humans and flowers


Come one, come all, to Stilla’s wonderful Town of Salem event! All muses are welcome to play in the games, no matter if you’re a flower, human, or anything! 

You can be an announcer, or simply a player! You can be both, but they will have to be two separate muses. Announcers watch over the game and have access to the announcer room, an important room where all (In-Character) updates for any game that is going on is placed. However, announcers cannot play in the games, and the only time they can go in is to retrieve any limbs, if any even fall off, which is unlikely. They also get to hang out comfortably in a tower over looking the entire game! Players, however, play inside the game and do their best to get as many points as possible, by winning. Their roles give them different boosts, and different attacks. Outside magic is limited, however the amount limited mainly depends on the muse and their powers. In the Lobby, there is food and laser tag to pass the time between games, and a stage where Stilla announces things. There is no dying in this event- and any wounds will be healed the best they can. However, there will be a lot of fighting!

Sign up sheet is under cut! Please reblog this post to spread the word, and @ me with your sign up sheets to join! If absolutely necessary, you can submit me your sign up sheet, but it isn’t preferred.

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Saw Wonder Woman

- Gal Gadot single-handedly defeated the patriarchy in under 3 hours

- If your name is Steve stay away from airplanes

- Chris Pine is the prettiest Damsel In Distress ever

- Diana and Steve are human embodiment of “Hold my flower” “Kick his ass baby, I got your flower” meme

- Professor Lupin has been up to some shit

- There’s a bit where Steve is all “It’s called No Mans Land cause no man can cross it” and Diana is all “I am no man ™ ”  and fuckin crosses it

DVA and Mercy in their New Year skins, commission for a co-worker from a previous job. 😊 I was very happy to draw some more characters from the game - by the way, one slot is left on my current commissions if you are interested. ( Commission information can be found here ! )