humanity will never learn

Not enough people talk about the fact that Leonardo da Vinci was gay. Like, he’s literally the father of modern technology and one of the smartest human beings to ever live and I never ever learned in school that he was gay. 

If all the LGBT people are as “DOOMED” as the bible thumpers think we are, hell, at least we’re in good company. 

When 25 year old me sat there in that gas chamber the only day it did not work I remember having only two thoughts in my mind. That I wasn’t even afraid to die. And that something like this would never happen again since the human race would have learned something.
Today, 72 years later, I realize that I was wrong
—  Stella Tjajkovski, holocaust survivor (written in a Swedish news paper 27th of January 2017, only one week after the inauguration of Donald Trump)

“I’m serious, Yu. You don’t realize how terrifying humans are.”


I found a good meme and thought “but what if borrowers.” I was gonna add a smol boi but the editing app I was using didn’t have skin tones and I didn’t want him to look like Trump. High class tinies tho.

A little AU meet-cute based on @billypoindexter‘s prompt (someone else may have already done it, but I haven’t written any zimbits in forever):

So I was watching Say Yes to the Dress yesterday and Corbin Bleu and his fiancé (now wife) Sasha Clements were on it and when they asked how they met Sasha said they met in a grocery store and she kind of recognized him, and figured he was an acquaintance whose name she had forgotten. So she goes “Hey!! How are you?” and they chat for a bit before she realizes that she knows him because he’s famous.

Bitty was rounding the end of the cereal aisle, rechecking the grocery list to see if he’d gotten everything and wondering what was wrong with the state of public education in New England that none of his roommates had apparently learned basic penmanship, when he ran into someone.

“Oh my god, I am so sorry!” he exclaimed, and suppressed the wince as his accent reflexively came out full force. (It was partly the apologizing, and partly that he’d learned people were more forgiving if they thought he wasn’t from ’round here. He’d decided to embrace it; if he couldn’t get rid of the accent, it might as well be good for something.)

“No, no problem,” said the person, and then Bitty actually looked at him and felt that familiar terror of countless small-town grocery runs with his mother, where they ran into someone that he knew he was supposed to know, but could not place for the life of him, let alone remember an actual name.

“Well, hey!” he exclaimed, racking his brain frantically for the reason this guy looked so familiar. Surely he’d remember someone who looked like that. Lord. There was nothing, though, so he let autopilot take over. “How have you been?”

Tall, Dark, and Handsome blinked at him. (How could Bitty have forgotten eyes that blue? What even was wrong with him today? This was ridiculous.) “Uh, okay, actually. Yup. Everything going well.”

“Well, that’s great!” Bitty glanced at his list again. “Hey, can you read this? I genuinely can’t tell if this is supposed to be English.”

The guy obligingly took the paper from him and squinted at it. “Provolone, I think.”

Bitty took the list back and stared at it for a second. “I think you’re right. Honestly, Holster.”

“I was just heading toward the deli myself.”

“How perfect! I really kind of hate shopping by myself? But this was just supposed to be a quick in and out, or at least it was until I realized I apparently live with chickens in human guise who never learned to write properly.”

By the time Bitty and The Guy checked out and parted ways half an hour later, Bitty still hadn’t recalled his name, and by then it was clearly too late to admit it.

Oh well, he’d probably remember later, when he was trying to fall asleep.


“You know,” he called pointedly from the kitchen, “y’all could make yourselves useful and help me put all these things away.”

“Yes! Bro! Did you see that pass?” Holster yelled instead.

“Beauty,” Ransom answered, and then there was the sound of a high-five.

Bitty sighed and stuck his head around the corner to see what they were yelling about now.

SportsCenter, as usual, was on, playing highlights from the Falconers’ game the night before. As Bitty watched, it switched from the on-ice play to an intermission interview.

An intermission interview. With the guy from the grocery store.

Jack Zimmermann.

“Oh my god,” Bitty said for the second time that day, hands to his cheeks, which were indeed burning up.

Holster looked over at him in concern. “Bits? What’s wrong? Why do you look like a tomato?”

“I just spent half an hour casually grocery shopping with Jack fucking Zimmermann because I thought he looked familiar and I didn’t want to admit I couldn’t place him. Oh my god, I could just die.”

Ransom and Holster exchanged glances and then they were on him. “No shit! What’s he like? What did he buy? Tell us everything!”

“I can never shop there again,” Bitty said faintly.

rape being used as a weapon of war is so heart wrenching. it was used during the partition of india, the french used it in algeria, serbians used it against bosnian women, it’s being used right now in syria and what’s so heart breaking is the fact that women choose to commit suicide because of the possibility of being raped. humanity never learns, we really have failed.

Can aphobes just shut the fuck up about Thomas already? The only reason you guys are trying to pin this man as a pedophile is because he thinks aces and aros belong in the LGBT community. He does not explicitly encourage minors to draw NSFW art of him, he was not aware that the artist was under 18 and has since corrected his behavior. He owned up to his mistakes, so why don’t y'all start doing the same?

I will live and die on the avowed-Anglophile-Dirk-Gently train, but I also think it would be hilarious if it turns out that he has no real opinions on tea? Or that he’s absolutely shit at making it?

He’ll either take the teabag out after ten seconds or he’ll overbrew it by leaving it in for fifteen minutes.He can’t taste the difference between Earl Grey and English Breakfast. He adds milk to green tea, and sugar to chai. He assumes that tea works the same as coffee and adds every single flavoured syrup under the sun. Todd and Farah are beside themselves trying to brew tea properly (”he’s from England, he probably has tea in his veins”) and Dirk’s happily sitting in his wheely chair taking shots of something lukewarm and vaguely medicinal that he threw in the microwave.

One time he throws a handful of leaves from Todd’s cupboard into the kettle and drinks the results, and that’s how the rest of the agency end up discovering what boiled parsley water tastes like (”the universe did not bloody well want us poisoned, Dirk!”).

Lest we forget, already forgotten

Autumn calls for a casual stroll,
which often I use as damage control
when days get short and nights get long,
and I can’t help but wonder where I belong.

Am I a branch, or a leave that should fall;
is this world truly meant for us all?

Absent-mindedly I kick a pebble from the trail,
and so I alter the world on a minor scale,
and though I did not do it consciously,
it strikes me as odd how easily
we humans do commit
to actions that change the world as we see fit.

Maybe it’s our nature to try and right wrongs,
but who’s to say where anything truly belongs?

For every mind there’s an image of perfection;
a slumbering need to seek the correction
of anything that does not fit the ideal
and sometimes of anyone–
that will not kneel
to any effigy of a utopia to be created,
as they find its shape should still be debated.

Are they branches, or leaves that should fall;
is there enough room in this world for us all?

Are they part of this path, or pebbles to kick?

Who will remember the Jew, the Bolshevik,
the homosexual, and the Romany –
who met their untimely ends in
the concentration camps
of Nazi Germany?

I look at the holocaust monument; a statue
that used to
frightened me as a kid,
and I realize we are already
forgetting what we did – what we did –

Perhaps we should call it human nature then;
making the same mistakes again and again
as no lesson sticks transgenerationally,
even if taught so abysmally.

Any pebble, once chipped from the path,
shan’t escape the designer’s wrath,
but the leaf, that will always fall,
tells us there’s purpose
for each and all.

Poem and picture © M.A. Tempels © 2017

Humans are Scary (humans are weird part 1)

Ok, so just imagine that one day the crew lands on an new planet. And the usual scout and research team goes out to explore the planet.
(So this team is made out of highly skilled aliens, and two humans. One a protector and one a medic.)
So they’re going around this planet exploring things and all is good. That is, until the medic wanders off because he found a whole field of a rare herb.
Awhile later the protector see’s that the medic is not with the rest of the group any more, so he starts yelling out his name. The aliens catch on and they start to yell his name too, one even tried to read his heat signature.
But then they hear him yell “Im over here guys, don’t worry” proceeded by a scream. And the aliens freak out because “oh my gosh I’ve never seen a human run that fast”
The aliens catch up to the protector, just to see a huge sabertooth like creature across the field from the medic. The protector instantly yells out the medics name and runs in between the sabertooth and him.
The sabertooth backs up, confused. But then it starts to growl at the pair, showing its sharp teeth in the process. The protector haunches his back slightly and snarls at him. He moves his lips back to show off his canine teeth, then let out a deep, primal sound.
The sabertooth growled again and swiped at the human, who dodged and took a step foreword, letting out another deep snarl towards the creature. The protector lunged foreword and grabbed onto one of the massive fangs using as leverage before he plunged a dagger into the sabers eye.
The creature flailed around and ran back into the bush. The human got up ad stared into the darkness waiting for it to come back.
The aliens just stare at the human in terror because, “humans aren’t suppose to be like that.”
The protector finally let his defensive stance go after staring into the bush. He knelt down to the medic and hugged him whispering little reassurances into the others ear and rubbing his back.
The aliens learned something new about humans that day:
Never mess with a humans mate.

yarrayora  asked:

"Fun fact! Do you know that there's this little mummified humans called Jenglot?" "Saraswati, are you saying humans still do mummification for their dead children after all?" "Uh, no? Jenglot is like... this little hermit men people owns to bring good luck." "...." "The owner has to feed them blood periodically or they will go berserk. "Saraswati-- you know that this is not a fun fact, right? Are you doing this on purpose?" "Yes." "I hate humans."

This is amazing and I love this. 

I have nothing else I can think of to add except I am already very interested in Saraswati and any other fun facts Saraswati might know.

Humans Are Not Alone... Not Even On Earth

Aliens arrive peacefully on Earth and the Fair Folk start crawling out of the woodwork, demanding to meet and open trade with the new visitors.

Better yet, the aliens arrive and are confused when they find strange, bipedal apes greeting them instead of the small winged ones they’d been communicating with for the past eighty years.

Moving out of SciFi and purely into fantasy, what would happen if the Courts (not just Seelie and Unseelie, but some well away from Europe that humanity never even learned of) suddenly sent representatives to NATO, demanding recognition?

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Do you guys have a drawing talent or did you have to learn to draw?

Hahaha, of course we had to learn how to draw, nobody can just be Leonardo Da Vinci the first time they touch a pencil!

Look, these are drawings we did some years ago.

It took us a lot of time, effort and, most of all, practice to improve at art! Of course some people could get there faster than others, but everyone can learn with enough determination ~

Space Australia

So what if aliens never developed science fiction (or any fiction, for that matter) and we’re completely flabbergasted when these humans, who until just recently, didn’t have any form of space travel, were suddenly employing advanced null-gravity combat tactics?

Alien: “Humans! Stay back, you aren’t trained enough to fight in this situation!”

Human: “Screw that, man! We got all the training we need. Remember guys, the enemy’s gate is?”

All humans: “DOWN!!”

I think it would be hilarious to see a bunch of aliens so confused on how they won that fight when by all logic the humans should not have known advanced maneuvers like that

Alien: “how did humanity learn such complex tactics when you never learned how to control gravity?”

Human: “idk man i just read Enders game”