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i was already drawing these when i got this message so here u go anon :3

chara is still very distrustful of any humans who fall into the underground, but lil frisk manages to worm their way into their heart <3

meanwhile asriel is like omg a human chara actually likes?? gotta keep this one

Brood Buddies

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Characters: Y/n, Derek, Peter, Stiles, Scott, The Pack

Pairing: Derek x Y/n (FEMALE READER)

Warnings: Terrified Stiles…moodiness, bonding with Derek, fluff, insulting Stiles, fluff at the end…

Word count: 1515

Summary: You and Derek find a common interest…your disgust for Stiles. 

A/N: Ok, so requested fic from @loosing-arms-barnes-Can I request a Derek hale imagine where he and the reader are both brooding and rude and somehow they bond over their annoying encounters with stiles and the rest of the pack. So I didn’t do multiple encounters of bonding, only the one. Also, sorry it took so long!! Hope u like it!!

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“Do you think she’ll be there too?”

Stiles hated when you were around.

He had nothing against you.

Well-maybe a little something.

You were scary.

Stiles was terrified of you.

You were older. You were quiet. You were moody. And you looked at him as though you were about to murder him. 

You were basically Derek, except with boobs and longer hair.

“I don’t know, Stiles. But just calm down. She’s not that bad”.

Stiles stared at Scott in shock.

“Not that bad? Scott, she’s practically psychotic. She just sits and stares. Barely says anything. And she’s friends with Peter!” he hissed, trying to get his point across.

Scott smirked, shoving Stiles as they walked through the parking lot.

“Y/n’s not that bad. Aside from being friends with Peter, she’s a nice person”.

Stiles just couldn’t understand how people liked you.

He didn’t hate you. But you were cold and mean. 

“Whatever, Scott. Just make sure you have your claws ready, cos I’m pretty sure she’s gonna kill me one of these days”.

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Gardienne and ezarel switch bodies for a whole day.What do they raction looks, what do they will do ?

ok i had a similar request with the other boys too so i’m going to combine them


- once he wakes up and looks at his reflection in the mirror he lets out a horrifying scream that can be heard outside the GQ

- runs to Gardienne’s bedroom to wake her up and look up for a solution and he’s really weirded out when she opens the door and sees himself standing there looking at him.

- they go to the library to come up with a solution and finally ezarel finds the recipe of a potion that will give their bodies back in 24 hours

- ‘I hope this works because I stink of human…yikes’

- they decide to come up with an excuse to spend the day together away from everyone else until the potion works, because there’s no way that they’re telling what happened to Miiko and co.


- pinches himself a couple of times because at first he thought he was dreaming to be honest.

- actually less freaked out than gardienne for some reason like he can’t stop touching himself (his arms, and neck and shoulders) and says stuff like ‘you’re really soft and warm’, to Gardienne’s mortification

- checks out his body and hers and you can’t convince me otherwise. ‘You know, I’ve never seen my body from this angle before, I really am handsome’ gdi nevra

- Gardienne doesn’t trust him very much so they spend the day together acting as normal as possible


- he wakes up in his bed feeling less heavy and smaller and that’s his first sign of alarm.

- totally weirded out once he looks down at his body but decides to keep a cold head and try to fix the problem as soon as possible

- she’s not as calm as he is though, and the situation it’s actually pretty comical because not everyday you can see stoic and quiet valkyon flaling his arms around and raising his voice in total panic

- they decide to ask for help and spend the day together awkwardly avoiding any eye contact until the effects wear off

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20 and 12 for mreyder :3

Things you said that I wasn’t meant to hear

Reyes never slept much, that was just how things were. There was always so much to do, so many things requiring his immediate and undivided attention that being dead to the world for more than a bare minimum of hours seemed like a horrible waste of time. His body was so used to this ascetic regime that even on his rare days off he simply couldn’t force himself to sleep in. At the break of dawn, or whatever equivalent it had in deep space, he laid wide awake staring at the quarters’ ceiling, no trace of drowsiness lingering in his mind.

That had its perks though. Reyes turned his head to the right, a fond smile tugging at the corner of his lips. Unlike him, Scott had zero problems with sleeping – he slept, one can even say, with enthusiasm, mouth parted and drooling obliviously at his pillow.

Lo and behold the mighty Pathfinder.

The thought that he was the only one privileged enough to see Scott like this, so vulnerable, unkempt, almost childlike warmed Reyes’s heart to a degree he did not anticipate. The things that man did to him, unbelievable…

A month or so had passed since the Charlatan’s coup d'état in Kadara Port and it was only Reyes’s second night he got to spend on the Tempest. But things were looking good on all fronts, more than Reyes dared to expect even in his most optimistic prognoses. He had been preparing himself mentally that Scott – Scott the paragon of virtue who flew across the galaxy helping people – would reject him as soon as he’d learn the whole truth, of all the shady and questionable things he had done. But no. Scott understood that things were rarely black and white, Scott accepted him for who he was, good and bad. Reyes knew that he was a lucky man to have found someone like Scott. He didn’t deserve him, not by a long shot.

Reyes felt the overwhelming urge to wrap his arms around his lover. Not being the one to refuse himself much, he shifted closer to Scott, his hand resting on his shoulder blade, his lips pressing to his forehead.

Scott stirred, sighing softly. A warm, boneless mass against Reyes’s chest. Barely lucid, he instinctively reached out for his lover, his fingers curling on the tawny hip. Scott didn’t open his eyes yet. Maybe that was for the best – he couldn’t see the embarrassingly mushy expression on Reyes’s face.

“Rey…?” he mumbled, his lips tickling Reyes’s neck as he spoke.

“Yes?” He carded his hand through the mess of hair on Scott’s head, massaging his scalp gently. Scott liked that, the tender motion always seemed to soothe him. It worked like magic even now, making the Pathfinder sigh again with contentment.




“Coffee?” Reyes echoed with amusement. “You want some?”


“As you wish.” Reyes chuckled, nuzzling against his cheek. “One coffee coming right up.”

A languid smile curved Scott’s lips.

“Love you,” he said, warm glints of affection flickering in his half-opened, heavy-lidded eyes, still clouded with remnants of whatever dream he was having.

The sight completely melted Reyes’s heart. Smiling like a fool, he kissed Scott’s temple, the corner of his eye, his cheek before finally letting their lips meet in a surprisingly chaste union, almost an antithesis of the lustful kisses they shared in the evening.

“Be right back,” Reyes said, stroking Scott’s chest before finally sliding away from his lover towards the edge of the bed. He let his bare feet fall onto the cold floor and then stood up, stretching his stiff muscles. Although the temperature on the Tempest was optimal for humans and other humanoid species, it still felt chilly against his naked skin, warmed so perfectly by Scott’s pliant body. He missed it already.

No, his thoughts shouldn’t wander off in that direction or he’d just dive in straight back to bed and never leave.

With an inward sigh, he located his pants under a chair, thrown there haphazardly the night before. He picked them up, aware of Scott’s gaze on him.

“Enjoying the view?” he asked, turning to his lover. Just as expected, Scott, still not fully awake, observed him with a relaxed smile playing on his lips.


Reyes shook his head and put the pants on.

“I expect something in return for that coffee. I am, after all, a greedy man.”

“I know… a kiss then?”

“Not good enough.”


“At least five.”

“Four and a half,” Scott said with mock sternness. “Final offer.”

Reyes laughed, feeling another burst of sentiment towards that impossible man.

“Deal. You drive a hard bargain.”

“Been taught by the best.”

They exchanged telling glances and smiles like true partners in crime.

This relationship shouldn’t have worked, all evidence and premises pointed to its inevitable destruction. How could love bloom freely between the human Pathfinder, a symbol of hope for the whole of Andromeda, and the Charlatan, the head of a criminal organization ruling over Kadara Port? But somehow it did, against all odds.



“The coffee I’m going to prepare for you,” said Reyes smoothly, giving his lover his signature wink.

Hearing Scott chuckle, Reyes walked across the room to the door. He hesitated before pressing the button though. His current looks were hardly… presentable. Wearing only his pants, with disheveled hair and enough love bites on his skin not to leave much to imagination what he and Scott were doing the night before, he was bound to scandalize the crew, who didn’t have a very high opinion on him in the first place.

Oh well, it was still early, surely no one would be up at this ungodly hour, he thought punching the door open.

As soon as he stepped into the kitchen, he understood how wrong he was. Jaal and Liam were sitting at the table, empty bottle of wine in front of them, and chatting about something animatedly. At least until they spotted Reyes. The atmosphere then soured at once. Both the angara and the human gave him unfriendly stink eyes reserved perhaps for something filthy that stuck to the sole of your shoe.

Well then, an excellent start.

“Morning,” Reyes said in a neutral tone as if he hadn’t noticed the icy cold reception. They didn’t reply. It didn’t bother him too much though. Tons of people hated him, that was basically in the job description. Two more didn’t make too much of a difference, he was used to it.

Unperturbed, he opened the cupboard and took out Scott’s favorite mug – the one with the Brave Heart Lion from the old Care Bears cartoon. What a nerd. Reyes caught himself smiling like a goofball as he started the coffee machine. Scott’s blend of choice contained more milk, caramel syrup and sugar than the coffee itself, he knew that by now. Sweet drink for a sweet boy.

God, he couldn’t believe he had just thought something that cheesy. Scott brought out the worst sap out of him. And Reyes wasn’t entirely sure if he minded that.

Reyes was so caught up in his own musings that he had nearly forgotten that he wasn’t alone in the kitchen. A grunt full of disapproval and even more disapproving words reminded him of that quite successfully.

“I don’t like you,” announced Jaal.

It was hard not to laugh, but Reyes managed to keep a straight face.

“And here I thought we can make s’mores and sing kumbaya together.”

“I don’t understand what you are referring to, but we will certainly not do that.”

“Well, here go my weekend plans…”

“Listen, smartass,” Liam chimed in, openly hostile. “You’re not welcome on this ship.“

“No, really? I can’t believe it, everyone’s so nice to me,“ Reyes deadpanned, casting a brief, almost bored glance at the man. This indifferent reaction only infuriated Liam even more.

“It’s a disgrace that you’re here,“ Liam slurred, the alcohol making him more open with his resentment. “You’re a bloody exile and a criminal, you should be in prison.“

Reyes felt the anger rushing in his veins, but he bit back the reply, not showing that the words had phased him in any way. There was no point trying to engage in a conversation with any of them. All he had to do was to wait until the machine spat out the fancy coffee for Scott and he’d be out of here in a blink of an eye.

But Liam wasn’t done yet, not even close. He scoffed and rolled his eyes.

“Honestly, Scott must be a bigger idiot than we thought to trust you.“

It was as if a thunderbolt hit him straight in the chest. He spun around to face them, his muscles tensed and ready for a fight.

“Leave him out of this,“ he snarled, making Liam and Jaal stare at him with surprise and maybe with fear too. “You don’t like me and insulting me is your new hobby? Fine, I’ve heard worse. But don’t you fucking dare talk shit about Scott.“

“Yeah, as if you care about him,“ Liam said with scorn. “You’re just using him for his connections, we all know that. Only Scott is too naive to see that.“

Reyes narrowed his eyes, seething and truly wounded. It… well, it was a painful thing to hear. If the crew thought that about him, could Scott be swayed too one day?

“We’re watching you. When you hurt him we will eject you into space.“ Jaal wasn’t joking. “With pleasure.“

Reyes grit his teeth, clenched his fists. They went too far. Implying that he was here to hurt Scott? No, he couldn’t stand for it, he wouldn’t.

“Same applies to you,“ he said, his voice sharp like a blade of a knife.

“What?“ Liam replied, puzzled. Reyes smiled, but that smile had no humor in it. It was a warning.

“You’re all so self-righteous, looking down and passing judgment, and yet you seem to forget who I really am. I’m not just some smuggler nobody. I’m the Charlatan. If any of you just as much as look at Scott in a funny way, you’ll have the wrath of the whole Collective on your asses. Just so we’re clear, it’s a two way alley. You may keep an eye on me, but I’m keeping mine on you just as much. Hurt him and you’ll die. Painfully.“

A soft ding cut through the silence that enveloped the room – the coffee was ready. Reyes took the mug and walked out of the room, not deigning Liam and Jaal with even a passing glance. He didn’t have to, he knew they were both staring at him in stunned silence.

* * *

Hearing the sound the machine made, Scott backed away slowly, returning to his room. His heart raced in his chest. He didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but he got bored waiting and decided to join his boyfriend in the kitchen. But what he heard… Reyes’s words resounded with devotion, care and power. Scott was slightly frightened. And touched. And turned on, all at once.

He needed to have a serious talk with his crew though.

Scott kicked off his pants and slipped under the sheets again as if he had never left. Reyes walked in a moment later, a steaming mug in his hands.

Scott looked closely at his lover’s face, trying to read his thoughts on what had happened in the kitchen. Reyes was so good at clamming up, at hiding his emotions, burring them deep beneath the surface of a suave charmer. But Scott couldn’t be fooled. He saw the hurt in his lover’s eyes, despite his efforts to smile.  

“Here you are. One coffee, just as requested,“ Reyes said, sitting at the edge of the bed. Scott sat up as well, taking the mug carefully. The smell told him that Reyes remembered how he liked to take his drink. That was really sweet.

“Thank you.“ Scott hesitated, unsure if he should do it. But he felt like he must. He put the mug away on the nightstand. Reyes looked at him quizzically, thousands of thoughts probably running through his head.

“I love you,“ Scott said, pouring his heart into these words, his hand reaching to Reyes’s cheek. “And nothing and no one can change that. I… I just wanted you to know that,“ he added, a little embarrassed.

But Reyes looked at him with nothing but adoration, his eyes lively and bright again.

“Thank you, Scott. I needed to hear that.“ His words were soft, just as his lips when he gave him a kiss. And then another, locking him in a warm embrace.

The coffee stood on the nightstand completely forgotten.

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You know what I found odd in ch10? After the ball was interrupted by the Charlatan attack, when Veronica caught up to Vanitas and Noé, she said: “It stinks like men. Stinks like humans.” Now, why the plural? Think back to our groups of ‘Charlatan’ for a second. While I think that Naenia could possibly be a vampire, what about the other two? They seem to be male and they look like they could could very well be two of Moreau’s experiments - especially the one with the cross (I swear, it’s the same cross the Chasseurs wear). But if they are, then that just raises more questions….

Bleeding Hearts Ashton Irwin Vampire AU: I

SUMMARY: They said that mates were only legends until he met her.




“Where is he? He’s always late to these things,” Lord Hemmings blew a puff of air from his nose and glanced at his diamond studded Rolex.

The watch was new, a gift from Lord Styles of the Black Moon Kingdom. He had given him an exquisite new pair of Italian leather boots in return. The constant flow of tribute and gifts of the Lords was one of the ways that they showed their allegiance as allies. Even if the Black Moon Kingdom and the Bleeding Hearts Kingdom weren’t the closest, their trade routes guaranteeing movement of blood and goods across the Atlantic was important to the war effort. But all of the European blood they could ship over would be useless if King Irwin didn’t get his pale ass into the strategy meeting.

“He’s the King he can do whatever he wants,” Lord Clifford, who was sitting on the opposite side of the polished mahogany table reminded him.

Luke sighed and traced some of the lines in the wood with his finger decorated in bands studded with Sapphires and Rubies. Extreme wealth was one of the perks of being one of only four people in Bleeding Heart to evolve. When the plague started ravaging the human population people thought that it meant extinction. Until The Evolution. Nobody’s sure exactly what happened but a select few, less than one hundred humans, almost all male, became more, or in some opinions, less than human. They were true vampires. Gifted with black magic fueled by an insatiable hunger for blood.

“Maybe he finally met his mate,” Lord Hood snickered at his own joke. Mates were nothing but legends. Most females died in the plague anyway, they only made up about twenty five percent of the population which was a real problem. Women weren’t to be made into blood slaves, they were protected in communes and then married off to either their vampiric mates, which was yet to happen, or high-ranking human officials.

Men didn’t fare much better. When the vampires banded together and instated their own Feudal Kingdoms all over the globe all men were automatically required to labor for their king indefinitely. This either meant manual labor, like farming food for their own species; being a blood slave, which could be rather cushy as no royalty would want anything but the best of the best; or some management position in the new monarchy. Humans couldn’t be Kings or Lords but they could work for them and do very well for themselves.

“Or maybe he just made a stop in the dungeons on the way up. He’s been trying to get Gaskarth to break for weeks now,” Lord Clifford rolled his eyes in annoyance. He had always particularly hated Alex, even more than Luke and Luke despised the founder of the resistance. He was a real stake to the ass, always trying to start uprisings and create dissent.

“I don’t know what else he can do to the guy,” Calum shrugged, looking rather satisfied with the amount of torture he had inflicted. “The key is to make the mental agony as bad as the physical, you gotta break their moral,” he conjured up a shadow staff and broke it right in front of them, sending black tendrils of billowing magic out into the air before the whole thing dissolved.

“I’ve got my best men looking for his fiancée, it’s all a matter of time. Guys like him always break when they see their lovers in pain,” Luke waved his hand, brushing away the matter like it was a done deal. Really they had been looking for the girl for months now to no avail but there was a very limited area where she could be and they were closing in.

“Isn’t that what you said two weeks ago?” Lord Clifford raised an eyebrow but quickly dropped the matter, “I have the best men of my district on it too, I have faith that they’ll find her and we’ll squish the stinking humans for good.”

“Amen to that,” Lord Hood nodded in agreement.

The conversation fell into a natural lull after that as the Lords waited for their King to make his appearance to discuss the matter of The Resistance and various other governmental issues.

When Luke’s Rolex showed that the meeting was already thirty seven minutes delayed, the echoing of loud footsteps began to filter into the room. The three Lords stood up out of respect and all watched as the door flew open. There stood King Irwin. He was wearing his usual all black suit and black boots. He had never been one for dress shoes. His face was freshly shaven and his skin was radiating dark energy, his red eyes decorated decorated with flecks gold scanned the room, probably to make sure that all three of his Lords were waiting. When he saw that everything was to his satisfaction he straightened the black crown that stood on his head of curls and nodded for them to sit down.

“Your Majesty,” they all mumbled their greetings as they sat back down.

King Irwin took a seat at the head of the table, his chair was far more ornate than those of the Lords, but he was the king and it was his castle not theirs.

“Gentleman,” he hummed in his deep melodic voice. His tone had a kind of dreamy quality that pulled it’s listener in and left them hanging on every word he said. You couldn’t not listen to him even if you wanted to. Luke figured that was part of his gift after the Evolution. None of them had come out exactly the same. “We have some very important matters to discuss,” King Irwin continued, of course getting Luke’s attention right back.

“Yes my King,” they all agreed.

King Irwin leaned back against the velvet cushion of the throne, “I know where he’s hiding her.”

Luke looked over at Lord Clifford in surprise, making eye contact with the equally baffled vampire.

Lord Hood, once called Calum, was the first to speak, “this is great news! Where is she?”

King Irwin, a man named Ashton in a past life, replied with a definite smirk against his otherwise indifferent expression, “in one of the communes in Lord Clifford’s district if I’m correct.”

Now not only was Luke looking at Lord Clifford, so were Calum and Ashton. The Lord frowned, “my apologies my King, I would’ve thought my hunters would have located her in a commune by now.”

“No need to apologize Michael, her scent was disguised by a White Wicca,” Ashton easily used Michael’s first name. He was the only one who could get away with it anymore, unless Calum and Luke were wasted which didn’t happen very often but when it did their sophistication left along with their sobriety. Michael looked rather relieved at this and slunk back into his chair. “However it’s imperative that we get the information from that mangy resistance buffoon as soon as possible so the four of us will be leaving as soon as possible for the Dark Rain district so we can get her today,” Ashton said pointedly.

All three of the Lords nodded in agreement. The communes were vast and finding a single woman in one of them who was being hidden by a Wicca would be supremely difficult. Luckily Luke’s gift was The Sight Beyond. He could see and occasionally manipulate auras. No Wicca could do that, only the most powerful could read them.

Michael was probably going because he knew the terrain the best and Calum was excellent at physical magic. All in all they were pretty much the vampiric equivalent of the Dream Team.

“We leave in an hour,” Ashton announced, “until then let’s talk bread distribution.”

The conversation on food distribution within the Kingdom was important but incredibly dull. Luke was glad when it was over. He was all for feeding the humans but it would be so much simpler if they didn’t insist on continually blowing up the roads in protest. It only led to issues with making sure food is available to all and in turn made things worse for the resistance. They were strange that way.

Exactly an hour later the discussion concluded with an agreement to armor the delivery trucks and place more armed guards along the roads to ensure less tampering. Another tedious measure that had to be taken to protect the humans from themselves. Stupid creatures. When it was over Ashton was the first to stand, the Lords doing that same quickly after. From there he led them down out the front gates of the castle into the gardens.

They assembled in front of the red roses where they always did. It was impossible to shadow walk inside so it had to be done in the outdoors. Ashton nodded at them and in an instant they were all standing on the wooden porch of the largest of Dark Rain’s communes. Here thousands of women lived and worked protected from the rest of society. Really only young ones were there, which meant that Gaskgarth’s fiancée couldn’t be all that old. The marriage age had plummeted to mid to late teens in the time since the plague. Now women served a specific purpose in society.

The human Luke would’ve been disgusted at their treatment but the vampire one didn’t really care all that much. He was undead and these beings were below him anyway.

Ashton looked at Luke, “you’re going to be the only one able to spot her.”

Luke nodded in understanding. She’d probably have a red aura, they were always the most defiant. It would be large and billowing off of her powerfully as she doubtlessly had a large, overbearing personality. Maybe he’d see Alex’s face dancing across it’s surface, or maybe it would hum in the melody of his voice. She shouldn’t be too hard to spot even without using scent.

Ashton turned on his heel and walked straight into the main office of the commune. Obviously nobody bothered them, the women there all parted to make way. Luke scanned the crowed as they went.  None of them caught his eye as a real possibility. There were only a few red auras, one was too faded like her spirit was crushed, another wasn’t bright enough for a resistance leader, and the other showed no signs of love.

Ashton continued to walk through the twisting corridors, often looking back at Luke to see if he had spotted anything. It was all negative.

Then Ashton strode into the Recreation Hall. That’s where the women were allowed to entertain themselves with basic gym equipment, some old games and a TV that only played approved news stations. The kind that were filtered through to remove any mention of the Resistance.

Luke’s gaze immediately zeroed in on one woman in the corner. Her aura was a blindingly bright red. It looked like a star, forcing Luke to squint his eyes nearly shut. There was no doubt in his mind that it was her they were looking for. But when he turned to get Ashton’s attention the King was nowhere to be found. He swiveled around the room until he saw Ashton’s golden aura covering a much smaller Violet one. How strange, Violet auras were expressly rare, they indicated mystery, the aura that told nothing at all. Violet was notoriously hard to read and all but impossible to do anything with. They were slippery and flowed through touch like sand. Luke used to be Violet, but now he had the golden aura of a vampire.

It wasn’t until he let his vision return to normal did he realize just how serious the situation was. Ashton wasn’t just close to the girl with the Violet aura, he had her pinned against the wall with his face in her neck. That was a rather intimate position for a vampire, it was usually a place for feeding but if he was draining her, her aura wouldn’t have been as bright and he’d be done already. Ashton had a massive appetite and the girl looked small. The only other reason that Ashton would be that close to a human girl’s neck would be to take in her scent, but that would only happen if…

“Oh. My. God.” Luke covered his mouth with one of his hands.

Michael heard him and looked over, “looks like we found our Queen.”

Ashton had found his other half. The King had found his Queen. The first vampiric mate was located. This was a game changer. If the mate legend was true then it was a good sign that the benefits of having one were true as well. If all went like they were supposed to Ashton would change her over and the Kingdom would prosper. Queens were supposed to bring fertility to the ground, to the sky, and to the women. Crop yields would go up, rainfall would increase, and the birthrate would swell. This was truly better than getting the woman glowing red.

The three Lords waited at a respectful distance for Ashton to calm enough to put the girl down. It would likely take a few minutes given how possessive vampires could be. They did not like to share. Eventually he did, she was gently placed down on the ground, now completely hidden from view behind Ashton’s hulking frame.

He slowly moved away, or more accurately around. Ashton rotated around her so he was behind her back instead of her front. This opened her up to viewing from the Lords. She had Y/C/E and pretty Y/C/H. His mate was small and frail looking, clutching the fabric of her white uniform skirt, meant to show the girls purity. She was also shaking lightly, likely from shock, and maybe fear. Human and vampire conflict almost always lead to death, most humans prayed that they’d never have to see one of the pale faces or shiny fangs of the ruling class. Luke couldn’t begin to imagine the terror running through the girl’s mind. She couldn’t have been more than eighteen, and she was a foot shorter than any of the royalty.

Ashton didn’t seem to like how upset she was but waited to introduce her as per custom before hiding her away, “My faithful Lords, it is my pleasure to introduce you to your Queen, Y/N.”

“LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!” The Lords replied.

With the formalities out of the way Ashton protectively tucked his mate into his side so she was less visible. Luke politely looked away, and then immediately realized that he hadn’t yet secured the red auraed woman. But when he turned around she was gone.

Ashton wasn’t going to be happy.



I’m Hunting On The Night -

Cute AU where Stiles is a werewolf and gets stuck in his wolf form long enough to be found by Derek (a hunter) and somehow becomes his friend and companion.


A Dying Breed That Still Believes - 

Gorgeous, slightly angsty wing!fic, in which Stiles was born with wings like is mother, that he can hide with difficulty. I love wing!fic so much, and its rare to find in the Teen Wolf fanodm!! Lots of h/c, Derek petting the wings, JUST BEAUTIFUL

A Simple Life -

AU, Derek plans to spend the rest of his life holed up in the woods after Laura dies. Then he meets a stubborn young fox, (who is adorable) and the stubborn young fox meets an urn of Deaton’s magic powder, and his plans change.

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AU, hunters put a collar on Derek and he becomes stuck in his wolf form for the forseeable future. And he somehow becomes Stiles’ pet dog. Adorable dog!Derek hijinks, great fun.

Coffee Housing -

Superhero AU, an alien virus that rewrites human DNA is accidentally unleashed in a series of small towns and eventually larger cities. It kills 90% of those who come into contact with it (referred to as ‘drawing the Black Queen’). However, 9% mutate into deformed creatures (known as ‘Jokers’) and the remaining 1% gain superpowers (known as ‘Aces’). A percentage of the Aces are referred to as ‘Deuces’, acquiring useless or ridiculous powers. The airborne virus eventually spreads all over the world, affecting tens of thousands. Really great, don’t let the complicated summary put you off. 

Lay Your Armour Down -

Secret Agent AU. CIA agent Stiles Stilinski is given an undercover assignment he has to share with a werewolf (enter NSA agent Derek Hale) to investigate a series of werewolf deaths in the area. Long, slow build fic with awesome badassness, great read!

Monster at the End of the Book - 

Apocalypse AU, Shifters are everywhere threatening the safety of the Beacon Hills sanctuary, and its up to Stiles and the rest of them to keep everyone safe. Magic!Stiles, pining, protective!Derek, everything I need from an apocalypse AU!!!

Red Against the Snow -

AU, Stiles car breaks down on his way to visiting his grandma, and gets stuck in a blizzard, saved only by the mysterious hot hermit man living in the woods. Also there is a wolf that Stiles wants to adopt.

The Importance of Turning Around Three Times Before Lying Down -

Fluffy cuteness, Stiles finds a dog injured by a car and takes him home. I cannot with how much I loved this fic, actual wolf!Derek is just kryptonite to me!

The Truth is Totally Our There (dibs!) -

Funny and cute AU where the human race has just found out aliens exist, and the first visitors are due to arrive when they end up crashlanding near where Stiles goes running. AKA the Hales are aliens and Derek is awful at communicating. 

The Unicorn’s Keeper -

Fluffy short AU where Stiles gets roped into being a unicorn keeper for the rest of his life, which he likes for the most part…except for the eternal celibacy rule along with the hot werewolf who frequently visits the abbey. Lovely. 

The Wolf That Heard Crying -

Angsty hurt/comfort fic with actual wolf!Derek. Derek comes back to his house only to find a human boy already their, stinking of grief and crying his heart out.

Walking Into Darkness - 

Post 3b (Allison is still alive though) snuggling hurt/comfort fic. Derek finds Stiles having a panic attack in the supermarket, and helps him out. I really loved this!

What I Did On My Summer Vacation - 

AU, Stiles comes to live with his Dad during college vacation in their new hometown Beacon Hills, where everything is extremely…weird. Like the way everyone in town knows his name the day he arrives. The way they insist the melancholic howling that echoes through the forest every night is just a dog. The way his dad denies getting a dog, even though Stiles comes home to find one sprawled across his bed, some big black thing whose eyes gleam red in the right light. The way that massive oak tree out in the woods vibrates under his touch, pulsing with sickly life. Perfect long, plotty, magic!Stiles and wolf!Derek fic, superb read!

Winter Wonderland - 

Christmas fic, Stiles is the abominable snowman (he is the most fluffy and adorable okay), Scott is a Christmas elf and Derek is the Great Wolf and everything is really fluffy and weird!

You Are The Moon -

An AU where everyone knows about werewolves, werewolves do a full-shift, and everyone thinks Derek is dead. Until a wolf follows Stiles home and takes over Stiles’ bed. Cute and a bit angsty, but really lovely.

No werewolves, just wolves (and a kitten):

*As Though The Air Protects You -

RIDICULOUSLY CUTE AU in which Deaton is still a mysterious magical vet, Kate Argent is still a criminal socipath, and Stiles isstilla crime-solving magical kitten. FLUFF FLUFF EVERYWHERE

Hail to Whatever You Found in the Sunlight -

Plot twist: They are all actual wolves. I’M EVEN SATISFIED WITH WOLF CUDDLING OKAY THAT IS HOW MUCH I LOVE IT and this is super cute, lots of Derek taking care of Stiles

Feral!Derek :S

Lock All The Doors Behind You -

Derek goes missing, and Stiles is supremely unconcerned. That is, until the pack finally find their Alpha, dirty, naked and out of his mind. Angsty hurt/comfort, with feral!Derek for most of the fic. Definitely worth a read.

Make Peace With Your Demons -

When Peter poisons Derek with wolfsbane, Stiles makes a choice. He’s not going to lose. Hurt/comfort, established relationship, non con (in that Derek is forced to force Stiles after being infected by wolfsbane).

Some Kind Of Karmic-Chi Love Thing - 

Post 3A fic, where Derek Hale comes back to Beacon Hills stoned and happy. Stiles tries not to resent him for it, and mostly fails. Glorious slow build, a big misunderstanding on Stiles’ part, angst and loveliness. 

Stand Fast in Your Enchantments - 

An AU in which magic!Stiles is captured and held hostage in the same room as a feral werewolf!Derek, and they eat a lot of fast food while they try to get out. Amazingly good - this also has some really great art to go with it!! Wow people are talented…

More Vampire Shit.

AN: as the title suggests


Hinata hummed lightly and tilted her head at the fancy menu. “Just how bloody is the Bloody Mary?”

The young waitress seemed to be caught off guard by the question. She’d been staring at the couple since they walked in and honestly they reminded her of The Addams Family. The male was tall and dressed in a triple black suit. His eyes were just as dark with an undertone of red when the light caught them. His hair was seemingly carefree hanging just above his shoulders. His face was just…breathtaking but not as much as the woman with him.

She was dressed in a long black dress that trailed behind her. Her hair was slicked back revealing cross earrings…and her eyes. They sent chills down the waitress’s spin. Pupil-less and opaque.

“Your beauty is scaring her,” the male simply stated.

“I…I…” The human girl stumbled. “We have, um, a vampire menu.” Her cheeks were a fantastic red.

Hinata smiled at the girl. “I think that would be delightful.”

She nodded and hurried off. Sasuke sighed and rested his cheek on his knuckles. “Why are we here? There are too many voices, sounds…people.”

“You’re too old not to know how to block that out.” Sasuke’s eyes narrowed but Hinata continued. “It’s your birthday.”

“I haven’t celebrated my birthday in fifty years. Why start again now?”

“Sasuke looked around,” she said softly. “So many things have changed and-”

“You want the lava cake?”

“Yes but-” she giggled and sighed. “It’s half off with birthdays.” She clasped her hands together. “I looked it up on the Google before we arrived.”

Sasuke shook his head. “You’re such an old woman.”

“Says the man that threw his phone in the fireplace.”

“It spoke to me.”

“Siri only wants to help. She’s very kind.”

“Remember when we didn’t have devices?”

Hinata nodded. “My students refer to it as The Dark Ages and I agree. I must ask would you give up your car for a horse again?”

Sasuke closed his eyes. “I was told that it ran off of a horse’s power. I am, therefore, content with my car.”

Hinata couldn’t help but laugh at her husband.

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Wallace Stegner: Wilderness Letter

What I want to speak for is not so much the wilderness uses, valuable as those are, but the wilderness idea, which is a resource in itself. Being an intangible and spiritual resource, it will seem mystical to the practical minded–but then anything that cannot be moved by a bulldozer is likely to seem mystical to them.

I want to speak for the wilderness idea as something that has helped form our character and that has certainly shaped our history as a people. It has no more to do with recreation than churches have to do with recreation, or than the strenuousness and optimism and expansiveness of what the historians call the “American Dream” have to do with recreation. Nevertheless, since it is only in this recreation survey that the values of wilderness are being compiled, I hope you will permit me to insert this idea between the leaves, as it were, of the recreation report.

Something will have gone out of us as a people if we ever let the remaining wilderness be destroyed; if we permit the last virgin forests to be turned into comic books and plastic cigarette cases; if we drive the few remaining members of the wild species into zoos or to extinction; if we pollute the last clear air and dirty the last clean streams and push our paved roads through the last of the silence, so that never again will Americans be free in their own country from the noise, the exhausts, the stinks of human and automotive waste. And so that never again can we have the chance to see ourselves single, separate, vertical and individual in the world, part of the environment of trees and rocks and soil, brother to the other animals, part of the natural world and competent to belong in it. Without any remaining wilderness we are committed wholly, without chance for even momentary reflection and rest, to a headlong drive into our technological termite-life, the Brave New World of a completely man-controlled environment. We need wilderness preserved–as much of it as is still left, and as many kinds–because it was the challenge against which our character as a people was formed. The reminder and the reassurance that it is still there is good for our spiritual health even if we never once in ten years set foot in it. It is good for us when we are young, because of the incomparable sanity it can bring briefly, as vacation and rest, into our insane lives. It is important to us when we are old simply because it is there–important, that is, simply as an idea…..

…..These are some of the things wilderness can do for us. That is the reason we need to put into effect, for its preservation, some other principle that the principles of exploitation or “usefulness” or even recreation. We simply need that wild country available to us, even if we never do more than drive to its edge and look in. For it can be a means of reassuring ourselves of our sanity as creatures, a part of the geography of hope.

Very sincerely yours,

Wallace Stegner

Vandead Carnival Ruki Chapter 1 Translation

My translation. You can like or reblog, but PLEASE DON’T REPOST.

Seller: Come, come now! Come here! How about trying some hot chocolate? It’s freezing!

Other seller: Would you like to have sweet, sweet cotton candy? This is the best shop to buy food for women!

Yui: Wow… This place is really bustling.

(The demon world is amazing, and has a scary atmosphere, but it doesn’t matter).

(People in this world aren’t too strange after all…).

Ruki: Oi, don’t look away.

Yui: Eh? Ah!

(Damn it. I was too distracted by my surroundings. I got separated from Ruki-kun).

Ruki: Haa…

Everytime I don’t keep you on a leash or pull you by the reins, you can’t even walk on your own?

Yui: I’m sorry…

Ruki: Good grief, what a problematic livestock to deal with.

Because you chose me, don’t leave my side.

Yui: (It seems like Ruki-kun is in a bad mood. Until some time ago he wouldn’t have got mad on a thing like this…)

(Perhaps… In all truth, protecting me could be bothersome for him).

Er… Ruki-kun.

Ruki: What.

Yui: I’m sorry for leaving you behind.

Did something upset you?

Ruki: …Haa.

Don’t say trivial things. Walk faster. I’m gonna leave you behind.

Yui: Ah, wait!

Ruki: You’ll see what happens if you move away from me even if only slightly. I’ll really put a collar on you.

Bear this in mind.

Yui: I’ll be careful…

Scene change

Yui: Ne, Ruki-kun. Where are we going now?

Ruki: If you follow me, you’ll know. Keep silent and walk.

Yui: Ah, wait! You’re walking too fast, Ruki-kun!

Ruki: It’s just that your legs are short.

Yui: (Uh… So cruel…)

Male vampire B: –Oi, it’s her, isn’t it.

Male vampire C: It’s a human… Amazing. Releasing that scent just by walking…


Yui: Ruki-kun? What’s wrong?

Ruki: …Haa.

Oi, give me your hand.

Yui: My hand?

Ruki: Stop complaining. I told you to give me your-

Yui: Eh…!

Ruki: You should just obey me. …Do you understand?

Yui: I-I understand, but… It’s not necessary to hold hands and being this close.

Ruki: If It were necessary to tie you to me with a rope to hold you close, it wouldn’t matter if I tied your hand or your leg.

…Let’s go.

Yui: (…As I thought Ruki-kun is in a bad mood).

(I’m finally attending a festival, and with Ruki-kun too… I hope I get to enjoy it with him…)

Scene change

Yui: (Somehow, there are fewer and fewer people)

Ruki-kun, where are we going…?

Ruki: I’ve already told you you would know if you followed me. Don’t make me repeat myself.

Yui: But… this place is a little scary. It’s dark, and a little creepy.

Ruki: When you came to the demon world you weren’t scared. Speaking of which, aren’t vampires something to be afraid of?

Yui: That’s…

(I’ve already get used to vampires, even though I can’t say this to him. But he’s right, it’s better not to contradict him…)

Ruki: We’ve arrived. It’s here.

Yui: Here…?

Ruki: Yes. Let’s go inside.

Scene change

Yui: Ruki-kun, here is…?

Ruki: Renu do saba. A general store.

Yui: (A general store? The ambience isn’t different from a normal general store…)

(It seems there aren’t many tasty things…)

(What business would Ruki-kun have to come in a place like this?)

(I wonder if he needs to buy something for his body?)

Ruki: …So it’s here.

Oi, shopkeeper. I’ll take this. And, is there an available room to book?

Shopkeeper: What is it, what a strange client.

Ruki: A client is a client, isn’t it? And, is the room available or not?

Shopkeeper: Sorry, but right now we’re full. Here there aren’t any living beings.

And, that girl over there is human, right? If I let her in, this place will stink of human all over.

Yui: (…As for a human, this world is not enjoyable at all. Surely, a human’s existence here could be considered heresy…)

Shopkeeper: If you get it, get out of here now.

Yui: Ruki-kun…

Ruki: …I see. I understand very well indeed.

However, unfortunately I’m the messenger of Karlheinz-sama. And the girl is that person’s guest as well.

Shopkeeper: Karlheinz-sama’s…?


Ruki: Believing it or not is your choice but, what are you going to do?


Mph… Just for this once I’ll let you in. Use it as you like.

Ruki: Such a wise shopkeeper, you’ve been very helpful.

Oi, let’s go.

Yui: Ah, yes.

(But about the room… what does she really intend to do?)

Scene change

Ruki: It’s here.

Yui: Wait, Ruki-kun. The room… is this one?!

Ruki: It seems so.

It’s good at least this room is available, this is convenient. Not bad at all.

Yui: Convenient… Here, you’re joking right?! Why this place…

Ruki: It’s not like I chose it. Don’t ask me.

Yui: B-But…

Ruki: The details don’t matter. Now quick, go inside the cage.

Yui: Eh?!

·         Selection 1   嫌だよ! (Nothing)

Yui: I hate it! Going into the cage…

Ruki: I’m not telling you to enter it without reason. Just go in.

Yui: But still I hate it…!

Ruki: Mh… I thought you had become quite obedient, but it seems you’re still spoiled. Have you forgotten your position, livestock? …Follow your master’s orders.

·         Selection 2   入って何をするの?  (Moon)

Yui: If I go inside it, what will you do?

Ruki: You don’t need to know. Quick, go inside. In your position as livestock, do you intend to make me wait?


Yui: Uh…

You just want me to go inside it, right?

Ruki: Yes… For the time being, that is.

Yui: (I don’t really want to go inside it, but maybe Ruki-kun is planning something I don’t know in his own way…)


Is it alright like this? Ruki-kun…

Ruki: Yes. Good girl.

…Haha, like this you really look like actual livestock.

Yui: (So cruel…)

Emh, Ruki-kun… So, what should I do?

Ruki: Aah… You really didn’t realize it. As one would expect from livestock, you never cease to shock me…

Yui: …?

Ruki: In this world, the scent of your blood is too strong.

Yui: Scent…?

Ruki: Right. Even though I didn’t think you wouldn’t realize it.

Before we arrived to this store, you were drawing the attention of the nearby vampires, and they started aiming at you.

Yui: It can’t be, you’re overdoing it. Instead I saw everyone trying to avoid me.

Ruki: That’s because I was with you. Because I was on the lookout, nobody managed to approach you.

If you had been alone, now there wouldn’t be even a drop of blood left.

Yui: It can’t be…

Ruki: …Even if you say so, I just told you you were defenseless.

Yui: (Then… before Ruki-kun wasn’t angry, but just alert…?)

Ruki: Oh well.

Drink this.

Yui: This… This is what you took before in the store, right?

(Now that I see it it’s really a beautiful vial… What could there be inside? It’s a transparent fluid though…)

Ruki: If you drink that, the scent of blood will temporarily disappear. That’s because that’s a medicine.

Yui: A medicine?

Ruki: Sakamaki Reiji told me that.

Yui: Reiji-san?

(They talked and I didn’t notice it…)

Ruki: Just by drinking it, it’ll be effective immediately.

Yui: …Is it safe to drink it? It’s a medicine of the demon world, I’m a little unsure about it…

Ruki: Well, who knows…

But if you don’t drink it, we’ll see a lot of bad guys who want to drink your blood like before.

If you say you don’t want do drink it, I won’t force you to do it…

But if something happens, I can’t guarantee you I will be there to save you every time.

If that’s okay with you, do as you like.

Yui: Uh…

(But I’m afraid to drink it… but if what said Ruki-kun were true, I wouldn’t even be able to go out…)

…I just have to drink it right?

Ruki: Right…

Yui: …Okay, I’ll drink it.

But, if I drink this, it’ll be okay to leave this place, right…?

Ruki: As expected you’re really naïve. If I didn’t intend to go out, do you think I’d do this?

That medicine has indeed the property to make the scent of your blood disappear. But it also has a side effect.

Yui: A side effect…?

Ruki: Yes, and in addition to that… The more the scent is strong from the start, the more the side effect will be strong.

Yui: …Then, what kind of side effect is it?

Ruki: Within a certain amount of time, in exchange for weakening the scent, the medicine, just for a while, could cause the blood to strengthen its scent by several tens of times.

If such a strong scent were to be released outside… you know what would happen, right?

If those vampires outside swarmed around you, they would suck you until there’s not even a drop of blood left.

Yui: Uh…!

Ruki: Don’t be afraid. In order not to let that happen, I brought you here. Nobody will come inside this cage.

Yui: But… it’s good that the side effect happens just once. But then you too…

Ruki: You went inside the cage of your own free will, right?

Yui: Yes…

Ruki: Mph… Then, if we closed the cage with this key, there wouldn’t be problems, right?

Yui: Eh… w-wait, Ruki-kun! Why did you close it with the key?!

Ruki: Don’t panic. I didn’t tell you to go inside without reason.

I did this in order to protect you. When you drink the medicine, I can’t guarantee I will be able to hold back.

If I completely lose my mind, I don’t think I could prevent the temptation towards you from overcoming me. Desire is desire.

Now, give me your hand. I’ll give the key to you.

Everything is ready. Drink the medicine.

Yui: Yes…

(Will I really be alright… I’m anxious though…)


Ruki: Did you drink it?

Yui: Yes… But just when I finished doing it-


Ruki: …It seems the medicine has taken effect.

Yui: (Uh… my heart…! Besides, my body… so hot…!)

Ruki: …Hn…!

…You drank it just a moment ago, and it has already had such a strong effect… This goes beyond my imagination…

Yui: (What can I do… Uh. Inside my chest, my heart, it hurts…!)

(It’s like my heart is calling him to suck my blood…!)

Ruki.. kun… uh…!

Ruki: …Uh…

Uh… You, with that flushed face and watery eyes…

Could it be… that you want it too? To be sucked by me…

Yui: …Uh…!

I-It seems so…

Ruki: …Uh…

I thought… I’d be able to hold back… Uh… Oi, give me your hand.

Yui: …uh…?

Ruki: …Uh… Come towards me, I said to give me your hand…

Yui: My hand…?

Ruki: I’ll suck you… In order to quench my thirst, and to restrain your urges as well…

I’ll ease your pain immediately…

…Uh… Nn…!

Yui: Ah…!

Ruki: Nn… Mn…!

Yui: (It’s stronger than usual…!)

(But… today it doesn’t hurt… Not that much…)

Ruki: Ha… Are you that happy to be pierced by my fangs?

Yui: Eh…?

Ruki: Just now you… Your expression changed, ecstasy was floating all over your face.

I realized you really wanted this… Good grief, what an inconceivable medicine.

Yui: (Until a moment ago my body was hot, but little by little I’ve calmed down… Is it because Ruki-kun sucked mu blood…?)

Ruki: Hn… Hnn…

Yui: (But, still…!)

Uh… Ruki-kun…

Ruki: …As I thought, bringing you here was the right thing to do.

If you made that expression outside… it’d be intolerable.

I fell low as well. Who could have known I’d be led astray by your facial expressions rather than the scent of your blood…

Yui: …Aah…

(It seems feeling hotter than usual lasted just a moment… It didn’t hurt just because I drank the medicine…)

Ruki: Did you cool down?

Yui: Yes… I think I’m okay now. Are you okay too…?

Ruki: Yes. However, to think we’d be reduced like this…

If I hadn’t given the key to you, I could have drunken all of your blood.

So? How long are you going to stay inside that cage?

Yui: Eh? …Ah!

Ruki: You have the key, right? If you want to get out, do as you like.

Yui: (At first I didn’t know what he was going to do, but somehow it all ended without problems, right…?)

Ruki: …? What’s up? Are you sick?

Your complexion doesn’t seem good, I can see it.

Yui: Uh, yes. That…

Since I took the medicine, my body doesn’t seem to be fine… Maybe I’m just a little tired.

Ruki: Is that so… But, your expression while being sucked was very enjoyable.

Yui: T-that…!

(Surely, at that moment I thought I wanted to get sucked but…)

Ruki: Haha… Oh well. The scent of blood has weakened considerably, the medicine took effect.

Now going outside won’t be a problem. Let’s go.

Yui: Eh, now?

Ruki: This place is boring, isn’t it. Even if it’s a suitable place for you.

Yui: (So cruel…)

Scene change

Yui: (What Ruki-kun said, that the other vampires aimed at me… it seemed true but… is it really alright now?)

Male vampire D: Ops, I’m sorry.

Yui: Ah, not at all! I apologize too.

(Ah, he’s gone…)

Ruki: Oi, walk properly.

Yui: Ah, yes!

Ruki: …Haha.

Yui: Ruki-kun, why do you look so happy? Did something good happen?

Ruki: Is that so? Well, it’s not like I don’t have feelings.

Now that everything is alright, it seems we’ll be able to enjoy this festival.

Yui: Eh… What do you mean?

Ruki: We still haven’t had a chance to enjoy it, right?

Because I had to be alert of the vampires nearby.

But as you are now, the probability that another vampire aims at you is low.

It’s very likely that you reach the end of this festival safe.

We’re finally at the festival. You wanted to spend this day without being afraid, right?

Yui: Could it be… that that medicine was for my sake?

Ruki: That was not just for your sake. However… to say such a thing, you’re not that simple-minded.

Before your turn to be the queen comes, and since now you’re not limited by it, it’s okay to enjoy yourself.

Yui: Ruki-kun…

Ruki: Don’t make that idiotic face. It’s embarassing.

Yui: Yes… but I’m happy. Thank you, Ruki-kun.

But, if that’s the case, I wished we started to enjoy it earlier.

I thought you were angry, but then we went inside that suspicious store… It was scary, wasn’t it?

Ruki: Yes, I thought I told you earlier but…

I thought that watching you being afraid was also enjoyable.

I wanted to disclose the secret of that trick.

Yui: Eh?!

Ruki: Quick, let’s go. We don’t have much time. Don’t you have any consideration for your master?

Yui: W-well…

Ruki: Mph, you really are easy to understand.

Surely the scent of blood has weakened, but don’t let down your guard. Stay where I can see you.

Got it, Yui?

Yui: (I came to the demon world but I have to follow Ruki’s pace after all…)

(But even if he says cruel things, he’s still good at heart)

(Today I’ll have fun together with Ruki-kun!)

Sith Purebloods

Bio Headcanons~

idk if this has been done by someone else before… if so OH WELL. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Sith. Obviously mammals. Endothermic. Omnivores. etc…

  • The original ~true~ Sith had black blood. After hybridization with the human exiles, the blood became more of a dark reddish color. Darker the blood color, the “purer” the bloodline.
  • Canines, premolars, and molars are sharper than humans, but not as sharp as say… Cathar.
  • Technically omnivores, but cannot digest large amounts of starch very well. x(
  • Improved senses include: sight, smell, and hearing:
    • Eyes may have (depending on “pedigree”) the tapetum lucidum, improving night vision.
      • Their color vision is the same as humans.
    • The olfactory bulb is twice as large in comparison to humans. This better sense of smell of often used to determine other Sith’s “condition”.
      • ^On that note, the smells are emitted from  their body is usually unnoticeable by humans. But Sith can smell the stink on humans, and find the stench of Hutts to be most displeasing. :Y
    • The hearing range for Sith is from 5Hz-15kHz compared to humans at 20 Hz-20 kHz.
      • Sith emit low frequency “purrs”, inaudible to humans, when very relaxed and content. :3
      • (omfg, could you imagine if they could hear the higher ranges tho? Most devices, including lightsabers I’d imagine, would give off high frequency ringing noises. It’d give them constant headaches lol)
  • I already wrote a whole thing regarding their repro and sexy times, and I don’t wanna copy pasta the whole damn thing. Just read the bold bits lol. (also, link to a pic at the end ;D )
  • Nails can be “clear”, like humans, or black in color. (You know how a dog has white/black toenails? Basically that.)
  • The ridges and spurs were more boney in the past, but most of that is cartilaginous with current Sith. Obviously Sith babies are not born with these, and it come in with the onset of puberty along with face tendrils for males.
  • Despite being relatively the same size as humans, Sith are heavier due to their bones and muscles being denser, making them stronger. Korriban’s a tough world man…
    • (On a side note, Wookipedia lists Korriban have gravitational forces that is 1.4 standard… which would mean that the original Sith would’ve been shorter due to the heavier gravity on their planet. The denser muscles and bones, IMO, would make sense since you need more power and stability to live on a planet with greater gravity. IDK.)
  • Due to Korriban’s native climate, Sith can tolerate the cold better than humans but are more susceptible to overheating and they hate humidity.
  • Since a full rotation around the star for Korriban is about 2.1 standard years, Sith tend to live longer than humans. (Assuming they don’t get themselves killed.)

Aaannnd… that’s basically all I got. For now… I won’t waste my effort saying how their renal system is basically the same, or which enzymes work in their bowels or stuff like that. lol