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She’s A Fighter

By Alayna Zevallos.

If you haven’t heard of Rowan Blanchard, then you must be new here to planet Earth.

Rowan is a young feminist leader with a huge activist heart bigger than any 15 year old you can come across. This girl is truly amazing and truly special, and for todays post, I am going to be fan girling about her and why she is such a powerful voice for this generation.

Rowans major breakout was starring as Riley Matthews on the sequel to Boy Meets World, Girl Meets World. She used the platform created from that to her advantage. Unlike most girls her age, her social media doesn’t consist of selfies or retweeted memes. Rather, her Instagram and twitter are platforms that speak out against the issues and injustices occurring in this world.

Scrolling through her Instagram alone you can see the passion and heart she has as a young activist for others. You can see how passionate she is behind the Black Lives Matter Movement by posting pictures of victims of police brutality and links to campaigns for change. She is an activist for gender equality, for LGBTQ, and so many more.

In her bio alone it links to an @circleofhealth, which is a way for those to donate to keep the only running hospital left in Aleppo going, for the sake of the civilians suffering over there.

One major campaign she is currently in right now is with @everlane, who is making t shirts that say “100% human” on them in regards to the strive for LGBTQ equality and their community. All the proceeds for the sale of these shirts go to the human rights campaign, and that is truly outstanding.

She has even spoken at the women’s march and one line in her remarkable speech has truly inspired me and will do the same for you.

“If women, if queer people, if people of color have survived this long in a world that refuses to represent them, that must amount to a force much greater than one man with nothing more to invest in than his ego.”

Those words right there truly captivate a person. The wise mind behind those words is not giving up on human rights anytime soon, probably never. She is a major role model for a young generation whom may be torn and confused and have a lot to deal with on their plates for the future.

Her presence is so highly important. Many of her followers are most likely young teens that stemmed from watching her on Girl Meets World. With her passion on human rights being presented consistently and constantly on her social media, she is positively influencing a young generation into being open minded thinkers and compassionate beings to others struggles. She is using her fame for pure good, and I think that is is beyond amazing.

Rowan is clearly an intelligent being who is wise beyond her years. She has such a soft warmth about her that you can just feel how good and pure of a person she is through the screen of your phone or laptop by scrolling through her feed. She speaks up and isn’t afraid of criticism from others in doing so. She is a fearless leader for the youth generation, and I cannot wait to see what other battles for human rights and injustices she faces in the future, and what she will change.

Do yourself a favor and follow her Twitter and Instagram, (@rowanblanchard), to get influenced by such a powerful young soul.

Photo Credit/Teen Vogue

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The hot wheels thing is Just so hilarious. Imagine Raf bringing some of his own hot wheels toys and gets questions about them from the rest of the bots (and knockout, if he joined the winning team) "oh, these are hot wheels" cue gobsmacked prime team, including a laughing bumblebee (knockout secretly snags a red one,lawl)

Oh my god!  That’s hilarious!!!  It’d be like the equivalent of the Autobots having a perfectly normal and innocent gadget that they call “a sweet piece of ass”!  XD XD XD

Smokescreen and Bee would by DYING of laughter, while Ultra Magnus’s entire face burns bright blue, like, Raf, plz stahp…

I love the idea of Knock Out playing cars with Raf!  That’s so cute!  The two of them plus Bee and Smokey would all get together to build one of those massive hot wheels tracks to race on!  (They end up having to move it to the back of the base when Ratchet nearly trips over it and yells at them.)

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We haven't seen mag, the humans (and alien),, Partwin but idk if they'd be cool with that?

you can’t leave the house and its unrealistic to invite them to the basement, sorry :c


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No, he doesn’t have magic powers or an invisibility cloak. What he does have is great artistic ability and extreme patience.


Expo fun!!

I was brought a painting and a sketch pencil drawing, Starbucks gift card, Reese’s, plentiful amounts of white monsters, hugs and affection, kind words, warm hearts—I signed phones cases, shirts, weight belts, actual phones, my vitamin shoppe mag, converse, human skin —lol. Today made my heart so warm and motivated me so much. Words cannot describe the affection I feel for this community of people!!! #positivityisinfectious