humanity will never learn

When 25 year old me sat there in that gas chamber the only day it did not work I remember having only two thoughts in my mind. That I wasn’t even afraid to die. And that something like this would never happen again since the human race would have learned something.
Today, 72 years later, I realize that I was wrong
—  Stella Tjajkovski, holocaust survivor (written in a Swedish news paper 27th of January 2017, only one week after the inauguration of Donald Trump)

Not enough people talk about the fact that Leonardo da Vinci was gay. Like, he’s literally the father of modern technology and one of the smartest human beings to ever live and I never ever learned in school that he was gay. 

If all the LGBT people are as “DOOMED” as the bible thumpers think we are, hell, at least we’re in good company. 

“I’m serious, Yu. You don’t realize how terrifying humans are.”


I found a good meme and thought “but what if borrowers.” I was gonna add a smol boi but the editing app I was using didn’t have skin tones and I didn’t want him to look like Trump. High class tinies tho.

rape being used as a weapon of war is so heart wrenching. it was used during the partition of india, the french used it in algeria, serbians used it against bosnian women, it’s being used right now in syria and what’s so heart breaking is the fact that women choose to commit suicide because of the possibility of being raped. humanity never learns, we really have failed.

Can aphobes just shut the fuck up about Thomas already? The only reason you guys are trying to pin this man as a pedophile is because he thinks aces and aros belong in the LGBT community. He does not explicitly encourage minors to draw NSFW art of him, he was not aware that the artist was under 18 and has since corrected his behavior. He owned up to his mistakes, so why don’t y'all start doing the same?

I will live and die on the avowed-Anglophile-Dirk-Gently train, but I also think it would be hilarious if it turns out that he has no real opinions on tea? Or that he’s absolutely shit at making it?

He’ll either take the teabag out after ten seconds or he’ll overbrew it by leaving it in for fifteen minutes.He can’t taste the difference between Earl Grey and English Breakfast. He adds milk to green tea, and sugar to chai. He assumes that tea works the same as coffee and adds every single flavoured syrup under the sun. Todd and Farah are beside themselves trying to brew tea properly (”he’s from England, he probably has tea in his veins”) and Dirk’s happily sitting in his wheely chair taking shots of something lukewarm and vaguely medicinal that he threw in the microwave.

One time he throws a handful of leaves from Todd’s cupboard into the kettle and drinks the results, and that’s how the rest of the agency end up discovering what boiled parsley water tastes like (”the universe did not bloody well want us poisoned, Dirk!”).

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"Fun fact! Do you know that there's this little mummified humans called Jenglot?" "Saraswati, are you saying humans still do mummification for their dead children after all?" "Uh, no? Jenglot is like... this little hermit men people owns to bring good luck." "...." "The owner has to feed them blood periodically or they will go berserk. "Saraswati-- you know that this is not a fun fact, right? Are you doing this on purpose?" "Yes." "I hate humans."

This is amazing and I love this. 

I have nothing else I can think of to add except I am already very interested in Saraswati and any other fun facts Saraswati might know.

Humans Are Not Alone... Not Even On Earth

Aliens arrive peacefully on Earth and the Fair Folk start crawling out of the woodwork, demanding to meet and open trade with the new visitors.

Better yet, the aliens arrive and are confused when they find strange, bipedal apes greeting them instead of the small winged ones they’d been communicating with for the past eighty years.

Moving out of SciFi and purely into fantasy, what would happen if the Courts (not just Seelie and Unseelie, but some well away from Europe that humanity never even learned of) suddenly sent representatives to NATO, demanding recognition?

Space Australia

So what if aliens never developed science fiction (or any fiction, for that matter) and we’re completely flabbergasted when these humans, who until just recently, didn’t have any form of space travel, were suddenly employing advanced null-gravity combat tactics?

Alien: “Humans! Stay back, you aren’t trained enough to fight in this situation!”

Human: “Screw that, man! We got all the training we need. Remember guys, the enemy’s gate is?”

All humans: “DOWN!!”

I think it would be hilarious to see a bunch of aliens so confused on how they won that fight when by all logic the humans should not have known advanced maneuvers like that

Alien: “how did humanity learn such complex tactics when you never learned how to control gravity?”

Human: “idk man i just read Enders game”

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Amalas!!! I love your mermaid au, it's so beautiful!!!! Will you share some headcanons about it if you have any? 🙏

Although my hcs really differ from the drawings, which were mainly for aesthetic reasons and don’t have a story behind them.
‘Cause for my hcs Iwaizumi is the merman and not Oikawa

  • Oikawa is a marine biologist who almost every day goes out to the sea with his little boat to do research and collect data for his thesis.
  • During one of those trips he sees merman Iwaizumi for the first time.
    - Humans know about merfolk and hundreds of years ago they even lived in peace, communicated with each other and saw each other often.
  • But times has changed and know merpeople mostly stay away from humans and Oikawa doesn’t know much about them.
  • He is really excited to see Iwa. 
  • Iwaizumi is really curious about humans and their world. Sometimes he hides under their piers and watches them and listens to their conversations but never shows himself.
  • But he found interest in this young researcher who comes out on his boat almost every day. Iwaizumi still keeps his distant but he shows up more often and shows himself and greets Oikawa from afar.
  • One day Oikawa gets caught up in a storm and he and his boat turn turtle.
  • Iwaizumi rushes over and wants to save Oikawa but he doesn’t quite understand human nature and due his try to rescue Oikawa from the danger of the sinking boat he dives too deep and stays too long under water and almost drowns Oikawa.
  • Oikawa starts to kick and falls into panic. He can’t breath!! Is this merman going to drown him? His he dangerous?
  • Iwaizumi first doesn’t understand Oikawa’s behavior and struggle and tries to calm him.
  • Oikawa gets weak he falls limb and now it’s Iwaizumi’s part to panic.
  • And it clicks! He remembers old tales his grandparents told him, from humans that can’t breath underwater but that a mermaids kiss can make them breath underwater for some time.
  • He has nothing to lose so he tries and it works.
  • He brings Oikawa to a safe place from where Oikawa is able to get on land. Iwaizumi stays hidden behind some rocks and watches until Oikawa gets pick up by the coast guard and gets help.
  • Oikawa is scared and shocked after this. He lost his boat, his laptop, his equipment and some of his data.
  • Some days later when he feels fit again he goes to his pier where his boat used to be located and right there at his pier spot he finds his old laptop. Damaged by water and with a broken lid but somehow it made its way from the ground of the sea to his pier.
  • The next days Oikawa finds more of his drowned belongings at the pier
  • Iwaizumi still feels guilty and roams the sea ground to pick up what he can find from Oikawa’s boat and belongings.
  • Sometimes it’s not Oikawa’s stuff but some human things Iwaizumi found at the ground and thought this could be Oikawa’s.
  • It’s weeks later when Oikawa could finally borrow another boat and start is research again. He still thinks about the merman and hopes to see him again.
  • By now he knows the merman wasn’t to drown but to rescue him
  • And yes, the merman shows up again. More shy than usual but Oiakwa waves him over and shows him with gestures that it’s fine to come over
  • Iwaizumi understand a little human but barely speaks it as he never learned how but he is able to learn it. So Oikawa gives him some lessons.
  • Iwaizumi picked up some words while observing the fishermen down at the piers but some words he picked up wrong or in the wrong context. For Oikawa it’s really fun to hear
  • Their first weeks of communication is mostly gestures, mimics and pointing at things.
  • They meet more often every time Oikawa is out with his boat and develop a friendship

i learned today that the “lion” in jojolion comes from the greek tale of pygmalion and his statue so that’s pretty cool??