Lucien is different or at least his egocentricity is different, he hates himself intensely, whereas we do not. Hating himself as he does, hating the ‘humankidness’, he seeks new vision, a post-human post-intelligence. He wishes more thn Nietzsche proscribed. He wants more than the next mutation- he wants a post-soul. Lord only knows what he wants!
—  Jack about Lucien Carr in a letter to Allen (september 1944)

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grunkle stan catching bill and dip all kissy kissy- his reaction is up to you

Dipper awkwardly rubbed his arm, looking over at the young boy sitting across from him on his bed. Bill was staring at him, his one good eye not once blinking. Both young boys were alone in the bedroom.

“So…you never kissed before? Like ever?” Dipper asked.

“No. Is it like, an attack? Can I kill people with it?” Bill asked.

Dipper chuckled, smiling a little. “No, dude. At least, I don’t think so.”

“Have you ever done it before?” Bill asked.

Dipper scratched his hair, blushing. “Sort of, but I don’t think reverse CPR counts.”

“Can we try?” Bill asked, scooting more closer to Dipper.

Dipper felt his face heat up more and swore he was sweating more than usual. Bill stared at Dipper, waiting for an answer. Dipper’s never seen the young boy look so serious before.

“Well, I mean. I guess. If you want to. Just, I don’t know too much about kissing or how it’s done properly, so-”

“How does it work?” Bill asked, cutting off Dipper.

“Um,” Dipper squawked nervously, “Our lips are suppose to touch. Mabel told me sometimes the tongues touch too, if you wanna make it more intense…”

“That sounds gross. Let’s do it.” Bill said, lightly bouncing on the bed excitedly.

Dipper gulped nervously and leaned in close to Bill. He was close to the dark-tanned boy, almost staring at his good eye. He shut his eyes tight and placed his lips on Bill’s.

He heard Bill make a small surprised noise. Dipper pulled back, blushing. He was shock to see Bill blushing. Bill never blushes. He gave Dipper one of his very-wide grins.

“Again, but I wanna try the tongue thing.” Bill demanded.

“Um, okay.” Dipper said shyly. “I think we need to open our mouths a bit to make that work, so…”

Dipper leaned in again, close to Bill’s face. Bill moved in fast and kissed Dipper. He slipped his tongue inside Dipper’s mouth and they both made a small noise.

“Dipper! I need you to take out the trash in the kitchen! It’s starting to stink up-WHOA.”

Dipper quickly pulled back, blushing red. Stan stared at the two young preteen boys, one who looked like he was gonna have a panic attack at any moment, and the other just smiling and waving at him.

“Hey there, Stan Pines! Pine Tree’s showing me the ways of kissing!”

Stan let out a loud groan, pushing his glasses up as he rubbed his eyes. “Go home, weirdo kid. I need to talk to my nephew for a moment.”

“But we’re not done yet.”


Bill hopped off the bed, annoyed. He looked over at Dipper and grinned. He placed one more kiss on Dipper’s lips and ran out of the room, laughing.

Stan heaved out a sigh. “Looks like I gotta get that book again…” He grumbled.

List of KnB Tumblr Artists

Alphabetical list of KnB tumblr artists - this list is incomplete, so if you know any other artists or are one, please tell me so I can add them! It amazed me how many awesome artists there are on tumblr. 

I’ve also added some comments behind their name; if I haven’t commented, it’s because they draw multiple ships and/or characters. Note that some artists also draw for other fandoms; if they have specific knb tags, I’ve linked that, otherwise it’s noted as multifandom, though some are more multifandom than others. Please note that this is subject to change though; if you want you can message me and I’ll change it.

Fairly Really WHOA THERE ARE SO MANY OF YOU long list, so click to read more. 

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in that last picture, everybody, from left to right, are: my husband’s son, my husband Hawk, Hawk’s brother, the minister Jim (who you can’t really see because i’m in the way), my dad, and my maid of honor

and finally this one, from the reception.  across the top is my sister, me, Hawk, and my brother. on the bottom right is the same sister (wearing my dad’s helmet) and her fiance.

these are just pictures i had in my phone and some i found on facebook, posted by friends.  i’ll be posting more as they are given to me by our personal photographers and the convention’s photographers.

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Bill glanced over to Dipper, who looked like he was about to conk out any moment. He was dressed in pjs borrowed from Mabel because she recommended it. Apparently Dipper does not wash his clothes very often and she said he’ll thank her for this later. He didn’t think it mattered since he was sitting on Dipper’s bed with the smelly kid.

The twins invited Bill to sleepover, still believing he was some new child vacationing in Gravity Falls like they are. It was the perfect disguise and they still don’t suspect a thing. At least he hopes because Bill still has no idea how humans function at times.

“Okay Bill,” Mabel said, sitting from her bed, “Would you rather eat a live rat or watch a video of a fat guy belly-dancing?”

“Why not both?” Bill asked. He heard Dipper made a disgusted noise and he chuckled.

Bill froze when he felt Dipper resting his head on his shoulder. He looked over at Dipper, confused and a bit curious. Mabel cooed, squishing her cheeks together.

“That is so cute! Stay still, this is totally a scrapbook moment!” Mabel squealed, running out of the bedroom to get her camera.

Bill stared at Dipper, sleeping so peacefully on his shoulder. A part of him wanted to mess with his head, but another part just wanted to let the paranoid kid sleep. Bill lifted up his hand and carefully removed Dipper’s hat, placing it down. He gently ran his fingers in Dipper’s hair, seeing a bit of Dipper’s birthmark on his forehead. Dipper softly hummed in his sleep, leaning in more close to Bill.

Bill felt his face heating up and he stopped.

“Something’s wrong…” He darkly muttered to himself.

He was feeling something new, and he didn’t know if he liked it or not.

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Being a demon whose usual form is a triangle of energy, Bill's growing "interest" in Dipper goes forcibly ignored until he gets a human body. Then nervous system kicks in, and Bill is a blushing, dilated-pupil, heart-pounding mess ("CURSE THESE CHEMICALS!").

u mean my headcanon? sweet, lol

featuring humankid!bill

“Bill, hold my hand so you don’t get lost, okay?”

Before Bill could react, Dipper already grabbed his hand. Mabel was on the other side of Dipper, holding his hand as well. It was dark by the lakeside and a fog was uplifting.

Bill stared down at their entwined hands and he felt his face heat up. He could feel the disgusting human heart inside of him pumping rapidly and sweat forming. Dipper glanced over to Bill and smiled.

Bill gave out a nervous titter and pulled his hand back. “PSSH, I’M NOT GONNA GET LOST!” He shouted and covered his mouth after realizing how loud he was being.

Dipper raised a brow at Bill and shrugged. “Okay, if you’re so sure.” He said, rolling his eyes.

Bill grinned, watching both twins walk away from him. He glared down at his chest and punched himself where he could feel his heart pounding. Why was this happening every time he was around Dipper?

“Stupid, disgusting meat suit.” Bill darkly muttered under his breath.