I try to make a difference for it. I used to continually think about that, but now I realized it was a very irresponsible idea. We should have a sense of responsibility about what we’ve done. It’s us that made the Earth hurt. A small change makes a big difference. I can do anything for my planet by communicating with people around the world.

Okay, I finally figured something out!! <3

This proposed universe here is one of a triad of universes created from some extranormal beings - but that’s not important, right now.

There are four different eras involved:

Atlanteans ~ approximately 12 millennia in the past

1507 ~ earlier timeline divergence

1957 ~ latter timeline divergence (Jimmy Reed is from this era.)

2007 ~ timeline prime (Avenged Sevenfold is from this era.)

In all cases, the time displacement of the Atlanteans is forward time travel - so their venture forward in time does *not* create a new timeline. Their era is the past of *all* three timelines!!

The alternate setting of 1507 is described in the aforementioned post. No humans from 1507 are shifted forward in time, but some of the marine life occupies a small space in 1957 and 2007.

In the 1957 timeline, most of the island stays put - but the restaurant that the Reeds are eating at has been shifted from the Pacific to the Atlantic, to the same location as the 1507 timeline. The restaurant is surrounded by an enclave of folks from 2007 (including Avenged Sevenfold).

The remaining occupants of the island are befuddled by the sudden replacement of the restaurant with a pool of salt water with unusual marine life, some of which is believed to have long been extinct. Soon, the sudden presence of an island in the Atlantic - featuring what seems to be a futuristic society, and appears to be strangely similar to the island that the restaurant has gone missing from - is reported. People are also shocked by finding that that said restaurant has mysteriously landed in the middle of the middle island, including Jimmy Reed himself!!

Jimmy and his wife soon make plans to permanently reside on the island, and they arrange to have their six younger children sent to them. Much of the ‘50s youth quickly come to embrace futuristic pop culture - including, but not limited to, hard rock music and video games!! No gearing down is necessary here. Not only do they use futuristic knowledge to advance the technology - but, at the same time, they also look into renewable energy and solar power. The Atlanteans also contribute with their knowledge of crystal powers, and the crystals they brought with them. Technology eventually advances into a fusion of solarpunk and crystal spires (but not so much the togas). When Jimmy learns what became of his older self in the original timeline, he resolves to not make the same mistakes. It also help tremendously when learns about his condition of epilepsy.

In 2007, most of the island shifts to the Atlantic (same position as in 1507 and 1957) - leaving behind a plot of land of the recently closed restaurant. A bunch of kids being ferried back from a field trip are dismayed to learn that their home has suddenly gone missing. Soon, a breaking news report announces the sudden relocation of the island - with a ‘50s restaurant in the middle of it!! While Jimmy Reed misses his six younger children, he quickly reunites with the older versions of his children. When he learns what became of his other self, he resolves to seek treatment for his condition. He decides to resume his career as a blues artist, particularly when he hears the latter material of his other self - and is very disappointed by the quality of much of the music.

As in our timeline, Barack Obama is elected in the US in 2008. There is, however, much less of a conservative push back - and much of the world is inspired to implement solar technology and utilize renewable energy. The Atlanteans also do their part to help shift society to a greener ecology. By the time 2016 arrives, there is no longer a United States - or *any* country, for that matter. As far as society is concerned, Donald Trump is a big jerkass jester that nobody really takes seriously. Despite his verbal protest towards a green society, he seems to have no qualms with benefiting from it.

In all three instances, a ship (completely non-military) from 2007 is also displaced. The island is elliptical, but the portal is circular. In 1507, it takes about a week for the sailors to make contact with the denizens of the displaced island.

Lemme know what your thoughts are.


These drawings are from Philip Henry Gosse’s book A naturalist’s rambles on the Devonshire coast.

Philip was a naturalist who built the first public aquarium called the “Fish House” in London Zoo in 1853. He also popularised the use of the word ‘aquarium’ which in Latin actually refers to a watering place for cattle.

Sadly, Philip was also a devout creationist. In 1857 he published a book called  Omphalos: an Attempt to Untie the Geological Knot in which he argued that the the fossil records are not evidence of the age of the Earth because the act of creation inevitably made the Earth appear older than it is. The word Omphalos in Greek means navel and it refers to Philip’s argument that Adam, though he was never literally born, has a navel because God deliberately gave it to him as a reflection of human ancestry.    

The biodiversity of nudibranch species in Southeast Asia is amazing.

Every dive I have done I have seen multiple, and never the same species. Every. Dive.

I have mentioned before about biodiversity hotspots in the world, and as amazing as they are they have one fault… Because these regions are tropical and somewhat equatorial, they normally don´t experience a large variance in temperatures. With climate change and surface and water temperatures changing around the world, these habitats will be the first to suffer.


On this day in 1980, the Yaquina Head Lighthouse, Outstanding Natural Area in Oregon was established.

The BLM’s Yaquina Head Lighthouse, Outstanding Natural Area on the beautiful Oregon Coast features exhibits on seabirds and marine life as well as human history from the headland. You can see the wheelhouse of a historic ship, check out a recreated rocky island with all its inhabitants, and witness a full scale replica of the lighthouse lantern.

Last year, the Yaquina Head Lighthouse underwent a 90 day preservation project, and involved scaffolding and re-painting the outside. Check out the improvements in BLM Oregon’s new video for visitors: