The Atlas of Beauty

Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc is on a mission to capture portraits of women from every country in the world in order to shed light on the beauty that exists everywhere. A little over two years ago, at the age of 27, Noroc quit her job, withdrew all her life savings, and embarked on an incredible journey across the globe with little more than her camera and backpack. Her travels so far are documented in The Atlas of Beauty, an ongoing project that features a diverse array of local women from 37 different countries and almost every single continent.

The American Dream

A homeless person in America,
A person with a sad face and dark skin,
By police officers, yesterday was shot,
For being homeless, he was killed.

Brutal bastards with a smirk on their faces,
He was a danger, or so they said,
On their faces ye can see the lies,
An innocent man died because of them.

Oh politicians, please do say,
Where the equality,
In black peoples pain,
Being beaten to death - living in strain.

Oh my , what have we done,
Governments are being feared
More than the Lord above,
Oh dear humans, what happened to love ?

Dear Lord, can’t Ye see I’m crying ?
For my fellow humans out there,
In vain whom are dying,
And the people in power whom are constantly lying.

To nations of empty faces turned,
For our beliefs, our bodies get burned,
Oh, and after all this time,
A lesson of love, we haven’t learned.

And the black man, whom yesterday died,
Was called a lunatic - someone sick in the mind,
Oh, in front of thy eyes ye can see,
How they’re lying to all of humanity.

And the black man was shot,
Whom’s mind was, by them, in insanity,
But he is not their only victim,
The only victim of police brutality.

Instead of helping them,
Their government left them,
They were all killed mercilessly,
By those whom were suppose to protect them.

And as I was observing his demise,
Only these words, in my mind were left,
I thanked the Lord for creating,
The eternal pit of Hell.

Can the Americans tell me,
As from razors and bullets, they bleed,
Do they still think of it,
The eternal American dream ?

“(Left) We’ve been friends since we were in elementary school, so it’s been twelve years.”
“Are you guys living here?”
“(Right) I’m not, no. He wanted me to come visit him in Korea, so I flew from LA just to see him.”
“(Left) He really did come just to see me, really.”

“(왼쪽) 저희는 초등학교 때부터 친구였어요. 그 때 부터 12년 동안 친구였어요.”
“혹시 두 분다 서울에서 사시나요?”
“(오른쪽) 아니요. 저는 여기 안 살아요. 이 친구가 저보고 한국에 자기 보러 오라고 해서, LA에서 이 친구보러 날라왔어요.”
“(왼쪽) 정말 이 친구가 저 때문에 왔어요. 정말로요.”