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“…Always seeing patterns in things that aren’t there.

ok but HONESTLY one definition of intelligence is that it’s pattern recognition and humans are ridiculous at it

at least half a dozen cultures from all over the world (babylonians, maori, chinese, aztecs, native australians, chinook) independently looked up at the sky and went “yeah that clump of dots, that looks like a significant clump of dots, we’re gonna give it a name”

like constellations are such a strange thing, we not only had to look up at the stars, but we had to find significance in them, and their positioning, and decide to play connect-the-dots with them, and then either make up stories to go with our drawings or make up drawings to go with our stories

we see patterns in literally everything, that’s where conspiracy theories come from, that’s where superstition comes from, one argument (that i don’t hold to, but it has some validity) is that that’s where religion comes from

we like patterns and we like stories, if there’s one thing that even more cultures have than constellations, it’s stories, there’s an argument to be made that it’s storytelling that differentiates us from chimpanzees and bonobos

“we are Pan narrans, the storytelling chimpanzee” thank u pterry

and what’s a better story than “we spent decades and billions of dollars trying to send a probe to this tiny space rock and when we get there it’s so happy to see us it has our symbol of love and affection on it”

like honestly


Celebrating New Who: Favourite Episode (3/3)
↳ The Doctor’s Wife

So my mum and I were at a bookstore today and as we passed its beautiful display of Doctor Who stuff, two boys about 8 years old come running up to the display. They were totally freaking out and drooling over everything and they spent the next several minutes trying to count the dollars and coins in their pockets to purchase a sonic screwdriver. They didn’t have enough however (they even asked the cashier if they could do anything to earn it). It was so freaking cute so of course, I got out my wallet and bought them the screwdriver. The one kid almost cried and the other wouldn’t stop hugging me. 

My heart grew three sizes today.

“____ was the first to do _____ and therefore is the best companion!”

“____ is the only one to stand up to the Doctor!”

Nope, sorry. 

Unless you’re talking about Barbara Wright, who really was:

  • the first person to speak on the show
  • first human in the TARDIS
  • first equal human companion, with Ian
  • first TARDIS crew member to encounter the Daleks (even before the Doctor!)
  • first academic companion to use her historical knowledge to her advantage in trips to the past
  • half of the original Doctor Who OTP, again with Ian
  • the woman who set the precedent for companions having to stand up to the Doctor and not let him pull shit
  • seriously SHE GAVE HIM THE BIGGEST VERBAL BITCHSLAPPING OF HIS LIFE - he tried to accuse her and Ian of conspiring against him and she was like “hold up you lil bitch you literally kidnapped us and yet we’ve saved your life multiple times since”
  • “Accuse us? You ought to go down on your hands and knees and thank us. But gratitude’s the last thing you’ll ever have, or any sort of common sense either.”
  • is basically the reason the Doctor came to like humans in the first place, if she hadn’t come first the other companions probably wouldn’t have come at all

Y’all can act like a companion is a special snowflake for not putting up with the Doctor’s shit but that’s not a special thing, that’s been a requirement since Barbara Wright walked through the TARDIS doors, that’s them living up to Barbara’s damn legacy, and so they should.

In an effort to cheer Clara up on Christmas Day, her TARDIS projects a hologrammatic image of the Doctor wearing antlers, yelling after a group of carollers to “get a real job”.

Caught completely off-guard by the spectacle, Clara laughs until tears form at the corner of her eyes. But then the real tears start, and they don’t stop for the longest time.

Heya! Long time no see!
That’s so nice of you thinking about me ;;
Sorry for the long absence, when I returned home that week, there wasn’t internet connection anymore at home ;A;
Plus I found myself very busy with school and preparattions for cosplays to bring to Lucca Comics & Games 2015

-swapalette is fun-
But now that everything is alright with internet bills, I hope it’ll be okay! For the time being.
With school going on I can just work on Monday, Wednesday and maybe Friday after 5 pm. Hoping that it will coincide with other time zones and all ;;

That being said, I have to return to study, sadly  (つω`*)
Bye bye!

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