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Career Astrology

Determining your possible career paths and the nature of your career is far more complex than simply looking at the sign on the Midheaven and planets in the 10th. Though these will have the strongest affect, planets aspecting the MC from different house and sign will also influence your career (the 2nd house will tell you how and what will ear. you money and the 6th describes the nature of your work environment and employees).

Here is a list of careers related to each sign and planet.



  • Army Officer
  • Butcher
  • Metal worker
  • Fire-fighter
  • Surgeon
  • Ambulance officer
  • Policeman
  • Racer
  • Test piolet
  • Sales person
  • Boss
  • Self - employed
  • Athlete
  • Boxer
  • Solider
  • Executive
  • Physical therapist
  • Mechanic
  • Gunner
  • Weapons

Nature of career: Independent/Leader/Single/Driven/Direct/Assertive/Passionate/Initiative/Aggressive/Competitive


  • Baker
  • Chef
  • Restaurants/Cafe’s
  • Landscaper
  • Gardener
  • Farmer
  • Builder
  • Estate Agent
  • Singer/Vocalist
  • Jeweller
  • Artist
  • Body Artist
  • Craft-worker
  • Musician
  • Banker
  • Governmental employee
  • Administer
  • Investment broker
  • Financer
  • Office manager
  • Shop owner
  • Wine maker
  • Horticulturalist
  • Clothing/Fashion designer
  • Beautician

Nature of career: slow to materialise/Step by step/Stubborn in changing workplace/predictable and/or reliable routine or products/Endurance/Productivity/Thoroughness/Secure/Fixed


  • Writer/Author
  • Multi-takser
  • Journalism
  • Public speaker
  • Radio show host
  • Commentator
  • Broadcasting
  • Bookseller/Publisher
  • Magazine/Newspaper/Blog writer
  • Civil engenier
  • Sales representative/Salesman
  • Advertiser
  • Travel agent
  • TV product demonstrator
  • Communication or all forms
  • Mechanic
  • Personal assistent
  • Secretary
  • Show host
  • Entertainer
  • Postman
  • Teacher
  • Public transportation driver
  • Reporter
  • Comedian
  • Artificer/scribe
  • Translator
  • Librarian

Nature of career: Lots of communication involved (through speech, writing, text ect), changes career often/career ideas, structure or products changes often/Multiple career paths/Adaptable career/Superficiality is displayed in the career/Sociable/Witty/Inquisitive  


  • Nursery Nurse
  • Nanny
  • Midwife
  • Nurse
  • Caterer
  • Chef
  • Cook
  • Home Designer
  • Interior Decorator
  • Interior Designer
  • Textile Design
  • Home wear Designer
  • Working from home
  • Family Business
  • Fisherman
  • Sailor
  • Antique Dealer
  • Museum Curator
  • Historian
  • Publican
  • Navy Officer
  • Defence Lawyer
  • Hotels/Hospitality

Nature of career: Nurturing/Women-Children-Babies is a core focus/Caring/Emotionally involved in the career/Vulnerable/Moody/Protective/Touchy/Sensitivity/Intuitive/Gentle


  • Actor
  • Leader
  • Enterainer
  • Dancer
  • Television Producer/Presenter
  • Fashion model
  • Celebrity
  • Window Dresser
  • Heating engineer
  • Judge
  • Youth Worker
  • Teacher
  • Working with gold
  • President
  • Managing Director
  • Play therapist
  • Leisure center manger
  • Cardio surgeon
  • Event Planner
  • Hairstylist
  • Radio Host

Nature of career: Get to show off/Leader/Proud/Enthusiasm/Generosity/Playfulness/Dignified/Bold


  • Health care
  • Dietitian
  • dental hygienist
  • Janitor/Maid/Cleaner
  • Pharmacist
  • Nurse
  • Nutritionist
  • Personal assistent
  • Accountant
  • Carpenter/Mechanic
  • Analytic
  • Proof Reader
  • Scientist
  • Critic
  • Librarian (along with gemini)
  • Data Processor
  • Management
  • Consultant
  • Yoga teacher
  • Doctor
  • Fitness Trainer
  • Vet
  • Secretary

Nature of career: Practical/Precise/Analytical/Clean and hygienic/Categorising/Service/Efficiency/Perfectionism


  • Beauty
  • Music
  • Art
  • Fashion
  • Lawyer
  • Aesthetics
  • Set/Graphic Designer
  • Beautician
  • Shopping assistant
  • Art Dealer
  • Anything in the music industry
  • Model
  • Judge
  • Diplomat
  • Welfare worker
  • Management consultant
  • Mediator
  • Dating agency
  • Negotiator
  • Business dealer

Nature of career: Balance/Equality/Harmony/Seeing both side to a situation/Diplomacy/Judgment/Adaption/Working with a partner (Husband/Wife/Business partner)/Superficiality

Scorpio/Pluto (Mars)

  • Doctor
  • Scientist
  • Psychologist
  • Detective
  • Criminal Investigator
  • Surveillance Operator
  • Private Investigator
  • Pathologist
  • Hospice Worker
  • Psychiatrist
  • Research worker
  • Hypnotherapist
  • Undertaker
  • Insurance agent
  • Sex therapy
  • Medical practitioner
  • Sewage Worker
  • Archaeologist
  • Pharmacist
  • Surgeon
  • Paramedic
  • Police Officer
  • Solider
  • FBI agent
  • Sex integrated work
  • Occultist

Nature of career: Secretive/Undercover/Mysterious/Sexual/Powerful/Intense/Transformative/Control


  • Travel Guide
  • Piolet
  • Stuntman
  • Personal Trainer
  • Athlete
  • Jockey
  • Working with horses
  • Teacher
  • Lecturer
  • Tutor
  • Philosopher
  • Guru
  • Lawyer
  • Banker
  • Philanthropist
  • Travel Agent
  • Legislators
  • Gambler
  • Professor
  • Publisher

Nature of career: Adventurous/Questioning/Righteous/Idealistic/Careless/Extravagant/Exaggeration/Expansive/Optimism/Teaching


  • Bureaucracy
  • Government
  • Chief executive officer (CEO)
  • Government employee
  • Administrator
  • Politician
  • Law enforcement
  • Entrepreneur
  • Bank manager
  • Teacher
  • Chiropractor
  • Orthopaedic surgeon
  • Dentist
  • Architect
  • Surveyor  
  • Builder
  • Mathematician
  • Engineer
  • Geologist
  • Judge
  • Miner
  • Plumber
  • Gardener
  • Farmer
  • Land/property dealer

Nature of career: Authority/Discipline/Conservation/Caution/Responsibility/Duty/Patient/Hard work


  • Scientist
  • Quantum physicist
  • Systems analyst
  • Involved with technology and/or electricity
  • Electronic engineer
  • Social/Charity worker
  • Astronomer/Astrologer
  • Ecological consultant
  • Radiographer
  • Inventor
  • Reformer
  • Computer Programer
  • Electrician

Nature of career: Innovative/Unique/Eccentric/Unusual/Humanitarian/Technical/Group work


  • Psychic
  • Occult
  • Artist
  • Film maker
  • Musician
  • Dancer
  • Charity worker
  • Hospital work
  • Nurse
  • Working with liquids/gases/poisons
  • Marine/Ocean related work
  • Fishermen
  • Working near the sea/sea themed occupation
  • Rehab councillor
  • Fantasy related
  • Hypnotherapist
  • Preist
  • Healer
  • Tarot Reader
  • Sailor
  • Painter
  • Photographer
  • Illusionist

Nature of career: Beauty/Psychic/Confusion/Fantasy/Empathy/Spiritual 

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You identify yourself by:
  • Ruler of your ascendant in 1st: Your appearance, personality, ego.
  • Ruler of your ascendant in 2nd: Your possessions, values, self worth/esteem.
  • Ruler of your ascendant in 3rd: You intelligence, siblings, communication.
  • Ruler of your ascendant in 4th: Your home, family, childhood, emotions.
  • Ruler of your ascendant in 5th: Your hobbies, children, romantic interests, creativity.
  • Ruler of your ascendant in 6th: Your work/routine, health, service.
  • Ruler of your ascendant in 7th: Your one-on-one relationships, marriage, enemies, attraction.
  • Ruler of your ascendant in 8th: Your passion, inheritance, intimacy, transformation.
  • Ruler of your ascendant in 9th: Your travels, philosophies, higher education, spirituality.
  • Ruler of your ascendant in 10th: You career, reputation, ambition, influence
  • Ruler of your ascendant in 11th: Your friends, dreams/goals, social groups, humanitarian work.
  • Ruler of your ascendant in 12th: Your internal, subconscious self, past life, secrets, solitude, ordeals.

Uranus is about revolution, change, and individuality. You may find that the area the house your Uranus is in is unconventional, strange, or unique in your life.

Uranus in 1st house: your self expression or experience, how you see the world
Uranus in 2nd house: your money (or the way you earn it), self image, talents, possession
Uranus in 3rd house: the way you think and communicate, your siblings/relationship to them
Uranus in 4th house: your family, home, or close relationships
Uranus in 5th house: your hobbies, children, romance
Uranus in 6th house: your work, daily routine, health
Uranus in 7th house: your relationships or partnerships, others
Uranus in 8th house: your secrets, intuition and psychic ability
Uranus in 9th house: your way of thinking/learning, life philosophy
Uranus in 10th house: your career and image, how others see you
Uranus in 11th house: your friends, groups, humanitarian ideals
Uranus in 12th house: your subconscious and inner thoughts/mind

Another Astrology/Birth Chart Project

This time using MUSIC!!1!1!1!!!!…


So this is my layout for creating playlist for people based on their birth chart information and how to apply it to music. Feel free to use this however you want; this was inspired by something I found online and just tweeked it some so I take no full credit for this at all; this is just for fun!

1. Dominant Planet* for Birth Chart = Overall Theme of Playlist
2. *Planets = Tempo/Feel of Song
    Sun = Upbeat/Fiery
    Moon = Emotional
    Mercury = Lyrical (either Dancey or Calm depending on overall theme)
    Venus = Slow/Relaxing/Romantic
    Mars = Fast beat/Aggressive
    Jupiter = Upbeat/Dogmatic
    Saturn = Structured/Classic
    Uranus = Strange/Futuristic
    Neptune = Psychedelic/Dreamy
    Pluto = Lyrical; Deep/Powerful
3. Signs = Genre (varies based on overall theme and tempo)
    Aries = Rock n’ Roll / Punk Rock / Jazz / Alternative / Rap / Heavy Metal
    Taurus = Rock n’ Roll / Punk Rock / Classical / Gospel / Jazz / Folk / Alternative / Blues / R&B / Country
    Gemini = Pop / Pop Rock / EDM / Jazz / Reggae / Rap / Heavy Metal / Trendy
    Cancer = Pop Rock / Classical / Gospel / Blues / Oldies
    Leo = Rock n’ Roll / Pop / Pop Rock / EDM / Gospel / Folk / Alternative
    Virgo = Classical / Heavy Metal / Indie / Jazz
    Libra = Pop / Reggae / R&B / Classical / Trendy
    Scorpio = Punk Rock / EDM / Gospel / Jazz / Rap / R&B / Blues / Heavy  Metal / Indie
    Sagittarius = Rock n’ Roll / Pop Rock / EDM / Reggae / Folk / Rap / R&B / Heavy Metal / Foreign / New Age
    Capricorn = Classical / Alternative / TImeless Classics
    Aquarius = Rock n’ Roll / Punk Rock / Gospel / Reggae / Folk / Alternative / Techno / Electronic / Progressive
    Pisces = Pop / Pop Rock / EDM / Jazz / Reggae / Blues / New Age / Dance / Movie or TV Soundtrack / Video Game Soundtrack
4. Houses = Lyrics or Subject
    1st House = Self / Appearance / Self-Identity / Personality / Physical Body
    2nd House = Money / Possessions / Values / Self-Esteem
    3rd House = Siblings / Transportation / Intellect / Early Education / Communication
    4th House = Home / Family / Childhood / Roots / Relationship with Parents
    5th House = Children / Creativity / Interests / Hobbies / Drama / Romance / Dating / Sex
    6th House = Health / Food / Work / Daily Life
    7th House = Love / Marriage / Quarrels / Separations / Cooperation / Sharing
    8th House = Death / Sex / Legacy / Occult / Loss / Transformation / Healing
    9th House = Philosophy / Religion / Law / Morals / Travel / Foreign Places / Dreams / Wisdom
   10th House = Status / Reputation / Honor / Career / Achievements / Responsibilities / Sense of Duty
   11th House = Friends / Community / Hopes / Goals / Wishes / Ambition / Social Groups / Humanitarianism / Liberty
   12th House = Hidden Self / Mental Illness / Escapism / Self-Undoing / Secrets / Grief

Anyway, I’m likely going to be working on this sorta thing after the birth chart analysis’ I’m doing. Have fun using this if so inclined.


anonymous asked:

You calling BlackLivesMatter a Terrorist group is complete bullshit. They are a humanitarian group that push for human rights

Then they should stop using violence and intimidation in an attempt to enact political change because that’s literally the definition of terrorism. Police your own movement before you come here to call me out.

Government Work

After Winter, Cinder starts a handful of things to help the people of the Commonwealth and her programs eventually spread to the rest of Earth and Luna as well.

  • Her first big venture is the Department of Cyborg Resources.
    • This includes the Tanner Foundation (named after Logan Tanner, obviously) for young cyborgs and people who need cybernetic surgery, etc.
    • Another branch is the Cyborg Protection Agency to, well, protect cyborgs from harassment, attacks, and prejudice.
      • (There’s a similar group in a different department for Lunars too.)
    • A ton of research goes into creating better prosthetics and technology.
    • Cinder personally goes to a lot of the outreach stuff, especially when there are kids at the events.
    • The new department creates a bunch of new jobs that pay well and have benefits so she makes it a point to hire mostly cyborgs in that division.
  • Next is the Peony Project to fund support for people affected by letumosis (so like everyone tbh).
    • It’s like one of those humanitarian groups that goes to other countries but instead of building houses they treat letumosis.
    • Mostly it’s young twenty-somethings that volunteer to go to these really rural areas to help.
    • But within big cities tons of older people volunteer as well.
    • Some support groups and such pop up.
    • Cinder makes sure that the Linhs get a sum of money for Peony and Garan.
Architypes in Astrology

I would like to speak about partnering signs and the importance of balancing their energies in an effort to “master” the natal chart. We must first look at the foundations of astrology in order to begin to understand the true complexities that exist within it, and therefore, within ourselves. It will aslo provide insight as to why, for example, you will find some Aries who are very partner oriented, and some Libras who are quite flighty, preferring not to unite. So today I will touch upon the architypes of the signs and houses. Understanding these architypes will provide the starting point into a greater wisdom of the zodiac. So let’s get into it.

The Signs

ARIES (I am)
Ruler of the first house, its element is fire, its mode is cardinal, and its planet is Mars.
Aries is the self. Its qualities are self assertion; impulsive; initiatory; direct; decisive; agressive; headstrong; impatient; and action oriented.

TAURUS (I have)
Ruler of the second house, its element is earth, its mode is fixed, and its planet is Venus.
Taurus is the truth and value we gain from the external. It is grounded; persistent; possessive; inflexible; materialisitic; slow in nature; sensual; tactile; beauty-loving; and concerened with physical security.

GEMINI (I think)
Ruler of third house, its element is air, its mode is mutable, and its planet is Mercury.
Gemini is the question. It is inquisitive as it must question everything. It is perceptive; communicative; quick; lighthearted; scattered in attention; superficial; changable; of the mind; and holds a breadth of interest and knowledge.

CANCER (I feel)
Ruler of the fourth house, its element is water, its mode is cardinal, and its planet is the Moon.
Cancer is the inner world. It is sensitive; emotional; nurturing; gentle; dependent; sentimental; vulnerable; reticent; and concerned with emotional security.

LEO (I create)
Ruler of the fifth house, its element is fire, its mode is fixed, and its planet is the Sun.
Leo is the heart. It is creative; noble; enduring; dominant; prideful; egotism; self-importance; dramatic self-expression; and holds the urge for recognition of the self.

VIRGO (I serve)
Ruler of the sixth house, its element is earth, its mode is mutable, and its planet is Mercury.
Virgo is reality. It is discrimminating; industrious; analytical; meticulous; detail-oriented; holds a critical-eye; self-effacing; self-reliant; realistic; practical; and healing.

LIBRA (We are)
Ruler of the seventh house, its element is air, its mode is cardinal, and its planet is Venus.
Libra is the other. It is relationship-oriented; fair-minded; diplomatic; harmonious; aesthetic; striving for balance; rational; vain; and indecisive.

SCORPIO (We have)
Ruler of the eighth house, its element is water, its mode is fixed, and its anchient planet is Mars, and modern planet is Pluto.
Scorpio is the truth and beauty we gain from the depths of the internal. It is emotionally-intense; penetrating; insinctual; intuitive; desiring; driven; holds the urge to transform; brooding; compulsive; secretive; controlling; self-destructive; and regenerating.

Ruler of the ninth house, its element is fire, its mode is mutable, and its planet is Jupiter.
Sagittarius is the answer. It is thruth-seeking; enthusiastic; expansive; open; philisophical; aspiring; adventurous; blundering; indifferent; over-extended; generalizing; and self-righteous.

Ruler of the tenth house, its element is earth, its mode is cardinal, its planet is Saturn.
Capricorn is the outer world. It is hard-working; ambitious; practical; self-controlled; responsible; dutiful; acheivement-oriented; concerned with status or its place in the outside world; traditional; conservative; restrained; and somber.

AQUARIUS (We create)
Ruler of the eleventh house, its element is air, its mode is fixed, its anchient planet is Saturn, and modern planet is Uranus.
Aquarius is the mind. It is seen as the rebel of the zodiac as it is meant to liberate from constraints. It is humanitarian; group-oriented; eccentric; individualistic; freedom-loving; sociable; friendly; aloof; and detached.

PISCES (We serve)
Ruler of the twelfth house, its element is water, its mode is mutable, its anchient planet is Jupiter, and modern planet is Neptune.
Pisces is illusion, and the transendence of illusion. It is compassionate; imaginative; inspired; psychic; idealistic; escapist; dreamy; naive; confused; deceptive; unrealistic; unconditional love; and healing.

This entry is becoming a bit longer than anticipated, so I will be splitting up the signs and houses. Looking at your natal chart, use the information discussed thus far to see how the signs’ architypes influence your planets. I will post the architypes of the houses within a week.

Although the information above is just scratching the surface, I hope I can help you on your journey of discovery.

Keep learning and growing. <3


# # #

“Survival Pictures’ main goal is not earning back the movie’s budget, the producers say, but ensuring that all proceeds from the theatrical run go to nonprofits, including the Elton John AIDS Foundation and other human rights and humanitarian groups. Kerkorian set the example by being a generous philanthropist, who donated more than $1 billion to charity, according to Esrailian. The cast was informed of this plan before signing on for the movie, and Survival is financially backing the marketing efforts along with Open Road.”

This is why it’s important to get everyone you know to go see this film! #KeepThePromise

The Plight of North Korean Refugees

Imagine making less than one dollar a day. You would probably change jobs. Now, imagine that you can’t change jobs. Imagine that a single mistake could cause you to lose everything. This is a reality for millions of people living in North Korea. 

Thousands of people flee North Korea every year, but refugees’ struggles do not end when they escape North Korea. Because of their lack of contacts and resources, refugees need outside help to get the support they need to start a new life.

First, refugees must escape their country of origin. Many of them are driven to leave due to food shortages and the harsh punishments they face for minor offenses. However, they still face many challenges once they’re out of the country.  After escaping North Korea, refugees still are not safe. Because China regards North Korean defectors as illegal immigrants, North Korean refugees risk being sent back to North Korea to face severe punishment if discovered.

Because of their lack of resources outside North Korea, many defectors must resort to underground industries in order to make enough money to travel. Many female defectors become victims of human trafficking. In fact, up to two-thirds of defectors are thought to be women, and of those, 70 – 80% are thought to become victims of forced marriage, prostitution, and exploitative labor.

Even for those who make it to safety, the struggle continues. According to Escape from Camp 14 author Blaine Harden, many defectors have psychological issues that must be dealt with. Many arrive showing symptoms of paranoia, doubting the motives of others, and feeling guilt about those they may have left behind. One of the biggest psychological obstacles they face is low self-esteem. They fret about their educational and financial inferiority to South Koreans and are ashamed of the way they dress as well as their accents. Their fears may be justified too, since a 2008 study by Sogang University found that attitudes toward refugees are often characterized by either ignorance or hostility. When asked broad questions such as “how do you feel about refugees?” most people gave positive answers. But when asked more specific questions such as “would you hire a refugee?” the same people were significantly less sympathetic. In fact, the unemployment rate among refugees is over four times the rate of the national average, as hiring defectors is seen as risky. Many also have medical problems such as tuberculosis, chronic indigestion, hepatitis B, and dental problems. Treatment becomes complicated because defectors are suspicious of the doctors. 

Defectors also have trouble adjusting to a modern world that has moved on without them. According to Barbara Demick, author of Nothing to Envy, even the languages of North and South Korea differ significantly now. Refugees must also learn how to do basic things such as pay bills. They must also adjust to the noise and light of modern cities, as well as adjust to a new culture.

And of course, the media tends to brush over the refugee problem in favor of reporting on nuclear weapons and the Kim family, leaving the public mostly unaware of the true severity of the refugees’ plight.

The number one solution is simply for the public to become aware and demand that more focus be put on North Korea’s human rights abuses. If the public continues to live with the mindset that this is an issue for the next generation, then the problem is only going to become worse. There are already problems trying to deal with 20,000 refugees. How are we going to cope with 25 million when we have trouble dealing with the ones we have? 

South Korea may be well on its way to developing a permanent underclass filled with refugees if current trends continue. As it stands, most North Koreans who arrive in the South only have the equivalent of a few years of elementary education. Of those who restart their schooling in the South, over half drop out, leaving them woefully ill-equipped to get a job or generally compete in a capitalist society. The world needs to be prepared for a refugee crisis and have a plan to deal with the cost of integrating the North Korean people into a free society in the event that North Korea collapses suddenly. The cost of Korean Unification is estimated to be two and a half times greater than the cost for the reunification of East and West Germany—more than $2 trillion dollars over thirty years—which would require that 10% of South Korea’s GDP be spent on the North for the foreseeable future.

Additionally, with no plan in place for a situation like this, 30,000 US military personnel in South Korea would inevitably be caught in the middle trying to both secure weapons of mass destruction and keep order among millions of refugees. And of course, with no outside pressure, North Korea will continue to abuse its people unchallenged, which means that their situation will continue to worsen and make it even harder for them to be reintegrated.

There are some simple ways you can help. You can help by spreading awareness. Don’t let this become a problem for the next generation. By spreading awareness, you become a voice for people who have none. Talk to people about the difficulties North Koreans face, both those who have escaped and those who have yet to. Join the protests for human rights in North Korea. If there’s even the slightest chance that international pressure on the North Korean government could ease the struggle of some refugees, it’s worth it. Don’t be afraid to reach out to world leaders. You can write a letter to our national representatives or even the Chinese embassy, urging them to stop deporting North Koreans. Donate to NGO’s such as Liberty in North Korea who help refugees get to safety. Many refugees who escape are still at risk of exploitation or capture in China, so it’s imperative that they get to safety as soon as possible. It costs about $2500 for the rescue of one refugee according to the LiNK website. Additionally, it’s often necessary for NGOs and other humanitarian groups such as LiNK to step in and give the refugees additional financial support, since they are often targeted by scammers.

The worst thing we can do as members of the international community at this point is nothing. Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of thinking this is a problem that can’t be solved or that you can have no impact on. Even spreading this post can help a little!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Moon enters Libra, 9:37 am MDT

The Moon is void in Virgo up ‘til this moment, so it’s going to be (at least) disorganized. Afterward, though, wow! High energy with lots of confidence. Our can-do attitude wins us many friends. And, through 2:25 pm MDT Saturday, this is excellent “Venus” weather. Have beauty treatments (I’m dragging the daughter off for a haircut), flirt up a storm, be charming, practice your scales, draw, paint.

Venus/Gemini sextile North Node/Leo, trine South Node/Aquarius, 5:31 am MDT

Nice for using our artistic talents &/or relationship skills to emphasize our originality, as well as to “serve a larger group or humanitarian purpose,” both in pursuit of that North Node’s joyous authenticity. This gives a lightness of heart which avoids shallowness.

Looking ahead to Friday: overdoing things somehow

anonymous asked:

I know the moon represents hidden habits, risings how people first perceive u and Venus dictates how u love, but idk bout the rest. All astrology sites say is weird keywords like "death, obscureness" n I dont understand it and yall keep things simple

okay bb imma make this simple


Sun- Conscious mind and ego
Moon- Subconscious mind and emotions
Mercury- Communication and writing
Venus- Love and art
Mars- Sex and anger
Jupiter- Knowledge and luck
Saturn- Laws and restrictions
Uranus- Individuality and progression 
Neptune- Dreams and inspiration
Pluto- Death and spiritual rebirth


Chiron- how you heal your deepest wounds
Ceres- nurturing and grief  
Pallas- justice and wisdom
Juno- What you look for in a soulmate
Vesta- metabolism and home life
North Node- What you strive to be in life
South Node- What characteristics you fall back on


1st house (ascendent)- outerself, appearance
2nd house - money and property
3rd house - surroundings and siblings 
4th house -(IC)- family life (mother/father), homelife
5th house- leisure and children 
6th house- work, coworkers and health 
7th house- (descendent)- open enemies, personal relationships
8th house- death, transformation, sex
9th house- spirituality, abstract philosophy, travels 
10th house- (midheaven)- career life path, social standing
11th house- humanitarian, group of friends
12th house- enemies, secrets, illnesses



Don’t forget the Rohingya’s

Analysis: Jonathan Head, BBC News, Bangkok

By and large the humanitarian groups got what they wanted, as the meeting ended with promises to improve the search for stranded boats.

Dealing with the causes of the migrant exodus was trickier.

Everyone knew the dire treatment of Rohingya Muslims is what drove so many of them to flee. But Myanmar still insists they are illegal incomers from Bangladesh.

One million of them remain stateless, with Myanmar making no apology for segregating and restricting them; a kind of Asian apartheid.

There was an awkward moment when the UNHCR delegate insisted the Rohingya problem must be addressed, though even he avoided using the term Rohingya, something Myanmar won’t accept.

The Burmese delegation responded by denouncing “finger-pointing”. The problem, it said, was criminal trafficking gangs, not Burmese policies. Changing attitudes in Myanmar will be a tough long-term challenge.

On Friday it said it had picked up a boat with 727 migrants on board - just a week after it picked up about 200 in its first such operation. The Myanmar government has the boat under the supervision of the navy. Media isn’t allowed near the boats.

Asia’s migrant crisis

  • Rohingya Muslims mainly live in Myanmar, where they have faced decades of persecution.
  • Rights groups say migrants feel they have “no choice” but to leave, paying people smugglers to help them.
  • The UN estimates more than 120,000 Rohingya have fled in the past three years.
  • Traffickers usually take the migrants by sea to Thailand then overland to Malaysia.
  • But Thailand recently began cracking down on the migrant routes, meaning traffickers are using sea routes instead.


Please keep the Rohingya’s in your prayer’s. 

I’m going to make a donation post soon inshallah. Please raise awareness!

Most historical narratives about Africans in America begin with Jamestown, Virginia, where enslaved Angolans were sold in 1619. However, this book commences with blacks as explorers in the Americas before Christopher Columbus arrival. The point here is to demonstrate that slavery robbed Africa of its heritage and impoverished the continent. Once Africans landed in America as slaves, state laws denied them civil rights and humane treatment. The hopelessness, brutalization, and alienation of blacks aroused the conscientiousness of humanitarian groups to seek the repatriation of freed men to their ancestry homeland in Africa, away from Anglo Americans. This became a risky rescue mission, which put the ACS in direct opposition with anti-colonizationists. This book highlights the complicity of the precarious endeavor and the founding of the first African Republic on the continent.



As of Tuesday, December 20th, 2016: 

After Russia threatened to veto a UN resolution regarding approved UN monitors to monitor evacuations from Aleppo, Syria, a compromised agreement was made and the resolution passed. 

Since then, evacuations from besieged Eastern Aleppo have been made to the countryside of regime-held Western Aleppo. Yesterday, 18 buses picked up evacuees at the standpoint of Rashideen. Over 400 buses have transported civilians, but about 20,000 civilians still remain in Eastern Aleppo. If all goes fairly unhindered (crimes of abuse, threats, and humiliation are consistently occurring despite evacuations), by nightfall of the 20th or early the 21st in Syria, Eastern Aleppo should finally be emptied of it’s brave resilient children who stood up to four years of assault from Russia, Iran, and the regime in the name of democracy and freedom.  

Ground breaking small on ground humanitarian aid groups, like the Karam Foundation, Live Updates from Syria, and the White Helmets, have provided warm food, blankets, and the necessities to all evacuees so far to combat the freezing temperatures that currently plague Aleppo and greater Syria to prevent anymore deaths from hunger, the cold, and critical injuries like those that have occurred this past week. 

In other news, Bana Alabed and her family, the family that live blogged their lives in besieged Aleppo on Twitter, were also evacuated. The orphanage of about 50 children that made headlines for a frightening and moving video posted during the height of the Aleppo genocide were also all evacuated. 

This may be (and hopefully will be as we cannot take anymore suffering) the end of the fall and genocide of Eastern Aleppo. We will not forgive and we will not forget the deafening international silence that responded to our blockaded screams for mercy and help. 

We will never forget the horrors of the Aleppo genocide of December 13th to December 18th. We will never forget Aleppo. 

UPDATE #1: Regime checkpoint seized final civilian convoy from besieged Eastern Aleppo. It is not expected to move for hours; estimated to not move again until dawn in Syria. Hundred of civilians, including children, will be waiting with no food or shelter in subzero temperatures. We hope the convoy will be allowed to move as soon as possible.

Ukrainian Protesters Clashing With Police.

“Christos Stylianides, the European commissioner for humanitarian assistance, said the Ukrainian government and humanitarian aid groups never expected such a prolonged conflict, and were caught unprepared.

‘The overall picture is a country that for a very long time believed this would be a short-term crisis,’ Mr. Stylianides said. ‘Now, everybody, the people, the central government, it dawns on them that this may go on. So it challenges everybody.’

Vasily Droganov, head of the rural council that controls nine villages southeast of Donetsk, said, ‘People have run through the money they had and now many of them have nothing.’ Hunger and the bitter cold are constant threats, he said, and many homes’ only heat comes from chopped firewood.”

coldplayeryoutubeloverfandommess  asked:

Ideal professions for each sign

Aries: something to do with music or sports

Taurus: any kind of designer (fashion, architect, etc)

Gemini: a lawyer, maybe two lawyers who knows

Cancer: acting (all those tears will pay off tbh)

Leo: someone who is in charge of others

Virgo: you’re perfect follow your heart be an astronaut or master a bunch of languages

Libra: a spokesperson or tv show host 

Scorpio: be a detective, join the CIA (don’t trust anyone)

Sagittarius: either a comedian or any job where you aren’t stuck

Capricorn: a doctor or maybe someone who works behind the scenes at some company to keep everything in order idk you guys can do anything

Aquarius: someone who starts up a humanitarian group and makes some change 

Pisces: an artist (I feel so cliche saying that but its true)

this isn’t as serious as it should have been I’m sorry, but thank you for the request! 


Gaza ceasefire reveals full extent of Israeli destruction
July 26, 2014

Thousands of people in Gaza have ventured out from homes and shelters during a 12-hour ceasefire to find that whole streets and neighbourhoods have been destroyed in the last week.

Israel and Hamas both agreed to a UN request to stop fighting from 8am until 8pm on Saturday. Shortly before the ceasefire took effect, at least 18 members of the al-Najar family, including many children, were killed in an air strike on Khan Younis, in the south of the Gaza Strip. The family had recently gone there to escape fighting in a nearby village, a Palestinian health official said.

As the Palestinian death toll in the 19-day-long conflict topped 1,000, diplomatic efforts to forge a longer ceasefire continued in Paris. Foreign ministers from seven nations – the US, France, Britain, Italy, Germany, Turkey and Qatar – called for an extension of Saturday’s 12-hour humanitarian truce.

The group had convened, along with a senior EU representative, at the request of the US secretary of state, John Kerry, who failed to win Israeli or Hamas backing for a week-long truce on Friday. There were no envoys from Israel, Egypt or the Palestinian Authority.

“All of us call on the parties to extend the humanitarian ceasefire that is currently under way,” the French foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, said.

n Gaza, scenes of devastation were discovered by those who returned to areas which had been the centre of particularly intense fighting, such as Shujai'iya, Beit Hanoun and around Khan Younis. Scores of homes were pulverised, roads were blocked with wreckage, and power cables dangled in the streets.

Many of those attempting to check the condition of their homes, retrieve possessions and, in some cases, search for the bodies of relatives seemed dazed by what they found. Some who had not seen each other for days embraced as they surveyed the wreckage around them. Ambulances with wailing sirens and donkey carts loaded with mattresses and pots clogged the streets.

In other areas, Palestinians rushed to stock up with food and essentials, and get cash from banks and ATMs, ahead of the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr, which starts on Monday.

In Beit Hanoun, close to the border, Israeli tanks stood by as people searched through the debris for their belongings, packing whatever they could – blankets, furniture and clothes – into taxis, trucks, rickshaws and carts before fleeing the town.

Siham Kafarneh, 37, sat weeping on the steps of a small grocery store. The mother of eight said the home she had spent 10 years saving up for and moved into two months earlier had been destroyed. “Nothing is left. Everything I have is gone,” she said.

Some people were defiant. One woman pulled a black-and-white Palestinian scarf from the rubble, shouting: “They won’t take away our pride. We’ll wear this to Jerusalem and the day of victory is close.”

Others were resigned. Zaki al-Masri noted quietly that both his house and that of his son had been destroyed. “The Israelis will withdraw, tomorrow or the day after, and we’ll be left in this awful situation as usual.”

At the nearby hospital, six patients and 33 medical staff had spent the night huddled in the X-ray department as the neighbourhood was shelled, said the director, Bassam Abu Warda. A tank shell had hit the second floor of the building, leaving a gaping hole, and the facade was peppered with holes from large-calibre bullets.

Two Red Crescent ambulances were hit in Beit Hanoun overnight, killing a medic and wounding three, one critically, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross. On Saturday, rescue workers pulled the scorched body of the medic from the wrecked vehicle, which had been hit about 200 metres from the hospital.

“Targeting ambulances, hospitals and medical workers is a serious violation of the law of war,” said Jacques de Maio, head of the ICRC delegation for Israel and the occupied territories.

In areas that had seen intense fighting, 85 bodies were pulled from the rubble, many of them partially decomposed, said Palestinian health official Ashraf al-Kidra. Fighters were also among the dead, said the Gaza Civil Defence spokesman Said al-Saoudi.

Speaking in Cairo on Friday, Kerry said he was confident there was a framework for a ceasefire agreement that would ultimately succeed and that “serious progress” had been made, although there was more work to do.

Kerry, who, along with UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon, has been leading international efforts to reach a truce, has been in regular contact with the foreign ministers of Turkey and Qatar as both countries wield influence on Hamas.

Israel’s defence minister, Moshe Ya'alon, said on Friday that the military offensive could expand in the coming days. “At the end of the operation, Hamas will have to think very hard if it is worth it to taunt us in the future.”

Israeli troops have so far uncovered 31 tunnels in Gaza and destroyed half of them. Israel considers the tunnels to be a strategic threat because militants have used them to launch surprise attacks inside the country.

The Israeli government has also begun suggesting that Gaza be demilitarised as a condition for a permanent ceasefire so that Hamas cannot rearm itself. The current war is the third in Gaza in just over five years.

Hamas says it will not halt its rocket until it receives international assurances that Gaza’s seven-year-old border blockade will be lifted. Israel and Egypt tightened the blockade after Hamas seized Gaza in 2007.

The violence spread to the West Bank and East Jerusalem late this week. Nine Palestinians have been killed as protests over the bloodshed in Gaza have erupted into clashes with Israeli security forces. Hundreds more have been wounded, many with gunshot injuries.

On Thursday night, 10,000 demonstrators marched in solidarity with Gaza near the Palestinian administrative capital of Ramallah. Protesters surged against an Israeli army checkpoint, throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails.

The Palestine Liberation Organisation called for more demonstrations in the West Bank but said it was helping to try to secure a ceasefire deal.

As well as more than 1,000 dead in Gaza, at least 6,000 people have been injured. The UN said more than 160,000 people had sought shelter in its buildings, and thousands more had fled their homes to stay with relatives and friends in what are thought to be safer areas.

The Israel Defence Forces said 40 soldiers had been killed in the conflict. Three Israeli civilians have also died in rocket attacks.



The War On Gamers Continues  A major humanitarian group has just come out with a lesson plan for high school students on sexism in video games. It is full of propaganda,
vilifies gaming and gamers, and is likely to discourage young women from
playing. Does this matter, or is it all just a game? Christina Hoff Sommers explains. 

anonymous asked:

Question! Referring to your last picture, I understand how Natalie Portman is problematic but how come Scarlett Johansson?

She chose to become the spokesperson for “Sodastream” which is an Israeli soda company located in an illegal settlement in the West Bank, when the humanitarian group Oxfam that she was an ambassador in told her to leave Sodastream since it goes against everything they believe in she quit her ambassadorship with them to keep supporting Sodastream. She still stands by her decision and has no regrets even after all the backlash (the company in the West Bank has thus shut down) 

so in short she chose to leave a humanitarian group to support a company that violates human rights on a daily basis 

Upsgirl88 - Beth and Caryl theory

I was asked by my amazingly creative bestie upsgirl88 to give some analysis input and my own personal perspective regarding her Beth and CARYL theory (see here!)

In essence the foundation of this speculation lays in the portrayal of B*th’s character in Season 4B, her potential purpose in this world and how her individual story arc could influence both Daryl’s character and the future CARYL relationship progression.
As CARYL shippers it is widely assumed these days that we all collectively want nothing good for B*th or her life because she represents some kind of “threat” to Carol and Daryl’s connection. I am sure most of my fellow shippers would disagree with that insinuation for various reasons and if you are indeed reading this post with that in mind I think you will be pleasantly surprised to see what this particular theory has in-store for the youngest Greene.

B*th Greene started out her journey through the ZA as a sheltered, innocent - sweet 16 year old girl who judging by her backstory had a happy childhood and life before the turn. She grew up on a farm and it was very obvious that her family was close and followed some strict moral and social guidelines. After witnessing her mothers demise B*th goes through a depression period and overcome with grief and fear of the worlds new reality she even dabbles in some suicidal tendencies.

Throughout TWD progression her character remained very much in the background, there was very little time and development spent on her individual growth and the audience was led to believe that she continued to be sheltered and inexperienced when it came to any real-raw danger.
Whether it’s the lack of screen time or the fact that the show had bigger things to focus on B*th remained relatively unknown but through her relationship with Hershel, Maggie and Carol we did see glimpses of her spirit that radiated naiveté, innocence and plain “goodness” all around.

After the prison fell she was separated from Maggie, subjected to watching the horrific way her father died and ended up alone in the wilderness with perhaps the most emotionally constipated member of the group, Daryl Dixon himself.

The time she spent with Daryl in “Still” and “Alone” once again painted B*th as a symbol of “the good in the world” and cemented her characters tendency to provide comfort, hope and “light” in the midst of the deadly ruthlessness of this new reality.

The writers went out of their way to not just portray B*th as young and naive but also included several instances where her belief in “good people” and personal want to help others were more than just a little highlighted.

Hershel was the healer and caregiver at the prison and it seemed his youngest daughter had picked up where he left off.
B*th’s time on screen was cut short when she was “taken” but not before it was established that even the grief-stricken, surly Daryl Dixon himself had been touched by her “goodness” and momentarily swayed into dropping his guard and changing his mind about “good people left in the world”.

What’s important to note is that B*th learned that she had helped Daryl mere minutes before they were separated - she left but left knowing that she had gotten through to him.

At the end of “Alone” we see Daryl reach the road outside the funeral home just in time to see a dark car with a cross in the back window and we are to presume that B*th was “taken” by whoever was driving it. The speculation surrounding the identity of the “cross” related group include Father Gabriel, Terminus, the Hunters or some form of Red Cross humanitarians.

The theory upsgirl88 is presenting assumes that the “kidnappers” are some kind of religious-humanitarian (Red Cross) group that takes people who are injured, weak or in need of some kind of assistance BUT does not hold them against their will if they don’t want to stay.

We know that B*th had an injured ankle when they were at the funeral home and we know that she was having some difficulty walking, let alone running away from walkers (Daryl had to carry her). When she got separated from Daryl he stayed behind to hold off the walkers inside the house and she was to escape through the cemetery heading towards the road.

As she was fleeing she could have re-injured her ankle, she could have fallen down and gotten hurt even worse or she might have even been bit by the walkers AND the group with the “cross” car may have been close by and decided to rescue her without even knowing that Daryl was coming right behind her. If she was injured very badly, bitten or unconscious she might not have been able to tell her “rescuers” that Daryl was with her or perhaps there was no time to stop and wait for him to catch up?
Who knows - this is all speculation!

Filming spoilers have revealed more of these “cross” vehicles especially tied in with the hospital where E*ily K*nney was rumoured to have filmed and with the locations where Daryl and Carol have been together.

Since Daryl was the one responsible for B*th when she was “kidnapped” and the only one to have seen the “cross” vehicle we can assume that the presence of more of the same could very well indicate that Carol and Daryl are indeed searching for her and tracking these cars.
One of the spoilers showed that Carol was hit by one of these “cross” cars and taken BUT there was also a van involved which reportedly fell off the bridge with Carol and Daryl inside and also bore “cross” on its windows.

If Carol was to be taken by this group whether planned or not Daryl will surely follow and track her and them down.

The “kidnapper” group may or may not be portrayed as “bad” but at this point in TWD we know that even good people need to do unimaginable things to survive so while they might not be villainous it’s not out of the realm of possibility to think that they will act out to protect what’s theirs. B*th the “new sheriff in town” will vouch for Carol and Daryl and the situation would be diffused.

The culmination of those events brings me to the most important point in this theory;
When Carol and Daryl are reunited with B*th and want to leave, upsgirl88 thinks that just like Maggie stays behind/separates willingly from Rick’s group in the comic book, B*th will choose to stay behind because she wants to fulfill her purpose of helping and caring for people, which is what her “rescuers” are doing - it would almost be like her following in Hershel’s footsteps.
Maggie and her will reunite to say “good-bye” but as the group moves on to Washington DC B*th won’t continue on with them and as such give the show a new twist - removing a character without having to kill them and as such we get the perfect “heartwarming and heartbreaking scenario”

The CARYL significance in this theory goes all the way back to that uber-confusing kitchen scene in “Alone” where B*th realizes that she was the reason Daryl was willing to believe that there might still be good people left in the world.

Since we had received much clarification about the fact that Daryl and B*th pairing up was not meant to be “romantic” and that B*th was the one providing hope for Daryl after losing Carol and the prison THAT SCENE becomes about not just Daryl’s epiphany but B*th’s too - the “oh” moment is where she discovers her true purpose in this world.

Like she said herself she isn’t Maggie, Michonne or Carol, she is never going to be physically strong like them BUT her strength lies in the ability to inspire goodness, provide comfort and hope to the ones in despair (like Daryl). That scene builds up her confidence in the ability to help others because if she could get through to Daryl then she could get through to anyone.

The kitchen scene ironically becomes the point that sets up B*ths fate in Season 5 and inherently her own departure from the TWD (the main group at least). When she is ultimately found she chooses to stay behind because she wants to be with a group of people whose sole purpose is to help others because that’s the way a “good” person like her fits in the fight and restoration of humanity in the world they are living in.

Daryl and Carol will get closer, face some life-threatening situations “up-close-and-personal” and have significant amount of “alone time” during the “find B*th” mission, which coupled with Daryl’s own resolution of some emotional conflicts during 4B and faced with “losing people” once again, could all culminate into that extra push for the CARYL feelings resolution.

Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier alone together searching for B*th just might give CARYL an opportunity to face and ultimately embrace what’s been brewing between them since the moment that pick axe broke Eds skull and Carols chains…all in one swooping, Daryl observing, motion.