Stiles & Jackson||Black Bird

It was a quiet night, mostly. He was where he wasn’t supposed to be again, in the darkened streets where guns were man’s best friend. As long as he shared his cigarettes, it didn’t matter. Sharing is caring and whatnot. He too a long drag. Cops would be patrolling soon, so he had to finish his smoke and get the hell out. Besides, he was baked like a cake. If he was caught again, they’d lock him up for sure. This would have been easier if things weren’t so fuzzy. He rubbed at his eye, and took another deep inhale. He then dropped his cigarette and crushed it under his foot. Now, to find a way back to the rut he called home.

In lupinotuum II Para Humangenimstilinski

El agua salpicaba bajo las pisadas de la misteriosa mujer. Ya muchos habían volteado la mirada para contemplar la bella, pero fría mujer:

Considerable estatura, largo y hermoso cabello rojo, aura de misteriosa belleza y oscuridad.

Para la figura, los pensamientos no importaban. Solo salir de esa calle concurrida, fuera de la vista de los humanos. Sabía que si no fuera por las cintas cubriendo sus cuernos, sería vista de una manera diferente.

Los humanos no son más que hipócritas…

La mujer llegó a la sombra de un árbol, suspiró y tomó un respiro de su carrera, ignorando una figura masculina bajo la misma sombra.

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Christmas Party Mistletoe Kiss: humangenimstilinski (sent twice just in case)

Christmas Party Mistletoe Kiss

Muse A and Muse B are both at a Christmas Party where they didn't know each other. The two were minding their own business, when suddenly - "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" - was chanted by everyone except them. Then, they realized that they were under the mistletoe and now needed to kiss each other to fulfill everyone else's request to follow the Mistletoe Tradition.

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Awkwardness didn’t even begin to describe the way she was feeling after realizing she was under the mistletoe with this complete stranger. She had came here for the party but yet, here she was with a slight red gracing her cheeks. “I..uhm..I think we should kiss.”


Stiles received a text from Deucalion that day with an invitation for a dinner in the man’s house. He smiled at the text and replied back immediately. 

[text] Sure! Can’t wait.

After a few hours, of trying to decided what to wear, he was finally ready. All that was left was to call his dad to let him know just in case he came back late. “Dad? I’m going for a dinner, a friend invited me and I don’t know if I’m coming back late. Love you” he hung up after finishing that voice mail and started his jeep driving to Duke’s house. He arrived late and he bet that everyone else was there but he didn’t care all. Stiles walked to the door and pressed the doorbell waiting for Deucalion to answer the door. He smiled when he saw the man and walked in when he told him so. 

“Thanks for inviting me. Who else did you invite?” he asked curious since he saw lots of car outside.

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Leading him inside he shrugs, grinning. “Just family and some of their friends. Not really important people. Come on, wanna get a drink before we sit?” Leading him into the living room he casually introduces them to Stiles and then after a shared pained look, they escape to the kitchen.

“Sorry about that. They will leave you alone soon.” Shrugging he opens the fridge and offers a few drinks to Stiles.