humanity's strongest hope

~Attack on Titan…~

Title: Kill Your Darlings

Rating: T-M; for graphic violent content

Pairing: Platonic Levi and Mikasa

Summary:  X-Men/Mutant AU. Mutants Levi and Mikasa cross paths, both seeking to escape dark forces.  (wolverine!Levi, x-23!Mikasa)

Word Count: 1682

A/N:  (Also posted on Archive of Our Own!) Originally intended for this to be a drabble of less than 500 words but I just had to expand on it a little more! Got carried away with the violence, but *shrugs*, ain’t like we’re not used to this kind of stuff. If you’ve seen Logan, you won’t be shocked like at all lol.
I’ve seen Logan too many times already and it inspired me to write this piece featuring my faves; Humanity’s Strongest Pair.
Hope you enjoy this random-as-hell crossover/x-men fusion one-shot!

“She’s like you… very much like you…”

The first time he sees her, she has just ripped a man’s head off, dual claws protruding from her fists.

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Marco wasn’t what most people would call ‘accepted’. He was one of the sweetest beings one could ever meet. He’d take a bullet for a complete stranger. But he’d died at a young age. And perhaps that was his undoing. Whatever had happened between the moment he died, and the moment he woke up, it had regretfully been decided that he would become an angel.

Other creatures didn’t like angels. It was simply a way of life. Angels were God’s ‘pampered little children’. And other supernatural beings hated the special treatment they received. Especially in high school. When kids like Marco were just getting used to their new lives. The fact that Marco also had wings that would normally be found on a demon, didn’t help the matter. It was for all these reasons that Marco didn’t have many friends. Instead he had a small group that actually treated him decently. 

So, the boy kept his head down, rushing through the hallways and hoping that others wouldn’t notice the faint outline of his wings as he hurried to the courtyard to his friends. That is until he ran into someone. As expected, his abnormal black feathers flitted through the air, and he stumbled to the ground. “O-Oh my god I’m so sorry!” He quickly apologized, staring across at his ‘victim’ with wide, fearful eyes.