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Archery in the dark

Aries Midheaven wants to see how far they can get by pushing their boundaries, they want to forget about limitations and rigid, outdated rules. They burn with dynamism, rage and a determination to succeed because of their strengths, not because of something as constraining as destiny.

People with a Taurus Midheaven are pleasure seekers, but unlike Libras, they are willing to enjoy them slowly and fully. Most of them are quite confident in their ability to focus, and no challenge, unless it’s utterly irrelevant to their goals, can stop them from achieving what they want.

When the Midheaven is in Gemini, the individuals like to follow only the path that seems the most exciting to them. They are flexible and gifted in the art of communication, wonderful story-tellers or simply very skilled in juggling with their words to the subject that is of interest to them.

Cancer Midheaven has a great potential to attract fame or friends through their power to bond with people even from the core of their hearts. They easily win sympathy for their nurturing and kind approach to treat people, and once they have overcome their insecurities, they can become some of the most passionate and eager travelers.

Elite social circles are the principal aim of the Leo Midheaven. Their worst nightmare is a dull, average life, lost in obscurity. They are proud of their virtues, the slightest form of celebrity or anything that promises an even more glamorous future. All they want is to have their efforts acknowledged by the world.

Persons with Virgo Midheaven must beware not to underestimate their own worth or skills. They are exceptionally hard-working and efficient, and with a little bit of confidence they can take hold on great and high positions in the society. Nevertheless, they prefer to concentrate on the needs of others, and to be helpful is the best reward for them.

Libra Midheaven are quite good at adapting to new situations and entourages, for they posses the wonderful ability of entertainment. With their charming and fine demeanor, resourceful allies never hesitate to offer them generous advantages. Not the most pragmatic on their own, partnerships are always the ace up their sleeve.

Their capacity to resist crisis with such a sharp and strong mind makes out of the Scorpio Midheaven, indeed, intimidating people. They are the best at committing to a long-lasting goal, on which they will focus through their whole life if needed, until is fulfilled.

They look forward to be in constant motion, to experience as many things and places, for the Sagittarius Midheaven craves a life full of exciting sights and not ‘What Ifs’. They are bold and sociable; but their brilliant optimism is what attracts people in their life. They never fear to aim higher.

Capricorn Midheaven don’t fantasize of perfection, but they surely believe in the faith of progression. No matter how much time it will take until the fruits of their work ripen, they are one step away from touching their so wanted prize. Ambition fits them like a second skin, and there are few things that can keep them from succeeding.

The unpredictable, idealistic Aquarius Midheaven are quite a wild card. They have no demand for material goods, but they have an ardent need for independence and freedom that always twitches and itches in the back of their mind. They live for the innovating and humanitarian projects that everyone needs, but fears to start.

Those with a Pisces Midheaven are creative, compassionate souls. Sadly, they are not the best at taking opportunities. However, once they stumble upon something that requires flexibility and lots of receptivity, like an artistic career or a services delivering job, they have the best chances to get it.

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The Types as People I Know (by an INFJ)


  • N e r d
  • doesn’t know what’s going on 90% of the time
  • literally one of the most learned people I know but always acts like they don’t know even the simplest thing
  • cinnamon roll
  • also incredibly humble and always willing to learn more
  • surprisingly good at sports 
  • conversations either die in 2 seconds or go on for 21 hours, there is no in between
  • only wants everybody to get along but doesn’t know how


  • F I
  • not everything in your life wants to challenge your Fi or attack your values, relax mate
  • super reserved, like, needs a 8-year friendship, two empty bottles of wine, a broken heart and for it to be either 2 or 3 am to finally open up a little
  • that weird friend with the weird interests™
  • impossibly unease with feelings, especially other people’s 
  • has very strong opinions about everything
  • devoted crack shipper
  • loyal af, they will die before stabbing you in the back


  • never runs out of conversation topics
  • head in the clouds 24/7
  • their Si will remember everything you did wrong forever so think twice before pissing them off
  • seems random but give them a second and the’ll show you that they were actually on topic the whole time
  • Your Fi-Te will hurt someone some day, speaking your mind about everything is not always the right choice
  • a child, a literal child: hold their hand when you hang out because they could literally get lost in a 5 feet room 


  • thinks they know everything about you even if you never exchanged a word with them 
  • secretly judging you
  • the definition of rushing to conclusions cause no, it’s not INFJs: we have been wrong the whole time
  • will try to save you somehow
  • you don’t know it yet, but you definitely need saving. just accept it
  • cute and caring on the outside, shrewd mastermind on the inside
  • currently tending to 12347876 humanitarian projects but still looking for more


  • too cute asdfghjkl
  • always clueless but gets away with it because cute
  • could befriend a rock
  • children, they are always surrounded by children
  • secretly santa
  • if they haven’t lost every single one of their possessions yet is only because they surround themselves with Te users
  • transparent and pure in a scary way like, holy shit, how can you wear your heart on your sleeve all the time like that???
  • will cry because other people are crying


  • the mom friend™
  • their Si is scary
  • soft on the outside, more organized than an obsessive compulsive ESTJ on the inside
  • most stubborn person I know like, try to change their mind, just try, you won’t succeed, you cannot succeed
  • would cut off their own hand rather than hurt your feelings
  • master of small talk
  • cares for you by micromanaging your life with a smile
  • Ne will not kill you, if you dye your walls a different color for the first time in 34 years it will not be the end of the world, I promise


  • sugar and spice and everything nice
  • also long walks in the woods and exercising at first light
  • restless and peaceful at the same time, they are what I believe nirvana must feel like
  • you never know what goes on inside their head: mass murder? the cure for cancer? recipes for creative pasta sauces? beats me
  • cute and genuine, only wants to have a good time but extremely chill about it
  • has 4.0 gpa but still dismisses it as ‘nothing important’


  • too cool for you™
  • chill and detached
  • world war iii and nuclear explosions could be raging outside but they would still have their breakfast, shower, and wear comfy clothes like nothing’s happening
  • feelings? what feelings? 
  • their Ti’s laziness saved their life more times than they know
  • occasionally prone to philosophical conversations
  • likes to be obnoxious just to be obnoxious but actually cares v deeply about you and your feelings 


  • chill, so chill all the time, give me some of your chill please
  • how can you trust the moment like that??? how can you rush into things without a second thought?
  • poker face master 
  • busy all the time, a free second is a lost second
  • has no idea what they’re doing but still looks like they’ve got this 100%
  • likes to muse about abstract concepts but loses interest pretty soon
  • “relax. everything’s fine” they said before everything started being NOT fine
  • never listens to elders
  • procrastinates life changing decisions like a pro


  • the friend you need
  • will rationalize all of your problems and then take you out for shopping and dinner to cheer you up
  • outspoken and blunt like o m g you are hurting other people’s feelings!
  • makes life changing decisions in 2.0 seconds
  • “i’m bored, let’s do something”
  • name a tv series. they’ve watched it. name a film. they’ve watched it. name a book. they’ve read it. they do nothing but engage in media consumption
  • will always pretend they’re fine
  • works only on Te induced panic


  • wants you to go straight to the point
  • could socialize with a rock
  • meets people they know wherever they go, has probably acquaintances on the moon too
  • why do i always feel like I did something wrong when I’m with you?
  • so organized, so reliable, so strong, so emotionally repressed
  • will panic if things don’t go as planned, Ne is a bitch
  • surprisingly creative and a very very good listener, also humble
  • will never ever tell you how they feel
  • always gets your shit together for you. you are welcome


  • kinda scary
  • always wants more, perfection can be perfectioned
  • takes everything as a competition
  • they’ve played all the videogames you can think of. name one. they played it, they owned it, they established the new national record
  • probably a serial killer 
  • so smart asdfghhjkl
  • are they serious? are they joking? are they secretly planning your murder? you will never know
  • every time they smile, a puppy dies
  • i admire your hold on Se, like yes tell that bitch who’s boss


  • social situation? what social situation?
  • they know, they always know. they’ve known it all along. listen to them or have them tell you they knew for the next 46 years. up to you
  • sexually attracted to calendars and planners
  • they probably own a death note but are too lazy to use it. for now.
  • systematical nerd
  • a w k w a r d a s h e l l 
  • can’t handle conversations with more than one person at a time
  • has 74 different tumblr blogs, one for each of their various interests. either tags everything or tags nothing


  • everything must have a deeper meaning, things are always a metaphor for something else
  • probably knows everything about your life dreams and secret fears and ambitions but forgot about your birthday 3 seconds after you told them the date
  • clumsy af, never leave them alone, they can’t care for themselves
  • will make people happy at any cost but in their own way with their own time
  • ends up making people AND themselves unhappy in the process
  • cannot talk for the life of them but writes beautifully
  • craves deep connections and tea
  • wants to save the world someday but is content with just imagining it for now


  • knows what they wanted to do with their life since they were 4
  • is slowly getting there
  • bitter and sarcastic like a grumpy Victorian old lady
  • hardcore shipper
  • created 15 power point presentations to prove that JohnLock is canon
  • gravitates toward chocolate and mechanical pencils
  • that one fanwriter you adore
  • has vintage but amazing fashion sense, their hair and makeup is always on point


  • chaotic tsundere 
  • had a feeling, once 
  • has currently 459 open tabs and it’s not even the most they’ve ever had
  • let’s spend the next ten years discussing science together please
  • always knows the best way to make fun of someone but use themselves as favorite target
  • played devil’s advocate just to piss people off so many times they can no longer tell when they’re playing devil’s advocate but people still get pissed so everything’s good i guess
  • “yes but what if-”
  • doesn’t know where whores go
Taurus Risings

Those with Taurus on the Ascendant experience the world through their possessions and properties. They identify themselves with the concept of being autonomous, self-sufficient and self-reliant, but here this feeling of security and independence manifests itself through the fixed earth energy that we call Taurus. That means to say Taurus Risings find their individuality through anything they can call theirs; that’s how they set themselves apart from the rest.

It should be safe to say that life for a Taurus Rising is a quest for finding security in the world, even if the meaning behind this quest, what’s made it necessary, is mostly subconscious. Their self-image and identity is always linked to what they own, so they may appear very much attached to their possessions: children, lovers, cars, houses, jobs, values and life experiences. Possessing all these kind of things and working their way to acquire them is what they feel makes them secure as individuals.

Taurus Risings need to feel safe before approaching anything new in their lives. They are slow, thoughtful and cautious when starting anything new or making any changes. Because of that, those with Taurus on the Ascendant are felt as very patient and steady people. And that also means they hardly abandon or give up something they’ve already started.

Being blessed and ruled by Venus, these people are often perceived as beautiful or harmonious with strong physical traits. Their body seems solid and tough, but feels rather soft and velvety. Because of Taurus’ association to the five senses, those with Taurus on the Ascendant rely on their ability to sense and perceive physical stimuli in order to make a decision. There is something peaceful and calm about their complexion. The walk of a Taurus Rising is slow, persistent and sure; it has its own special rythm.

We can analyze Venus’ position and conditions in the Taurus Rising’s natal chart to best one’s values and self-image.

Venus/1st house: a strong-willed champion, filled with burning desires, feels their legs restrained to the ground by fixed earth energy. There’s a need to develop patience and wait for the right moment to truly manifest their force of will.

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Paring: Bruce Banner/Reader

Tags: female reader, friends to lovers, hulk needs a hug, hulk feels, science experiments, science bros, fluff, self-esteem issues, Superfamily. 

Summary: Dr _________ works in the labs at the Avengers Compound, usually in the presence of Dr Bruce Banner, working on their project. She isn’t often around Hulk, but still, she knows a thing or two about her lab partner, and his alter ego.

Alternatively titled, Tony Stark has too much time on his hands and too much interest in Bruce Banner’s love-life.

Word Count: 3,055

Current Date: 2017-11-13

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Lance adjusted his cufflink, the tailored suit too stiff and cumbersome. He moved to the side of the hallway, out of the way. “Uh,” he muttered, “I thought these were supposed to be tailored.”

A slender brown arm dropped over his shoulders, pulling him into a side hug. “They are, you just won’t stop fidgeting.” His cousin took the sleeve he was fiddling with and adjusted it, moving to his tie, sliding it a touch too tight.

He frowned and turned to the gilded mirror that decorated the hall, shined perfectly with no streaks in sight. He hooked his pointer finger between the knot and his dress shirt, shifting it side to side until it didn’t feel like a noose. He exhaled, breath punching out of him. “Allura, this is my first diplomatic meeting to negotiate relations between Altea and Daibazaal. I think I have a right to be a little fidgety.”

She smiled at him, a barely there curve that could match the Mona Lisa. “Lance, I’m sure you’ll be fine. Things have been…difficult, but it’s calmer now. I’m sure you’ll do fine. It’s just the ball for now, mingle. You’re good at that.” She pecked him on the cheek before she went back to greeting guests before she convinced them into donating to one of her various humanitarian projects with batting eyes.

He looked at himself in the mirror, carefully gelled hair, blue eyes, and smooth brown skin. He swallowed the lump in his throat and air whooshed out of his lungs. He gave his reflection a blinding smile and a pair of fingerguns, adding a wink for good measure. “Come on, handsome, you can do this.”

A throat cleared and he whirled around. Behind him was a man about his age. Eyes like that particular shade of purple at dusk, hands deep in the pockets of his indigo pants, jacket pushed back with his forearms showing off the wine red of his dress shirt unbuttoned at the collar. His black hair, silky and touchable soft looking, pulled back in a low ponytail. 

Lance ran the faces and names of the visiting royals through his memory, trying to place where this boy was from. Taken from the quality of his well-tailored suit he must have been royal, unless someone Cinderella-ed him here. He finally remembered a match that he could possibly be.

Keith Kogane of Daibazaal, twelfth in line for the throne, adopted son of Duke Thace and his consort Ulaz. He heard rumors of him. The lucky boy who was picked out of hundreds of children in orphanages because he displayed ‘valor and spirit of will.’ Which, everyone knew the story, he was fighting in defense of another child when Thace happened to have visited his particular orphanage that day. Highly adept in fencing and soon excelled in the rigorous schoolwork of his new education.

Lance felt his cheeks heat at being caught. He looked to the side, spine straight, chin high. Embarrassed but as dignified of an embarrassed as possible, he couldn’t help his fidgeting fingers, automatically finding his silver cufflinks. He cleared his throat. “Ho-how much did you hear?”

He wouldn’t say Keith smiled per se but he could detect the amusement in his twinkling eyes and the slight curve of his mouth might’ve matched Allura’s in coyness. “Enough.”

His fingers left his cuffs and drifted to his bangs before remembering the gel and diverted to the back of his neck. “I’d, uh, appreciate it if you kept this between us, my lord.”

Keith’s eyebrows rose high on his forehead at the title and a slight dusting of pink washed over his cheeks. He took a hand out of his pocket and rubbed his knuckles with his thumb in a soothing gesture, before tucking back a lock of hair and returning to his pocket. “Of course,” he murmured.

Lance dropped his hand from his neck to his side, smiling wide. “Thanks,” he breathed. He strode over and offered an arm. “Allow me to accompany you to the ballroom, my lord?”

His widened the slightest bit, blushing again, but complied. He threaded his arm through his and smiled. It reached his eyes and shot Lance right through the heart with cupid’s arrow. “That’d be nice, I got lost trying to come back from the bathroom.” He grimaced when he realized what he said.

Lance just laughed and lead him to the ballroom.


PrincessCatherineMiddleton’s Top 5 Favourite Royals

Princess Claire of Luxembourg

Claire is a truly remarkable woman. She speaks FOUR languages - German (her native tongue), French (the language of Luxembourg), English, and Italian - and has a Master’s degree in bioethics. She is also pursuing a doctorate in ORGAN DONATION ETHICS!!!  Claire and her husband, Felix, lived in France for many years, before moving to Switzerland in 2017. She has two young children, Princess Amalia of Nassau and Prince Liam of Nassau. Claire is the patron of the Luxembourg Transplant association, due to its connections with her upcoming doctorate, and she also works within her passions: sport, dance, nature, music, and photography. Claire manages the Château les Crostes winery, in the South of France, with Felix, and she has also worked with a number of humanitarian projects across the globe.

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I kinda got the vibe the army was just Tord's group?? Not actually any kind of humanitarian project lol

The reds are really just subject to Tord, yes. In most of the endings, they aren’t even aware of the boys’ relationship with Tord and their willingness to help would vary from soldier to soldier. 

In this ending, Tord is dead and gone, so the rules change yet again.


Wow, it’s sure been a while since I worked on a character redesign for Golden Bat!  Thank you guys SUPER for hanging out during the stream – it turned out to be a bit of a challenge, didn’t it?

Here’s Nazo 2.1!  Roughly the same as my previous redesign, with a few tweaks to streamline his look and make it more cohesive.

Head under the cut for a breakdown!

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The Signs as Fortunes I’ve Gotten

Aries: others seek your courage

Taurus: failure is a dress rehearsal for success

Gemini: a new environment makes all the difference in the world

Cancer: following inner promptings brings quiet accomplishment

Leo: you will be involved in many humanitarian projects

Virgo: your wisdom shall always keep you from danger

Libra: a treasured friend will soon visit  you

Scorpio: you can always trust your friends

Sagittarius: friends long absent are coming back to you

Capricorn: you have an accurate and professional mind

Aquarius: assert yourself, your ideas are worthwhile

Pisces: our truest life is when we are in our dreams awake

Salam 2018

For all of you guys, I hope that you had a nice New Years eve and that you’re having a great start of the year. May 2018 will be a blessed, peaceful and healthy new year for all of us. Also I would like to say thank you for all the support and especially the donations I received last year for several humanitarian projects in Afghanistan. Lets hope that we can achieve even more sucessful projects in developing countries this year, the generous support of individuals like you makes it possible! And keep this quote by Hellen Keller in your mind: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” 🕊🌎🕊 Greetings from Siem Reap,Cambodia. Felice

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Hi! Can you please explain what it means to have your second house in Gemini, 11th house in pisces, and 12th house in Aries?

2nd house is all abt security n comfort, sense of values. Gemini is abt communication, messages, short term travel, sense of fun, energetic curiosity. So those traits n characteristics will greatly influence yr sense of security n comfort, what u value in this life. 

11th house is abt community, friendships specifically, ideals, altruism, humanitarian concerns/efforts, astrology, hopes/wishes. Pisces is abt dreams, hidden power, psychic thoughtfulness, inward expression, immense strength n emotional observance.  These traits n more will affect how u build community, how u are in friendship n what yr relationships are characterized by, how u give back to community projects n humanitarian efforts, how u hold yr hopes n wishes in this life. 

12th house is abt sacrificial service, behind the scenes work, self-undoing, escapism, illusion/delusion, deep dreaming, hidden areas of life. Aries is abt the ego itself, the core personality, movement, quick thinking, quick speaking, responsibility, show of power, excitement. 12th house is difficult for me to interpret for u but some things in yr personhood, the core of yrself might feel hidden to u. U might feel like there are some things u hide away from others so they won’t know. Some decisions u wouldn’t explain to anyone even if they asked. U like to keep yr power for yrself, keep things to yrself sometimes. It could go a lot of different ways with this, it’s just my interpretation based on what I see here. 

I hope this is helpful to u dear one ! Let me know if u have other questions or want more clarification or to talk abt this more in depth <3 


40th edition - N°21 - 1986: The Dakar in mourning - Dakar 2018

The man who imagined the Dakar, who created it, carried and fed it… was gone. Taken by the desert, that is sometimes cruel to those who love it. In the early 1980’s, Thierry Sabine shared his passion with more than the closed-circle of motor racing enthusiasts, attracting among others show-business celebrities. French singer Daniel Balavoine, who also regularly got involved in humanitarian projects, saw the Dakar dunes as a new way to transmit his vision participating, for example, in water pump installation projects in African villages. On January 14, 1986, both as well as JDD journalist Nathaly Odent, radio technician Jean-Paul Le Fur and the pilot Francois-Xavier Bagnoud perished in a helicopter accident. Without its guide, the Dakar was shaken but didn’t waver. Thierry’s father, Gilbert Sabine took over and got the show back on the road.

Fifty Tory MPs have written to three of Theresa May’s most senior Cabinet ministers urging them to help “right the wrong” of the Labour government’s decision in 1997 to decommission Britannia.

Using funds from a new national lottery game to pay for a new Britannia would allow ordinary Britons “the pride of having a stake” in helping to fund the new yacht which would “showcase the best of British business and project our humanitarian role across the globe”, the MPs said.

50 grovelling royal arselicking twats

They’ll come up with all manner of schemes just so the rich don’t have to pay for it

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hey, do you know any studio that focuses on humanitarian architecture? Or do projects like the one in Djibouti from Urko Sanchez Architects?

Most large firms participate in some non-profit design work, but if you are looking for a firm or organization that is focus in this kind of work, here is a list of the ones I know about (but by no means a comprehensive list):

Images SOS Children’s Village In Djibouti Urko Sanchez Architects

21.12.2016 - First project annoucement “ Water is hope”

Salamalaikum my dear Friends,

I want to share good news with all of you.
I have won my university’s “Make a Difference“-project contest and hence a reward of 1.500€.
This prize money allows me to finally realize Raschiq Moschtaqs and my first humanitarian project in Afghanistan, which is called “Water is hope“.

During my stay in Kabul this year, I was given the chance to visit the orphanage “Mahboba’s Hope House”.
I immediately fell in love with all the smart little human beings that are being cared for in the orphanage. Their drive to learn and study impressed me deeply.
This summer’s trip to my homeland has had a great impact on my views and thoughts on Afghanistan.  
As time went by I started noticing and understanding the challenges the Afghan people have to face on a daily basis.
At the end of my stay I made a promise to myself, to do everything in my power to bring about positive change and help the people in Afghanistan.

One of the most pressing issues at the moment is Afghanistan’s insufficient water system.
The Afghan population cannot rely on consistent water supply in their daily life.
Often they will only be able to access water around five hours a day. A regulated water supply with clean water is simply unimaginable for most people.

However, especially in places like Mahboba’s Hope House, which is home to over 100 children in need, continuous access to clean water is crucial.
It is a tragedy that in Kabul essential services like water and electricity are not being provided on a continuous or even daily basis.

Our project “Water is hope“ will enable over a hundred people in need to access water through a water pipe on a regular basis.
The water pipe is going to be located at the orphanage "Mahboba’s Hope House” in Kabul.
We hope the project will be successfully realised within the next two months.

Alongside this project I am also planning two charity events to raise money for winter supplies (jackets, shoes, socks and scars) that will help the orphans at Mahboba’s Hope House to cope with the extremely harsh Afghan winter.
I am really hoping students at my university will be willing to pay a little amount of money.
After all many small donations can make a big impact !

Wish me luck, so that everything goes as planned!

Also, would you be interested in reading more about the project throughout the next months?

Please feel free to send me a comment.

Khodafez ( Goodbye)  and  kind regards
Felice Susan and Raschiq Moschtaq

the signs as ppl in my life

aries: you are my gay best friend. you are so exciting and have so much energy. you are inspiring, fun, confident, trusting and make me laugh really hard. just hanging out with you is an adventure. from dancing and laughing at work at 7am while making coffee to drinking a bottle of red wine while talking till 3am to even crying with you. aries you are a spiritual yogi. aries you are also my sister who is impulsive and a leader type who hates being told what to do and is hilariously funny but also a loner
taurus: you are one of the funniest girl friends i’ve ever had who is musically talented. taurus you are also one of my best friends who has snuggled with me to watch movies and ate delicious food and held my hand when we talked. you are also a tender man who is possessive and stubborn but kind hearted and warm. taurus you are also my brothers who are funny and loving and love big bear hugs and talking about your emotions and making me laugh. you boys also love when i make you your favorite warm meals
gemini: you are my girlfriends i’ve had who talk to me for hours and laugh with me a lot. you are bubbly and funny and we talk about boys mostly. you are people i’ve gone on many road trips and adventures with and then we talk about our next adventure together the next morning. gemini you are a girlfriend who came over in her pajamas and we made cake and drank wine and talked and danced. you are my friends i always caught in little white lies because you talked so fast
cancer: cancer you are my friend who wakes me up with hot tea and honey so we can go workout. you are my friend i’ve seen cry who is so easy to hug and easy to love who loves snuggly warm socks, blankets, and candles. cancer you are my friend who is ambitious and hard working, have great style and an apartment downtown, and can’t wait to get married and have a baby with a hot guy you’ve been dating. cancer girl i’ve seen you make poor decisions when it comes to guys and i’ve seen you do someone else wrong. i’ve seen you get very protective over the ones you love. cancer so many people love you, you have a nice amount of intimate friendships. i’ve always admired your ability to get close with people easily and people just love you
leo: leo you are all the hot guys in my life i’ve had the biggest crushes on who were fleeting and never stuck around very long. leo you are magnetic and hilarious and easy to love because of your bright energy but never let me get close to you. leo you are a funny emotional guy i know who loves to party and is very generous to his friends. leo you are a friend i used to love to work with who laughed with me and i admired your confidence and hilarious jokes. leo you are also my brother who is creative, artistic, confident, with tons and tons of energy and always on the go
virgo: virgo you are my best friend who is ocd and worries too much. you are also really smart and grounded and make me feel like everything is always taken care of– because it is. you are responsible, a hard worker, pretty and youthful and very witty and funny. virgo you are also my friend who is a role model, who i admire greatly and it utterly fabulous in every way and has the best style. you always have it together and you’re so real with me. virgo you are also my sister who is smart, genuine, loves having friends and real connections with people.
libra: libra you are my girl friends who lie a little here and there and always make me fall in love with you at the same time. libra you are beautiful and stylish and very talkative. libra you are my girlfriends all the boys want and they at least love to admire you and your body or your beauty. libra you are an intellectual debater and a romantic ex boyfriend who broke up with me at the drop of a hat for no reason like a gust of wind you blew right by me and on you went with your life
scorpio: scorpio you are my mom whose scorpio’s love for her children are more than anyone else’s i’m pretty sure. your love is unwavering but you are picky about who you love. it’s mainly just your family and one best friend. you are shy and only tell a select few most things. i find out new secrets from you often and i’m surprised. scorpio you are aggressive when you are mad so you sting people with a quick and hurtful insult but you are the most understanding when other’s are emotional or aggressive too. scorpio you are an emotional judgmental male friend who is shifty. scorpio you are also a one night stand and a good one at that. scorpio you are also actually grounded in your emotions and sometimes make the most sense out of anybody I know because you know exactly what’s really going on.
sagittarius: you are a goofy funny guy i knew who cheated on his girlfriend and didn’t want to commit to anything and wanted to move around a lot so he moved across the country to become an actor. it didn’t work out. he’s back with his girlfriend. sagittarius you are a sweet and funny lady who likes to be silly with her friends and true to herself and travel. sagittarius you are an ambitious woman who was strong and made ambitious decisions and pushed all of the boundaries as much as possible (and loves the rebel title) and got what you wanted in life. you care too much what people think about your status and you love politics and are really smart
capricorn: you are my boyfriend who always wants to be right and take charge of everything. you are the most authentic and most real and the person i’ve had the best conversations in my life with. sometimes you don’t “lie” but you hide things from me, sometimes it’s in my best interest. you are smart and grounded and make the best decisions on all practical things so i trust you with my life. i love your decisions on purchases that make sense for us and improve our quality of life and they’re always things i would never think of. your ideas are really smart and you are an entrepreneur. capricorn you are also stubborn and sometimes a buzz kill if you would rather be doing something more ambitious with your time than just hanging out or relaxing. capricorn you are also this girl i once knew who was passive aggressive and very manipulative so i cut a friendship off for the first time in my life. capricorn you are also a girl who is an artist and a lover and one of the most amazing girls i know. capricorn you are sometimes alcoholics and destructive but also seem to know what’s going on in the midst of all that. capricorn you are my favorite musicians because your lyrics are real and true and speak to my soul about how life really is and you’re really good at striving to be the best musicians you can be so you are very talented. you are so loving and not selfish with your emotions since you know what’s going on with them. you all have good looking bodies that are solid. you were all so hard to get to know deeper and became closer to me after a very long time.
aquarius: you are smart and creative and love to do art and talk about humanitarian projects. you love funky things like music and cool clothes and jewelry and you talk quickly. aquarius you are also my dad who loves theatre and is very emotional and funny and loves to talk about people and also has a lot of friends. aquarius you are very nice and intellectually stimulating but sometimes aggressive and you start conflict! you are my step mom who is quick witted, compassionate and talkative. aquarius you are all so different, but one things for sure, when you’re upset, stressed, or mad you become distant and cold even a little mean.. but you never cut too deep. you can start something out of nothing and love to gossip. aquarius you are also my little brother who would rather build a toy airplane and tell you how he did it than have a lot of friends. you enjoy a nice hug or a silly movie. aquarius you love to surprise people and maybe even scare them a little.
pisces: you’re my romantic friend who is very emotional and gets her feelings hurt sometimes over things that she shouldn’t but loves to be dreamy and is a writer and an artist and is overall a very compassionate friend. you are overly accommodating. you’re my friend who feels like she’s lived a million past lives and cancels on a commitment once it comes up. you are my step dad who is warm but then cold, who is sweet but then really mean, who is here and then there.. like being swept up in an emotional watery wave.. pisces you are someone who doesn’t really live in physical reality where things make sense logically, you always seems to be living in the emotional world of how you think things “are” and this can cause a misunderstanding with me because your reality is completely different than mine. you’re the kind of person who gets hurt because of the guy that I’m choosing to date, and I’m just like, it’s not even your life so I don’t know what’s going on? pisces you often times like to hide your emotions with me. pisces you are also a wonderful mother and you always know what’s really going on with people and how they might be feeling because you’re empathetic

(written by me, Aquarius rising, Aries Sun, Capricorn Moon)

The prince said the sum represents his entire fortune and will be used for humanitarian projects such as the empowerment of women and young people, as well as disaster relief and disease eradication.

Although Saudi Arabia has been widely criticized for its gender inequality, with women still forbidden from driving and facing several other restrictions, Prince al-Waleed has been a staunch and vocal advocate of women’s rights in recent years


can I get a hell yea??? Saudi is one of the biggest countries representing Islam to the world and it’s about time they actually followed the religion better and did things like this

Unexpected Victories In Bolivia

Service is often defined as something we do for someone they cannot do for themselves. Charity comes in 100’s of different forms but always produces the same results, and always teaches the same lessons. We can Expect a Victory every time we show honest heartfelt service and truly we can expect the unexpected.

Montero, Bolivia is smack dab in the center of South America it is a 15 hour flight to get there and a lifetime away from LaPoint, Utah where I grew up.  It never crossed my mind I would ever go there or anywhere similar. Life and God have a funny way of setting things up and opening opportunities for us we never imagined. 


External image

We know an amazing family in our circle of close friends who go to Bolivia every year to do humanitarian work. Two years ago they invited our family to go with them. I caught the vision of this opportunity and I essentially forced Jon into the idea.  It took 8 months of preparation to get passports, immunizations, visas and money to take our entire family of 8 to Bolivia.  I honestly thought I was a saint for putting all the work into it and providing this opportunity for my family.  I thought I was really going to teach them about service, and poverty and all the other lessons attached to an experience like this. Our family’s main objective in Bolivia was to finish 3 schoolhouses. On the third day Jon and I were working at the schoolhouses alone without transportation while our children went with the rest of the group on another project.  The air was hot and humid outside and we left our water bottles at the motel. I was dehydrated and could feel myself getting weaker and more nauseated as the day wore on. I spent most of my time sitting on a pile of bricks or on a cement bag watching Jon as he worked with the Bolivian people we were serving.


External image

The school children were all around us playing, coming and going. I soon noticed I had caught the attention of one particular little girl. She watched me intently, as if she sensed my predicament and followed me each time I moved to avoid the sun.  After an hour or so she came and sat by me speaking in Spanish.  With the two phrases I knew in Spanish I was able to figure out her name was Rosa and she was 6. She sat close to me and touched my hands with her dirty little hands chattering along like I could understand her.


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Then she stood up and walked across the dirt floor to where her soiled backpack was hanging on the back of a chair and she carried it back to me.  She opened the nearly empty backpack, no paper, no pencils, nothing except a little plastic bag she fished around for and then revealed to me with a smile on her face.  She pulled out a bracelet, and put it on me. I said “Oh it’s so pretty.” I admired the bracelet and then I gave it back to her. She adamantly shook her head no and put the bracelet back on my wrist. I smiled and hugged Rosa. She put her backpack away and ran out the door with pure joy and satisfaction on her face.


External image

That was the moment I learned true charity, from a six year old in Montero, Bolivia. Rosa had given me her last prized possession and was happy about it. I learned the lessons.

So, go out and serve, give your time, money, talents but most important give all you have to make someone else happy. You can expect the unexpected and Expect a Victory when you serve others. 

Horoscope for June 15th, 2016
  • Aries: Today you'll question yourself about your private life. Indeed, you have to change your behavior. You're used to making decisions just for yourself. Now you'll realize that you need to think not only about yourself but also about your partner. This phase in your relationship is difficult and will lead to drastic measures. You now have to assume your responsibilities.
  • Taurus: Today you should have a lot of vitality. Recently, you may have decided to take more matters into your own hands. Your relationships will only benefit from this decision. The conflicts you've had to deal with were generally based on a lack of understanding. You sometimes have to make compromises. Try not to be too demanding.
  • Gemini: Your generosity and altruism will be put to the test over the next few days. You'll probably help the underprivileged. After all, you've always felt concerned about humanitarian projects but have never gotten involved. Today this attitude will enable you to understand who you really are. You'll be able to learn a lot about your motivations and the keys to your success.
  • Cancer: Today's aspects will influence you to interact naturally with your circle of friends. You're tired of hiding your feelings. You want to act in the way your instincts guide you. However, you're afraid of other people's reactions. Sometimes you don't express your emotions or opinions simply because you're afraid of what they might say or think. Try to gain more self-confidence.
  • Leo: You're defining new strategies concerning your private life. You could be feeling like a completely different person today. You're no longer afraid of society, and you enjoy meeting people. You'll probably sympathize with the goals of an individual or a group of people you have recently met. Try to fulfill your needs and forget any preconceived ideas.
  • Virgo: Unfortunately, today's planetary energy will place you in a rather uncomfortable situation. You'll be the one having to smooth things over with your group of friends. Try not to impose your point of view. On the contrary, you should try to become more diplomatic and gentle with the people around you. You could also learn a lot by observing how people behave.
  • Libra: Even though the times are favorable for relaxation, you won't be able to fully enjoy this period. You'll instead try to adjust your agenda so you can lead a more balanced life. The planetary aspects in play will incite you to change your attitude toward work. You should try to lighten your responsibilities to avoid stress at the office.
  • Scorpio: Today's celestial configuration will be favorable to changes in your relationships. Your professional and private lives will be influenced by how well you deal with these relationships. You may have decided that in one way or another your behavior needs to change. Now it's time for you to act. Don't be discouraged if it takes a while to see lasting improvement.
  • Sagittarius: You've felt the need to create over the past several days. This attitude is certainly due to the planetary positions, but it could also underlie your desire to change your professional and private lives. Therefore, you should let your creative mind come out. How about writing poetry or enrolling in a ceramics class? Don't refrain from showing this secret part of your personality to those closest to you.
  • Capricorn: When you feel that your friends are trying to change your everyday life, you shouldn't try to resist it so stubbornly. Open up your heart and let yourself be led. You'll be surprised at the feeling of freedom this brings. You'll probably have some interesting encounters today. They might change your life completely. Get ready for an exciting day!
  • Aquarius: Over the last few weeks you've been working hard so you don't have to worry about your finances. Try to forget your problems, and especially avoid focusing on and talking about money today. Do what you feel like doing. You're probably already aware that you need to take care of yourself from time to time. Don't neglect your health.
  • Pisces: Today you're about to put your sense of humor to the test. You'll likely confront a few unexpected situations. Even if you're used to finding exciting things to do in an ordinary world, you'll be in for a big surprise or two. Today there will be a lot of excitement where you least expect it. Try to let the day's energy guide you.
December Forecast for Aquarius

Begin Your Dream Project

With Venus at the top of your chart this month, you’ll be especially favored in the eyes of your boss or another VIP. From December 4 and December 30, you can use this cosmic edge to help you get ahead professionally. In fact, there might even be a boost in earnings coming your way. Go ahead and ask for a raise on December 11 – there’s a good chance that you’ll get exactly what you dream of!

Also on December 11, a gorgeous New Moon will fall in your friendship sector. This will be an ideal time to expand your social horizons. Why not join a new club or organization? Consider starting that humanitarian project you’ve always talked about. Alternatively, this will also be a great time to launch a website or any social media campaign.

Do your best to fly under the radar December 19 – December 30 when Mercury is at a harsh angle to Pluto and Uranus. Words spoken on these days might easily be ones you later regret.

The month ends with a beautiful Full Moon in your 6th House of Work and Health on November 25. You might finish up a major project and if so, you’ll be quite proud of your work. Or, if you’ve had any health concerns lately, it’s possible that this Full Moon will signal an end to them. All is well.

Love Meets Success

This month, your lover might be a little bit like a piece of very special arm candy that you get to show off. He or she will just make you look good! It’s possible that you’ll seek out someone who has the ability to help you climb up the ladder of success.

Whether or not this is intentional, there’s a real possibility this month that your sweetheart will have the ability to help you reach your goals. He or she may have the perfect social or business connections. Not only does your lover want you to succeed – he or she will do what’s necessary to support your professional growth. Wonderful!