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Thinking about the 'teaching Rarity to play fetch with Winona' idea put a funny scene into my head- Applejack is giving Rarity pointers on the perfect throw, and Rares goes "You know, I *have* thrown before, darling." Applejack says "Alright, sugarcube," and steps back. Rarity winds up for a hard overhand throw... and whips it too hard. The stick hits the ground right in front of Winona, who gives Rarity a confused head tilt, while Applejack tries hiding her giggles and snorts under her hat

took some liberties here hope you dont mind

My dad just broke his phone and somehow thought that it's way more important for him to have a good phone than me, so he's taking my phone until he gets his old one fixed.

I’m not sure he realized what he’ll have to live with for the next few days.

This is what my phone looks like:

(i know, gorgeous, right?)

this is what my wallpaper looks like:

My home screen wallpaper:

Also my ringtone is the Doctor Who soundtrack and my notification/text message alert tone thingy is David Tennant saying “bingle bongle dingle dangle yikkedy doo yikkedy da ping pong lippy tappy too ta” (like in the deleted scene from s03e08 “Human Nature” *click*)

Some people might call this being an annoying kid. I’d call this providing some motivation for him to give me back my phone asap :)

Here is a drawing I have made of how I think human Impala and T.A.R.D.I.S (aka “Baby” and “Sexy”) could look like :)

» All of time and space
   everything that ever happened or ever will
   … where do you want to start? 

Finished version of this line art I did earlier. I never was too good at drawing, especially colouring, huger works so this was kind of a challenge for myself? 12 and 13 are still missing tho because I was rewatching the series and only reached the 11th so far. I’m up to date atm and I’ll do another drawing one day, including all of the new doctors at least uvu I would love to draw them ALL at once but that’d kill me jfc

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I usually don't like crossovers but idk imagine Alex finding a fob watch somewhere, it sort of calling to her, she opens it and suddenly hundreds of years worth of memorys come flooding into her mind, she's The Doctor

She promised Maggie that she’ll always love her.

She promised, she promised, she promised.

She promised, and she held on for her.

She promised, but god, that fob watch? That damn watch that’s always there, but that she never notices, not really, not really?

She’s noticing it now.

She’s noticing it, and she knows – somehow – that it has the power to make her break her promise.

Because there are whispers coming from it.

Whispers, and sometimes, screams.

She’s never opened it – why would she, it’s just an old fob watch, it’s broken, it’s not… – she’s never opened it, but it’s pulling her, now. It’s calling her, now.

And for some reason, its calls feel like her dreams.

Her dreams of space ships and pepper pot killing machines and supernovae with her ship at the center, and running. Lots and lots of running.

Always with the running.

Maggie’s never in her dreams.

Kara is, sometimes. Kara is, and she thinks that sometimes, Kara knows.

That Kara knows about the watch.

She brings it to her one night, and Kara begs her. Begs her to forget it, begs her to put it away. Keep it safe, keep it close, but Alex, please, you’re my sister, I love you, you have to trust me: keep it closed.

And she does trust her – she trusts her more than anything – but the watch scares her.

And she hasn’t ever run from things that scared her.

If her dreams are any indication, she’s the kind of person who runs toward things that scare her.

Not that her dreams are real. Of course they’re not.

But there’s a certain feeling.

A temptation. Another reality.

“Tell me why, then,” she asks her teary eyed sister, her voice soft, half-hoping Kara will comply easily. Half-hoping Kara will refuse her.

Kara groans and she takes off her glasses and she paces – something she’s picked up from Maggie – and she sits back down and pulls Alex’s hands into her lap.

“Alex, we haven’t always… we haven’t always lived this life. But this life? This life is keeping you safe. This life is keeping you alive. And I need you alive, Alex, okay? I need my sister.”

“And I need you, Kara, but you… what the hell do you mean, we haven’t always lived this life? And this life? Keeping me safe? Kara, I’m a DEO agent, my life is on the line all the time, and so is yours, I don’t – ”

“Alex, I just need you to trust me, okay?”

“I do trust you, Kara. I do. But I need to know.”

Her eyes are desperate and her eyes are burning. Her eyes are determined and her eyes are decisive.

And Kara loves her sister. Loves her so much she can’t lose her.

Loves her so much she can’t let her keep living a lie. Even if Alex herself had made her promise to prevent her from opening the watch until it was safe.

Because she has to love Alex enough to trust her. Trust that they’re strong together. That they can keep each other safe. Together.

So she explains – she explains for an entire night, and Alex chugs bourbon and Alex paces and sometimes, Alex cries.

She texts Maggie before she opens it.

Before she lets her Time Lord DNA resurface, before she lets her memories flood back into her body, into her heart, into her mind.

She texts her and she asks her to come over, because if she’s going to keep the universe safe – the universe, the multiverse, all of time, not just the earth anymore – she needs to give Maggie a chance to be with her. Needs to give her a chance to love her anyway.

Or to leave her, instead of being left behind.

She’s convinced Maggie won’t come with her.

Convinced that this will be goodbye.

Kara waits in the other room on standby, in case it is. In case her sister will need her to pick up the pieces.

But Maggie just listens, and Maggie just chuckles.

“Figures that even when I think I’ve fallen for a human, I actually fell for an alien.”

Alex forces out a short laugh, but her ears are roaring with the silence between Maggie’s words, in the moment before Maggie takes her hands and kisses each of her knuckles.

“Ride or die, right Danv – Doctor?” she whispers, but she’s terrified, because how could someone that powerful still want her? Still love her?

She’ll ride with her if Alex still wants her to.

And she might just die if she doesn’t.

Kara holds her hand while she pops open the watch, and Maggie keeps a trembling hand on the small of her back.

Alex falls to one knee and bows her head, eyes squeezed shut, as her life, her thousands of years, pour back into her soul.

She keeps her hand steady in her sister’s, and then she reaches out for Maggie.

Reaches for her, and pulls her into the deepest kiss they’ve ever shared.

“Come with me?” she whispers, because Time Lord or human, TARDIS or DEO, she will never not love this woman.

“Ride or die, Doctor,” Maggie whispers back against her lips, soft and awed and in love, in love, in love.


Rating: General

Relationship: Ten x Rose

Summary: Rose needs the Doctor’s help to sleep, and the TARDIS gets involved.

Notes:  Hello lovelies! This bit of nothing was written in response to a @timepetalsprompts prompt that involved the Doctor singing Tom Lehrer’s Elements Song in the shower. Prompt here

It’s all fluff and there’s no real plot and I wrote it stupidly late, so….yeah. I hope you like it anyway!Unbeta’d. All mistakes are mine.

Also on A03.

Rose shifted for what seemed the hundredth time and sighed. It was obvious she wasn’t going to be getting any sleep tonight. No matter how many deep breaths she took or how many sheep she counted, she couldn’t sleep. She wished now that she’d taken the Doctor up on his offer of a little telepathic help, but she’d been so sure that the exhaustion of a four day trek through Molkania trying to escape the rebel King would send her straight to sleep that she’d declined.

So much for that.

Turning over yet again, she huffed in frustration. Right, that was it. Flinging back the covers she slid from the bed and marched out of the room in search of the Doctor, expecting he’d be in the library as he usually was, reading away as she slept.

Only he wasn’t.

She frowned at the empty room, irritation warring with exhaustion. Where was he, then? She knew he wouldn’t be in the console room, because he’d said the TARDIS needed a break from repairs, and they both knew he couldn’t spend more than a minute in the console room without fiddling with something. So where was he? She was so tired and all she needed was a little telepathic nudge from the Doctor to help her sleep, but she really didn’t feel like traipsing all over the TARDIS to find him.

Focusing intently, Rose pleaded with the TARDIS. “Help a girl out? I know you can do that telepathy stuff too. Just….I can’t sleep an’ I’m dyin’ here. Please?”

The TARDIS hummed soothingly and Rose sighed in relief as her bedroom door appeared.

“Thanks love, you’re the best.”

The TARDIS hummed affectionately and Rose patted the wall in thanks as she opened the door to her room…only to find she wasn’t in her room.

She was, in fact, in the Doctor’s room.

“What?” She rubbed at her eyes, staring at the Doctor’s banana-print bedspread. “What’d you bring me here for?”

The TARDIS hummed again and closed the door before removing it for good measure.

“Oh, you’re kiddin’ me!”

The timeship’s hum was smug, this time.

“Come on, don’t do this to me now,” she pleaded. “I’m dyin’ here. Just let me go back to my room and help me sleep. Please?”

The TARDIS hummed soothingly but the door didn’t reappear.

Rose sighed and gave in, flopping onto the bed.

Now what?

Just then, she heard the shower start in the next room and a familiar voice started singing at a hundred miles an hour.

“There’s antimony, arsenic, aluminum, selenium, and hydrogen and oxygen and nitrogen and rhenium…”

Rose rolled her eyes, recognising a few of the names from junior form science.

“And lanthanum and osmium and astatine and radium, and gold and protactinium and indium and gallium, and iodine and thorium and thulium and thallium.”

She snorted, curling up and snuggling into the closest pillow. Only the Doctor could sing about chemicals with such great enthusiasm, and judging by his volume, he was really enjoying himself. She turned her face into the pillow to stifle her giggles.

Surprisingly, however, as the song went on, her eyes began to feel quite heavy, no matter how she tried to keep them open, and the comforting scent of the Doctor on the pillows and sheets left her languid and utterly boneless.

“You were supposed to help me sleep in my room,” she muttered to the TARDIS, trying her best to stay awake.

By the time the Doctor got to ‘tungsten, tin and sodium,’ however, Rose was fast asleep.


The Doctor rubbed at his (very impressive) hair vigorously with a towel and hummed a few bars of Tom Lehrer’s Elaments Song. It was a brilliant composition, if not long out of date, and a good, rousing rendition was just what he needed after the very long few days he and Rose had had.

He frowned as he slipped into his jimjams. Rose had looked more than a little peaky, come to think of it- he’d have to look in on her and make sure she was sleeping alright. It had been a pretty grueling few days even by his standards, after all, so who knew what it had done to her utterly brilliant but oh, so fragile human self?

Flinging open the bathroom door, he decided he’d look in on her first thing before nipping off to the library for a few hours of quiet reading. However, he had taken no more than two steps into his room when he noticed a lump on his bed.

A Rose-shaped lump, to be precise.

And she was fast asleep.

He huffed, cocking an eyebrow at the ceiling, knowing full well who was responsible. “You know, out of all the ships, I chose to steal you. I’m sure the other models wouldn’t have been this meddlesome.”

The TARDIS chimed and if he didn’t know better he’d say she’d just blown a raspberry at him.

He rolled his eyes and strode to the bed, bending to lift Rose into his arms and carry her back to her own bed…only to change his mind and straighten up again. Sighing, he tugged at the covers and pulled them gently over her instead.

She looked so peaceful and she’d been so very tired that it would be a shame to wake her, he told himself. She was only human, after all. He’d leave her settled comfortably and go and have a nice read in the library, as he’d planned. However, turning towards the door, he noticed it was missing and sighed.

“Oh, come on! That’s a bit much, isn’t it? What if I want to read a book? You know I don’t sleep as often as humans do.”

The TARDIS said nothing and a small pile of books appeared on his bedside table. He sighed in resignation. “Fine.”

Rifling through the stack, he resolutely ignored Twenty-First Century Human Courting Rituals for Dummies and instead chose to re-read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Noticing that his armchair had mysteriously vanished, he rolled his eyes and settled into bed side Rose, careful not to disturb her. He glanced over as he opened the book, and smiled.

Rose was sleeping peacefully, a contented smile on her face.

Molto bene,” he said quietly. “Molto bene.”