humanity's despair

Understand this: we can despair of the meaning of life in general, but not of the particular forms that it takes; we can despair of existence, for we have no power over it, but not of history, where the individual can do everything. It is individuals who are killing us today. Why should not individuals manage to give the world peace?
—  Notebook III (November, 1939)
The Terrorists Advertising Wet Dream

I wondered just how long it would take before the latest incident sparked the now standard ‘Pray for (insert effected town/city/ country)’ complete with instantly recognisable logo. Today we have the London Underground symbol being used for this utter bullshit.

Stop praying to your imaginary sky fairy that causes you to feel somehow superior to another human being.

Stop praying for strength that somehow you’ll be able to kill people who don’t believe in your imaginary sky fairy, because some fucking story book that was written thousands of years ago said so.

I despair at humans. I really do.

Black Mirror is a show that breaks the monotony of regular shows. Every episode is a different thriller/horror experience that highlights the epitome of human despair. The show doesn’t follow a continuous story line or characters; each episode is an entirely different experience. It’s about as close as you’ll get to the Twilight Zone in modern day, and it’s great.

絶望 | chikuwazen [pixiv]


Another fanart from Ajin : Demi Human, featuring Nagai Kei and his IBM (Identified Black Matter).The Japanese full version is available on the link I provided above.

P.S Still working on the doujin and on the way for making a fanart for White Day! 3 days more~ (the characters would be secret! ;D) Look Forward to it!

ONS 52

Am I the only one who is getting more and more annoyed that Yuu won’t run away with Mika? Like? I get it you made new friends but it’s also time to make Mika happy too? If he wants you to be a damsel that he could save then put on a fucking tiara and some killer heels and get to rehearsing your lines because he’s seen shit and done shit and maybe needs to get a break?

Maybe it’s the mothering trait of mine that needs to protect Mika but I just really want him to win for once and not worry about what Yuu wants him to say or do. Because the moment Mika saw Yuu’s disappointed face after getting into it with Narumi in Chapter 52, he immediately switched tactics and said that he was actually on edge when he actually truly believed in what he told Narumi about human greed leading to despair.

i just don’t want Mika to bottle up his feelings just so he can remain by Yuu’s side. I don’t want him to be forced into liking the Squad. If family bonds formed between Mika and the Squad I want it to be because he genuinely cares for them. 

Point is, I want Yuu to stop forcing things along (which is weird because he’s a fictional character–BUT I’M AN EMOTIONAL FANGIRL OKAY!?) and I want Mika to say what he wants to say and mean it without fear of losing Yuu in the process. Because that’s true family right there (not including the high probability that Mika and Yuu might have romantic feelings for one another). True family, be they chosen or blood related, will respect who you are and what you believe because they love you. They won’t push you if you say you don’t like their friends. My older sister is the person i would trust with my life and when I say I don’t like her friends or we have a difference of opinions, she’ll ask me why and will try to convince me otherwise. If i stay stubborn/true to my opinions, she’’l leave me be on the topic and not love me any less.

Maybe I’m putting way too much emotion behind these characters. It’s funny how fandoms do that to you, though.

One believed that the pink to blood-red colored ruby
was a firm ingredient in its glowing, almost glittery feathers
although it smelled like burned coal to human minds
it was more ethereal than physical.

No man dared to touch it and was never allowed
so its beak continued to look like a piece of burned wood
while the young patterns of belief gathered around
to place this creature into a well understood box.

When the feathers fell to the ground,
one could see the glitter-gold glow moving around,
in the vanes of the feather, and once man tried to touch it
more red glitter-substance moved in the feather and burned it out.

So, they didn`t dare to touch the bird itself
although it one day started to burn silently into ashes
to the despair of humans, they needed the mystery
of the bird so, but it was gone back to the glittery-ruby mass,
back to golden ashes.

They didn`t even dare to touch the ashes before
it one night was gone. Gone into eternity
flying into the air, but at the same time
into another dimension.

“When the Phoenix was here” – Victoria Udnæs

Everyone tries to make his life a work of art. We want love to last and we know that it does not last; even if, by some miracle, it were to last a whole lifetime, it would still be incomplete. Perhaps, in this insatiable need for perpetuation, we should better understand human suffering if we knew that it was eternal. It appears that great minds are sometimes less horrified by suffering than by the fact that it does not endure. In default of inexhaustible happiness, eternal suffering would at least give us a destiny. But we do not even have that consolation, and our worst agonies come to an end one day. One morning, after many dark nights of despair, an irrepressible longing to live will announce to us the fact that all is finished and that suffering has no more meaning than happiness.
—  Albert Camus, The Rebel
As far as I am concerned, I resign from humanity. I no longer want to be, nor can still be, a man. What should I do? Work for a social and political system, make a girl miserable? Hunt for weaknesses in philosophical systems, fight for moral and esthetic ideals? It’s all too little. I renounce my humanity even though I may find myself alone. But am I not already alone in this world from which I no longer expect anything?

     “ ORIHIME INOUE . “ he does not dare treat her as if she is GOLD / PRIZED . she was a pawn . a useless one that had given the mutt his forgotten limb ( WAS THAT WHY HIS TONE WAS SO CRUEL ? ) . he would stand up from where he sat before turning to face the LITTLE DOLLY in moments . “ aizen - sama has requested i give you a small check body wise . i do hope you are prepared for what is to come . “      /     @osacredshields