humanized aranea

NH-01987 had been designed to bond with the first unbonded human he met, but Aranea didn’t know that. All she knew was that she had found a fairy outside dying in the snow.

And listen, she wasn’t entirely heartless. She had been known to rescue the odd critter from its demise, often even bringing them home to recover. What was one more?

Aranea smirked looking back. She owed the little guy. Prompto Argentum, with his quick silver wings and sunny smile, huddled up in her gloved hands, had helped her surprise Cor for the first time ever. 

He’d been disapproving, but Aranea, manipulative adopted teen daughter that she was, had pointed out that neither of them had a family fairy. They were a family now, right? This would make it official, all she needed was a little trust.

One month later, with Prompto newly named and zooming around the house, Cor refused that he’d ever doubted Aranea.

FFXV Week Day 2: Cor Leonis, Do you trust me?

Dat Dart Art

Hi Tumblr, this is a post dedicated to Dartty.

This person goes by Dart/Dartty/Dartanian.

There she is!

She has wonderful art, be it of Steven Universe, Adventure Time, South Park, lots of Homestuck and more. She’s really sweet and super nice. I can best describe her colorful art as cute




It’s also quite a bit is Shippy:

Dartty also teaches us life lessons:

And here’s Craig:

If you follow Dartty, there will be snakes on your dashboard… lot’s and lot’s of snakes.

You will believe that Snakes can be cute.

More Dart Art:

Thanks for being Wonderful Dart.


I left it on the side for 2 week (omg it feels like a month) but It is time to finish this and I only have Meenah left to go! 
This is the Fifth drawing of the big project of mine uwu I hope you all like it!
The headcanons belong to askthestargazers~
In the same project:
Damara Megido
Meulin Leijon

Porrim Maryam

Latula Pyrope
Aranea Serket
Meenah Peixes


i was bored and absolutely adore the art from the newest update so i decided to go and make transparent images of them. i modified a few of them like terezi now shes just sad and doesnt have gamzee holding her or perhaps you just want a sleepy crockercorp!jane hugging the sidebar, or maybe even aranea looking like shes just eaten something fucking disgusting.

these are free to use on tumblr or whatever. i will be doing more because there were some amazing moments in the flash even if it was painful as fuck. seriously the art was phenomenal and should be appreciated by everyone for the hard work of those artists. even the music score was beautiful

vriska-h8s-you  asked:

I often work my headcanons for humanstuck around their canonical classes and backgrounds. Generally the problem is people realizing a human upbringing and class would be very different from Alternia and influence the characters. Vriska had to work to provide for her own surivival with a very deadbeat abusive parent, creating a rougher personality to survive. Earth being closer to Beforan would make this human Vriska more like Aranea. Unless you go fanastical and make their family a mob or...

You allow Vriska’s character to change, problem is Serkets are models of their society and upbringing. For me I either try to ignore that upbringing for simpler oneshots or hcs which would make her more middleclass, allow huge changes to character but still a dark and almost too fictionally so background to keep her characters struggles, or she is a teen runaway from an abusive situation in a wealthy family. Making her more herself in her 20s but also yeah broke.     

You raise some very interesting ideas about writing Vriska’s character in such a change~ And I like your possible interpretations for that~

some cherub gender thoughts with shelby… i feel like this has come up before but it seems somewhat more solid to me now? wrt what gender actually means to cherubs and how it might only be a construct applied to them at all because of caliborn and calliope’s encounters with human and troll culture

[9/16/14, 1:45:55 AM] kidcrimefighter: i think gender in cherubs that arent exposed to humans and trolls is probably different
[9/16/14, 1:46:14 AM] shelby: yeah i like that idea too
[9/16/14, 1:47:03 AM] kidcrimefighter: caliborn and calliope and also aranea just kind of fit the idea of male/female binary gender onto cherubs bc cherubs have lots of weird binary shit going on

[9/16/14, 1:51:29 AM] kidcrimefighter: A fascin8ting thing a8out cheru8 reproduction is how the parent’s alignment is passed on to the young. If the male lays the egg, the alignments of the child’s two halves will 8e the same as the parents. If the female lays the egg, the alignments will 8e flipped, and the young male and female halves will 8e endowed with opposite alignments of the parents.
[9/16/14, 1:51:53 AM] shelby: ???? WHAT DETERMINES WHICH HALF IS FEMALE AND MALE
[9/16/14, 1:52:20 AM] kidcrimefighter: i guess it’s considered there has to be one male and one female but like…. yeah
[9/16/14, 1:52:29 AM] kidcrimefighter: it doesnt really have anything to do with human gender lmao
[9/16/14, 1:53:08 AM] shelby: yeah like… its possible there is some kind of personal identity distinction between cherubs and there will always be two in each body
[9/16/14, 1:53:11 AM] kidcrimefighter: like it’s not a stretch to say it’s just a label put on something else by other species, and calliope and caliborn who were essentially raised by other species
[9/16/14, 1:53:17 AM] shelby: yeah
[9/16/14, 1:53:22 AM] shelby: that makes the most sense
[9/16/14, 1:53:33 AM] shelby: that is aranea’s understanding
[9/16/14, 1:54:24 AM] shelby: a cherub raised normally wouldnt have any cultural reason to think of themselves as male or female, i’m sure they’d identify way more strongly with their good/evil alignment
[9/16/14, 1:55:06 AM] kidcrimefighter: it could actually all come from calliope and caliborn identifying themselves with human gender… like aranea is saying all this with the knowledge that lord english and calliope exist so that could influence her reading
[9/16/14, 1:55:15 AM] shelby: ohhhhh yeah!
[9/16/14, 1:55:20 AM] shelby: that makes sense
[9/16/14, 1:55:58 AM] shelby: shes like “oh okay the cherubs i know most about have gender so that must have something to do with their mating or something since thats what it is for humans right”
[9/16/14, 1:56:43 AM] kidcrimefighter: calliope identifying with femininity as a child because it seemed nicer and like, cuter, and then caliborn just identifying as male because he didnt want to share a gender with calliope. and male had EXTRA APPEAL because he saw males considered themselves superior to females and he was like, yeah, that’s my exact shit
[9/16/14, 1:57:28 AM] shelby: yeah caliborn buys straight into masculinity bullshit
[9/16/14, 1:58:19 AM] kidcrimefighter: itd be funny if caliborn decided he was male more or less because masculinity bullshit appealed to him
[9/16/14, 1:59:07 AM] shelby: ^HOW caliborn decided his own gender
[9/16/14, 1:59:12 AM] kidcrimefighter: exactly
[9/16/14, 1:59:30 AM] kidcrimefighter: living the permanent man reality life
[9/16/14, 1:59:36 AM] shelby: khkhjkjhkhsdf
[9/16/14, 2:00:09 AM] shelby: but yeah it makes sense that calliope would read about girls and be like “yeah that me” so caliborn would get into man stuff just to SPITE HER!!!!!!
[9/16/14, 2:02:27 AM] shelby: thats a pretty good reason to decide ur a dude. specifically to oppress people
[9/16/14, 2:02:38 AM] kidcrimefighter: that just seems like a very caliborn thing to do

anonymous asked:

Arena, can you explain to me the human mating progress?

ARANEA: Oh, 8ut of course! I would love nothing more than to delve into the intricacies of human mating. It really is not that difficult a concept to grasp, really, 8ut fascin8ting nonetheless! 

ARANEA: Well, one aspect which I feel is a particular hindrance is that to produce life one must m8 with only the opposite gender. You see, this is 8ecause whereas the trolls each have identical genital organs, humans have one for each gender. 

ARANEA: And when one male human wishes to produce offspring with a female human, they will come together in a lying down position (Note: this position is very negotia8le, depending on ranging flexi8ility and willingness to “get freaky”). 

ARANEA: I must say, though, Jake has 8een ever so helpful in my continuing educ8tion in this fascin8ting science. Why, just the other day, we—