So this is how I see Frisk and Chara

For me, Frisk always was male. Cuz, in german, you don’t have an unisex word to adress some one like when Toriel says “them”. Human, however, is a male word, so whenever they talk ‘bout Frisk in the german version, they say “he” or “him” and well, first time contact with Undertale was an German LP, and I wasn’t too focused on it xD 

It confused me alot to see female fanart of Frisk for the first time xD

So for Chara.. I duno. Chara looks like a girl on this one, but I actually never though about if Chara’s a he or a she.. dun care, I guess


Most Underrated Performance By A Supporting Actress In a Drama Series

Taryn Manning in Orange Is The New Black

Jamie Clayton in Sense 8

Katherine Parkinson in Humans

Kate Mulgrew in Orange Is The New Black

Carly Chaiki in  Mr Robot

Sarah Drew in Grey’s Anatomy

When you can’t sleep on your first night in a new place, your brain is trying to protect you. Many animals sleep with only half their brain, while the other half stays alert to possible dangers. It’s called the ‘first night effect’ in humans, because our bodies put us in a strange, half-asleep/half-awake state the first time we sleep in an unfamiliar environment. Source

Animals live from day to day doing what their instincts tell them to do, enjoying whatever pleasures they can, giving no thought to the future, totally unaware of the pain, suffering and death that await them. But man is acutely aware of the potential suffering he faces and of the inevitability of death, except to the extent that he can distract or deceive himself. Moreover, this endless game of birth, growth, reproduction, suffering and death goes on and on, and as is true for all life on earth, the game is totally meaningless. It’s not really going anywhere, and there are no real winners. In the long run you’re dead. Life is absurd. It’s a cruel joke of nature, a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Man is the only creature that can appreciate the joke and realize that he has been thrown into a situation that is absurd, without meaning or purpose. This is the human predicament.
—  The Human Predicament