• Tumblr would improve dramatically as a social media platform if its users could take the time to understand the difference between malicious xenophobic hatred and naivety of the misinformed and ignorant. We should collectively strive to patiently teach the misinformed, instead of verbally abusing them. That way, these people will improve themselves and their worldly perspectives, instead of closing themselves off out of fear of the wrath of tumblr's more vocal "activists".
Four animated videos about humanism narrated by Stephen Fry

Humanism: A philosophical dogma which places value on humanity’s entity rather than spirituality. Its purpose demands that we seek fulfillment through kindness, forgiveness and acceptance of humanity as a whole.

An advocate for humanism, Stephen Fry teamed up with the British Humanist Association to deliver a positive and engaging interactive narrative on humanism. Touching the most vital points of humanism such as, morality, death, truth, and the overall purpose of humanity, Fry promotes a progression of the human being through “goodness” and rationality. Interesting, kind, and positive, we urge you to soak in Fry’s radiant words on humanism.

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Reasons why I don’t trust most white Christian dudes:

Who is responsible for the “convert or die” policies regarding the Pagans a couple thousand years ago?
White Christian dudes.

Who is responsible for most of the wars and mass killings in history?
White Christian dudes.

Who burned, hung and drowned the witches?
White Christian dudes.

Who tortured Africans for hundreds of years?
White Christian dudes.

Who stole land from the Native Americans before raping and murdering them by the thousands?
White Christian dudes.

Who, during every election, has some law they wanna pass regarding women’s bodies?
White Christian dudes.

Who holds back members of the LBGT community from marrying, getting jobs, and expressing their own sexuality and identity?
White Christian dudes.

Who started the Westboro Baptist Church?
White Christian dudes.

Who founded the Ku Klux Klan?
White Christian dudes.

Who knocks on your doors and gives you attitude when you won’t accept their pamphlets?
White Christian dudes.

Who makes up the majority of rapists and serial killers in the United States?
White Christian dudes.

Who has started more deadly cults than anyone else in the world?
White Christian dudes.

Who steals billions of dollars annually from their loyal followers?
White Christian dudes.

Who teaches their growing children that science is false and “evil”?
White Christian dudes.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: white Christian dudes, also known as the patriarchy.

Proud Atheist

Why do I keep seeing things referring to the word “atheist” as a dirty word. Every Atheist has a different view of the world and these negative connotations are completely misguided. I cannot speak for all atheists but let me speak for me.

Atheists are a huge minority in this country. Almost 71% of this country still consider themselves Christian and of the 23% that claim they are unaffiliated with any religion only 3.1% claim atheist.

Let me also explain something to religious people. I am not an atheist because I am mad at your god. I am not an atheist because I am misguided. I am not an atheist because I haven’t found the light or because I am rebelling.

I am an atheist because science exists. Religion has a track record of saying God did something because they couldn’t explain it and science came along and proved that wrong consistently. It would be silly for me to believe the discoveries of science and continue to believe in a god. You cannot just keep pushing the line of what God did just because science keeps discovering more because eventually that line will be gone. You cannot fill in the gaps of science with God.

I am an atheist because your modern religions are nothing new. It is basically recycled stories with a new character. For example, just look up the similarities between Jesus and Horus, and ancient Egyptian god. You can’t just change the name of the story and tell me this this the true story.

I am an atheist because I have a level of comfort that religious people will never experience. I am comfortable saying “I don’t know” and “I don’t care.” I don’t know how the big bang happened or the full story of the evolution of modern humans but I don’t fill in the blank with something just because I don’t know. I don’t care what your beliefs are, literally don’t care. You can believe whatever you want but do not try and bring beliefs into politics or into public education. They do not belong. You also don’t get to use your religious beliefs to discriminate because you think you are being “persecuted.” Please refer to that almost 71% of the population considers themselves Christian. No one is persecuting you.

I am an atheist because I get to live my life how I want to. I do things that I think are right not because some metaphysical being said to do something. I don’t serve that metaphysical being; I serve myself and I serve the human race. The human experience is far more interesting than any religious text. When you accept that you must live your life a certain way because of a text or a figure head said to, you limit your own potential to thrive in this life. This is all we got so appreciate every part of it.

Believe what you want but don’t try and make it seem like atheists are immoral or bad people. I don’t believe in your God just like you don’t believe in Zeus.

I am an atheist and proud to say I am one.

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I think the atheist outlook is actually a beautifully optimistic one. It’s an amazing thing to cast aside your faith because you found beauty in reality. It’s powerful to know that we are the product of billions of years of evolution, and we overcame mind-boggling odds to get to the point we’re at today. It’s motivating to me that because this is the one life we have, and that there is no afterlife, that we have to make the most of the years that we’re alive and we have this ability to do amazing things. And it’s inspiring to me that I get to create my own purpose in life. There’s nothing negative about the atheist message.
—  Hemant Mehta
Doctors and nurses have one of the most interesting relationships in healthcare. Society and media perpetuate a common myth that doctors are intent on “snagging” as many nurses as they can, and nurses perhaps are looking to “snag a rich doctor,” and while its idle entertainment value amuses many, it discredits the authenticity of the relationship, and presents a fractured reality to future doctors and nurses. Nurses are drawn to doctors, but not for the limited viewpoints the external world has come to know. They’re drawn in by a mutual respect and admiration of science, the intersection of philosophy, and how it directly/indirectly relates to the patients they’re collaborating on. Nurses aren’t necessarily impressed by intelligence; for a truly brilliant mind isn’t only found in advanced education - Nurses are more impressed by how they use the intelligence for the welfare of others, without boasting. Nurses are captivated by any doctor who shows their soul in medicine; The kind of doctor who takes the time to listen to their patient’s concerns without leaving a room and dismissing them, a doctor, who despite their insane schedule and demands, will still find the time to sit with a patient and talk them through a frightening diagnosis, or procedure, answering their questions. A doctor who addresses the concerns of nurses, without dismissing their instinct, or suggestions for medications/interventions. A doctor who understands when it’s time to let go of a patient, preserving their right to die with dignity and is present through the families’ traumatic process of grief, not to mention a keen awareness of the toll it’s taken on the nurse. A doctor who empathizes with mistakes, noting with amusement their own imperfections. A doctor who will unequivocally stand up for his/her nurse when a family/administration is disrespectful of the nurse, or their care. A doctor who respects not only the nurses, but the nursing assistant’s unique role in collaborative, and quality patient care. Nurses perhaps fall a little in love with any doctor who shows their heart - but it’s not for the reason you would expect, they are drawn to the person who reveals the humanistic side of medicine and prioritizes compassion, thoughtfulness and a patient’s worth & dignity.
—  Nurse X