humanity is confusing

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*waves kiwisca away* >-> it's alright, PJ, we are weird, and be it weird is annoying, we are. It depends on perspective, and i shall not force ones view to change, or try to force ideals upon one. My apologies for people of my kind disrespecting your boundaries, humans are confusing.

“It’s okay, kid. Some people never learned.”

aliens being confused by how humans deal with scents

human: “gonna have to wash this blanket to get rid of that new smell,”
alien: *makes a note that humans prefer to mark objects with familiar scents*

human: “gotta love that new car smell”
alien: *scratches out previous note and replaces it with a question mark*

human: “old books smell so good,”
alien: *increasingly frustrated note taking*

human: “mmm love that new book smell,”

(Un)lucky Numbers

Humans are weird right? We have weird diets, we don’t know how to let the environment kill us, and we believe the oddest things. Like a day can be unlucky because of a number, or saying something makes it more likely to happen, or certain things bring bad luck. I just don’t see some of these things passing as we go into space.

Alien: Human friend, why have you locked yourself in your room?

Human: Because it’s Friday the 13th.

Alien: What does that have to do with anything?

Human: Bad luck, something always happens. I’m just going to sleep, see you tomorrow.

Alien: I… okay? *walks away perturbed and confused*

Alien: Human friend, have you made contact with your, ah, “Parents” recently?

Human: Shhhhh, don’t say it.

Alien: Say… what?

Human: Nothing, just… nothing.

Alien: … Do you mean, refer to your “pa-”


Alien: But… why?

Human: They’ll call and then I have to deal with them and explain why I ran away to another space ship.

*comm rings*

Human: I’M NOT HERE!

Okay, but, when we send cremated remains into space do we send an explanation with them? Because I’m just picturing some aliens cracking open a satellite and being really fucking confused.

“Human guide! Our scans indicate that this probe contains a cylinder full of ash and human bone fragments. I assume this deconstruction of form is a way for your species to travel greater distances through the stars due to your limited capacity for large spaceships and distance travel. Quite similar to the Quaxilains from the Centuri district of the galaxy, though I did not know your species had reached such advancements yet. Please instruct us in how to revive your colleague so we may interrogate him as well.”

“No, dude, whoever that was is dead. Probably some astronaut or scientist who paid to have their cremated remains shot into space once they died.”

“You told us that your species buried your dead, why did you lie to us?”

“No, I said that MY family buried our relatives. Never said the whole species did it. Sometimes we burn them, then scatter their ashes in places they loved, plant them with a tree, use them to make diamonds, shoot them into space, whatever. Lotta options.”

“I had no idea your death rituals were so…extensive.”

“Just wait until I tell you about mummification.”

  • So everyone is talking about how weirded out Solas was by the Dawn Will Come scene but has anyone considered...
  • Lavellan: [doesn't believe in the Maker or Andraste saving her, literally says how she survived Haven on her own]
  • Mother Giselle: Shadows fall and hope has fled
  • Lavellan: Wh - I don't - [looks around] What is she -
  • Leliana: The shepherd's lost
  • Lavellan: Leliana? You too?
  • Random scouts: The dawn will come
  • Lavellan: What
  • Cullen: And the path is dark
  • Lavellan: Is - is this some kind of weird human ritual? You're all from totally different backgrounds and corners of Thedas, how do you all know this song?!
  • Literally everyone from Haven: For one day soon the dawn will come
  • Lavellan: I - Mythal forfend, why am I being surrounded?!
  • Literally everyone from Haven: [bowing and singing]
  • Lavellan: Oh gods is this some kind of sacrificial ritual
  • Lavellan: Roderick just died and no one noticed but Dorian because you're all still singing
  • Lavellan: Does this mean I'm next?!
  • Solas: [walks toward the circle looking very confused]
  • Lavellan: Solas you know more about humans than me
  • Lavellan: Tell me this isn't a blood sacrifice thing
  • Lavellan: Solas
  • Lavellan: Solas help

Never confuse your mistakes with your value as a human being.

Never confuse your mistakes with your value as a human being.

Never confuse your mistakes with your value as a human being.

Many of us seem to think that by teaching every human being to read and write, we shall solve our human problems; but this idea has proved to be false. The so-called educated are not peace-loving, integrated people, and they too are responsible for the confusion and misery of the world.
The right kind of education means the awakening of intelligence, the fostering of an integrated life, and only such education can create a new culture and a peaceful world; but to bring about this new kind of education, we must make a fresh start on an entirely different basis.
—  Jiddu Krishnamurti

okay but on a serious note: I bet $1 (as it is all I have in cash rn) that Matsuri will pull some dramatic bull when he appears again

example: Urie is leading his squad through the 24th when he is suddenly kidnapped Tarzan-style

Humans, Aliens, and Reality

Another ‘Human’s are Weird’ idea, casual acceptance of the unexplained. Like, we made up reasons why things happened, and then later disproved those myths with facts, but what if we’re the only ones who move on with false ideas?

What if other species were at least 80% sure of anything they were doing before proceeding? What would other species who intrinsically understood everything about their planet do when they find us, who go ‘Yep, don’t  go in the water or the undertoes will get ya.’

Of course, there are a majority of humans who understand what undertows are, but the fact that not all of us know at least the basics of them baffles them.

Then there’s humans in space who use technology with next to no understanding of it other than “it works” .



Here goes Zora!Zephyr~~

(Since we saw only Mipha and Sidon, I was confused about their anatomy, so I’m sorry if I made any mistake)

BUT THIS MAN LOOKS EVEN HOTTER WOAH!!! Btw he’d probably be a traveling Zora (since (SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) their domain is occupied by monsters)

(Now who can Ruruna be……. _(:3 」∠)_)

Humans Are Weird (Homonyms)

I just thought of something: what if aliens had no idea of what homophones/homonyms are and just get REALLY confused when they see/hear some.

 Human: Hey Alien, have you seen my mouse?

Alien: No, sorry, but I can help you find it. What species is your mouse?

Human: Oh, it’s a Logitech. I think I left it over here. 

Alien: Never heard of this species of rodent before. It must be a special one. 

Human: Rodent? Oh no no no, you misunderstood! I’m looking for my COMPUTER mouse!

Alien: *confused* Computer mouse? I thought computers worked with electricity, not animals…

Human: *confused as well* …….what?


“Human, this is confusing my friends.”